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Gathered by Gryfny

Revision date: January 15, 2005

August-October 2000

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From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Thu Aug 31, 2000 10:24 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Fanfic question
>Okay. I have a question for anyone who read a lot of fanfic. I personally
>don't read a lot of fanfic because a) no browser really slows you down and
>b) no time and c) hard to find the good stuff.
>I am interested in compiling a list of plot cliches that are found in H/H
>fanfic, of which there is a lot I know. For example Harry dying and
>leaving Hermione pregnant, Harry's parents discovered as still alive, etc.
>I appreciate the help. I do have a reason for asking this. But I'm not
>telling. :-)
Ok, here goes:
Ginny confesses her love for Harry/Draco/Neville in her diary
Harry dates Cho, who cheats on him, leading him to find true love in Hermione
or Ginny, depending on the author's ship
Ron, Hermione, and shooting stars (that one I don't get, but it's really
Harry Potter and Survivor (this has been done WAY too often--oh wait, once
would have been way too often!)
Snape dances to Britney Spears (also way too common--shudder)
Snape and McGonagall fall in love
Harry has a secret twin, also still alive
Lavendar gives Hermione a makeover
Hermione goes to another school dance and finds true love
That's all I can think of at the moment--I am sure more will come to me!
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Fri Sep 1, 2000 11:26 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] H/H Cliches (was Lori's Fanfic Question)
>- A new girl (usually from America) plays matchmaker, and whoever
>isn't with Hermione ends up with her

Great list Ebony! HOW on earth could I forgotten the new girl (usually a
transfer student from America) cliche?

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sat Sep 2, 2000 7:58 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Fanfic Clich‚s

Ooo, you made me think of a couple I had forgotten:
Hermione has "cinnamon" eyes (I blame Mena for the propagation of that one)
Hermione, Lavendar, and Ginny marry Harry Ron, and Draco (why always Draco and
never Neville?) and each couple has a kid (all the same age of course) The
three kids go to Hogwarts together and solve mysteries, fight evil, etc.

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sat Sep 2, 2000 8:03 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: more fanfic cliches
>Another cliche I just thought of is when Harry's kid has some absurd
>name that neither he nor JKR would ever subject it to.

Yeah! Like Saffron.

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sun Sep 3, 2000 3:37 pm
Subject: Fanfic cliches

I just realized that I forgot to add one of the most obvious to the list:
Colin Creevey grows up to become a photographer for the Daily Prophet

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan
Date: Wed Sep 6, 2000 10:56 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Romance Pairings
OKay, you may have gotten more for Ron/Hermione by now but here's my 2 Knuts:
In CoS, EVERY single time Draco Malfoy says a wrod about Hermione, it's RON
who goes after him (there are at least 3 examples of this, including the
slug-belching incident)
In CoS, the sight of Hermione's empty chair in Potions is what gets Ron to
agree to going to follow the spiders.
Ron and Hermione are in constant owl contact throughout the summers, even when
neither of them can get in touch with Harry.
In GoF, there are 2 instances where Fleur kisses Ron and Hermione is described
as "looking furious" both times.
Ron's obvious jealousy of Krum's relationship with Hermione
Hermione's reluctance to talk about Krum in front of Ron
Ron rushes to Hermione's aid when Draco's spell hits her teeth
In GoF, while Harry and Ron are fighting, Harry assumes that Hermione would
rather go to Hogsmeade with Ron.
I had some other ones, but they've flown out of my mind, so I guess that's it
for now.
(who will read any H/H fic but is still an ardent R/H shipper!)
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sun Sep 10, 2000 8:50 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Free Will and Time travel
>> What Dumbledore must teach Harry is that he is the agent of his own
>> destiny;
This is an interesting comment in light of something I have been thinking
about regarding the time travel in Book 3. I was watching "Early Edition" the
other day and I was struck by the fact that there seem to be two approaches to
time travel: the "one person can make a difference" approach shown through
Early Edition, and Quantum Leap, and then what I call the "Prime Directive
approach" (i.e. we can't change the past, because it will have all kinds of
unwanted repurcussions, and if we do meddle with the past, it should only be
to change the damage we have done by meddling with it in the first place.
This second one seems to be pretty common, though the only example I can think
of right away is "Back to the Future". When I first started thinking about
this, I felt that PoA falls into the first camp, because obviously H&H are
setting out to change the previous course of events. (thus fitting in with
what has been said about free will and our actions defining us). BUT both
Hermione and Dumbledore realize the repurcussions of this course of action and
try to minimize its effect. So maybe it's really somewhere in between.
Just as an aside, I remain astounded by JKR's use of time travel in PoA, which
is still my favorite HP book, although I loved the other three. I have read
or listened to PoA at least 15 or 16 times, and the scene with the Patronus at
the lake STILL give me chills.

