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The R/H First Kiss Project

~ In a Category All Their Own... ~

Note: These kisses did not fall into any of the pre-determined categories, so those who contributed also chose a category for them to fall under...


Kiss excerpt from:

The Best Man, Part 2: The Search for Snape
by Mrs. Weasley

Category: Reunited

~Contributed by: Zsenya~


"This is it," Hermione said, pausing at the door, and unlocking it with Alex's key.

"OK." He paused, looking up at the outline of the building against the dark sky, and then said, "Well - I expect I'll see you at the office tomorrow, when you come in to make your statement."

"Yes." Hermione watched him nod goodnight to her, turn, and walk two paces away before she said, "Ron - wait a minute -"

"What?" he asked, turning quickly.

Hermione looked down at her feet, not at him, and nerved herself to say, "I just wanted to say - well - I really enjoyed tonight, and it reminded me what good times we used to have before -" she hesitated before mentioning the taboo subject - "before Bill died, and we had that stupid argument. I - I did miss it - us - you know -" She trailed off, mentally kicking herself for being incoherent.

"Yeah. I know," he said. He had his back to a Muggle street-light, so she couldn't see his face very well.

"So - I was wondering - I thought - it would be nice if we could see each other more often - if you wanted to - catch up on - everything?"

There was a long pause. So long that Hermione was worried she had blown it, and that he was trying to think of a polite way of telling her that he wasn't interested in reviving their relationship. Either that, or he hadn't realised what she wanted at all.

"Um - so what do you think?" she said nervously, and looked up at last, to find that he had moved a lot closer, and was now looking down on her from only a foot away. She tilted her face up, and relief washed over her as she saw the expression in his eyes.

"Oh, 'Mione," he said, in a hoarser voice than usual, and they were both lost as he bent his head and kissed her.

It was strange, thought Hermione, when her brain cleared enough to think at all, wholly familiar, yet excitingly different. Without really realising it, she was pulling at his sleeve, trying to tow him further into the hallway, to stop him leaving. He came willingly, still kissing her. One of his girlfriends in the last six years, Hermione reflected, had really polished up his technique.

When he finally lifted his face, they looked at each other for a long moment before, unexpectedly, they both started grinning at each other like idiots. "Oh, I missed you," he said breathlessly.

"I missed you too," she said, wrapping him in a tight, warm hug, and whispering into his robes, "Don't ever let me go again."

"I'll never let you go again," he promised her, and Hermione, her face buried in his neck, found that she just couldn't stop smiling.


Kiss excerpt from:

When Words Aren’t Enough
by Manu

Category: In the Girls’ Bathroom

~Contributed by: NightZephyr~

Hermione looked sadly at him. "Yeah, that’s what I thought." There was an uncomfortable pause. "I just wanted to know what makes me so unkissable."

"You are not unkissable!!" he protested.

"Yeah, right." Hermione answered skeptically, her voice cracking.

Ron walked to her, grabbed her by the shoulders, and looked into her eyes as a way of assuring her of the veracity of his words. "Hermione, you are not unkissable, ok? In fact, you are extremely kissable. If bloody Krum can’t see it, screw him. It’s not like he matters."

Hermione was avoiding his eyes, and Ron could see that she wasn’t believing him. He sighed, and said softly, "What do I have to say to make you change your mind about this rubbish?"

"Nothing you say will change my mind, Ron."

Ron hesitated for a moment, and then, making up his mind, wiped her tears away with his thumb and said hoarsely, "All right, you asked for it."

And then he kissed her.

Hermione opened her eyes wide with shock, forgetting for a moment what she was crying about, forgetting for a moment about everything. Then she relaxed, closed her eyes softly and started to slowly kiss him back.

Ron put his hands around her waist, pulling her closer to him and kissing her harder, as Hermione started to unconsciously stroke his hair.

They could have gone on like that for a long time if Ron hadn’t suddenly tensed as though he had finally realized what he was doing and let go of Hermione abruptly.

"I – er – have to go," he mumbled, avoiding her gaze. "I’m inside a – you know – girls’ bathroom, and I’m – hum – not one." Then he turned to the door and left, shaking his head.

Hermione slid down the wall until she was sitting on the floor and stared at the door Ron had just gone through. She took a deep breath and brought a finger to her lips, trying (and failing) to deal not only with the fact that her best friend had just snogged her inside a girls’ bathroom, but, worst of all, she had enjoyed it.


