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Dumbledore's Army

Percy References in Books 1-5

Compiled by Julu

Revision date: August 9, 2004

Table of Contents

What follows is a listing of Percy’s words, references and related scenes in Books 1-5. Page numbers are from American editions.

Sorcerer’s Stone

Pg 92

Harry swung round. The speaker was a plump woman who was talking to four boys, all with flaming red hair. Each of them was pushing a trunk like Harry’s in front of him - and they had an owl… “All right, Percy, you go first.”
The oldest boy marched toward platforms nine and ten. Harry watched careful not to blink in case he missed it but just as the boy reached the dividing barrier between the two platforms, a large crowd…

Pg. 95

“Where’s Percy?” said their mother. “He’s coming now.” The oldest boy came striding into sight. He had already changed into his billowing black Hogwarts robes, and Harry noticed a shiny silver badge on his chest with the letter P on it. “Can’t stay long, Mother,” he said. “I’m up front, the prefects have got two compartments to themselves-" “Oh, are you a prefect, Percy?” said one of the twins, with an air of great surprise. “You should have said something, we had no idea.” “Hang on, I think I remember him saying something about it,” said the other twin. “Once - “ “Or twice -” “A minute -” “All summer -” “Oh, shut up,” said Percy the Prefect. “How come Percy gets new robes, anyway?” said one of the twins. “Because he’s a prefect,” said their mother fondly. “All right, dear, well, have a good term - send me an owl when you get there.”
She kissed Percy on the cheek and he left…

Pg. 99

Bill was Head Boy and Charlie was captain of Quidditch. Now Percy’s a prefect. Fred and George mess around a lot but…

I’ve got Bill’s old robes, Charlie’s old wand, and Percy’s old rat.”…

“His name’s Scabbers and he’s useless, he hardly ever wakes up. Percy got an owl from my dad for being made a prefect, but they couldn’t aff - I mean, I got Scabbers instead.

Pg. 121

He was so relieved to have been chosen and not put in Slytherin, he hardly noticed that he was getting the loudest cheer yet. Percy the Prefect got up and shook his hand vigorously, while the Weasley twins yelled, “We got Potter! We got Potter!”

Pg. 122

Harry clapped loudly with the rest as Ron collapsed into the chair next to him. “Well done, Ron, excellent,” said Percy Weasley pompously across Harry…

Pg. 123

“Is he - a bit mad?” he asked Percy uncertainly. “Mad?” said Percy airily. “He’s a genius! Best wizard in the world! But he is a bit mad, yes. Potatoes, Harry?”

Pg. 125

On Harry’s other side, Percy Weasley and Hermione were talking about lessons (“I do hope they start right away, there’s so much to learn, I’m particularly interested in Transfiguration…” "You’ll be starting small, just matches into needles and that sort of thing -”)

Pg. 126

“Ouch!” Harry clapped a hand to his head. “What is it?” asked Percy. “N-nothing.”… “Who’s that teacher talking to Professor Quirrell?” he asked Percy. “Oh, you know Quirrell already, do you? No wonder he’s looking so nervous, that’s Professor Snape. He teaches Potions, but he doesn’t want to - everyone knows he’s after Quirrell’s job. Knows an awful lot about the Dark Arts, Snape.”

Pg. 127

"He’s not serious?" He muttered to Percy. "Must be,” said Percy, frowning at Dumbledore. “It’s odd, because he usually gives us a reason why we’re not allowed to go somewhere - the forest’s full of dangerous beasts, everyone knows that. I do think he might have told us prefects, at least.”

Pg. 128-130

The Gryffindor first years followed Percy through the chattering crowds, out of the Great Hall…

or that twice Percy led them through doorways hidden behind sliding panels and hanging tapestries.

..A bundle of walking sticks was floating in midair ahead of them and as Percy took a step toward them they started throwing themselves at him. “Peeves,” Percy whispered to the first years. “A poltergeist. He raised his voice, “Peeves - show yourself.” A loud, rude sound, like the air being let out of a balloon, answered. “Do you want me to go to the Bloody Baron?” There was a pop, and a little man… …He swooped suddenly at them. They all ducked. “Go away, Peeves, or the Baron’ll hear about this, I mean it!” barked Percy. Peeves stuck out his tongue and vanished, dropping the walking sticks on Neville’s head… “You want to watch out for Peeves,” said Percy, as they set off again. “The Bloody Baron’s the only one who can control him, he won’t even listen to us prefects. Here we are.”…” "Caput Draconis,” said Percy… Percy directed the girls through one door to their dormitory and the boys through another…

Pg. 155

A lamp flickered on. It was Hermione Granger, wearing a pink bathrobe and a frown. “You!” said Ron furiously. “Go back to bed!” “I almost told your brother,” Hermione snapped. “Percy - he’s a prefect, he’d put a stop to this.”

Pg. 173

There was an uproar. It took several purple firecrackers exploding from the end of Professor Dumbledore’s wand to bring silence. “Prefects,” he rumbled, “lead your Houses back to the dormitories immediately!” Percy was in his element. “Follow me! Stick together, first years! No need to fear the troll if you follow my orders! Stay close behind me, now. Make way, first years coming through! Excuse me, I’m a prefect!”… “…Hermione…she doesn’t know about the troll.” Ron bit his lip. “Oh, all right,” he snapped. “But Percy’d better not see us.”… …They had just turned the corner when they heard quick footsteps behind them. “Percy!” hissed Ron, pulling Harry behind a large stone griffin. Peering around it, however, they saw not Percy but Snape…

Pg. 203

“What’s all this noise?” Percy Weasley stuck his head through the door, looking disapproving. He had clearly gotten halfway through unwrapping his presents as he, too, carried a lumpy sweater over his arm, which Fred seized. “P for prefect! Get it on, Percy, come on, we’re all wearing ours, even Harry got one.” “I - don’t - want - “ said Percy thickly, as the twins forced the sweater over his head, knocking his glasses askew. “And you’re not sitting with the prefects today, either,” said George. “Christmas is a time for family.” They frog-marched Percy from the room, his arms pinned to his side by his sweater.

Pg. 203

Flaming Christmas puddings followed the turkey. Percy nearly broke his teeth on a silver sickle embedded in his slice.

Pg. 204

Harry and the Weasleys spent a happy afternoon having a furious snowball fight on the grounds. Then, cold, wet, and gasping for breath, they returned to the fire in the Gryffindor common room, where Harry broke in his new chess set by losing spectacularly to Ron. He suspected he wouldn’t have lost so badly if Percy hadn’t tried to help him so much.

After a meal of turkey sandwiches, crumpets, trifle, and Christmas cake, everyone felt too full and sleepy to do much before bed except sit and watch Percy chase Fred and George all over Gryffindor tower because they’d stolen his prefect badge.

Pg. 305

Gryffindor cheers nearly raised the bewitched ceiling; the stars overhead seemed to quiver. Percy could be heard telling the other prefects, “My brother, you know! My youngest brother! Got past McGonagall’s giant chess set!”

Chamber of Secrets

Pg. 33

“Beds empty! No note! Car gone - could have crashed - out of my mind with worry - did you care? - never, as long as I’ve lived - you wait until your father gets home, we never had trouble like this from Bill or Charlie or Percy - “ “Perfect Percy,” muttered Fred. “YOU COULD DO WITH TAKING A LEAF OUT OF PERCY’S BOOK!” yelled Mrs. Weasley, prodding a finger in Fred’s chest. “You could have died, you could have been seen, you could have lost your father his job -”

Pg. 44

…just then Ron’s elder brother Percy walked in. He was already dressed, his Hogwarts prefect badge pinned to his sweater vest. “Morning , all,” said Percy briskly. “Lovely day.” He sat down in the only remaining chair but leapt up again almost immediately, pulling from underneath him a moulting, gray feather duster - at least, that was what Harry thought it was, until he saw that it was breathing.

Pg. 46

Five minutes later they were marching up the hill, broomsticks over their shoulders. They had asked Percy if he wanted to join them, but he had said he was busy. Harry had only seen Percy at mealtimes so far; he stayed shut in his room the rest of the time. “Wish I knew what he was up to,” said Fred frowning. “He’s not himself. His exam results came the day before you did; twelve O.W.L.s and he hardly gloated at all.” “Ordinary Wizarding Levels,” George explained, seeing Harry’s puzzled look. “Bill got twelve, too. If we’re not careful, we’ll have another Head Boy in the family. I don’t think I could stand the shame.”

Pg. 55

“As soon as I’ve found the Weasleys,” said Harry. “Yeh won’t have long ter wait,” Hagrid said with a grin. Harry and Hermione looked around. Sprinting up the crowded street were Ron, Fred, George, Percy, and Mr. Weasley.

Pg. 57

Back outside on the marble steps, they all separated. Percy muttered vaguely about needing a new quill.

