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Ask Madam Pince: Story Submission Form


Authors with N.E.W.T.s or those who have already been assigned beta-readers may continue to submit their stories at any time.

(NOTE: This form is only for existing Sugar Quill authors unless it is an official submission date)

To comply with United State's Federal Trade Commission's Children's Online Privacy Act, The Sugar Quill may not accept stories to beta read from children under age 13. This is for our protection as well as for yours; please see the document at for more information.


Chaptered Stories

If you are starting a story that will be multiple chapters, please follow the guidelines below.
  • For your first entry, submit only the first chapter, even if you have completed the entire story
  • Each prospective author may only submit one story on submission day
  • If possible, provide a brief outline (this can change as you write, but it is helpful for the beta-reader)
  • Please give an estimate as to the total number of chapters (this can also change, but an estimate would be nice)
  • After the first chapter is beta-read and returned to you, please look over the rest of the story very carefully. If, in the first chapter, your beta-reader points out certain repeatable grammatical errors, please proofread before sending subsequent chapters. If your beta-reader suspects that this has not been done, the story will be sent back to you.


Please submit all stories in the HTM/HTML format. You may also submit stories in TXT or DOC format, but HTM/HTML is the preferred format. Please submit all fan art in JPG or GIF format. Fan art must be smaller than 100 KB and/or 500 pixels wide.

New Stories

First chapters of all NEW stories must be submitted through Madam Pince. All stories must be beta-read by an official Sugar Quill beta-reader, unless an exception is made. Subsequent chapters may be sent directly to your beta-reader in an e-mail


Any chapters that are ready for posting must be submitted using the Madam Pince form. Please check "Yes" to the This chapter has been beta-read and is ready for posting box. You do not have to enter summary information for subsequent chapter submissions.


All efforts must be made to spell-check and correct grammar to the best of one's ability prior to submitting it to Madam Pince. Please look at our list of common grammar mistakes as a starting point, or use some of the useful writing links at the Floo Network.


Planning on posting at another site? Let your readers know that your work is quality: tell them it was beta-read at the Sugar Quill!

To submit a story, please fill in and submit the form below. ALL questions must be answered before a story will be accepted for beta-reading.

Pen Name:
Email Address:
Please make my email address available on my author page: Yes No
The title of my story/fan art is:
This is the first chapter of a new story: Yes No
This chapter has been beta-read and is ready for posting: Yes No
Select a chapter/art to upload (To attach your story, click the Browse button, and select the file you wish to upload. This will NOT automatically upload your story to the Sugar Quill - it will merely email the information to Madam Pince):
My official Sugar Quill beta-reader is (If you have a N.E.W.T., please indicate it here):
Comments to your beta-reader (Do you have any special messages for your beta-reader?):
Please enter a summary that accurately describes your story (This is not necessary if this is a chapter of a story that is already posted):
The main characters in my story are: (Please tell us who the main characters in the story are, as well as any relationship pairings, for example: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ron/Hermione. This is not necessary if this is a chapter of a story that is already posted):
The Sugar Quill was created by Zsenya and Arabella. For questions, please send us an Owl!

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