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Dumbledore's Army


[Due to the stipulations of the International Wizarding Trade Agreement, orders only accepted in person at our shop (Ninety-Three Diagon Alley) or by Owl Post]

Basic Blaze Box

If your interests run toward things explosive, this fireworks starter pack is for you!

5 Merlins
Canary Creams

It appears to be an ordinary custard cream, but get a friend to eat one, and watch the aviary wackiness ensue! Effects are short-term.

17 Sickles
Deflagration Deluxe

For those times when the Basic Blaze Box just isn't enough: A delux order of our best-selling Weasleys' Wild-Fire Whiz-Bangs fireworks.

20 Merlins
Extendible Ears

Need to hear the conversation, even if you can't actually be in the room? Have a mum who thinks you're too young to participate in adult discussion, even though you're almost 18 and older than some people who get invited? Just put one end of our discreet, flesh-coloured Extendable Ear under the door and position yourself up to 87 yards away; hear every word, even whispers! Warning: will not work with Imperturbable Charms (at the moment; we're working on it).

10 Merlins
Fainting Fancy

Fainting: not just for the weak. Need to faint, for whatever your reason? This delicious candy is for you. See also the Skiving Snackbox.

21 Sickles
Fake Wands

Can be charmed to turn into a tin parrot, rubber chicken or haddock, or bouquet of flowers. Looks like a real wand!

7 Merlins
Fever Fudge

Need to get out of classwork, housework, or work work? One end of this candy gives you a fever through the roof; the other end returns it instantly to 37 degrees Celsius.

Buy in multiples and give to your friends! See also the Skiving Snackbox.

5 Sickles
Headless Hats

There are so many occasions when you need to appear headless that we won't even attempt to list them here (although, Nick, we hope you're reading!).

5 Merlins
Nosebleed Nougats

Amuse your friends, repulse your girlfriend, make an impressive exit from your Potions class. One end of the candy makes you spout fountains of blood; the other clears it right up (note: please see Miss Hermione Granger for the charming Dry Cleaning Charm she whipped up when we tested this on little brother Ron). See also the Skiving Snackbox.

9 Sickles
Puking Pastilles

There's nothing like a good vomit.

1 Merlin
Schnizzle Stix (NEW!) Always wanted to be a hip urban youth? Always pined to keep up with the cutting edge of slang? Already kewl, and just want to be kewler? Then drop a little bling in our bag, 'cause we have the kandy for U! 100% Off! This week only!
Skiving Snackbox

Didn't finish that Potions essay? Want to sleep, but prefer the comfort of your bed rather than a desk in Binns's classroom? Eat a light breakfast; one end makes you sick, but only until you leave the room, and eat the other end, which is charmed to settle your stomach instantly.

17 Sickles
Ton Tongue Toffees

Want someone to shut up? A localized Engorgement Charm will make their tongue swell up to eighty-seven times its normal size.

1 Merlin
Wildfire Whiz-Bangs

The ultimate fireworx. Excellent for special parties, or general civic annoyance. Vanishing Spells make these babies multiply!s

12 Merlins; 17 Merlins




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