Pg. 58

…and in a tiny junk shop full of broken wands, lopsided brass scales, and old cloaks covered in potion stains they found Percy, deeply immersed in a small and deeply boring book called Prefects Who Gained Power. “A study of Hogwarts prefects and their later careers,” Ron read aloud off the back cover. “That sounds fascinating…” “Go away,” Percy snapped. “’Course, he’s very ambitious, Percy, he’s got it all planned out…He wants to be Minister of Magic…” Ron told Harry and Hermione in an undertone as they left Percy to it.

Pg. 66

When at last they were all in the car, Mrs. Weasley glanced into the back seat, where Harry, Ron, Fred, George, and Percy were all sitting comfortably side by side, and said, “Muggles do know more than we give them credit for…”

Pg. 67

“Percy first,” said Mrs. Weasley, looking nervously at the clock overhead, which showed they had only five minutes to disappear casually through the barrier. Percy strode briskly forward and vanished…

Pg. 85

…but Harry could see one person who didn’t look happy at all. Percy was visible over the heads of some excited first years, and he seemed to be trying to get near enough to start telling them off. Harry nudged Ron in the ribs and nodded in Percy’s direction. Ron got the point at once. “Got to get upstairs - bit tired,”…

“Night," Harry called back to Hermione, who was wearing a scowl just like Percy’s.

Pg. 122

…Pepperup potion worked instantly…

Ginny Weasley, who had been looking pale, was bullied into taking some by Percy.

Pg. 130-131

…Fred and George, trying to find out what would happen if you fed a Filibuster firework to a salamander. Fred had “rescued“ the brilliant orange, fire-dwelling lizard from a Care of Magical Creatures class…

when the salamander suddenly whizzed into the air, emitting loud sparks and bangs as it whirled wildly around the room. The sight of Percy bellowing himself hoarse at Fred and George, the spectacular display of tangerine stars showering from the salamander’s mouth and its escape into the fire with accompanying explosions…;

Pg. 157-158

…a loud voice made all three of them jump. “RON!” Percy Weasley had stopped dead at the head of the stairs, prefect badge agleam, an expression of complete shock on his face. "That’s a girls' bathroom! He gasped. “What were you -?” “Just having a look around,” Ron shrugged. “Clues, you know - “ Percy swelled in a manner that reminded Harry forcefully of Mrs. Weasley. "Get - away - from - there -” Percy said, striding toward them and starting to bustle them along, flapping his arms. “Don’t you care what this looks like? Coming back here while everyone’s at dinner - “ "Why shouldn’t we be here?” said Ron hotly, stopping short and glaring at Percy. “Listen, we never laid a finger on that cat!” “That’s what I told Ginny,” said Percy fiercely, “but she still seems to think you’re going to be expelled, I’ve never seen her so upset, crying her eyes out, you might think of her, all the first years are thoroughly overexcited by this business - “ “You don’t care about Ginny,” said Ron, whose ears were now reddening. “You’re just worried I’m going to mess up your chances of being Head Boy - “ “Five points from Gryffindor!” Percy said tersely, fingering his prefect badge. “And I hope it teaches you a lesson! No more detective work, or I’ll write to Mum!” And he strode off, the back of his neck as red as Ron’s ears….

Harry, Ron, and Hermione chose seats as far as possible from Percy in the common room that night. Ron was still in a very bad temper and kept blotting his Charms homework. When he reached absently for his wand to remove the smudges, it ignited the parchment.

Pg. 183

As Harry passed the library, Percy Weasley strolled out of it, looking in far better spirits than last time they’d met. “Oh, hello, Harry,” he said. “Excellent flying yesterday, really excellent. Gryffindor has just taken the lead for the House Cup - you earned fifty points!” "You haven’t seen Ron or Hermione, have you?" said Harry. “No, I haven’t,” said Percy, his smile fading “I hope Ron’s not in another girls’ toilet…” Harry forced a laugh, watched Percy walk out of sight, and then headed straight for Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom…

Pg 185

Ginny Weasley, who sat next to Colin Creevy in Charms, was distraught, but Harry felt that Fred and George were going the wrong way about cheering her up. They were taking turns covering themselves with fur or boils and jumping out at her from behind statues. They only stopped when Percy, apoplectic with rage, told them he was going to write to Mrs. Weasley and tell her Ginny was having nightmares.

Pg. 210

Fred and George, however, found all this very funny…”Make way for the Heir of Slytherin, seriously evil wizard coming through…” Percy was deeply disapproving of this behavior. “It is not a laughing matter,” he said coldly. “Oh, get out of the way, Percy,” said Fred. “Harry’s in a hurry.”

Pg. 211

Percy, who disapproved of what he termed their childish behavior, didn’t spend much time in the Gryffindor common room. He had already told them pompously that he was only staying over Christmas because it was his duty as a prefect to support the teachers during this troubled time.

Pg. 212

Percy, who hadn’t noticed that Fred had bewitched his prefect badge so that it now read “Pinhead,” kept asking them all what they were sniggering at.

Pg. 219-220

“The Slytherins always come up to breakfast from over there,” said Ron, nodding at the entrance to the dungeons. The words had barely left his mouth when a girl with long, curly hair emerged from the entrance. “Excuse me,” said Ron, hurrying up to her. “We’ve forgotten the way to our common room.” “I beg your pardon?" said the girl stiffly. “Our common room? I’m a Ravenclaw.” She walked away, looking suspiciously back at them…. …After a quarter of an hour, just when they where getting desperate, they heard a sudden movement ahead. “Ha!” said Ron excitedly. “There’s one of them now!” The figure was emerging from a side room. As they hurried nearer, however, their hearts sank. It wasn’t a Slytherin, it was Percy. “What’re you doing down here?” said Ron in surprise. Percy looked affronted. “That,” he said stiffly, “is none of your business. It’s Crabbe, isn’t it?” “Wh - oh, yeah,” said Ron. “Well, get off to your dormitories,” said Percy sternly. “It’s not safe to go wandering around dark corridors these days.” “You are,” Ron pointed out. “I,” said Percy, drawing himself up, “am a prefect. Nothing’s about to attack me.”… Draco Malfoy was strolling toward them…Malfoy glanced witherly at Percy. “And what’re you doing down here, Weasley?” he sneered. Percy looked outraged. “You want to show a bit more respect to a school prefect!” he said. “I don’t like your attitude!”

Malfoy sneered and motioned for Harry and Ron to follow him. Harry almost said something apologetic to Percy but caught himself just in time. He and Ron hurried after Malfoy, who said as they turned into the next passage, “That Peter Weasley - “ “Percy,” Ron corrected him automatically. “Whatever,” said Malfoy. “I’ve noticed him sneaking around a lot lately. And I bet I know what he’s up to. He thinks he’s going to catch Slytherin’s heir single-handed.

Pg. 234

However, they did find Riddle’s name on an old Medal for Magical Merit, and on a list of old Head Boys. “He sounds like Percy,” said Ron, wrinkling his nose in disgust. “prefect, Head Boy…probably top of every class -” “You say that like it’s a bad thing,” said Hermione in a slightly hurt voice.

Pg. 238-239

Harry started stuffing everything feverishly into his ripped bag desperate to get away before Malfoy could hear his musical valentine. “What’s all this commotion?” said another familiar voice as Percy Weasley arrived. Losing his head, Harry tried to make a run for it, but the dwarf seized him… …Trying valiantly to laugh along with everyone else, he got up, his feet numb from the weight of the dwarf, as Percy Weasley did his best to disperse the crowd, some of whom were crying with mirth. “Off you go, off you go, the bell rang five minutes ago, off to class, now,” he said, shooing some of the younger students away. “And you, Malfoy -” Harry, glancing over saw Malfoy stoop and snatch up something. Leering, he showed it to Crabbe and Goyle, and Harry realized that he’d got Riddle’s diary… …”Hand it over, Malfoy,” said Percy sternly. “When I’ve had a look,” said Malfoy waving the diary tauntingly at Harry. Percy said, “As a school prefect-” but Harry had lost his temper. He pulled out his wand and shouted, “Expelliarmus!…

“Harry!” said Percy loudly. “No magic in the corridors. I’ll have to report this, you know!”

Pg. 252

Harry smiled grimly to himself at the thought of what UncleVernon and Aunt Petunia would say if he tried to discuss his career in wizardry with them. Not that he didn’t get any guidance: Percy Weasley was eager to share his experience. “Depends where you want to go, Harry,” he said. “It’s never too early to think about the future, so I’d recommend Divination. People say Muggle Studies is a soft option, but I personally think wizards should have a thorough understanding of the non-magical community, particularly if they’re thinking of working in close contact with them - look at my father, he has to deal with Muggle business all the time. My brother Charlie was always more of an outdoor type, so he went for Care of Magical Creatures. Play to your strengths, Harry.”

