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A Collection of Posts Re: Sirius Black

Compiled by Corgi

Revision date: September 13, 2002

Table of Contents

Sirius Black: Those Eyes....

J.K. Rowling has created some extremely vivid characters, but, except for 'the Trio', many descriptive details of the appearances of these supporting case members have gone lacking. One of the more delightful aspects of fandom is the freedom to obsess collectively over speculation on these details, story-irrelevant minutae like eye-colour....

Veritaserum: Sirius's Eyes

Registered User
(2/23/02 1:23:45 pm )

Do we have any idea from canon what color Sirius Black's eyes are? I'm finding descriptions of the state of his eyes (sunken, hollow, deadened, etc.), but nothing as to the actual color. I would tend to think they are brown, but black hair and blue eyes are very striking together. Hmm...what do you think?


Registered User
(2/23/02 1:39:23 pm )

Oh yes, the eye debate. [:D] I tend to think they are light, light blue, because Padfoot's eyes are described as 'pale'. Pale eyes seem so strange for a black dog that I think eye color may carry over into animagus form. Still, 'pale' could descibe many light colors (green, grey, various shades in between).


Registered User
(2/23/02 8:02:18 pm )

Aah, that's a though one.

When I picture Sirius in my head when I read, his eyes are dark, even black, or at least dark brown, but when I think about which color they are, I picture them as light blue.


Well, now, I just discovered something. From a distance, I picture his eyes as really dark, but close up they're light blue. In the Shrieking Shack I pictured them as dark, but when Sirius asked Harry to come and live with him, I pictured them as blue. In GoF, in the fire-talking scene, I pictured them as soot-black... Weird, this. I'm all confused now.

Well. My vote goes to light blue. :)

And Remus, well, in PoA I pictured his eyes as light brown, a bit 'goldish'. This was before I found out he was a werewolf, so I when I did thought it was really fitting. :) But when reading fanfic, I see them as grey. Thing1's Remus has grey eyes in my head (has he really?), whereas Canis M's has brown.

This was confusing. I though this was going to be a short and simple post. Oh well. :D


Registered User
(2/23/02 8:12:14 pm )

I always thought in MWPP they would be a bright, clear, and striking blue but post PoA they would be clouded and appear dead.


Registered User
(2/27/02 10:23:00 pm )

I think it's important that Sirius have blue or light colored eyes. As we all know, (or at least everyone who's read The Scarlet Letter ;) ) white, and blue are colors of innocence and purity, whereas black is the color of evil.. or at least non innocence. Of course, Sirius is innocent... therefore it is necessary for him to have light eyes, in order to reinforce the fact that he is innocent.

No, I am not implying that everyone with dark eyes is evil. ;) I just think he should have black hair and blue eyes because I have black hair and blue eyes... hahaha.


Sirius Black: 'Give me a head with hair/Long, beautiful hair....'

J.K. Rowling has created some extremely vivid characters, but, except for 'the Trio', many descriptive details of the appearances of these supporting case members have gone lacking. One of the more delightful aspects of fandom is the freedom to obsess collectively over speculation on these details, story-irrelevant (usually) minutae like hair length....

Veritaserum: We've done Remus, now what about Sirius' hair....

Emeraldd Star
Registered User
(9/20/01 8:17:19 am )

There has been much debate about our young werewolf's tresses lately and mingled in with his hair discussion was some about Sirius. Dosen't poor Sirius deserve his own hair thread? Well here is the poll....

Results (total votes = 170):
Long and Silky 53 / 31.2%
Short with longish bangs (like Remus) 40 / 23.5%
Still tangled after all these years 49 / 28.8%
Very short 28 / 16.5%


(9/21/01 6:49:58 am )

I think you need to clarify WHICH Sirius...

I picture Sirius of Hogwarts and immediately afterwards with longish hair - maybe even down to his shoulders. Also, it was the 70s. Even if his hair wasn't "long", I'm sure it was shaggy somehow.

I picture post-Azkaban Sirius as having very short, close-cropped, curly hair. My reasoning is that after Azkaban, he doesn't want anything "extra" around him. He couldn't do anything about his hair for so long in there that I'm guessing he'd want to have control over it when he got out.

[side note: Could Sirius SHAVE in Azkaban? There's no mention of him having a beard, but it seems like he would if his hair was in such bad shape.... maybe there's a spell...]

Arabella and I, for example, are not in agreement on post-Azkaban Sirius. That's why we've left descriptions of his hair vague in our story!

:) Zsenya


Episcopal Witch
Registered User
(9/21/01 10:35:58 am )

Zsenya raises an excellent point that has been puzzling me for a while: why Sirius in PoA doesn't have a beard. If his hair has grown down to his elbows, he should have a beard to match (ugh). Did he chop it off with that knife that's sharp enough to slash the Fat Lady's portrait? And if so, why didn't he whack off some of his hair at the same time? As someone who actually has elbow-length hair, I can assure you that it gets severely in the way if not tied back or put up.

Note that in GoF in the "Padfoot Returns" chapter, we're told that Sirius's hair is longer than it was when Harry talked with him in the fire, and that he runs his hand "over his unshaven face." I don't picture this as beard-length -- more the slightly scruffy look of the old "Miami Vice" show.

Maybe his beard doesn't grow while he's in Animagus form because dogs don't have separate beards but are hairy all over?

Nothing like an entrancing triviality to serve as some distraction.


