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A Collection of Posts Re: Lily Potter

Compiled by Piper

Revision date: September 20, 2002

What House was she in?

J.K. Rowling has specifically stated in a Scholastic chat that Lily was in Gryffindor. (

What was her maiden name?

Per a Scholastic chat (, her maiden name was Evans.

What is the link between Lily and Harry’s eyes?

Several chats with J.K. Rowling have implied that there is indeed a link:

Q: And... what about the connection between Lily's eyes and Harry's? I think the color of Harry's eyes will matter in the books to come. Yes?

JKR: Hmmmm... maybe!


Q: Now, can I ask you: are there any special wizarding powers in your world that depend on the wizard using their eyes to do something? Bit like…

JKR: Why do you want to know this?

Q: I just vaguely wondered.

JKR: Why?

Q: Well because everyone always goes on about how Harry's got Lily Potter's eyes?

JKR: Aren't you smart? There is something, maybe, coming about that. I'm going to say no more. Very clever.


Theory posted by Peachie Aki on February 1, 2002:

I have developed a theory that is based on simple science:

1. Colors appear as they are because of the certain light frequency they reflect.

2. An object that appears green, for example, would reflect that specific frequency of light.

3. The Avada Kedavra curse is green, as are Harry's eyes.


I believe Harry's eyes reflect the same frequency of light as the A.V. curse is composed of. The reflection caused the curse to rebound onto Voldemort, nearly killing him.

*This would account for the "curious quirk" described by Rowling

Why, then, did Lily die from the curse?

As we saw in the movie, Voldemort aimed for her chest. Also, we know that Lily did not have to die, Voldie was after Harry, for some reason. He did not aim for her eyes (the weakest point of a dragon, and perhaps, a human, as suggested by StickPegasus) because it was not his goal to make sure she was killed. He aimed for Harry's eyes because he knew that was the weakest point, and therefore the surest means of death.

To sum up: The reflection of Harry's eyes combined with Lily's protective charm caused the first downfall of Voldemort.

Was Lily really a Muggle-born?

Posted by Emo Tuesday on June 11, 2002:

Lily Evans... Do we know that she is a Muggle or is everyone just assuming?

I just wonder if she maybe does have some wizards blood in her. For example, my theory is that Lily was actually Half-Muggle making Harry only 1/4. Lily's father, Mr. Evans, was a muggle; her mother, Mrs. Evans, was a wizard. Her mother changed her last name to Evans when she married, leaving the known wizarding last name behind. Lily recieved a Hogwarts letter, Petunia did not. The jealous Petunia loathed her wizard sister while she was left nothing but a Muggle. Petunia was disgusted that her sister was a freak.



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