Pg. 258

Percy Weasley was sitting in a chair behind Lee, but for once he didn’t seem keen to make his views heard. He was looking pale and stunned. “Percy’s in shock,” George told Harry quietly. “That Ravenclaw girl - Penelope Clearwater - she’s a prefect. I don’t think he thought the monster would dare attack a prefect.”

Pg. 286-287

“Is it something about the Chamber of Secrets? Have you seen something? Someone acting oddly?” Ginny drew a deep breath and, at that precise moment, Percy Weasley appeared, looking tired and wan. “If you’ve finished eating, I’ll take that seat, Ginny. I’m starving, I’ve only just come off patrol duty.” Ginny jumped up as though her chair had just been electrified, gave Percy a fleeting, frightened look, and scampered away. Percy sat down and grabbed a mug from the center of the table. “Percy!” said Ron angrily. “She was just about to tell us something important!” Halfway through a gulp of tea, Percy choked. “What sort of thing?” he said, coughing. “I just asked her if she’d seen anything odd, and she started to say -” “Oh - that - that’s nothing to do with the Chamber of Secrets,” said Percy at once. “How do you know?” said Ron, his eyebrows raised. “Well, er, if you must know, Ginny, er, walked in on me the other day when I was - well, never mind - the point is she spotted me doing something and I, um, I asked her not to mention it to anybody. I must say, I did think she’d keep her word. It’s nothing, really, I’d just rather -” Harry had never seen Percy look so uncomfortable. “What were you doing, Percy?” said Ron, grinning. “Go on, tell us, we won’t laugh.” Percy didn’t smile back. “Pass me those rolls, Harry, I’m starving.”

Pg. 295

It was probably the worst day of Harry’s entire life. He, Ron, Fred and George sat together in a corner of the Gryffindor common room, unable to say anything to each other. Percy wasn’t there. He had gone to send an owl to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, then shut himself up in his dormitory.

Pg. 310

Dear Tom, Percy keeps telling me I’m pale and I’m not myself. I think he suspects me…

Pg. 340

“Ginny - what did you see Percy doing, that he didn’t want you to tell anyone?” “Oh, that,” said Ginny, giggling. “Well - Percy’s got a girlfriend.” Fred dropped a stack of books on George’s head. “What?” “It’s that Ravenclaw prefect, Penelope Clearwater,” said Ginny. “That’s who he was writing to all last summer. He’s been meeting her all over the school in secret. I walked in on them kissing in an empty classroom one day. He was so upset when she was - you know - attacked. You won’t tease him, will you?” she added anxiously. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” said Fred, who was looking like his birthday had come early. “Definitely not,” said George, sniggering.

Prisoner of Azkaban

Pg. 10

P.S. Percy’s Head Boy. He got the letter last week.

Harry glanced back at the photograph. Percy, who was in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts, was looking particularly smug. He had pinned his Head Boy badge to the fez perched jauntily on top of his neat hair, his horn-rimmed glasses flashing in the Egyptian sun.

Pg. 12

P.S. Ron says Percy’s Head Boy. I’ll bet Percy’s really pleased. Ron doesn’t seem to happy about it.


Pg. 62-63

Percy, however, held out his hand solemnly as though he and Harry had never met and said, “Harry. How nice to see you.” “Hello, Percy,” said Harry, trying not to laugh. “I hope you’re well?” said Percy pompously, shaking hands. It was rather like being introduced to the mayor. “Very well, thanks -” “Harry!” said Fred, elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply. “Simply splendid to see you, old boy -” “Marvelous,” said George, pushing Fred aside and seizing Harry’s hand in turn. “Absolutely spiffing.” Percy scowled. “That’s enough, now,” said Mrs. Weasley. “Mum!” said Fred as though he’d only just spotted her and seizing her hand too. “How really corking to see you -” “I said, that’s enough,” said Mrs. Weasley depositing her shopping in an empty chair. “Hello, Harry, dear. I suppose you’ve heard our exciting news?” She pointed to the brand-new silver badge on Percy’s chest. “Second Head Boy in the family!” she said, swelling with pride. “And last,” Fred muttered under his breath. “I don’t doubt that,” said Mrs. Weasley, frowning suddenly. “I notice they haven’t made you two prefects.” “What do we want to be prefects for?” said George, looking revolted at the very idea. “It’d take all the fun out of life.” Ginny giggled. “You want to set a better example for your sister!” snapped Mrs. Weasley. “Ginny’s got other brothers to set her an example, Mother,” said Percy loftily. “I’m going up to change for dinner…” He disappeared and George heaved a sigh. “We tried to shut him in a pyramid,” he told Harry. “But Mum spotted us.”

Pg. 63

“The Ministry’s providing us a couple of cars,” said Mr. Weasley. Everyone looked up at him. “Why?” said Percy curiously. “It’s because of you, Perce,” said George seriously. “And there’ll be little flags on the hoods, with HB on them -” “ - for Humongous Bighead,” said Fred. Everyone except Percy and Mrs. Weasley snorted into their pudding. “Why are the Ministry providing cars, Father?” Percy asked again, in a dignified voice.

Pg. 64

“Ron hasn’t put all his new things in his trunk yet,” said Percy, in a long-suffering voice. “He’s dumped them on my bed.” “You’d better go and pack properly, Ron, because we won’t have much time in the morning,” Mrs. Weasley called down the table. Ron scowled at Percy.

Pg. 64

Ron and Percy were next door to Harry. He had just closed and locked his own trunk when he heard angry voices through the wall, and went to see what was going on. The door of number twelve was ajar and Percy was shouting. “It was here, on the bedside table, I took it off for polishing -” “I haven’t touched it, all right?” Ron roared back. “What’s up?” said Harry. “My Head Boy badge is gone,” said Percy, rounding on Harry. “So’s Scabbers’s rat tonic,” said Ron, throwing things out of his trunk to look. “I think I might’ve left it in the bar -” “You’re not going anywhere till you’ve found my badge!” yelled Percy.

Pg. 67

“We’ve got it,” Fred whispered to Harry. “We’ve been improving it.” The badge now read Bighead Boy.

Pg. 69

“The sooner we get on the train, the better,” he said. “At least I can get away from Percy at Hogwarts. Now he’s accusing me of dripping tea on his photo of Penelope Clearwater. You know,” Ron grimaced, “his girlfriend. She’s hidden her face under the frame because her nose has gone all blotchy. “I’ve got something to tell you,” Harry began, but they were interrupted by Fred and George, who had looked in to congratulate Ron on infuriating Percy again.

Pg. 70

“Later,” Harry muttered as Percy stormed in.

Pg. 70

…with Hedwig and Hermes, Percy’s screech owl, perched on top in their cages.

Pg. 70

Harry got into the back of the car and was shortly joined by Hermione, Ron, and, to Ron’s disgust, Percy.

Pg. 71

Percy and Ginny suddenly appeared behind Harry. They were panting and had apparently taken the barrier at a run. “Ah, there’s Penelope!” said Percy, smoothing his hair and going pink again. Ginny caught Harry’s eye, and they both turned away to hide their laughter as Percy strode over to a girl with long, curly hair, walking with his chest thrown out so that she couldn’t miss his shiny badge.

Pg. 92

“…I look to the prefects, and our new Head Boy and Girl, to make sure that no student runs afoul of the dementors,” he said. Percy, who was sitting a few seats down from Harry, puffed out his chest again and stared around impressively.

Pg. 94

“Coming through, coming through!” Percy called from behind the crowd. “The new password’s ‘Fortuna Major’!”

Pg. 151

Percy had what were possibly the least helpful words of comfort. “They make a fuss about Hogsmeade, but I assure you, Harry, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be,” he said seriously. “All right, the sweetshop’s rather good, and Zonko’s Joke Shop’s frankly dangerous, and yes, the Shrieking Shack’s always worth a visit, but really, Harry, apart from that, you’re not missing anything.”

Pg. 160

“Let me through, please,” came Percy’s voice, and he came bustling importantly through the crowd. “What’s the holdup here? You can’t all have forgotten the password - excuse me, I’m Head Boy -” And then a silence fell over the crowd, from the front first, so that a chill seemed to spread down the corridor. They heard Percy say, in a suddenly sharp voice, “Somebody get Professor Dumbledore. Quick.”

Pg. 162

“…I am leaving the Head Boy and Girl in charge. Any disturbance should be reported to me immediately,” he added to Percy, who was looking immensely proud and important.

Pg. 163

“Everyone into their sleeping bags!” shouted Percy. “Come on, now, no more talking! Lights out in ten minutes!”

Pg. 164

“The lights are going out now!” Percy shouted. “I want everyone in their sleeping bags and no more talking!”