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Sep 11, 2000 9:35 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Free Will and Time travel
>The _Superman_ comics actually took a slightly different approach
>that - ANY attempt to alter history is foredoomed, as the universe
>itself will intervene in some way to keep you from making a real
>change; if you come from the future, 'history' is predestined.

Actually now that I think about it, Harry and Hermione weren't really changing
the past, because everything happened the way it did while it was happening.
(OKay, that didn't make any sense but if you think real hard I think you will
get what I am saying. Maybe. (: )
>The reason for
>this is that at some point a time traveller will alter the past in
>such a way that the time machine is never invented, at which point
>there is no further push to change the past, so the universe reaches
>path of stability and stays on that - because a change to allow a
>machine to be invented can no longer be made, as there is no further
>possibility of a time traveller to make it!

Whoa. You're blowing my mind here Brooks...

Kathy, wandering off to contemplate the mysteries of time travel

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Sep 11, 2000 10:06 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Free Will and Time travel

>Actually, I think HP falls more into the second category. Remember
>Hermione's insistence that she and Harry can't change time - they can only
>do what really did happen in their past reality. Thus they can steal
>Buckbeak and rescue Sirius, because that happened before they travelled
>back. Also Harry can produce that Patronus because his past self had
>already seen it happen. BUT they can't take back the Invisibility Cloak and
>stop Snape going to the Shrieking Shack because they've seen him go there
>already and preventing it would screw time up.

Yes, but they don't KNOW that those things happened because they travelled
back. Remember, they think that Buckbeak was really executed and that they
heard Hagrid crying out of misery. They don't realize until they see it fron
the other perspective that nothing changed. (I feel like I am talking in
circles--this is hard to contemplate!). And the only reason they couldn't
take back the INvisibility Cloak is because they didn't. It's not that they
COULDN'T, it just didn't happen that way because they didn't do it. Because
the two time-scenes are happening at the same time; we just see them from
different perspectives at different points in the narrative. They actually
didn't CHANGE anything. They just determined the course of events from the
beginning. Which was the point I was trying to make about free will (I
think). There was no time when they weren't there, because they were there
both time. OKay, I am getting really incoherent now! All I can do is
fervently quote Harry:
"This is the weirdest thing we have ever done!"
That about sums it up for me!
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sun Sep 10, 2000 8:56 pm
Subject: RE: Kathy's H/H Evidence Request
>Kathy--I wasn't ignoring your request; it's just that I've been
>behind with the posts and my own e-mails for the past 4-5 days. I
>sent my observations to Penny just to make sure that I wasn't being
>redundant. I think she knows just about every shred of H/H evidence
>in existence. :) If I find out that this hasn't been brought up,
>I'll post it.
>Ebony AKA AngieJ


Well, ok...but I am still dying of curiosity here!

From: Penny & Bryce Linsenmayer <linsenma@h...>
Date: Thu Sep 14, 2000 4:28 pm
Subject: Re: Kathy's H/H Evidence Request
Oops! I just now was cleaning out old emails, and it looks as though
Ebony was looking to me to say that her new evidence had or had not
already been discussed. It has not. But, since I know Ebony has 10
million things going on, I'll take a stab at repeating what she sent to
me last week. Sorry for the delay Kathy! <g>

Ebony was pointing to Harry's behavior in the 2nd task. She pointed out
Harry's train of thought & priorities when he arrived at the hostage
scene at the bottom of the lake -

1. He first wanted to complete the task. He cut Ron loose. He looked
around and didn't see any of the other 3 champions . . . .

