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JKR Quotes: Movie and Merchandising

JKR Quotes: Movie and Merchandising

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Columbus and Kloves

Chris Columbus, the director, made me two promises. That it would be an all-British cast, and that he would keep it as true to the book as was possible within the constraints of film. Newsround Interview (November 2001)

I think I've given Steve (Kloves) a lot more information than... probably anyone else, which I shouldn't probably say...on screen, so a kid won't torture him for it! We need him, bad. Yeah, I've told Steve probably more than I would because see he needs to know. And it's been incredibly annoying because he says "Well shall we cut that off", or "I wanted to do this" and I say, "Well no... Because... you know in Book Six... something will happen and you'll need that in" or "that'll contradict something that happens" and I can feel him on the end of the emails, you know, just screaming "'t...telll...meee...wwhhyy..." So I have told him things! But he's very good at guessing, too. He's guessed more straightly than anyone else, I think. CoS DVD Interview (February 2003)

[Do you think that the films reflect well on the books?] I think they're pretty faithful to the books. Hogwarts looks just as I imagined it; I had a lot of input on how the various locations look. World Book Day chat (March 2004)

[Do you think a film no longer than the first two films can do justice to a book as long and complex as Goblet of Fire?] I think that they will have to simplify the plot somewhat. Steve Kloves, the scriptwriter, is really good and if anyone can do the essence of the book justice, he can. World Book Day chat (March 2004)

Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson

[Would you like to see the same actors portray the trio in all 7 movies?] Yes, I would. I really like all three of them. World Book Day chat (March 2004)

Warner Bros. Merchandise

Unless it's a Warner Bros. product, it shouldn't have Harry's name on it at all, so I have no control and accept no responsibility! Warner Bros. has allowed me to have a say in merchandise relating to the film. Scholastic Chat (October 2000)

Character Development in the Films

[In this movie we've seen the kids develop from the first film, could you tell us about the relationship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione and how that is developing film by film?] Well I think it is developing in the films as it does in the books, which is to say that they are much stronger together than apart. They're much more aware, in the second film, of their particular strengths. So they're more effective and are able to do more complex things like, for example, the Polyjuice Potion. And Steve has done a sort of foreshadowing, that I don't do until the fourth book, which is, you kind of get hints of certain feelings between the three of them. They belong to a slightly more mature person then as well. CoS DVD Interview (February 2003)

JKR "Not An Actress"

[Will you be in the movie, like as an extra or something?] Noooo...I hate looking at myself onscreen. Maybe I could be a Dementor and hide under a cloak, but I'm not tall enough. Barnes & Noble Chat (October 2000)

[Rumor: I am 'Witch No. 1' in the film of 'Chamber of Secrets'.] Nope, not true, sorry. The filmmakers did ask me to play Lily Potter in the Mirror of Erised scene in the first film, but I really am not cut out to be an actress, even one who just has to stand there and wave. I would have messed it up somehow. JK Rowling Official site (May 2004)

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