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A Collection of Posts Re: The Dursleys

Compiled by Piper

Revision date: September 20, 2002

Could Petunia be a squib?

Posted by slick969 on March 23, 2002:

I have always thought Petunia was a squib. She has this very Filch quality about her, you know? She's mean. Spiteful. And she dotes on Dudley the way Filch dotes on Mrs. Norris.

Their bad attitudes just smack of jealousy at what they are not. I mean, I would be very jealous if everyone around me had these cool powers and I could barely tie my own shoes (hehe).

I could be way off. But I KNOW there's more to Petunia than meets the eye -- and I really and truly think that Vernon is as horrible as he is because his love for his wife and child is very pure. But he doesn't know anything about magic other than what he's been led to believe. So that coupled with his fear of the unknown makes him act out. If he weren't such an abusive prat, I might just feel sorry for him.

The Dursley's are not just part of the story to illustrate examples of muggle atrocities. They are WAY more important than we can imagine. Petunia in particular.

Posted by Emo Tuesday on June 11, 2002:

Lily Evans... Do we know that she is a Muggle or is everyone just assuming?

I just wonder if she maybe does have some wizards blood in her. For example, my theory is that Lily was actually Half-Muggle making Harry only 1/4. Lily's father, Mr. Evans, was a muggle; her mother, Mrs. Evans, was a wizard. Her mother changed her last name to Evans when she married, leaving the known wizarding last name behind. Lily recieved a Hogwarts letter, Petunia did not. The jealous Petunia loathed her wizard sister while she was left nothing but a Muggle. Petunia was disgusted that her sister was a freak.

What will Harry put up with from the Dursleys?

Posted by Starlite314159 on March 21, 2002:

I just can't believe in a Harry who allows himself to be locked in a cellar with nothing to eat or locked in his room with nothing to eat and becomes so weak he has to be rescued, usually by Snape. Harry just faced down Voldemort. Again. Harry is a _very_ powerful wizard, even without a wand. (Even if Vernon Dursley could pry Harry's wand away from him with Voldemort on the loose.) I just can't invest in the idea that the threat of being expelled from Hogwarts or anything else the Dursley's could throw at him, for that matter, would even phase Harry.

Posted by bluemeanies42 on March 21, 2002:

Well, from what I have seen is that Harry the weekling rescued by Snape is usually, when they are done well, it is not because he doesn't fight back but that he won't. It is depression, and a belief that he caused Cedric's death and puts everyone he knows in danger that leaves him shell-shocked and re-acting passively to whatever the Dursleys throw at him because he believes he is guilty and he does deserve it, for Cedric's sake. And this scenario for Harry the weakling/invalid/hermit/mute actually is an extension of his behavior at the end of GoF (except the Malfoy incident), and the Dursleys probably do not do much to improve his attitude. So I can get behind Harry the weakling, but only in this light.

Posted by PiperX on March 22, 2002:

He's also lived with the Dursleys as long as he can remember, and being treated horribly by them is something he's gotten used to. He has put up with abuse since he was a baby and I think its believable that he will still put up with it now to a point. The Aunt Marge incident made it clear that while he is very tolerant, there is a line that shouldn't be crossed.

Posted by Alkari on March 24, 2002:

In some ways the very "normal" nastiness of the Dursleys may be oddly comforting to him, and he may well use the time to start thinking about things. I can see him going back to Privet Drive and being very subdued, doing everything he's asked and not arguing as a cover, just so as he can have time to think. He might find that gardening is a great job ...

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