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~ Under the Mistletoe ~

Kiss Excerpt from:

Merry Christmas, Ron!
by Ottercat

~Contributed by Neppi Weasley~


Grinning, George whispered, "Ron and Hermione, I think the two of you need to look up and see what you are standing under."

Slowly, they raised their gaze above them to see mistletoe hanging. The realization of the situation they were in hit them, and they lowered their eyes to stare at each other in horror. Sure, Ron wanted to kiss her, but not like this. Not with everyone watching.

Suddenly they heard George proclaiming, "Ladies and gentlemen, Ron and Hermione are standing under the mistletoe. You know what that means." Then he started leading everyone in the room in a chant of, "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss…"

Ron gazed at Hermione, trying to read her eyes, trying to figure out how he should proceed.

Hermione quietly stated, "We have to do this. If we don't, they will just a make a bigger deal out of it."

Ron nodded. He knew she was right. A quick peck on the lips, and it would all be over.

Slowly, they leaned towards each other, trying their best to ignore their friends' chants around them. His heart beating madly, Ron had every intention of making this fast. A quick peck and then an escape out the door - that was his plan.

However, the moment their lips touched, his plan went out the window. He gasped at how soft her lips were. He was astounded at the sparks that were shooting through his body. He had never felt something this wonderful, and suddenly he knew a quick peck wasn't going to be enough. He needed Hermione in a way he never even knew existed before. Apparently, she was feeling the same way because she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. As they continued to kiss, Ron wrapped his arms around her, gently rubbing his hands up and down her back. He no longer heard the chants from his friends. He was only aware of himself and Hermione - the amazing way her lips felt on his, the calming yet arousing feelings she was creating in him by lightly running her hands in his hair. She sighed against his lips, and Ron felt an overwhelming sense of power in knowing he was responsible for her reaction.


Kiss Excerpt from:

An Elaborate Charade
by Lady Norbert

~ Contributed by Lady Norbert ~


"I -- oh, no," he said, his ears beginning to flame. He had been glancing around, trying to get his knees back to normal, and realized that the inconvenient mistletoe had been granted a permanent spot dangling from the ceiling -- just above them.

Hermione glanced up. ", no one's here. You don't have to."

"Yeah, that's true." He looked down at her again, tracing his eyes over her features. Then, before he lost his nerve completely, he bent and kissed her.

It was a short kiss, as first kisses tend to be. But in that short kiss,
the blaze crawled out of the common room fireplace and swept over Ron until he was completely engulfed in its heat. All he knew was the warmth and the joy in his heart and the sensation -- the wonderful, beautiful, perfect sensation -- of Hermione's lips responding to his own. Then it was over, and they parted. Her eyes were slightly glassy, her expression radiant. "Why did you..." she began.

"Because I didn't have to," he said, feeling a little dizzy.

She smiled. "Happy Christmas, Ron."

He reached for her hand, curling his fingers around hers. "Happy
Christmas, love."


Kiss Excerpt from:

Luck for the New Year
by Ottercat

~Contributed by: Night Zephyr


“Usually I love New Year’s. It’s this wonderful time to look back at all of the things you’ve accomplished in the past year, and also an opportunity to plan and be full of hope for all of the things the New Year will bring. But this year, I don’t think I’m very optimistic about the New Year. I’m more afraid of what it may bring,” Hermione whispered.

“Me too. Like you said though, New Year’s is about being full of hope. So, we have to try and be hopeful that our luck will change and things will get better and not worse,” Ron responded, trying to be reassuring.

He felt Hermione smile into his shoulder as she replied, “Muggles usually ring in the New Year with a kiss. It’s supposed to bring good luck.” Ron wasn’t sure what to say, and in his silence Hermione added, “Silly, isn’t it?”

Finally finding his voice, Ron quietly said, “I don’t know. We could probably use all the good luck we can muster right now.”

Looking up at him, Hermione seemed to be searching his eyes as she questioned, “Yeah?”

”Yeah,” Ron agreed, while his free hand slowly began to find its way to her cheek.

At his touch, Hermione’s eyes closed and she moved even closer to him. Ron’s heart was pounding even harder now, and he was finding it more and more difficult to breathe. Still not sure how to proceed, he said, “Hermione?”

She opened her eyes and quietly stated, “For luck…” Their eyes locked as they moved closer and closer. Just before their lips touched, Ron huskily added, “For luck.”

Then their lips brushed lightly and uncertainly against each other. Ron felt a jolt of electricity shoot through his body and he pressed his lips more firmly against hers. He had never imagined that kissing Hermione would feel this good, this natural. Tentatively he encircled his hands around her waist and felt her bring her arms up and around his neck, pulling him closer. Kissing her more confidently, he marveled at how amazing Hermione felt in his arms. Somehow, she was both soft and strong at the same time. As her hands wove lightly into his hair, Ron couldn’t contain his sigh.

Without warning, Hermione pulled her lips away, gasping for breath. Still wrapped in each other’s arms, Ron suddenly felt awkward and unsure about what to do or say next. It didn’t make sense. How could things have felt so right moments before and now feel so uncomfortable?

As the silence grew longer, Ron became more and more self-conscious and felt his face heat up hotter with each painful moment. Sneaking a glace at Hermione, her face made the uncertainty and panic she was feeling evident. Ron sighed, and realized that while their kiss had been incredible and beyond anything he ever could have conceived, neither of them was ready to cross that line between friends and more. Confident it would happen, if and when they were ready, Ron joked, “Well, I suppose we’ll get a year full of luck now.”

With crimson cheeks, Hermione’s eyes widened, but she laughed and added, “Maybe even two years of luck.”

Ron snorted, “Possibly, but I don’t know that I want to risk that. What if we just really need a lot of luck this year, and we use it all up?”

As Hermione untangled herself from Ron’s arms, she replied with a twinkle in her eye, “Well, depending on how this year goes, I suppose we’ll just have to make sure to spend New Year’s together next year as well.”


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