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MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2001 7:30PM

"Harry Potter in the Ghetto"

  (As recorded by Lallybroch)



Attendees: Lallybroch, Honeychurch, carleton97, Erik

Drinks: Remus/Sirius, Harry/Ginny, Strongbow cider, Sierra Nevada beer, Liebfraumilch

Snacks: Pickles. Sour Cream and Onion chips. Dill dip.

The night started off appropriately-R/S shots and H/G mixers. With a rousing toast, “Remus/Sirius Forever!”, the Summit was called to order and the company retired to the living room for Harry Potter Mad-Libs Part One, rated PG-13. "We're naughty!"

Erik then gave a lecture on the importance of the “montage scene”. He spoke, at length, about the appropriate music for said scene, giving examples of both “good’ and “bad” musical choices.

Quote: "What would “The A-Team” be without montage scenes? “One Crazy Summer”? “Pretty in Pink”? Without montage scenes, those shows would suck! Harry Potter is perfect for a montage! And the perfect song is, obviously, Tina Turner’s classic, “Simply the Best”. To prove his point, Erik then performed the now infamous Goblet of Fire/Simply the Best montage scene *video to be released shortly*. Singing the accompaniment himself, Erik punctuated the lyrics with shots of Harry “plucking the Snitch from the air”, “dodging a dragon” and “catching the Snitch in his shirt sleeve.” His audience laughed and cheered, all the while clapping enthusiastically.

A round of Harry Potter Mad-Libs Part Two, rated R soon followed. "Wow. We're really naughty!"

Following a third round of the Harry/Ginny, Lallybroch took the opportunity to fashion a SQ t-shirt for herself, scrawling “Remus/Sirius Forever!” across the front, and “The One True Way” across the back with a black magic marker. This gave Honeychurch an idea. Tattoos! Erik obliged by drawing quills on their arms. The girls proudly displayed their new “tats”. Though drawn only by a pen, the girls were content in their knowledge that the new black magic marker “tats” would last for several days…at least.

Enter “Beth”, a Harry Potter fan who attempts to fight her obsession. Honeychurch, Lallybroch, and carleton97 shook their heads sympathetically, while exchanging glances. Made silent agreement to provide encouraging and supportive environment where “Beth” can talk about her obsession, and acknowledge Albus Dumbledore as her higher power.

All attendees soon became embroiled in carleton97’s new R/H story. Sad faces all around when the story was discovered to be incomplete. Chants of “More! More!” soon filled the air. An in-depth discussion of the Remus/Sirius love began, as well as discussion of H & L’s outline for their S/R story. Many cries of “Oh the Baby Harry!” and “Oh Remus! Oh Sirius!” were heard throughout the streets of Minneapolis. Honeychurch asked Erik when his House-Elf story might be completed. carleton97 inquired about said House-Elf story. As answered by Honeychurch and Lallybroch, said House-Elf story can best be described as part Jack London, part Empire Strikes Back, part Harlequin romance novel. carleton97 was understandably intrigued.

Harry Potter Mad-Libs Part Three, rated NC-17. "NAUGHTY! NAUGHTY! NAUGHTY!"

Much singing followed. (These Dreams, Kathy’s Song, Save the Best For Last) Liebfraumlich began to kick in. Summit closed.

Respectfully submitted by Lallybroch (Co-Captain of HMS Remus/Sirius submarine)



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