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Fan Fiction about Draco Malfoy

1. Midnight Musings by That H.P. Guy
Taking place during the summer after Harry's 3rd year, Harry and Hermione each explore their friendship with one another.

2. On Flying by Thing1
Sequel to This Was Falling. Remus is married now, but Dark Wizards still need to be caught

3. The Casting Stone by Thing1
Sequel to Veritas

4. If I Loved You by Faerietale
Draco reflects on a previous relationship.

5. A Mother's Love by Cecilia Morgan
Harry and Draco contemplate what it would be like to have the other's family.

6. The Story of Draco by Ciircee
Draco. Draco in a dress.

7. The Test of Time by Alchemilla
Four years after Hogwarts, Harry clings to the hope that he can regain the love of his first and only sweetheart: Ginny, of course! But a single night spent in a Hogsmeade flat threatens to undermine his (as well as Ron's and Hermione's) happiness.
(Follows the events in Midnight Musings.)

8. Harry Potter and the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus by A.L. de Sauveterre
As a fifteen year-old wizard, Harry has a lot on his mind: homework, Quidditch, girls, and oh, yes, his mortal enemy, Voldemort. The war against the Dark Lord escalates beyond the castle walls, while strange unexplained occurrences begin to plague the students and faculty. Experience has taught Harry, Ron and Hermione to expect the unexpected as they investigate. But nothing has prepared them for the surprising choices, shifting loyalties and shocking events that will alter their lives forever.

9. Unlikely Remembrance by Jaime
Ron and Ginny meet a certain blond rich boy for the first time.

10. Spirit Song by Seldes Katne
When Draco Malfoy disappears into a mysterious Native American weaving in Professor Sprout's office, Neville Longbottom volunteers to go to the rescue. Takes place during second year.

11. A Mysterious Friend by Bella
This takes place during Harry's fifth year in Hogwarts. Voldemort has managed to find his way into the school, yet Harry recieves help from the least suspected person he knows, which could also place his new friend in danger.

12. Gee, Auror Moody by bluemeanies
A Slytherin Filk to Gee, Officer Krupke from West Side story.

13. Keep Your Eyes Open by Linneria
Draco takes revenge on his father. Note: suicide is main theme

14. Questions by Linneria
What is Draco Malfoy thinking?

15. Educating Draco by PiperX
Draco gets a life lesson from Sirius Black.

16. In the Beginning by Kwinelf
An insight into the shaping events of Norri's childhood; most notably what happened on the night of October 31st, 1981, somewhere near Privet Drive

17. The Swords of Death by Kwinelf
Draco gets a load of sugar quills for Christmas. But things aren't as they seem. (prequel of sorts to The Greatest Love, The Highest Sacrifice. First Annual Sugar Quill Fan Fiction Tournament Entry (Category: Drama)

18. The Greatest Love, the Highest Sacrifice by Kwinelf
This story follows Harry, Hermione, Ron and all of Hogwarts through their seventh year, and focuses on their classmate Elsie. Who is she? Why is she afraid of Charlie Weasley? And who is the mysterious Elinor so many people want to find?

19. To Choose the Lesser of Two Evils by Evilia Malcone
A girl going to Beauxbatons needs some changes in her life. She gets a letter from her father and her life is uprooted right out of France.

20. Balance by Rabbit
When Hogwarts comes under siege, it will take cooperation from everyone to set things right.

21. The Second Realm by Maggie
As a punishment, Draco has to go to Camp Arbez. He didn't know how what he would get into, however. He uncovers a portal to another land... a land that was bitterly engaged in war...

22. Blood Ties by Maidenjedi
Draco confronts his father when Avada Kedavra kills Narcissa Malfoy. Are the Dark Arts a path to power or pain?

23. Malfoy’s Christmas Carol by Mrs Weasley
Draco Malfoy meets three mysterious spirits; will the experience change his attitude? Not exactly original, but I have tried to be fairly faithful to the spirit of "A Christmas Carol".

24. Diminished C by Swirly Head
An in-canon character study of Draco, through the eyes of a House Elf. Set during the Christmas holidays of Book Five.

25. Draco Malfoy and the Wily Wizard by Star Bunny
First year from Draco's perspective. Lots of Slytherin mischief, quasi-evil Draco, and Wade Wadsworth the Wily Wizard.

