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A Collection of Posts Re: Quidditch

Compiled by Emo Tuesday

Revision date: July 9, 2003

Q: What are the physical attributes of Quidditch players?

A: Size varies, depending on what position you play. “I think it's a combination of strength and skill,” says GracieKat about Chasers. “You probably need to be physically fit, but I've always thought dexterity and flexibility was a tiny bit more important, since this allows a player to navigate the air on a stick more easily.” The sex of a person may also change what position a person plays. “I think boys and girls can play Chaser but girls would play the part more often. In my school, most girls are pansies and Chaser is a position where you don't have to swing a bat at enchanted hulks of bludger. Some may play Keeper but the Keeper deals with Quaffles and Bludgers. I’d think, most girls would stray from playing as Beaters as it’s a really physically demanding position. Boys are larger normally so I think Beater would be easier for them,” states Emo Tuesday.

Q: Who’ll be Captain in OotP?

A: Though most believe the position of Quidditch Captain will be given to Angelina, some disagree. “The Weasley twins will co-captain the team, and then Harry will be captain in books six and seven,” guesses Lauren Weasley.

Note from Zsenya, July 9, 2003: Angelina became Captain in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 

Q: Will Harry ever be Quidditch Captain?

A: “In Book Five,” says Duck Chick. “I reckon Harry'll be chosen by McGonagall as the next Captain for Gryffindor. He's already proved his worth and he also demonstrated some damn good flying in GoF.” Hippie Chick seems to agree but think Harry will make Captain in book 6 due to his unfortunate luck of being the only old member left on the team. Mysterious Muggle disagrees. “I don't think Harry should be captain. That would be just another thing under his belt. Fame, money, Quidditch champion, Quidditch CAPTAIN. I just think it would be a bit too much. Plus, the responsibility might be too difficult for him with things as they are. And I don't know if Harry strikes me as the captaining type. I don't know if he would have the skill and tactics to lead the team. Can you picture Harry trying to give Oliver-style pep talks? I can't. Seems to me that he's much happier just cruising around, catching the Snitch and letting someone like Angelina do the hard work. I can see him possibly being captain, and then resigning and giving it to someone else because it's too much, or he's no good at it.”

Q: How do the Chasers do it?

A: “If it takes two hands to throw the Quaffle, on the final approach to the scoring zone you must be steering the broomstick with your knees. And, umm, for physiological reasons it has long been my belief that females, if not naturally better suited to the game, are certainly less susceptible to a certain type of injuries that must surely plague the males. (Trans: I bet male professional Quidditch players walk funny and grimace a lot.)” said Spectre. Bluemeanies42 adds to this idea, “It seems to me that a chasers biggest problem is not the quaffle or the strength of the throw, but staying on while throwing it. Just think of the principle of equal and opposite force- you are throwing the quaffle, you are going to have a force pushing you in the direction opposite your throw, you have to have very good control of your balance. Try playing a game of catch sitting on monkey bars if you don't believe me.”

 Q: Why do the Slytherins have an all-male team? That’s unfair!

A: “Slytherins are an old-fashioned lot (at least, that's what they seem to be), so don't be so surprised with their all-male team,” said Jaavert. Slytherins like to intimidate their competition so it seems right for them to fill their team with large, hulking guys, it’s pretty hard to find girls large enough to intimidate.

 Q: Will JKR put more Weasleys on the team?

A: Quillers gave a resounding “YES!” Lauren Weasley said “I really, really hope Ron will be Keeper in the OoP.” While others, like Jaime, thought differently “Am I the only one who doesn't WANT Ron to become *any* team member?” Later she said “I want Ron to do something that none of his brothers have ever done. Or ever *could* do. That's what the Mirror was for, he doesn't want literally to be Captain and Head Boy, he just wants to be noticed.. and he should be noticed for something that's entirely his. Not just a mix of things his brothers have done.” Omega had a few theories which all lead to Ginny being the next team member. The idea was that Quidditch would skip a child. Bill, no; Charlie, yes; Percy, no; Fred and George, yes; Ron, no; Ginny, yes. With a little bit of math, Omega also calculated that Ginny would be a Chaser: “Charlie played Seeker on the Team, there's only 1 a seeker on a team. The Twins are both Beaters, there are 2 position for Beaters on a team. 1 + 2 = 3 or 1, 2, 3. 3 positions are reserved for the chaser on a team. That means that Ginny becomes a Chaser.”

Note from Zsenya, July 9, 2003: Ron became Keeper in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Ginny became a replacement Seeker for Harry, although she also said that she was interested in playing Chaser. Fred and George, however, were kicked off the team along with Harry after the first match of the year.


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