Pg. 164-166

…Professor Dumbledore came in. Harry watched him looking around for Percy, who had been prowling between the sleeping bags, telling people off for talking. Percy was only a short way away from Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who quickly pretended to be asleep as Dumbledore’s footsteps drew nearer. “Any sign of him, Professor?” asked Percy in a whisper. “No. All well here?” “Everything under control, sir.” “Good. There’s no point moving them all now. I’ve found a temporary guardian for the Gryffindor portrait hole. You’ll be able to move them back in tomorrow.” “And the Fat lady, sir?” “Hiding…. …Dumbledore’s back was to him, but he could see Percy’s face, rapt with attention, and Snape’s profile, which looked angry. “You remember the conversation we had, Headmaster, just before - ah - the start of term” said Snape, who was barely opening his lips, as though trying to block Percy out of the conversation.

Pg. 166

“I must go down to the dementors,” said Dumbledore. “I said I would inform them when our search was complete.” "Didn’t they want to help, sir?” said Percy. “Oh yes,” said Dumbldore coldly. “But I’m afraid no dementor will cross the threshold of this castle while I am headmaster.” Percy looked slightly abashed. Dumbledore left the hall, walking quickly and quietly.

Pg. 167

Teachers found excuses to walk along corridors with him, and Percy Weasley (acting, Harry suspected, on his mother’s orders) was tailing him everywhere like an extremely pompous guard dog.

Pg. 189-190

Ron and Hermione had decided to remain at Hogwarts, and though Ron said it was because he couldn’t stand two weeks with Percy, and Hermione insisted she needed to use the library, Harry wasn’t fooled;

Pg. 211

Ron and Hermione watched Harry nervously all through dinner, not daring to talk about what they’d overheard, because Percy was sitting close by them.

Pg. 216

“Or we could have a game of chess,” he said hastily, “or Gobstones. Percy left a set -”

Pg. 257

…and Percy’s Ravenclaw girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater, asked if she could actually hold the Firebolt. “Now, now, Penny, no sabotage!” said Percy heartily as she examined the Firebolt closely. “Penelope and I have got a bet on,” he told the team. “Ten Galleons on the outcome of the match!” Penelope put the Firebolt down again, thanked Harry, and went back to her table. “Harry - make sure you win,” said Percy, in an urgent whisper. “I haven’t got ten Galleons. Yes, I’m coming Penny!” And he bustled off to join her in a piece of toast.

Pg. 262

“Well done, Harry!” said Percy, looking delighted. “Ten Galleons to me! Must find Penelope, excuse me-”

Pg. 266-267

“Everyone back upstairs!” said Percy, hurrying into the common room and pinning his Head boy badge to his pajamas as he spoke. “Perce - Sirius Black!” said Ron faintly. In our dormitory! With a knife! Woke me up!” The common room went very still. “Nonsense!” said Percy, looking startled. “You had too much to eat, Ron - had a nightmare -” “I’m telling you -” “Now, really, enough’s enough!” Professor MacGonagall was back. She slammed the portrait behind her as she entered the common room and stared furiously around. “I am delighted that Gryffindor won the match, but this is getting ridiculous! Percy, I expected better of you!” “I certainly didn’t authorize this, Professor!” said Percy, puffing himself up indignantly. “I was just telling them all to get back to bed! My brother Ron here had a nightmare -”

Pg. 313

There was Percy, jumping up and down like a maniac, all dignity forgotten.

Pg. 314-315

Percy was getting ready to take his N.E.W.T.s (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests), the highest qualification Hogwarts offered. As Percy hoped to enter the Ministry of Magic, he needed top grades. He was becoming increasingly edgy, and gave very severe punishments to anybody who disturbed the quiet of the common room in the evenings. In fact, the only person who seemed more anxious than Percy was Hermione.

Pg. 428

Percy Weasley, meanwhile, had much to say on the subject of Sirius’ escape. “If I manage to get into the Ministry, I’ll have a lot of proposals to make about Magical Law Enforcement!” he told the only person who would listen - his girlfriend, Penelope.

Pg. 430

Percy had got his top-grade N.E.W.T.s…

Goblet of Fire

Pg. 36

Percy’s started work - the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Don’t mention anything about Abroad while you’re here unless you want the pants bored off you…


Pg. 52

Harry had always imagined Bill to be an older version of Percy: fussy about rule-breaking and fond of bossing everyone around.

Pg. 55

Just then a door on the second landing opened, and a face poked out wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a very annoyed expression. “Hi, Percy,” said Harry. “Oh hello, Harry,” said Percy. “I was wondering who was making all the noise. I’m trying to work in here, you know - I’ve got a report to finish for the office - and it’s rather difficult to concentrate when people keep thundering up and down the stairs.” “We’re not thundering,” said Ron irritably. “We’re walking. Sorry if we’ve disturbed the top-secret workings of the Ministry of Magic.” “What are you working on?” said Harry. “A report for the Department of International Magical Cooperation,” said Percy smugly. “We’re trying to standardize cauldron thickness. Some of these foreign imports are just a shade too thin - leakages have been increasing at a rate of almost three percent a year -” “That’ll change the world, that report will,” said Ron. “”Front page of the Daily Prophet I expect, cauldron leaks.” Percy went slightly pink. “You might sneer, Ron,” he said heatedly, “but unless some sort of international law is imposed we might well find the market flooded with flimsy, shallow-bottomed products that seriously endanger -” “Yeah, yeah, all right,” said Ron, and he started off upstairs again. Percy slammed his bedroom door shut.

Pg. 57

“Percy gets to keep his room all to himself because he’s got to work.”

Pg. 57

“Percy’s enjoying work, then?” said Harry, sitting down on one of the beds and watching the Chudley Cannons zooming in and out of the posters on the ceiling. “Enjoying it?” said Ron darkly. “I don’t reckon he’d come home if Dad didn’t make him. He’s obsessed. Just don't get him onto the subject of his boss. According to Mr. Crouch…as I was saying to Mr. Crouch…Mr. Crouch is of the opinion…Mr. Crouch was telling me…They’ll be announcing their engagement any day now.”

Pg. 60

Bill’s table caught Charlie’s with a huge bang and knocked one of its legs off. There was a clatter from overhead, and they all looked up to see Percy’s head poking out of a window on the second floor. “Will you keep it down?!” he bellowed. “Sorry, Perce,” said Bill, grinning. “How’re the cauldron bottoms coming on?” “Very badly,” said Percy peevishly, and he slammed the window shut. Chuckling, Bill and Charlie directed the tables safely onto the grass, end to end, and then with a flick of his wand, Bill reattached the table leg and conjured tablecloths from nowhere.

Pg. 61-62

At the far end of the table, Percy was telling his father all about his report on cauldron bottoms. “I’ve told Mr. Crouch that I’ll have it ready by Tuesday,” Percy was saying pompously. “That’s a bit sooner than he expected it, but I like to keep on top of things. I think he’ll be grateful I’ve done it in good time, I mean, it’s extremely busy in our department just now, what with all the arrangements for the World Cup. We’re just not getting the support we need from the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Ludo Bagman -” “I like Ludo,” said Mr. Weasley mildly, “He was the one who got us such good tickets for the Cup. I did him a bit of a favor: His brother, Otto, got into a spot of trouble - a lawnmower with unnatural powers - I smoothed the whole thing over.” “Oh Bagman’s likable enough, of course,” said Percy dismissively, “but how he ever got to be Head of Department…when I compare him to Mr. Crouch! I can’t see Mr. Crouch losing a member of our department and not trying to find out what’s happened to them. You realize Bertha Jorkins has been missing for over a month now? Went on holiday to Albania and never came back?” “Yes, I was asking Ludo about that,” said Mr. Weasley, frowning. “He says Bertha’s gotten lost plenty of times before now - though I must say, if it was someone in my department, I’d be worried…” “Oh Bertha’s hopeless, all right,” said Percy. “I hear she’s been shunted from department to department for years, much more trouble than she’s worth…but all the same, Bagman ought to be trying to find her. Mr. Crouch has been taking a personal interest, she worked in our department at one time, you know, and I think Mr. Crouch was quite fond of her - but Bagman just keeps laughing and saying she probably misread the map and ended up in Australia instead of Albania. However” - Percy heaved an impressive sigh and took a deep swig of elderflower wine - “We’ve got quite enough on our plates at the Department of International Magical Cooperation without trying to find members of other departments too. As you know, we’ve got another big event to organize right after the World Cup.” Percy cleared his throat significantly and looked down toward the end of the table where Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting. “You know the one I’m talking about, Father.” He raised his voice slightly. “The top-secret one.” Ron rolled his eyes and muttered to Harry and Hermione, “He’s been trying to get us to ask what that event is ever since he started work. Probably an exhibition of thick-bottomed cauldrons.”

