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The Good Ship R/H

(It just makes sense)


We've been reviewed! We are featured as a "Wonderful Website" in Ninamazing's In the Spotlight column, at fanfiction.net

Arabella, myself, and all the professors are extremely flattered and happy. Thanks to Earthwalk and Jen for letting her know about us!

  "...and she did something she'd never done before, and kissed him on the cheek."

-JK Rowling, Goblet of Fire


After a caucus meeting at this weekend's Ocean City SugarQuill summit, the professors have come to the conclusion that we've been spending way too much time discussing and thinking about a bunch of silly children's books. Therefore, after tomorrow, SugarQuill will pop its clogs. The Good Ship R/H will be dry-docked, and we'll be lounging on the cruise ship H/H from here on in. We are finally convinced: Ron WILL go to the Dark Side, Harry and Hermione were meant to be, Ginny Weasley is an insignificant, spineless girl, and Draco Malfoy DOES have a brain larger than that of a ferret. Thank you all for your participation in our little experiment. We'll see you on the other side.


Ask Madam Pince (Editor's Corner)
A place for technical story-editing and gentle suggestions from your fellow writers-in-progress.
Erised (Suggestion Board)
Do you have some ideas of things that you would like to see at Sugar Quill?  We are open to suggestion, but let's talk about it!
Floo Network (Links)
Our links will focus on HP sites that might offer writing aids,and other general reference sites.
Flourish and Blotts (Fan Fiction Archive)
“A Highly Biased and Selective Archive of Harry Potter Fanfiction, Which Glosses Over the Nastier Aspects of the Stuff”
Muggle Movie and Merchandising (Just what it says)

The movie opens on November 16. The trailer is out, and we're all very, very excited. Talk about it with others! You can also compare notes about which Ron figurines you own and why they all seem to look extremely bewildered and have such big feet...

Parseltongue (Off-Topic Ramblings)

Hearing voices no one else can hear isn't a good sign, even in the wizarding world." - a place for out-of-HP discussion by admitted HP fans...

The Pensieve (Fan Fiction Reviews)

Here is where you can add your comments about stories that you have read here, or read what others think about your writing!

Occasionally the professors will post some helpful hints to benefit everyone.

Staff Room (Beta Reader Biographies)
Meet the Professors!  If you would like to submit a fan fiction for review, one of us will be beta-reading it.  We promise to be fairer than Snape and more accurate than Professor Trelawney, but we may sometimes be honest like Professor McGonagall.
Veritaserum (Discussion Forum)
“...a Truth Potion so powerful that three drops would have you spilling your innermost secrets for this entire class to hear... unless you watch your step, you might just find that my hand slips – right over your evening pumpkin juice.  And then, Potter.... then we’ll find out....”
  -Professor Severus Snape Goblet of Fire
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling is the genius behind Harry Potter. We are greatly indebted to her for providing us with hours, days, months, even years of entertainment. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts for creating characters and locales which enable our imaginations to run wild.
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