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The Second Sugar Quill Summit was carried out on February 24 - 25, 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland. Four members were in attendance (Zsenya, Arabella, Elanor Gamgee, and B Bennett). Moey participated via live satellite feed from her winter home in Saint Croix. Firoza popped in for a moment electronically, as did Caitlyn, and even Doctor Cornelius's presence was felt later on in the evening. A good time was had by all. The main topic of conversation was the much anticipated Über fic by Zsenya and Arabella, which is due out sometime in the Spring, 2001. In addition, fan art was created. Arabella created several audio versions of the B Bennett's fiction, which are sure to beat out Jim Dale for the Grammy next year. Captain Kathy (aka Elanor Gamgee) was presented with a Dictionary of Naval Abbreviations to help her on the job. Moey took detailed notes during the evening, and has transcribed them for us here.

The Third Sugar Quill Summit was carried out on March 30- April 1, 2001 in Ocean City, Maryland. Five members were in attendance (Zsenya, Arabella, Elanor Gamgee, B Bennett, and Moey). We were delighted that Doctor Cornelius made it back in England in time for a brief appearance via email. T-shirts were created, several soundtracks developed, tattoos were attempted (but they're illegal in OC - imagine), Maryland lost to Puke, and April Fools Day jokes were plotted. While eating at the Hobbit, plans were hatched for a Hogwarts themed restaurant, complete with remote control magic wands. Blueprints were created for a new SugarQuill Headquarters, to be an exact replica of Hogwarts castle. Building will commence as soon as Zsenya and Arabella complete their first Harlequin romance (after the Über fic and HQoW are finished, of course). Toasts were made to Elanor Gamgee for finishing Hermione's Fourth Year, and congratulations are in order to her for making us all go "Awww!" at exactly the same point at the end. Official minutes by First Mate Moey now available.

Also compiled: Many Faces of Ron Weasley...

The Minneapolis SQ Summit, April 9, 2001...minutes

The Fourth Sugar Quill Summit was carried out on May 11- May 13, 2001 in Northern Virginia. Six members were in attendance (Zsenya, Arabella, Elanor Gamgee, B Bennett, Moey, and Jedi Boadicea). Vapid was available via AIM two evenings in a row. We thank Gompers for letting us borrow him. Honeychurch, Lallybroch, and Carleton97 also stayed up late chatting, and rumor has it that a partial transcript will be available. Thing1 and Thing2 provided several new drink recipes to be tested at the future summits. More T-shirts were created, this time using specially made iron-ons by ElanorGamgee that said "Dungbombs Rule" and "Property of Ron Weasley." Two new soundtracks were test-driven (to be finessed by Elanor and Zsenya later this century). Not only were tattoos successful this time (thanks to our lovely tattoo artist, James, who probably still thinks that we are a cult, but they inspired B Bennett to write a brand new fic, which will be released shortly). The Daily Prophet showed up for a photo shoot. We also went on a ghost tour led by an honest to goodness paranormal investigator, and terrorized locals at a nearby IHOP. Minutes...

The Fifth Sugar Quill Summit Minutes...


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