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This section of Draco's Quill is dedicated to bashing the Weasleys. I'll start. Email me at draco_rulz@irox.com, if you have anything to add.


What a tool. He works for the Ministry but makes no money. He actually protects Muggles. What a waste of time, when my dad's just going to kill them all, eventually. And my God, has he never heard of a Hair Growth Charm? That shiny spot on his head is revolting, the world shouldn't be exposed to more of his pasty flesh than it already is.


The cow responsible for breeding and feeding up the most pathetic team of snotnosed brats Hogwarts has ever seen. Someone should shoot that woman before she gives birth again.


I don't know him. But he needs a haircut. Sissy.


Anyone who works that closely with dragons is mentally challenged. Of course, I am not surprised.


The only thing more unattractive than a Weasley is a Weasley wearing horn-rimmed glasses.


May they rest. I don't particularly care if it's in peace.


I didn't know it was possible for someone to be stupider than Crabbe and Goyle put together, or uglier than the son of a hag and a warlock. Until I met Weasley in person, that big-eared, flat-footed, sycophantic oaf. Now I know my father's right about all of them. And it's only a matter of time before his Mudblood bride goes barefoot and starts dropping children left and right, just like his fat mother. Unless they die first. I live in hope.


Potter loving, imbecilic, sniveling, whinging, naïve, freckled little ginger-headed waste of space. Lord, how I hate her.

I do.

Stop that ridiculous smirking. I'll hex you. I swear.

The Sugar Quill has been taken over by Draco Malfoy. If you have any questions, save them for someone who cares.

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