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JKR Quotes: Future and Unspecified Characters

JKR Quotes: Future and Unspecified Characters

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Possible Future Characters

[Will we ever get a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who lasts more than a year?] I'm not telling you. ;-) Scholastic Chat (February 2000)

[Is Hogwarts ever going to get a defence against the dark arts teacher who lasts for more than one book?] erm...... maybe. I don't want to give too much away there! Yahooligans chat (October 2000)

Characters That Might Have Been

Well, maybe I will use her [Ron's cousin] in another book, so I don't want to talk about her too much. Scholastic Chat (October 2000)

I have spoken before now about the Weasley cousin who made it quite a long way into 'Goblet of Fire' before I cut her. I really liked her as a character and did not want to sacrifice her, but she just wasn't doing the job she was supposed to do so she had to go. Mafalda was the daughter of the 'second cousin who's a stockbroker' mentioned in 'Philosopher's Stone'.... JK Rowling Official Site (Click the link to read JKR's whole explanation!) (May 2004)

When Padfoot returns in 'Goblet of Fire', I initially had him stay with a highly- eccentric, dog-loving old witch on the edge of Hogsmeade. She kept a pack of ill-assorted dogs, was on constant bad terms with her neighbours because of the barking and the mess, and had welcomed in Sirius, assuming him to be a stray. JK Rowling Official Site (under the title "Mopsy the Dog-Lover") (May 2004)

Not Future Characters

I will be using your name [Icicle] in a future book. Barnes & Noble chat (September 1999)

Where are you people getting this stuff??? No ... nobody called Icicle, I promise. Yahooligans chat (October 2000)

I have been told that I once promised a character with this name during an interview. I can only think that somebody misheard what I said because at no stage have I ever planned a character called 'Icicle.' Professor Bicycle, on the other hand, will be a key figure in books six and seven.*

*this is a joke JK Rowling Official Site (May 2004)

The battleground is Britain at the moment. I got asked the other day, "Given the huge success of your books in America, are you going to be introducing American characters?" And I thought, You're an idiot. I am not about to throw away 10 years' meticulous planning in the hope that I will buck up to a few more readers. American kids have no need to see a token American character. This is another instance of people grossly underestimating children. Entertainment Weekly interview (August 2000)

[Will you put Americans/characters of other nationalities into the books?] I'm afraid the answer to this is 'no', although you have glimpsed Americans and other nationalities at the Quidditch World Cup. The reason is obvious: I am writing about Britain and a British school and there is no logical reason to insert foreigners for the sake of it, because I'm sure they would feel gratuitous. I often get suggestions about what I ought to insert into Harry Potter books, but these are my stories and mine alone; if anyone wants to write about American wizards they are of course free to write their own book! JK Rowling Official Site (May 2004)

Unspecified Characters

I will tell you that one of the characters, one of Harry's classmates, though it's not Harry himself, does end up a teacher at Hogwarts. But, it is not, maybe the one you think, hint, hint, hint. Yeah, one of them does end up staying at Hogwarts, but ---- No, it's not Ron. I can't see Ron as a teacher. No way. Connection Interview (October 1999, transcribed by Catwoman at SQ)

Have any of the Hogwarts professors had spouses? Good question - yes, a few of them but that information is sort of restricted - you'll find out why. Comic Relief chat (March 2001)

However, there is a character who does manage in desperate circumstances to do magic quite late in life, but that is very rare in the world I am writing about.Barnes & Noble chat (March 1999)

[Is there going to be a new minister of magic in the next books?] Yes. Ha! Finally, a concrete bit of information, I hear you cry! World Book Day chat (March 2004)

[Who are the two "unknown Gryffindor girls" in Harry's year?] Oh, I've just understood what you mean. I haven't got the notebook to hand and I can't remember! That's terrible. I'll try and remember before the end of the chat! World Book Day chat (March 2004)

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