2. What he didn't do next -- he didn't take Ron to the surface & save
him before returning to be the noble hero; he didn't start chopping away
at Cho's bindings, which "to me would have been the logical thing for
him to do *if* he was so infatuated with her. His rescue of Cho would
have been the perfect way to undercut a boy who at this point in the
novel he is very competitive with." (Quotes are from Ebony's email to

3. What he did -- instinctively, reflexively he turns to Hermione. His
friendship & feelings for her overrode "the desire to win, the desire to
bring Ron back up to the surface, and his longing for Cho."

Ebony also points to Hermione's reaction after they all get out of the
lake. Krum continues to try & get her attention ("Hey! Look at me -- I
just *saved* you!"), but the only person she wants to talk to is Harry.

While I don't find the above to be the most compelling H/H evidence
there is, it is interesting & noteworthy, especially when combined with
all the other H/H evidence in the books. And, speaking of which, you'll
all soon be able to see all that evidence & more in our handy dandy
FAQs. The FAQs Committee is hard at work at the 60 some-odd substantive
FAQs that will hopefully be posted sometime in early to mid October.

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Fri Sep 15, 2000 9:57 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Kathy's H/H Evidence Request

Thanks for posting that! The curiosity was killing me!

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Sep 11, 2000 10:23 pm
Subject: [HPforGrownups] Ron's jealousy and why Dumbledore is cool
>Molly (Mrs. Weasley) is quite a lady. First she's harsh, then she's bear

I know the comment has been made before about Mrs. Weasley becoming a
mother-figure to Harry and how this probably won't help Ron's jealousy thing.
But I was listening to the end of GoF again today (for like the 12th time--I
really need to buy it and stop keeping out the library's copy!) and noticed
that when Bill left to go to Mr. Weasley, he "clapped a hand on Harry's
shoulder, kissed his mother on the cheek, pulled on his cloak, and strode
quickly from the room." Not even acknowledging his own brother! Man if even
his own family forgets him, maybe Ron has reason to be mad!
Anyway, another thing I always like about this scene is that Dumbledore
remembers Winky. (I mean, honestly, did YOU remember about Winky? I
didn't--and it would have been very easy for him to forget about a lowly
house-elf in all this.) This proved to me that he couldn't go all evil.
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Fri Sep 15, 2000 10:05 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Straight from the horse's mouth... (possible spoilers)

>I don't think JKR would have the dead person remain as a ghost,
>because ghosts are so real and present in her universe that it would
>almost be as though the person didn't die at all. If she is aiming
>for the impact that she seems to be, the person will die and that
>will be that.
>It probably won't be Ron because, again, that's too obvious.

I agree that the dead person probably won't hang around. It definitely
wouldn't have the emotional impact, and it would ring as false as if Lily and
James came back from the dead at the end of the series and Harry lived happily
ever after.

As for the death, I just know it's going to be Ron. I'm not saying I WANT it
to be, but I am bracing myself for the worst. Man, now I get to go through
this whole anxiety for Ron thing again for a whole year, just like I did
before Book 4. (The first time I read GoF, I did it all in one sitting
because I HAD to make sure Ron got through it okay. I was even afriad for him
up to the very end, even after Cedric dies, because I was afraid he would get
run over by the Hogwart's Express or something.) Is it natural to feel this
much anxiety for a fictional character?

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Fri Sep 15, 2000 3:41 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Straight from the horse's mouth... (possible spoilers)
Except, hasn't she already said in several interviews that it won't be Hagrid
or Hermione? I thought that was why everyone was so fixated on Ron, since she
never said it WOULDN'T be him.

Kathy (who is already knocking wood, avoiding stepping on cracks, and doing
any other superstitious thing she can to try to protect poor Ron!)
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Fri Sep 15, 2000 3:49 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Straight from the horse's mouth... (possible spoilers)

>Wondering what the clock was doing (or who was looking at it) while Ginny
>was in the Chamber of Secrets...