Kiss Excerpt from:

Points of No Return

by NightZephyr

Category: First Kiss in Ireland


“Didn’t your mum ever tell you that it’s not polite to tease?” Hermione asked innocently. She reached up with both hands and grabbed a handful of his shirt by the collar, pulling his face down to her level. She met his lips with hers, and, holding him there, she moved her lips over his in a soft, slow, lingering kiss.

Say checkmate, Hermione. You win.

Ron felt as if lightning had struck and shot straight through him. The fishing pole hit the ground for the second time in ten minutes, but there was not a thought about it in Ron’s mind. Every sensor in his body was focused on Hermione.

Recovering from the initial shock of her kiss to find her hands with his, Ron pulled them from his collar. But there was no chance he was backing away from that kiss. He pushed toward her, and the two of them fell back together, still standing, yet leaning against the trunk of the huge tree behind Hermione. Pushing the palms of his hands against hers, Ron interlaced their fingers, his heart pounding frantically and his breathing fast and hard.

Hermione pulled back for a moment to look into his face. But she was smiling--that special smile that he was beginning to think of as all his-- and she wasn’t the least bit shy about her own attempts to catch her breath. Her eyes were sparkling, and something about the way she looked at him...That he could make her feel that way, too, only urged him on.

With no doubt about what his intentions were, Ron leaned in more determinedly to kiss her again. All the soft, gentle lovingness that had passed between them when they’d kissed before was now replaced with a feeling more savage and strong, but filled with the reality of heat and want and brilliant, sparking sensation.

Ron’s head was swimming. He’d never felt anything so electrifying, and until now, he would have been unable to imagine its existence. His body seemed unable to absorb all the sensations at once, but he wanted to consume them all. He was amazingly aware of the hot, tingling feeling everywhere they touched as he leaned against her. He didn’t want to stop--ever.

Momentarily wondering if he had permission, Ron parted her lips with his, daring to explore everything about the mouth he’d always been so affected by in one way or another. His panic in finding her, their earlier kisses, the teasing, the tension from their pseudo-kiss last night, the heat from her anger at him, had all rolled itself into some all-consuming fireball within his belly. That Hermione allowed him and welcomed him to kiss her like this caused it to burn in him even more intensely, and the only way he could satisfy the want, was with more.

Ron had always been amazed at all of the feelings that Hermione so easily stirred in him, ever since he’d met her. But this--this was something new yet again--and even more intimidating than when he first realized that he liked her. After some time, Ron pulled away, realizing that the sheer power of the feeling began to worry him a little. He was already certain he didn’t dare test its limits.

So what happened to playing the gentleman, Weasley? There’s certainly nothing very gentlemanly about how you feel right now. Ron noticed that he wasn’t exactly thinking--it was like his body had thrown his mind from the train, determined to take over. What was worse, the only part left of his mind began to search out more details about Hermione as he looked down into her face as it tilted up toward his; her eyes were closed, her lips still slightly parted as if she were waiting for him to continue. But his eyes and the feeling forced his mind beyond her face--it thrust things at him that he’d never allowed himself to think about before. He was teetering on the brink of not trusting himself, or what he was going to do next. There were curves pushing back against his body, and places that her body pulled at her clothes from underneath, and his mind drifted to what it would feel like to---No!! That’s it!! That’s enough!!


Kiss Excerpt from:

Ron and Hermione at the Lake
by Zsenya

Category: First Kiss in a Lake

~Contributed by: Night Zephyr~


"Ginny never told you that she never won in the end, did she?" Ron shouted back, making a fierce face, and lumbering towards Hermione in a fairly realistic imitation of a troll. Hermione shrieked, and tried to run further out into the lake in the other direction, but Ron caught her around the waist from behind and lifted her up, taking advantage of the water to lift her up quite high.

"Aighghgh!" she squealed, kicking her legs but still laughing, "put me down or I'll - I'll…"

"You'll what?" he interrupted. "You've left your wand back on the blanket." But he put her down, turning her to face him, and still holding onto her waist.

Smiling, Hermione put her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down to give him a quick kiss. "I'll do that," she said softly.

"Remind me to torture you more often then," Ron replied, wishing his voice wouldn't give him away so often. Every time Hermione kissed him it seemed to lower his voice about two octaves. He pulled her closer and bent down to kiss her again, feeling the electricity course through his body. They'd never kissed in the water before. And they'd never had so little clothing between them. Hermione's suit was modest, but it was also thin, old, and wet, and Ron could feel every curve of her body pressed against his own. He wrapped his arms around her more tightly as they kissed, wondering if it were possible to get any closer than they already were.


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