26. Rich Death Eater's Son by Lilac
Draco does Violent Femmes! He struts, he smirks, he sings ... so basically, he's just being himself. Well, except for the singing. (Song parody, of course)

27. Blood and Ink by Jedi Boadicea
A re-telling of the first book from Draco Malfoy's point of view, as written in an 'enchanted diary.'

28. The More is My Unrest by Jedi Boadicea and Arabella
Draco observes Ginny.

29. An Acceptable Risk by Majiklmoon
Set in Harry's seventh year. After countless attacks from Voldemort,
Harry has given up trying to fight back. He is just waiting for Voldemort to destroy
him. Ginny is determined to save him from Voldemort, and from himself, no matter
what the cost.

30. Squib Wizard by Ozma
After misusing his Doors, and nearly killing Snape, Filch learns many lessons about power, guilt and forgivness. Also featuring Ginny, Neville and Draco. Sequel to "Squib Doors".

31. Giving In by Night Zephyr
She was on her own, she knew her mission--if all went as planned, she'd end up in the hands of something Dark and evil... **Warning:** Very scary! Not for Quillers who are faint of heart! Sugar Quill Halloween Challenge Entry.

32. The Halloween of Weird Happenings by Arabella Figg
A weird - but useful - creature invades Hogwarts. Sugar Quill Halloween Challenge Entry.

33. Deathdays by Jack Ichijouji
When Draco Malfoy chooses (is forced to) attend Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party, he meets someone whose life he changes... so to speak. Sugar Quill Halloween Challenge Entry.

34. A Squib's Proper Place by Ozma
Sequel to "To Save A Squib." Filch wonders what will become of
Callandra, now that she's safe. Can a Squib be accepted into Hogwarts as a student?
Meanwhile, Black and Snape indulge in pranks and revenge and Mrs. Norris's kittens are born.

35. Makers of Their Own Fortunes by Seldes Katne
Following the events of "Fortunes Favor the Bold", Hogwarts students
Haviland, Myers and Summerlee finish off their school year with Tarot readings for
Draco Malfoy, Rubeus Hagrid, and Harry Potter.

36. Harry Potter and the Shadow of Voldemort by Jessanndi
Pallas A. Malfoy is Draco's younger sister. She is about to start Hogwarts but finds herself in Gryffindor House. Strange things start to happen and the Potions Master Severus Snape goes missing!

37. A Scattered Fire of Stars by Clarimonde
Now that Voldemort is risen again, Maristella Sinistra and Severus Snape must work against time to turn Slytherin House around. Slytherin Prefect Queenie Greengrass has her own trials and tests to deal with.

38. Squib Puppet by Ozma
Sequel to "A Squib's Proper Place." Filch becomes the unwilling puppet of Lucius Malfoy.

39. Divinitas by rebeccagrace
Sequel to Firetah. Draco records his thoughts in a journal.

40. 'Twas the Night by I dislike Penguins
Draco gets revenge on Ron for turning him into a ferret. (Humor/poetry)

41. Harry Potter and the Carrot Cake of Doom by Elektra
In which Ron and Hermione are clueless, Harry discovers his love of
knitting, Sirius and Remus get chased by demonic carrots, the Death Eaters learn how to bake - and why has Voldemort started wearing a pink, frilly apron?

42. First Signs of Magic: Draco Malfoy by Icarus
Five-year-old Draco Malfoy, perfect as a china doll, shows his first signs of magic. An unsuspecting nanny pays the price. We always knew he was a brat. Malfoy humour.

43. The Revenge of Lord Vodkamort by LizBee
Following the defeat of Voldemort, an intrepid team of Hogsmeade residents battle carnivorous wardrobes, inter-dimensional showers and boldly drink what no one has drunk before...

Fan Art of Draco Malfoy

(I am, of course, much better looking than any of these drawings although I am flattered by the attempts)

Draco by Durayan

Lounging Draco by Lady Lupin

Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle by Lady Lupin

Draco and Pansy by Lady Lupin

Draco by Lady Lupin

Draco by Lady Lupin

Slytherin Scarf (Winter Draco) by Lisa Rourke

Draco by Lisa Rourke

Draco by Lisa Rourke

Draco by Lisa Rourke

Draco by Lisa Rourke

Draco - First Year by Gryffinjack

Draco Malfoy by Underdog

Draco Malfoy by PBS Jones

Draco Malfoy as a 7th Year by Camilla Bloom

Draco Malfoy, Junior Death Eater or Investment Banker? by A. L. de Sauveterre



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