Pg. 64

…the match went on for five days last time.” “Wow - hope it does this time!” said Harry enthusiastically. “Well, I certainly don’t,” said Percy sanctimoniously. “I shudder to think what the state of my in-tray would be if I was away from work for five days.” “Yeah, someone might slip dragon dung in it again, eh, Percy?” said Fred. “That was a sample of fertilizer from Norway!” said Percy, going very red in the face. “It was nothing personal!” “It was,” Fred whispered to Harry as they got up from the table. “We sent it.”

Pg. 66

“Where’re Bill and Charlie and Per-Per-Percy?" said George, failing to stifle a huge yawn. “Well, they’re Apparating, aren’t they?” said Mrs. Weasley…

Pg. 67

“But Bill and Charlie and Percy can all do it?” “Charlie had to take the test twice…”

…“Percy only passed two weeks ago,” said George. “He’s been Apparating downstairs every morning since, just to prove he can.”

Pg. 69

“I’ll send Bill, Charlie and Percy along around midday,” Mrs. Weasley said to Mr. Weasley…

Pg. 79

…but the trouble was that once Bill, Charlie and Percy arrived, they would be a party of ten.

Pg. 86

At last, the fire was ready, and they had just started cooking eggs and sausages when Bill, Charlie, and Percy came strolling out of the woods toward them. “Just Apparated, Dad,” said Percy loudly, “Ah, excellent, lunch!”

Pg. 87

Percy hurried forward with his hand outstretched. Apparently his disapproval of the way Ludo Bagman ran his department did not prevent him from wanting to make a good impression. “Ah - yes,” said Mr. Weasley, grinning, “this is my son Percy. He’s just started at the Ministry - and this is Fred - no, George, sorry - that’s Fred…

Pg. 88

“You don’t want to go showing Mr. Bagman rubbish like that - “ Percy hissed, but Bagman didn’t seem to think the wand was rubbish…”I’d pay five Galleons for that!” Percy froze in an attitude of stunned disapproval

Pg. 89

“Mr. Crouch?” said Percy, suddenly abandoning his look of poker-stiff disapproval and positively writhing with excitement. “He speaks over two hundred! Mermish and Gobbledegook and Troll…” “Anyone can speak Troll,” said Fred dismissively,. “All you have to do is point and grunt.” Percy threw Fred an extremely nasty look and stoked the fire vigorously to bring the kettle back to the boil. “Any news of Bertha… …You don’t think it might be time to send someone to look for her?” Mr. Weasley suggested tentatively as Percy handed Bagman his tea.

Pg. 90

Harry could see at once why Percy idolized him. Percy was a great believer in rigidly following rules, and Mr. Crouch had complied with the rule about Muggle dressing….

Pg. 90-91

“Mr. Crouch!” said Percy breathlessly, sunk into a kind of half bow that made him look like a hunchback. “Would you like a cup of tea?” “Oh," said Mr. Crouch, looking over at Percy in mild surprise. “Yes - thank you, Weatherby.” Fred and George choked into their own cups. Percy, very pink around the ears, busied himself with the kettle…”

Pg. 92

"It’s classified information, until such time as the Ministry decides to release it,” said Percy stiffly. “Mr. Crouch was quite right not to disclose it.” “Oh shut up, Weatherby,” said Fred.

Pg. 100

Percy jumped to his feet so often that he looked as though he were trying to sit on a hedgehog. When Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic himself, arrived, Percy bowed so low that his glasses fell off and shattered. Highly embarrassed, he repaired them with his wand and thereafter remained in his seat throwing jealous looks at Harry, whom Cornelius Fudge had greeted like an old friend.

Pg. 120

At the same moment, Bill, Charlie, and Percy emerged from the boys’ tent, fully dressed, with their sleeves rolled up and their wands out…Bill, Charlie, and Percy were already sprinting away toward the oncoming marchers; Mr. Weasley tore after them.

Pg. 140

Bill was sitting at the small kitchen table, holding a bed sheet to his arm, which was bleeding profusely. Charlie had a large rip in his shirt, and Percy was sporting a bloody nose.

Pg. 141

“What?” said Bill, Charlie, and Percy together. “Harry’s wand?” said Fred. “Mr. Crouch’s elf?" said Percy, sounding thunderstruck. …When they had finished their story, Percy swelled indignantly. “Well, Mr. Crouch is quite right to get rid of an elf like that!” he said. “Running away when he’d expressly told her not to…embarrassing him in front of the whole Ministry…how would that have looked, if she’d been brought up in front of the Department for the Regulation and Control -” “She didn’t do anything - she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!” Hermione snapped at Percy, who looked very taken aback. Hermione had always got on fairly well with Percy - better, indeed, than any of the others. “Hermione, a wizard in Mr. Crouch’s position can’t afford a house-elf who’s going to run amok with a wand!” said Percy pompously, recovering himself. “She didn’t run amok!” shouted Hermione. “She just picked it up off the ground!”

Pg. 147

Bill handed his father the newspaper. Mr. Weasley scanned the front page while Percy looked over his shoulder. “I knew it,” said Mr. Weasley heavily. “Ministry blunders…culprits not apprehended…lax security…Dark wizards running unchecked…national disgrace…Who wrote this? Ah…of course…Rita Skeeter.” “That woman’s got it in for the Ministry of Magic!” said Percy furiously. “Last week she was saying we’re wasting our time quibbling about cauldron thickness, when we should be stamping out vampires! As if it wasn’t specifically stated in paragraph twelve of the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans -” “Do us a favor, Perce,” said Bill, yawning, “and shut up.”

Pg. 147-148

“Oh really,” said Mr. Weasley in exasperation, handing the paper to Percy. “Nobody was hurt. What was I supposed to say?”

Pg. 148

“I’ll come with you, Father,” said Percy importantly. “Mr. Crouch will need all hands on deck. And I can give him my cauldron report in person.” He bustled out of the kitchen.

Pg. 151

Neither Mr. Weasley nor Percy was at home much over the following week. Both left the house each morning before the rest of the family got up, and returned well after dinner every night. “It’s been an absolute uproar,” Percy told them importantly the Sunday evening before they were due to return to Hogwarts. “I’ve been putting out fires all week. People keep sending Howlers, and of course, if you don’t open a Howler straight away, it explodes. Scorch marks all over my desk and my best quill reduced to cinders.” “Why are they all sending Howlers?” asked Ginny, who was mending her copy of One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi with Spellotape on the rug in front of the living room fire. “Complaining about security at the World Cup,” said Percy. “They want compensation for their ruined property. Mundungus Fletcher’s put in a claim for a twelve-bedroomed tent with ensuite Jacuzzi, but I’ve got his number. I know for a fact he was sleeping under a cloak propped on sticks.”

Pg. 152

“Well, Father feels he’s got to make up for his mistake at the match, doesn’t he?” said Percy. “If truth be told, he was a tad unwise to make a public statement without clearing it with his Head of Department first -” “Don’t you dare blame your father for what that wretched Skeeter woman wrote!” said Mrs. Weasley, flaring up at once. “If Dad hadn’t said anything, old Rita would just have said it was disgraceful that nobody from the Ministry commented,” said Bill…

Pg. 153

Everyone laughed, even Mrs. Weasley.

Pg. 154

“Mr. Crouch has been saying it for weeks and weeks,” said Percy swiftly. “Crouch is very lucky Rita hasn’t found out about Winky,” said Mr. Weasley irritably. “There’d be a week’s worth of headlines in his house-elf being caught holding the wand that conjured the Dark Mark.” I thought we were all agreed that that elf, while irresponsible did not conjure the Mark?” said Percy hotly. “If you ask me, Mr. Crouch is very lucky no one at the Daily Prophet knows how mean he is to elves!” said Hermione angrily. “Now look here, Hermione!” said Percy. “A high-ranking Ministry official like Mr. Crouch deserves unswerving obedience from his servants -” “His slave, you mean!” said Hermione…

Pg. 160

Harry could hear Mr. Weasley calling hurried good-byes to Bill, Charlie, Percy and the girls.

Pg. 162

Bill and Charlie decided to come and see everyone off at King’s Cross station, but Percy, apologizing most profusely, said that he really needed to get to work “I just can’t justify taking more time off at the moment,” he told them. “Mr. Crouch is really starting to rely on me.” “Yeah, you know what, Percy?” said George seriously. “I reckon he’ll know your name soon.”

Pg. 163

“You’ll see,” said Charlie. “Just don’t tell Percy I mentioned it…it’s ‘classified information, until such time as the Ministry sees fit to release it,’ after all.”

Pg. 383-384

“I’d still rather work for him than old Crouch,” said Ron . “At least Bagman’s got a sense of humor.” “Don’t let Percy hear you saying that,” Hermione said, smiling slightly. “Yeah, well, Percy wouldn’t want to work for anyone with a sense of humor, would he?” said Ron, now starting on a chocolate éclair. “Percy wouldn’t recognize a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing Dobby’s tea cozy.”