...or while Ron was going after the Sorceror's Stone with Harry and
Hermione...or when he was attacked by Peter Pettigrew...
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>

Date: Fri Sep 15, 2000 4:23 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Apparating
>On Lily having Slytherin blood: When I hear people repeat this
>theory, I know how Hermione feels when people keep talking about
>apparating into Hogwarts.
Speaking of this, does anyone else have a feeling that this will be important
later? I can't imagine how, but the fact that Hermione has mentioned this
about 4000 times must mean something!
Another aside: this makes me think of a funny moment from "Draco Dormiens" on (if you haven't read it yet, do. It's one of the more believable
Draco-turns-good-guy fics out there). Anyway, Draco mentions to Hermione that
he has read Hogwarts: A History. (I just love picturing the look on
Hermione's face at this.) OK, it sounds dumb, but it's a very funny scene, so
just go read it!
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Wed Sep 20, 2000 8:03 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] NOT RON!

> Notice that the description of the dead unicorn in SS is carefully
>drawn to parallel and foreshadow the death of Cedric in GOF, and
>Cedric, we are told, has unicorn hair in his wand -- and (oh no!) so
>does Ron (oh dear!) No not Ron, PLEASE not Ron, I'll do anything...

Ooooo, what a great observation! I hadn't caught that one at all. And I am
with you here--not RON! Anyone but Ron! (Okay,anyone but Hermione). I feel
like I should be DOING something, instead of just sitting here for the next
year, waiting to see if Ron will die. Let's see, hunger strike? No, that
won't work. Leaflet campaign? OK, that's it, I'm founding SPUHTOBR (Society
for the Prevention of Undue Harm to Our Beloved Ron). 2 sickles to join!

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sat Sep 23, 2000 8:33 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Arthur and Harry Potter

I know this is extremely unrelated, but involves Arthur and HP too, and I have
been lurking too much lately, so here goes!

I knew I was too HP-obsessed when I was reading one of the "Arthur" chapter
books (I'm a children's librarian, it's part of my job!) and noticed how the
interplay between Arthur and Buster is very similar to that between Harry and
Ron. I shared this observation with another librarian, who merely shook her
head and walked away.

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sat Sep 23, 2000 9:29 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Should Harry Potter die
Or "the thing he would miss the most"...I still think Ron will not make
through Book 7 alive. Perhaps the sacrifice will be his. This goes along
with the theory that he might betray Harry and ultimate turn back to him,
sacrificing himself in the process. So maybe the prophecy or whatever is that
Harry will die defeating Voldemort, but Ron will take his place.

(who is keeping all her crossable parts crossed that Ron lives a long healthy
life and winds up an old man sitting on the porch with Hermione)
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Tue Sep 26, 2000 10:31 am
Subject: H/H and why it's just wrong

Okay, so maybe that subject line is a little over the top but I have been
sitting on some comments and they must come out!

First off, let me say that I am definitely an H/R shipper although I do enjoy
well-written H/H. The thing that really really annoys me though is that most
people who write H/H fiction seem completely unwilling to deal with the Ron
issue at all. The fact of the matter is, the obvious romantic tension in the
canon is between Hermione and Ron. Several people, particularly Penny, have
made very good cases for the subtext suggesting that Hermione may have
feelings for Harry. Okay, that I can buy. BUT, there is absolutely no
evidence that Harry may have feelings for Hermione. After all, he even says
something like "He liked Hermione very much, but she just wasn't Ron." AND
think about the two major fights we have seen among the Trio; in Book 4, when
Harry and Ron are fighting, we KNOW that Harry misses Ron. Their argument is
at the forefront of everything that happens. In Book 3, when Ron and Harry
stop speaking to Hermione for what, 4 months?, Hermione just kind of fades
into the background. You don't get the feeling that Harry is all that
bothered by not being on speaking terms with Hermione. Ron may be a different
story, but we don't know that. And Hermione is clearly upset that they are
not speaking to her.

