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~ On Stage ~

Kiss Excerpt from:

Harry Potter and the Dominus Potion
by Winky and Dobby

~Contributed by: Zsenya~


"Oy! Ron! Heads up!"

Harry looked over at his friends as Ron and Hermione opened their eyes with a start and glanced up. Floating in the air above them was a large bunch of mistletoe tied with gold ribbon. They both blushed and stopped dancing. By now other couples around them had noticed the situation as well, and people were beginning to stare, whispering expectantly.

"What the--?" Ron had pulled Hermione out from beneath the mistletoe, but the festive bundle swooped after them to alight once more a foot above his head. Ron's blush darkened as he scanned the crowd with a suspicious gaze, undoubtedly seeking his older brothers.

"What are you waiting for?" someone called out. "Kiss her!"

Hermione's face was now the color of Ron's hair. They both whirled to see who had made the comment, only to find themselves surrounded by a crowd of over-enthusiastic Gryffindors. Harry cringed in sympathy for his two friends. There seemed only one thing they could do.

Ron and Hermione's faces wore identical expressions of extreme embarrassment as they slowly moved closer, avoiding eye contact. Apparently they had reached the same conclusion as Harry. Hermione closed her eyes and tilted one cheek upwards toward Ron, who squeezed his own eyes shut and bent swiftly to give it a quick peck. But just before he reached her Fred "accidentally" gave his brother a slight nudge, and Ron's lips landed squarely on Hermione's mouth.

Both their eyes flew open. For a moment Hermione and Ron stood frozen beneath the mistletoe, then someone whistled and they sprang apart abruptly. Harry stared.

"Way to go, Ron!" George was giving him a double thumbs-up.

"Wow, Hermione!" Several of the younger girls were regarding the stunned brunette with obvious surprise, some even a bit enviously. Other couples had begun hooting and clapping, oblivious to Ron and Hermione's rather noticeable discomfort.

Ron seemed to have difficulty meeting Hermione's gaze. "Let's get some air," Harry heard him mumble to the floor, and a minute later they were retreating to the gardens.


Kiss Excerpt from:

The Way He Kisses Me

by Mosylu

~Contributed by: Night Zephyr~


All of a sudden, Parvati stopped dead, and Lavender (who had been loudly proclaiming that Hermione had conjured up the whole thing out of pixie dust) plowed into her back. There was a minor domino effect as the girls stopped.

"What is it?"

"What's going on?"

"Let's get back; I'm hungry!"

"Look," Parvati said softly.

Up ahead, in the shadows of the trees, were a couple of Gryffindors. Their hair--brilliant orange and bushy brown--made it obvious which couple they were, and it was equally obvious what they were doing.

Even as they watched, open-mouthed, he wrapped his arms around her middle and hoisted her up in the air, spinning them both around a couple of times before letting her back down again and dipping his head.

"Like . . . like he's laughing . . ."

He was kissing her like it was the best fun he'd ever had in his life, and that included Quidditch (although, as a peevish Lavender said later, he was a Weasley so you never could quite tell on that score). He kissed her like he could go on doing it forever quite happily, with only occasional breaks to eat. He kissed like it was an outpouring of joie de vivre, an impulsive, joyous moment where you had to do something or you'd just burst--you had to dance or sing or yell at the top of your lungs, just for the hell of it.

In short--he kissed like he was laughing.

Completely deflated, the Gryffindor girls headed back to the tower. The worst thing about it, all the single girls (and many of those who weren't) moaned to themselves, was that Hermione had gotten Ron over a year ago, and she wasn't about to let him go any time soon.

For that matter, a few of the more perceptive girls realized, neither would he let her go.


Kiss excerpt from:

by That H.P. Guy

~Contributed by: Night Zephyr~


“Alright, Ron, just one more thing then.” Hermione smiled mischievously and adopted Ron’s southern accent, “Give us a kiss, will ya?”

There were gasps from the assembled Gryffindors as Ron hopped to his feet and walked toward her. She began to back away from him. “Stop, Ron!” she called.

“I think you forget how that potion works, Hermione. He’s only compelled to do things he wouldn’t mind doing ordinarily!” Harry called back, amidst much laughter and more than a few catcalls.

Ron finally caught up to Hermione, and backed her into a corner, his arms on either side of her, preventing her escape. He looked down into her face, and she looked back up at him, nervous and afraid. He moved his hands from her sides to her shoulders as he lowered his face to meet hers. He pressed his lips against Hermione’s, and she felt herself immediately melt against him.

Even with an audience of dozens, Ron didn’t hold back. Hermione’s lips opened against his own, and she felt his hot breath mingled with hers. He kissed. He nibbled. He ran the tip of his tongue over her lips and against her own. She answered in kind, and with tiny, happy, mewling noises.

He pulled back from the kiss abruptly. Hermione’s eyes were still closed, reveling in the bliss she was feeling. Her eyelids fluttered open, and she stared into Ron’s eyes. Her face quickly flushed as the room erupted in cheers, applause and wolf-whistles. She broke away from Ron and ran quickly upstairs to the girl’s dormitory.


Kiss Excerpt from:

The Wizard King
by Ara Kane

~ Contributed by: Rainydaie


“Well, I am telling you now,” the Diviner told him, “baby or no baby,
we must go east. The Wizard King will not be found in Holyhead.”

The redheaded young man scowled. Draco sensed a storm of an argument a-brewing. “How are you so certain?”

“The Signs say so.”

“The Signs say so, or you say so?”

Now he’s done it, Draco thought with a silent groan. Being the highly intelligent young woman that she was, Hermione did not miss the faintly accusing note in Ronald’s voice and drew herself up indignantly. “Are
you accusing me of fabricating the Signs?” she demanded.

“What if I am?”

“Then I will give you exactly five seconds to retract your accusation before I prove you miserably wrong.” Her lips thinned when the appointed five seconds passed without any comment from Ronald. “I am sorry to tell you this, my Lord, but you are wrong.”

She wrenched open the satchel she was carrying and pulled out a thick sheaf of parchment covered with orderly characters and numerals.

“I do not interpret the Signs based on mere whim,” Hermione snapped, waving the papers in the redheaded young man’s face. “The details of the Wizard King’s death have given us a set of parameters within which the Seeking must proceed. Our actions in response to these parameters provide definite quantities that, when evaluated using the highly complex arithmantical methods that I mastered only after a lifetime of training, will in turn point us in the direction we must take next.

“Thus far, it appears that we have satisfied all the requirements put forth by the Signs because the Wizard King remains within sight, and I am not about to change all that now!”

Ronald glared wordlessly at the Diviner and her copious notes. “You are the most aggravating woman,” he finally growled.

“And you are a miscreant!”

“You're a shrew!”




“Human!” By now, they were nose to nose. “You are only human,” the redheaded young man told her tightly. “You can make mistakes. Even with your years of training, you cannot predict everything. If you did, then
you would have known not to come so close to me, because I’m going to do this—!”

He lunged before Hermione could react. When she did finally scream, her cry was heavily muffled, thanks to the fact that Ronald’s lips were firmly pressed against hers.

“Oh, my!” Sylvestra giggled, turning away from the pair.

Draco snorted back a laugh and saw that Guinevere and Henry were also hiding smiles.

“No wonder those two kept striking sparks off each other,” the dark-haired young man murmured.

Hermione gave a muffled squeal again and began to beat Ronald around the head and shoulders with the notes still clutched in her hand. He withstood quite a few good blows (a testament to his phenomenally thick
skull, in Draco’s opinion) before finally releasing her.


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