Pg. 415

The fifth seat at the table was occupied by Percy Weasley. When the champions and their partners reached the table, Percy drew out the empty chair beside him, staring pointedly at Harry. Harry took the hint and sat down next to Percy, who was wearing brand-new, navy-blue dress robes and an expression of such smugness that Harry thought it ought to be fined. “I’ve been promoted,” Percy said before Harry could even ask, and from his tone, he might have been announcing his election as supreme ruler of the universe. “I’m now Mr. Crouch’s personal assistant, and I’m here representing him.” “Why didn’t he come?” Harry asked. He wasn’t looking forward to being lectured on cauldron bottoms all through dinner. “I’m afraid to say Mr. Crouch isn’t well, not well at all. Hasn’t been right since the World Cup. Hardly surprising - over work. He’s not as young as he was - though still quite brilliant, of course, the mind remains as great as it ever was. But the World Cup was a fiasco for the whole Ministry, and then, Mr. Crouch suffered a huge personal shock with the misbehavior of that house-elf of his, Blinky, or whatever she was called. Naturally, he dismissed her immediately afterward, but - well, as I say, he’s getting on, he needs looking after, and I think he’s found a definite drop in his home comforts since she left. And then we had the tournament to arrange, and the aftermath of the Cup to deal with - that revolting Skeeter woman buzzing around - no, poor man, he’s having a well earned, quiet Christmas. I’m just glad he knew he had someone he could rely upon to take his place.” Harry wanted very much to ask whether Mr. Crouch had stopped calling Percy “Weatherby” yet, but resisted the temptation.

Pg. 418

…“- or when the seeker has an exceptionally full bladder.” Harry snorted into his plate of goulash. Percy frowned, but Harry could have sworn Dumbledore had given him a very small wink.

Pg. 423-424

“Made friends with Victor Krum, have you, Ron?“ Percy had bustled over, rubbing his hands together and looking extremely pompous. “Excellent! That’s the whole point, you know - international magical cooperation!” To Harry’s displeasure, Percy now took Padma’s vacated seat…

Pg. 424-425

“What do they think they’re doing, annoying senior Ministry members?” Percy hissed, watching Fred and George suspiciously. “No respect…” Ludo Bagman shook of Fred and George fairly quickly, however, and spotting Harry, waved and came over to their table. “I hope my brothers weren’t bothering you, Mr. Bagman?” said Percy at once. “What? Oh not at all, not at all!” said Bagman. “No they were just telling me a bit more about … Percy didn’t look happy about this at all, and Harry was prepared to bet he would be rushing to tell Mrs. Weasley about this the moment he got home. Apparently Fred and George’s plans had grown even more ambitious lately, it they were hoping to sell to the public. Bagman opened his mouth to ask Harry something but Percy diverted him. “How do you feel the tournament’s going, Mr. Bagman? Our department’s quite satisfied - the hitch with the Goblet of Fire” - he glanced at Harry - “was a little unfortunate, of course, but it seems to have gone very smoothly since, don’t you think?” “Oh yes,” Bagman said cheerfully, “it’s all been enormous fun. How’s old Barty doing? Shame he couldn’t come.” “Oh I’m sure Mr. Crouch will be up and about in no time,” said Percy importantly, “but in the meantime, I’m more than willing to take up the slack. Of course, it’s not all attending balls” - he laughed airily - “oh no, I’ve had to deal with all sorts of things that have cropped up in his absence - you heard Ali Bashir was caught smuggling a consignment of flying carpets into the country? And then we’ve been trying to persuade the Transylvanians to sign the International Ban on Dueling. I’ve got a meeting with their Head of Magical Cooperation in the new year -” “Let’s go for a walk,” Ron muttered to Harry, “get away from Percy…”

Pg. 446

“er…as a matter of fact, I’ve no idea where he is,” said Bagman. “He’s sort of…stopped coming to work. Been absent for a couple of weeks now. Young Percy, his assistant, says he’s ill. Apparently he’s just been sending instructions in by owl. But would you mind not mentioning that to anyone, Harry? Because Rita Skeeter’s still poking around everywhere she can, and I’m willing to bet she’d work up Barty’s illness into something sinister.

Pg. 492

“Where have you been?” said a bossy, disapproving voice. “The task’s about to start!” Harry looked around. Percy Weasley was sitting at the judges table - Mr. Crouch had failed to turn up again. “Now, now, Percy!” said Ludo Bagman, who was looking intensely relieved to see Harry. “Let him catch his breath!”

Pg. 504

Dumbledore and Ludo Bagman stood beaming at Harry and Ron from the bank as they swam nearer, but Percy, who looked very white and somehow much younger than usual, came splashing out to meet them.

Pg. 504

Percy seized Ron and was dragging him back to the bank (“Gerroff, Percy, I’m all right!”)

Pg. 505

The judges went into a huddle. Madam Pomfrey had gone to rescue Ron from Percy’s clutches…

Pg. 507

“Most of the judges,” and here, Bagman gave Karkaroff a very nasty look, “feel that this shows moral fiber and merits full marks.

Pg. 522

“My brother’s Crouch’s personal assistant,” Ron informed Sirius. “He says Crouch is suffering from overwork.”

Pg. 532

“You say your brother’s Crouch’s personal assistant? Any chance you could ask him if he’s seen Crouch lately?” “I can try,” said Ron doubtfully. “Better not make it sound like I reckon Crouch is up to anything dodgy, though. Percy loves Crouch.”

Pg. 534

“Wonder if Percy knows all that stuff about Crouch?” Ron said as they walked up the drive to the castle. “But maybe he doesn’t care…it’d probably just make him admire Crouch even more. Yeah, Percy loves rules. He’d just say Crouch was refusing to break them for his own son.” "Percy would never throw any of his family to the dementors,” said Hermione severely. “I don’t know,” said Ron. “If he thought we were standing in the way of his career…Percy’s really ambitious, you know…” They walked up the stone steps into the entrance hall, where the delicious smells of dinner wafted toward them from the Great Hall. “Poor old Snuffles,” said Ron, breathing deeply. “He must really like you, Harry…Imagine having to live off rats.”

Pg. 549

“Don’t you want to see what Percy’s written?” Harry asked her hastily. Percy’s letter was short and irritated. As I am constantly telling the Daily Prophet, Mr. Crouch is taking a well-deserved break. He is sending in regular owls with instructions. No, I haven’t actually seen him, but I think I can be trusted to know my own superior’s handwriting. I have quite enough to do at the moment without trying to quash these ridiculous rumors. Please don’t bother me again unless it’s something important. Happy Easter.

Pg. 617

How’s Percy?” Harry asked as they walked around the greenhouses. “Not good,” said Bill. “He’s very upset,” said Mrs. Weasley, lowering her voice and glancing around. “The Ministry wants to keep Mr. Crouch’s disappearance quiet, but Percy’s been hauled in for questioning about the instructions Mr. Crouch has been sending in. They seem to think there’s a chance they weren’t genuinely written by him. Percy’s been under a lot of strain. They’re not letting him fill in for Mr. Crouch as the fifth judge tonight. Cornelius Fudge is going to be doing it.”

Pg. 711

“Then I need to send a message to Arthur,” said Dumbledore. “All those that we can persuade of the truth must be notified immediately, and he is well placed to contact those at the Ministry who are not as shortsighted as Cornelius.” “I’ll go to Dad,” said Bill, standing up. “I’ll go now.” “Excellent,” said Dumbledore. “Tell him what has happened. Tell him I will be in direct contact with him shortly. He will need to be discreet, however. If Fudge thinks I am interfering at the Ministry -” Leave it to me,” said Bill He clapped a hand on Harry’s shoulder, kissed his mother on the cheek, pulled on his cloak, and strode quickly from the room.