The point of this seemingly off-topic ramble is that Harry cares more about
Ron than he does about Hermione. (After all, Ron was "the thing he would miss
the most") I am not suggesting any sort of homosexual pairing here (though
who knows? that really would be unexpected for JKR!) but what I am saying is
that so many people who seem determined to match up Harry and Hermione are
ignoring something fundamental about Harry. Regardless of whether or not he
had any feelings for Hermione (and the signs indicate he does not), Harry
would simply NOT go after her knowing that Ron liked her (and the scene after
the Yule Ball made it pretty clear that Harry is aware of Ron's feelings even
if Ron is not). Ron's friendship is simply too important to him. And the
other thing is: Hermione KNOWS this. So even if she did have feelings for
Harry, she would know better than to ever let them show, because she is smart
enough to realize how important Ron's friendship is to Harry. And, too, aside
from the fact that I think there is ample evidence that Hermione does indeed
have feelings for Ron, I don't think she would do that to him either. Even if
she didn't LOVE him, he's still her friend and she would realize how much her
dating Harry would affect him. She's too compassionate not to realize that.
And I think that her comments to Harry when he and Ron were fighting show that
she has thought about Ron's feelings quite a bit.

That's the thing that annoys me: if I read one more H/H fanfic where Ron says
some variation of "I knew you guys always liked each other, I'm so happy for
you, I'm glad I got over that little crush in our fourth year", I am going to
scream! We all know that even if Ron did get over his crush, he would still
be jealous of anyone else who went out with Hermione. And even if he and
Hermione dated and then broke up, I don't see him being the kind of guy who
would let go really easily. And if Harry were the one who came next...well,
let's just say that defecting-to-the-dark-side theory would come in about

I think that PoU is one of the very few H/H romances I have read that even
deals with Ron's feelings at all, and I think the way Lori handles it is very
plausible. Even if Ron did die, it would still take both Harry and Hermione,
but especially Harry, a long time to deal with that baggage. This
lack-of-dealing-with-Ron was my one complaint about "Draco Dormiens" too, but
from the hints she has dropped in the early chapters of "Draco Sinister", it
looks like Cassandra Claire will deal with this somehow.

Anyway, enough ranting for now. I am just tired of Ron getting shunted aside.

Whew, I feel better now!

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Fri Sep 29, 2000 11:27 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Ron
Let's face it,
>>that's what Hermione and Ron represent in the triad. Hermione is the
>>intellectual part, Ron is the emotional bit. Don't know what Harry is, Soul
>I think in a lot of mythology that triad is often Heart, Head and Sword.
>Soul works too.

I've always thought of them as Id, Superego, and Ego myself.
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Oct 9, 2000 10:42 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Harry as Pop Icon

>I can imagine a Hogwarts Crock-Pot.
>"What better way to cook your roasts than with a Hogwarts Crock-Pot. You can
>guarentee your little wizards and witches will want to eat their dinners now!
>be a Muggle; buy your Hogwarts Crock-Pot today! Available at your nearest

LOL! I can just see it: "Don't work the day away like a house-elf...let the
Hogwarts Crock Pot whip up a magical feast!"

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sat Oct 14, 2000 11:26 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Ginny and the Muppets
Okay, this is gonna sound weird, but since I am a children's librarian who
spends a lot of time deaing with preschoolers, and, of course, EVERYTHING in
my life must relate to Harry Potter in some way, here goes:

I was thinking the other day that D.W. from the "Arthur" series on PBS (D.W.
is Arthur's little sister) reminds me a lot of Ginny. I can just see her
interacting with her brothers that way.

Okay, and here's where it gets weirder. I was listening to "Songs from Bear
in the Big Blue House" (I know, I know, I actually bought a copy of the CD
for myself, but the show and the music are both really good so I refuse to be
embarrassed!) and I think Pip and Pop (the purple otters, in case anyone has a
clue to what I am talking about!) would make a perfect Fred and George.

