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Dumbledore's Army

The Doxy Puzzle

By Snapdragon

Post date: January 30, 2005

'Has Ron saved a goal yet?' asked Hermione, peering over the top of Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms.

I'd always wondered whether Jo had "hidden" a clue for us, in plain sight, on her desktop - and even though I thought I knew what it was hinting at, it still took me months figure out what was.

Go to, and wait, just watch the page for a while, eventually Peeves blows across the desk and you see certain things happen (in quick succession - you might need a couple of shots at it):

  1. The watch goes bananas (A technical term)
  2. A few gum wrappers get blown about
  3. The pen container topples over
  4. A Doxy buzzes across the screen
  5. The watch returns to normal.

Each of these events represents an English word or phrase - they are 'Logograms'.

1. The watch -   Watch! (in the sense of "look out!" or "pay attention!")
2. Some gum wrappers blow in the wind -   They are 'blowing' gum wrappers (Where have you heard that before?)
3. The toppling pens -   'Upset pens'
4. The Doxy -   This is phonetic - 'A doc see'
5. The watch reverts to normal -   You can stop watching, or 'End of message'

Put it all together, with some punctuation, and you get:

"Blowing Gum wrappers, upset - pens a doc. See?"

In other words, the letters in the gum wrappers spell out a message.

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