The Order of the Phoenix

Pg. 70-73

…“Charlie’s trying to make contacts on his days off.” “Couldn’t Percy do that?” Harry asked. The last he had heard the third Weasley brother was working in the Department of International Magical Cooperation at the Ministry of Magic. At these words all the Weasleys and Hermione exchanged darkly significant looks. “Whatever you do, don’t mention Percy in front of Mum and Dad,” Ron told Harry in a tense voice. “Why not?” “Because every time Percy’s name’s mentioned, Dad breaks whatever he’s holding and Mum starts crying.” Fred said. “It’s been awful,” said Ginny sadly. “I think we’re well shut of him,” said George with an uncharacteristically ugly look on his face. “What’s happened?” Harry said. “Percy and Dad had a row,” said Fred. “I’ve never seen Dad row with anyone like that. It’s normally Mum who shouts…” “It was the first week back after term ended,” said Ron. “We were about to come and join the Order. Percy came home and told us he’d been promoted.” “Your’e kidding?” said Harry. Though he knew perfectly well that Percy was highly ambitious Harry’s impression was that Percy had not made a great success of his first job at the Ministry of Magic. Percy had committed the fairly large oversight of failing to notice that his boss was being controlled by Lord Voldemort (not that the Ministry had believed that - they all thought that Mr. Crouch had gone mad). “Yeah, we were all surprised,” said George, “because Percy got into a load of trouble about Crouch, there was an inquiry and everything. They said Percy ought to have realized Crouch was off his rocker and informed a superior. But you know Percy, Crouch left him in charge, he wasn’t going to complain…” “So how come they promoted him?” “That’s exactly what we wondered,” said Ron, who seemed very keen to keep normal conversation going now that Harry had stopped yelling. “He came home really pleased with himself - even more pleased than usual if you can imagine that - and told Dad he’d been offered a position in Fudge’s own office. A really good one for someone only a year out of Hogwarts - Junior Assistant to the Minister. He expected Dad to be all impressed, I think.” “Only Dad wasn’t,” said Fred grimly. “Why not?” said Harry. “Well, apparently Fudge has been storming around the Ministry checking that nobody’s having any contact with Dumbledore,” said George. “Dumbledore’s name’s mud with the Ministry these days, see,” said Fred. “They all think he’s just making trouble saying You-Know-Who’s back.” “Dad says Fudge has made it clear that anyone who’s in league with Dumbledore can clear out their desks,” said George. “Trouble is, Fudge suspects Dad, he knows he’s friendly with Dumbledore, and he’s always thought Dad’s a bit of a weirdo because of his Muggle obsession - “ “But what’s this got to do with Percy?” asked Harry, confused. “I’m coming to that. Dad reckons Fudge only wants Percy in his office because he wants to used him to spy on the family - and Dumbledore.” Harry let out a low whistle. “Bet Percy loved that.” Ron laughed in a hollow sort of way. “He went completely berzerk. He said - well, he said loads of terrible stuff. He said he’s been having to struggle against Dad’s lousy reputation ever since he joined the Ministry and that Dad’s got no ambition and that’s why we’ve always been - you know - not had a lot of money, I mean -” “What?” said Harry in disbelief, as Ginny made a noise like an angry cat. “I know,” said Ron in a low voice “And it got worse. He said Dad was an idiot to run around with Dumbledore, that Dumbledore was heading for big trouble and Dad was going to go down with him, and that he - Percy - knew where his loyalty lay and it was with the Ministry. And if Mum and Dad were going to become traitors to the Ministry he was going to make sure everyone knew he didn’t belong to our family anymore. And he packed his bags the same night and left. He’s living here in London now.” Harry swore under his breath. He had always like Percy least of Ron’s brothers, but he had never imagined he would say such things to Mr. Weasley. “Mum’s been in a right state,” said Ron dully. “You know - crying and stuff. She came up to London to try and talk to Percy but he slammed the door in her face. I dunno what he does if he meets Dad at work - ignores him, I s’pose.” “But Percy must know Voldemort’s back,” said Harry slowly. “He’s not stupid, he must know your mum and dad wouldn’t risk everything without proof -” “Yeah, well, your name got dragged into the row,” said Ron, shooting Harry a furtive look. “Percy said the only evidence was your word and…I dunno…he didn’t think it was good enough.” Percy takes the Daily Prophet seriously,” said Hermione tartly, and the others all nodded. “What are you talking about? Harry asked.

Pg. 84

“ - none of your brothers caused this sort of trouble! Mrs. Weasley raged at the twins, slamming a fresh flagon of butterbeer onto the table and spilling almost as much again. “Bill didn’t feel the need to Apparate every few feet! Charlie didn’t Charm everything he met! Percy -” She stopped dead, catching her breath with a frightened look at her husband, whose expression was suddenly wooden. “Let’s eat,” said Bill quickly. “It looks wonderful, Molly,” said Lupin, ladling stew onto a plate for her and handing it across the table.

Pg. 138

…“Are you ready?” he called down the row. “Yes, sir,” said an eager voice Harry knew. Ron’s brother Percy was sitting at the very end of the front bench. Harry looked at Percy, expecting some sign of recognition from him, but none came. Percy’s eyes, behind his horn-rimmed glasses, were fixed on his parchment, a quill poised in his hand. “Disciplinary hearing of the twelfth of August,” said Fudge in a ringing voice, and Percy began taking notes at once…”

Pg. 139

Court Scribe, Percy Ignatius Weasley -”

Pg. 141

Those who had been frowning now murmured in agreement, but it was the sight of Percy’s sanctimonious little nod that goaded Harry into speech. “I did it because of the dementors!” he said loudly, before anyone could interrupt him again.

Pg. 143

“She’s just outside the door. Should I-?” “No - Weasley, you go,” Fudge barked at Percy, who got up at once, hurried down the stone steps from the judge’s balcony, and hastened past Dumbledore and Harry without glancing at them. A moment later, Percy returned, followed by Mrs. Figg.

Pg. 153

Last of all to pass was Percy. Like Fudge, he completely ignored his father and Harry; he marched past clutching a large roll of parchment and a handful of spare quills, his back rigid and his nose in the air. The lines around Mr. Weasley’s mouth tightened slightly but other than this he gave no sign that he had noticed his third son. “I’m going to take you straight back so you can tell the others the good news,” he said, beckoning Harry forward as Percy’s heels disappeared up the stairs to the ninth level.

Pg. 163

“Wait until your father hears! Ron, I’m so proud of you, what wonderful news, you could end up Head Boy just like Bill and Percy, it’s the first step!”

Pg. 164

She let go of him and said breathlessly, “Well what will it be? We gave Percy an owl, but you’ve already got one, of course.”

Pg. 176

“No!” Mrs. Weasley moaned. “No…ridikulus! Riddikulus! RIDDIKULUS!” Crack. Dead twins. Crack. Dead Percy. Crack. Dead Harry…

Pg. 177

“I’m just s-s-so worried,” she said, tears spilling out of her eyes again. “Half the f-f-family’s in the Order, it’ll b-b-be a miracle if we all come through this…and P-P-Percy’s not talking to us…What if something d-d-dreadful happens and we had never m-m-made up?

Pg. 177

“Don’t worry about Percy, said Sirius abruptly. “He’ll come round. It’s a matter of time before Voldemort moves into the open; once he does, the whole Ministry’s going to be begging us to forgive them. And I’m not sure I’ll be accepting their apology,” he added bitterly.

Pg. 184

“It’s a pain having to go down there, I’d rather - but we have to - I mean, I’m not enjoying it, I’m not Percy,” he finished defiantly.