So THEN, I thought: what if we could cast HP with Muppets? here's what I
came up with:

Harry: Kermit (of course, he's Everyfrog)
Hermione: Prairie Dawn from Sesame Street (can't you just see Prairie starting
Percy: Sam the American Eagle from the Muppet Show (OK so he ain't
British--he's got the right personality anyway)
Parvati: Miss Piggy
Colin Creevey: Elmo ("Can Elmo take Harry Potter's picture?")

That's as far as I got. Can anybody think of a good Muppet-Ron?


P.S. I warned you it would get weirder...
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Oct 16, 2000 10:51 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Muppets...?
>but there was this big hairy mammoth thing that would have to be Hagrid.
>Wouldn't Elmo be more like Dobby? Can't think of a Ron, but then this IS
>quite a stretch. Why, pray tell, Miss Piggy as Parvati?
>Oh yeah: Big Bird as Madame Maxime!
Oh, yes yes yes! You are right of course--Elmo would HAVE to be Dobby. And
Zoe could be Winky (I can just see her in the little hat and everything). I
just thought of Miss Piggy for Parvati because of her attitude at the ball--I
could just see her flouncing in with the trophy on her arm. I don't know,
maybe Piggy should be Fleur instead. oooo, or Janice from the Electric
Mayhem--she's got the ahir for Fleur.
Was the big hairy mammoth thing you were thinking of Sweetums (the giant who
chases the Muppets throughout the Muppet Movie)? He would be good for Hagrid.
Or Mr. Snuffleupagus.
Oh, I thought of another one: that blue anything muppet (the one that Grover
always ends up waiting on) as Cornelius Fudge.
Maybe the 2 headed Monster from Sesame Street for Fred and George? Although I
still think Pip and Pop would win out.
Still haven't thought of a good Ron...
Kathy (see what happens when you encourage me?)
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Oct 16, 2000 11:17 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Muppets...? Fozie Bear as Ron, of course!

>Who'd be Dumbledore? The man with the bird on his head from Labyrinth?

Oh perfect perfect perfect! And Fawkes as the bird of course...

who is so pleased to have
a) found that she is not the only one who obsesses over things like this and
b) started a thread that hasn't gotten the H/H shippers all riled up for once
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Tue Oct 17, 2000 12:24 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Ginny and the Muppets
>I'd say Sam as Snape and Bert as Percy.

I don't know about Sam as Snape, but Bert as Percy is perfect! (prefect?)

>Lockhart: Guy Smiley

HOW did I forget this one? Ohhh, or--wait for it--Link Hogthrob from The
Muppet Show (remember "Pigs in Space"?)

>Prof. Binns: Prof. Hastings (For those too young to remeber him, he was a
> on early S.Street who put everyone to sleep, including himself).

Oh, you guys are coming up with such good ones!

I still haven't seen the Muppet Ron that makes me go "A-ha!" though. I guess
Fozzie is the closest so far, but he's just not sarcastic enough. Maybe

who is enjoying this thread far too much
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Tue Oct 17, 2000 11:36 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Ginny and the Muppets
Oooo, you guys are good!
>Gonzo would have to be Mad-Eye Moody (Crouch).
Yes yes yes!
>Who would animal play?
Fang, maybe?

>On that frame, then Ojo would be a great Hermione!
I dunno, I can sorta see Ojo as Ginny. Besides, I still stand by my original
choice of Prairie Dawn for Hermione--she's got the right mix of intelligence
and exasperation that everyone else isn't as smart as she is.
>Who'd be Lupin and Sirius? NOW THERE'S THE QUESTION! (Is it too late to get
David Bowie, with the hair from Labyrinth???)
Yes, that is a good question...and I can't think of a single suggestion. Hmm,
more thought is required.

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Tue Oct 17, 2000 11:46 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Ginny and the Muppets
>> I still haven't seen the Muppet Ron that makes me go "A-ha!" though. I
>> Fozzie is the closest so far, but he's just not sarcastic enough. Maybe
>> Gonzo?
>How about Rowlf?

