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Official Sugar Quill Soundtrax


Shipper Soundtrax #1 by Cap'n Kathy aka Elanor Gamgee


In Honor of the Good Ship R/H

"On the Good Ship Lollipop" performed by Shirley Temple



"You Don't Own Me" performed by Leslie Gore

"Waltzing With Him" performed by Christine Lavin



"I Can't Fight This Feeling" performed by REO Speedwagon

"Hanging By a Moment" performed by Lifehouse

"Breathless" performed by The Corrs

"Brown-Eyed Girl" performed by Rockapella

"Time After Time" performed by Cyndi Lauper



"Joyful Girl" performed by Ani DiFranco

"Ode to Harry Potter (With Love From Ginny Weasley)" performed by The Switchblade Kittens

"Absence of Fear" performed by Jewel

"Jubilee" performed by Mary-Chapin Carpenter



"Against All Odds" performed by Phill Collins

"Kathy's Song" performed by Simon and Garfunkel

"Hungry Like a Wolf" performed by Duran Duran



"Making Love Out of Nothing at All" performed by Air Supply

"Ship of Fools" performed by The Virginia Gentlemen


Ready to Rumble

"The Jet Song" performed by the cast of West Side Story



Character Soundtrax #1 by Cap'n Kathy aka Elanor Gamgee


"Harry Potter Song" performed by Christopher Allen


The Trio

"I'll Be There" performed by The Jackson 5

"These Are Days" performed by 10,000 Maniacs

"You've Got a Friend" performed by James Taylor

"Our Lips Are Sealed" performed by the Go-Gos

"3 is a Magic Number" performed by Bob Dorough



"I'm Not the Man" performed by 10,000 Maniacs


Hermione on Fleur

"I'll Think of a Reason Later" performed by Le Ann Womack


The Triwizard Champions

"Into the Labyrinth" from the soundtrack to Labyrinth


After the Third Task/Leaving Hogwarts

"Circle" performed by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

"I Try" performed by Macy Gray

"Time After Time" performed by Cyndi Lauper


The Weasleys

"Consider Yourself" performed by the cast of Oliver!



"Locked Out" performed by Crowded House


Moaning Myrtle

"Poor Poor Pitiful Me" performed by Terri Clark


Rita Skeeter

"The Bug" performed by Mary-Chapin Carpenter


You Know Who

"Cold-Hearted Snake" performed by Paula Abdul

"Every Breath You Take" performed by The Police


Gilderoy Lockhart

"I'm Too Sexy" performed by Right Said Fred

"You're So Vain" performed by Carly Simon


Reminder to all shippers

"You Can't Hurry Love" performed by The Supremes


Character Soundtrax #2 "Thought You Ought to Know" by Moey

An Alternative Movie Soundtrax

wicked wonderboy :: tenacious d

malfoy you’re no good :: linda ronstadt

potions stir it up :: bob marley

flying lesson learning to fly :: tom petty

youngest player get this party started :: pink

priorities little miss can’t be wrong :: spin doctors

wingardium leviosa elevation :: u2

the keeper oliver’s army :: elvis costello

Gryffindor wins the only way is up :: yazz

i look good fame ’90 :: david bowie

mirror can’t always get what you want :: rolling stones

petrificus totalus dirty work :: steely dan

knight live and let die :: paul mccartney

power hero for the day :: metallica

defeat baba o’reilly :: the who

home the waiting :: tom petty

to jediboadicea with much love

dungeons & dragons :: saturday night live

d & d :: stephen lynch

Shipper Soundtrax #2 "Shipper Trax" by Moey

a slashy production

oh yeah

let’s get it on :: marvin gaye


it’s raining men :: gloria gaynor

you’ve got to hide your love away :: the beatles

faith :: george michael


isn’t it time :: the babys


tripping billies :: dave matthews band


girlfriend :: matthew sweet

head over heals :: the go-go’s

no more lonely nights :: paul mccartney

rapunzel :: dave matthews band

you can’t beat us - better join us

or life on sugar quill isle

come sail away :: performed by eric cartman

the weather is here wish you were beautiful :: jimmy buffet


ain’t no mountain high enough :: marvin gaye

sweetest thing :: u2

love in the library :: jimmy buffet

every time i think of you :: the babys

it’s all about the love

more :: bobby darin

©2002 argh! records


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