Pg. 296-299

A handsome screech owl was standing on the windowsill, gazing into the room at Ron. “Isn’t that Hermes?” said Hermione, sounding amazed. “Blimey, it is!” said Ron quietly, throwing down his quill and getting to his feet. “What’s Percy writing to me for?" He crossed to the window and opened it; Hermes flew inside, landed upon Ron’s essay, and held out a leg to which a letter was attached. Ron took it off and the owl departed at once, leaving inky footprints across Ron’s drawing of the moon Io. “That’s definitely Percy’s handwriting,” said Ron, sinking back into his chair and staring at the words on the outside of the scroll: To Ronald Weasley, Gryffindor House, Hogwarts. He looked up at the other two. “What d’you reckon?” “Open it!” said Hermione eagerly. Harry nodded. Ron unrolled the scroll and began to read. The farther down the parchment his eyes traveled, the more pronounced became his scowl. When he had finished reading, he looked disgusted. He thrust the letter at Harry and Hermione, who leaned toward each other to read it together: Dear Ron, I have only just heard (from no less a person than the Minister of Magic himself, who has it from your new teacher, Professor Umbridge) that you have become a Hogwarts prefect. I was most pleasantly surprised when I heard this news and must firstly offer my congratulations. I must admit that I have always been afraid that you would take what we might call the “Fred and George” route, rather than following in my footsteps, so you can imagine my feelings on hearing you have stopped flouting authority and have decided to shoulder some real responsibility. But I want to give you more than congratulations, Ron, I want to give you some advice, which is why I am sending this at night rather than by the usual morning post. Hopefully you will be able to read this away from prying eyes and avoid awkward questions. From something the Minister let slip when telling me you are now a prefect, I gather that you are still seeing a lot of Harry Potter. I must tell you, Ron, that nothing could put you in danger of losing your badge more than continued fraternization with that boy. Yes, I am sure you are surprised to hear this - no doubt you will say that Potter has always been Dumbledore’s favorite - but I feel bound to tell you that Dumbledore may not be in charge at Hogwarts much longer and the people who count have a very different - and probably more accurate - view of Potter’s behavior. I shall say no more here, but if you look at the Daily Prophet tomorrow you will get a good idea of the way the wind is blowing - and see if you can spot yours truly! Seriously, Ron, you do not want to be tarred with the same brush as Potter it could be very damaging to your future prospects, and I am talking here about life after school too. As you must be aware, given that our father escorted him to court, Potter had a disciplinary hearing this summer in front of the whole Wizengamot and he did not come out of it looking to good. He got off on a mere technicality if you ask me and many of the people I’ve spoken to remain convinced of his guilt. It may be that you are afraid to sever ties with Potter - I know that he can be unbalanced and, for all I know, violent - but if you have any worries about this, or have spotted anything else in Potter’s behavior that is troubling you, I urge you to speak to Dolores Umbridge, a really delightful woman, who I know will be only too happy to advise you. This leads me to my other bit of advice. As I have hinted above. Dumbledore’s regime at Hogwarts may soon be over. Your loyalty, Ron, should be not to him, but to the school and the Ministry. I am very sorry to hear that so far Professor Umbridge is encountering very little cooperation from staff as she strives to make those necessary changes within Hogwarts that the Ministry so ardently desires (although she should find this easier from next week - again, see the Prophet tomorrow!) I shall say only this - a student who shows himself willing to help Professor Umbridge now may be very well placed for Head Boyship in a couple of years! I am very sorry that I was unable to see more of you over the summer. It pains me to criticize our parents, but I am afraid I can no longer live under their roof while they remain mixed up with the dangerous crowd around Dumbledore (if you are writing to Mother at any point, you might tell her that a certain Sturgis Podmore, who is a great friend of Dumbledore’s, has recently been sent to Azkaban for trespass at the Ministry. Perhaps that will open their eyes to the kind of petty criminals with whom they are currently rubbing shoulders. I count myself very lucky to have escaped the stigma of association with such people - the Minister really could not be more gracious to me - and I do hope, Ron, that you will not allow family ties to blind you to the misguided nature of our parents’ beliefs and actions either. I sincerely hope that, in time, they will realize how mistaken they were and I shall, of course, be ready to accept a full apology when that day comes. Please think over what I have said most carefully, particularly the bit about Harry Potter, and congratulations again on becoming prefect. Your brother, Percy

Harry looked up at Ron. “Well,” he said, trying to sound as though he found the whole thing a joke, “if you want to - er - what is it?” (He checked Percy’s letter.) “Oh yeah - “sever ties” with me, I swear I won't get violent.” “Give it back,” said Ron, holding out his hand. “He is -” Ron said jerkily, tearing Percy’s letter in half, “the world’s” - he tore it into quarters - “biggest” he tore it into eighths - “git.” He threw the pieces into the fire.

Pg. 299-300

Harry was exhausted. He also felt an odd, sick, empty feeling in his stomach that had nothing to do with tiredness and everything to do with the letter now curling blackly in the heart of the fire. He knew that half the people inside Hogwarts thought him strange, even mad; he knew that the Daily Prophet had been making snide allusions to him for months, but there was something about seeing it written down like that in Percy’s writing, about knowing that Percy was advising Ron to drop him and even to tell tales on him to Umbridge that made his situation real to him as nothing else had. He had known Percy for four years, had stayed in his house during the summers, shared a tent with him during the Quidditch World Cup, had even been awarded full marks by him in the second task of the Triwizard Tournament last year, yet now, Percy thought him unbalanced and possibly violent. And with a surge of sympathy for his godfather, Harry thought that Sirius was probably the only person he knew who could really understand how he felt at the moment, because Sirius was in the same situation; nearly everyone in the Wizarding world thought Sirius a dangerous murderer and a great Voldemort supporter and he had had to live with that knowledge for fourteen years…

Pg. 303

“Yep,” said Sirius. “Fudge thinks Dumbledore will stop at nothing to seize power. He’s getting more paranoid about Dumbledore by the day. It’s a matter of time before he has Dumbledore arrested on some trumped-up charge.” This reminded Harry of Percy’s letter. "D’you know if there’s going to be anything about Dumbledore in the Daily Prophet tomorrow? Only Ron’s brother Percy reckons there well be -” "I don’t know,” said Sirius, “I haven’t seen anyone from the Order all weekend, they’re all busy. It’s just been Kreacher and me here….”

Pg. 306

They had expected to have to comb Hermione’s Daily Prophet carefully next morning to find the article Percy had mentioned in his letter.

Pg. 306

“’The Minister has been growing uneasy about goings-on at Hogwarts for some time,' said Junior Assistant to the Minister, Percy Weasley. ‘He is now responding to concerns voice by anxious parents, who feel the school may be moving in a direction they do not approve.’ “’This is not the first time in recent weeks Fudge has used new laws to effect improvements at the Wizarding school. As recently as August 30th Educational Decree Twenty-two was passed, to ensure that, in the event of the current headmaster being unable to provide a candidate for a teaching post, the Ministry should select an appropriate person. “’That’s how Dolores Umbridge came to be appointed to the teaching staff at Hogwarts,’ said Weasley last night. ‘Dumbledore couldn’t find anyone, so the Minister put in Umbridge and of course, she’s been an immediate success -’” “She’s been a WHAT?” said Harry loudly. “Wait, there’s more,” siad Hermione grimly. “’-an immediate success, totally revolutionizing the teaching of Defense Against the Dark Arts and providing the Minister with on-the-ground feedback about what’s really happening at Hogwarts." “It is this last function that the Ministry has now formalized with the passing of Educational Decree Twenty-three, which creates the new position of ‘Hogwarts High Inquisitor.’" “’This is an exciting new phase in the Minister’s plan to get to grips with what some are calling the “falling standards” at Hogwarts,’ said Weasley. ‘The Inquisitor will have powers to inspect her fellow educators and make sure that they are coming up to scratch. Professor Umbridge has been offered this position in addition to her own teaching post, and we are delighted to say that she has accepted.’"

Pg. 502

“Merry Christmas,” said George. “Don’t go downstairs for a bit.” “Why not?” said Ron. “Mum’s crying again,” said Fred heavily. “Percy sent back his Christmas jumper.” “Without a note,” added George. “Hasn’t asked how Dad is or visited him or anything….” “We tried to comfort her,” said Fred, moving around the bed to look at Harry’s portrait. “Told her Percy’s nothing more than a humongous pile of rat droppings -” “ - didn’t work,” said George, helping himself to a Chocolate Frog. “So Lupin took over. Best let him cheer her up before we go down for breakfast, I reckon.”

Pg. 503

Mrs. Weasley was the only person in the basement when they arrived there. She was standing at the stove and sounded as though she had a bad head cold when she wished them Merry Christmas, and they all averted their eyes.

Pg. 610

And the freckled, bespectacled form of Percy Weasley hovered excitedly beside the wall, a quill and a heavy scroll of parchment in his hands, apparently poised to take notes.

Pg. 614-615

“Oho!” said Fudge, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet again. “Yes, do let’s hear the latest cock-and-bull story designed to pull Potter out of trouble! Go on, then, Dumbledore, go on - Willy Widdershins was lying, was he? Or was it Potter’s identical twin in the Hog’s Head that day? Or is there the usual simple explanation involving a reversal of time, a dead man coming back to life, and a couple of invisible dementors?” Percy Weasley let out a hearty laugh. “Oh, very good, Minister, very good!” Harry could have kicked him, Then he saw, to his astonishment, that Dumbledore was smiling gently too. “Cornelius, I do not deny - and nor, I am sure, does Harry - that he was in the Hog’s Head that day, nor that he was trying to recruit students to a Defense Against the Dark Arts group I am merely pointing out that Dolores is quite wrong to suggest that such a group was, at that time, illegal. If you remember, the Ministry decree banning all student societies was not put into effect until two days after Harry’s Hogsmeade meeting, so he was not breaking any rules in the Hog’s Head at all.” Percy looked as though he had been struck in the face by something very heavy. Fudge remained motionless in mid-bounce, his mouth hanging open. Umbridge recovered first.

Pg. 619

“Instead you get to arrest me,” said Dumbledore, smiling. “It’s like losing a Knut and finding a Galleon, isn’t it?” “Weasley!” cried Fudge, now positively quivering with delight, “Weasley, have you written it all down, everything he’s said, his confession, have you got it?” “Yes, sir, I think so, sir!” said Percy eagerly, whose nose was splattered with ink from the speed of his note-taking. “The bit about how he’s been trying to build up an army against the Ministry, how he’s been working to destabilize me?” “Yes, sir, I’ve got it, yes!” said Percy, scanning his notes joyfully. “Very well, then,” said Fudge, now radiant with glee. “Duplicate your notes, Weasley, and send a copy to the Daily Prophet at once. If we send a fast owl we should make the morning edition!” Percy dashed from the room, slamming the door behind him…
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