I keep going back and forth between Fozzie and Rowlf, but neither is quite
right. Maybe Fozzie's insecurity and hunor + Rowlf's sarcasm= Ron?
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Fri Oct 20, 2000 10:01 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: So far at yahoo
>But now that you bring it up, she didn't say JUST that Ron doesn't
>know he has feelings for her, she said "something was going on
>BETWEEN them" that Ron was unaware of.....doesn't between imply
>reciprocity..I think I'm going to set up betting on this one...
>I could make a pile of money

I'm in for a thousand Galleons on R/H!

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Oct 23, 2000 11:22 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Animagi, Hermione, and my weird dream
If I were an animagus, I would be a rabbit. Definitely. I have always had a
strange affinity with rabbits. It started with Watership Down. I have always
been a hoppy,twitchy sort of person, so I guess it fits.
Okay, weird question: do you suppose Hermione speaks French? I mean, can you
really see her going to France and not learning the language, her being
Hermione and all? For some reason, this thought seemed REALLY important as I
drifted off to sleep last night...
which I suppose led to the weird dream. I was on a beach (in France), oh, and
I was Hermione, did I mention? Anyway, I met this (very cute) guy who turned
out to be a Hogwarts student too (but we had never met, because there ARE 1000
students there after all). He was a Ravenclaw though. That's all I remember.
For some reason, this dream really pleased me. I think I have officially
begun to over-identify with Hermione. HELP!
(who still has not found an satisfactory Muppet-Ron...obsessed? me?)
From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Sat Oct 28, 2000 7:03 am
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Fleur/Viktor discussion
>That's strange. Why would Hermione care -- Harry is not interested in
>Fleur and everyone knows that Hermione is not interested in Ron,

This WAS sarcasm right? Tell me this was sarcasm!

From: Penny & Bryce Linsenmayer <pennylin@s...>
Date: Sat Oct 28, 2000 9:48 am
Subject: Re: Fleur & R/H
Hi --
Kathleen Kelly MacMillan wrote:
> >That's strange. Why would Hermione care -- Harry is not interested in
> >Fleur and everyone knows that Hermione is not interested in Ron,
> This WAS sarcasm right? Tell me this was sarcasm!
Um . . . yes. Never fear -- I feel quite sure Susan was being
sarcastic. I'm also quite sure it was directed largely at me, since I'm
the person most vocally & most often making the argument that Hermione
is not necessarily interested in Ron. That's okay -- I'm thick-skinned
enough to weather a little sarcasm these days. <g>
I responded to her post with rational reasons why Hermione's reaction
might indicate a more general dislike of Fleur as a person rather than a
personal dislike of Fleur due to attentions bestowed on the ever-doting
FYI -- I'm a lawyer, so I spent 3 yrs of my life being trained to make
all sides of any argument, no matter how unpopular or implausible said
arguments might be. If you only argued one side of an issue on an exam
paper, you . . . .uh . . . wouldn't do too well in the grades. I still
see R/H as being a superficial, surface-text reading of the books (and
too obvious a course for JKR to chart), and I have made what I think are
plausible, well-supported arguments why this might not be as obvious as
some people think it is. If you don't agree, great! You're more than
free to counter my arguments with support for your own position. But,
don't be surprised if I come back with counter counter-arguments. :--)
And, btw, there is a nice counter-argument to something I've argued all
along, and I can't believe none of the R/H fans has ever mentioned it.
But, hey, I'm not gonna make your points for you! <evil grin>

From: Kathleen Kelly MacMillan <kathleen@c...>
Date: Mon Oct 30, 2000 8:54 pm
Subject: RE: [HPforGrownups] Re: Fleur & R/H
>However, I hope and believe that Hermione will accept Viktor's
>invitation. She has been to France; she wished she could have
>gone to Egypt. I hope she will take the opportunity to visit
>Bulgaria, and perhaps Durmstrang, and learn first hand about
>wizards and witches abroad. I think she will.
Plus think of all the yummy Ron-gets-jealous scenes this could lead
to...eventually leading to the climactic moment when he finally declares his
love for her....sigh...sorry, I drifted off there...


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