Emeraldd Star
Registered User
(9/21/01 10:13:30 pm )

I'm sorry I was rushed off the computer the other day and did get a chance to clarify. I'm talking present day, post Azkaban, in hiding, Buckbeak for a room mate in the tropics Sirius.

About Shaving---
Who knows, maybe theres an Azkaban barber? Can't you just picture a Dementor standing outside of a cell with one of those fun poles- maybe with a grin on it's hidden face thinking 'snip snip'. OR maybe there's a spell that stops hairs from growing on a certain area (anyone else want to use that on their legs?), legs, chin, arms? Or who knows maybe being an animagi stops hair growth (that seems most likely- I mean most prisoners go insane within a year or so).


Magical Hair Police
(9/23/01 3:32:49 pm )

A Word from the Magical Hair Police (Good Grooming Division) Ahem.

Our department’s file on Mr. Black clearly states that prior to his incarceration he wore his hair long and wavy, coming about an inch below his shoulders. And he was rather proud of the fact that he caused any number of young women and men minor whiplash as they did an appreciative double-take as he passed. Of course, it also infuriated his mother, and at that age this was a bonus. It was, however, quite beautiful hair, and well up to the standards of this office.

A quick word on the operations of Azkaban, as it will also help with this issue. The Dementors simply guard the prison, and have absolutely no interest in the general care of the prison’s population. Of course, as they themselves are the ultimate fashion victims due to their genetic makeup, this is only to be expected. However, our department sends the constable with the lowest performance ranking to the prison once a month to perform basic grooming on the prisoners, in accordance to their species, much in the fashion of 18th century English Muggle prisons. This is done for hygienic purposes mainly, and as the constable is generally trying to get the task done as quickly as possible, only the very basic tasks are performed.

The only interest the Dementors have in this service is that it is *they* who demand we shave the male prisoners. We have come to the conclusion that it is entirely possible that the Dementors are in fact rather frightened of unseemly facial hair (the only suggestion of their sentience quite frankly, in the opinion of this office). We have tried to impart this message to our Ministry colleagues, but our suggestion that witches and wizards be trained to produce Patronus’ with facial hair to enhance their effectiveness has continually fallen on deaf ears. In fact, the current Minister of Magic (who sports his own rather ungodly moustache) referred to us as ‘bloody gits’ and threatened to cut our training budget, which would prevent our being able to send our recruits to Madame Mixie’s Magical Modeling School, which of course would effect our general performance and generally be a disaster. But I digress with these rather mundane internal political struggles…

As to Mr. Black, currently he favours being clean shaven (to the point of obsessive-compulsiveness) and wears his hair short to just below his ears, as otherwise he is reminded of his time in Azkaban too deeply. His hair has not lost its thick and rather luxurious quality, however, and his appearance is what one would call ‘rakish’, were one the sort who said such things.

Any further inquires or complaints may be forwarded to the front office of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, where they will be laughed at by the 'proper' constables, and eventually forwarded to us, and perhaps even answered.


Registered User
(3/30/02 9:01:06 pm )

Long? Ugh, ew. I know personally ONE male in real life who can get away with long hair, and Qui-Gon Dave is a very special case. (Oh, he has nice hair. Wish my hair were that nice.) And in broader terms, besides QGD the only men I've ever seen who can carry it off without looking bloody stupid are First Nations/Amerindian. 99.^infinite% of men should wear their hair above the collar unless they have a very valid excuse not to, like they're auditioning for the part of John the Baptist in the desert.

But "Very short?" What, are you thinking a military high-and-tight? I won't make fun of those because I don't want any Marines coming after me, but they look pretty silly, too. I picture Sirius with hair just above the collar, not particularly styled or neatly trimmed, when he has a choice. (I'd hack off most of my hair, too, if it were filthy matted and hanging to the elbows. Well, it's to my elbows now, but quite clean.)

And I just assume he must have had some stubble immediately post-Azkaban but it wasn't worth mentioning. Maybe he's one of those men who just can't grow a decent beard for the life of them? They do exist. And at times, stubble can be sexy (see Harrison Ford in pretty much any Indiana Jones movie.)


kate griffith
Registered User
(4/14/02 5:47:01 am )

Beard: there is a spell, but it needs a wand. Sirius could have done it once he met up with Remus - wait, was that before or after he scared Ron witless looking for Peter?

Hair: This is also on the remus hair post. Sirius had long hair after graduation and it got all funny in Azkaban. He cut it off short after he escaped (needing to change looks and all that- plus getting rid of Azkalice) until he met Liz. She likes it long, so now it's long and silky, because Katie makes good conditioner. With lots of herbs.

Is it just me or does anyone else think Sirius is built like a soccer player?


Registered User
(4/29/02 4:30:27 pm )

All exceptionally attractive males have hair reaching to about one inch below their shoulders. Therefore, Remus has long hair, and Sirius even more emphatically. Q.E.D.

P.S. I don't care what unpleasant memories long hair brings back for Sirius (this really isn't about his opinions anyway, is it?). Call it an act of defiance ("You can't change anything about me,") if you must, but it's really irrelevant; Sirius has shoulder-length, silky, beginning-to-form-ringlets-if-he'd-only-let-it hair. Sorry to those who didn't know that before. Hehe.

Sirius Black: Why He Laughed

When Sirius was arrested for 'murdering' Peter Pettigrew, he was led off laughing. Odd reaction to tragedy -- or was it?

Veritaserum: Sirius Laughed

Registered User
(4/10/02 9:08:48 pm )

I was reading PoA last night (AGAIN! We're in need of some new canon...) and something struck me...

After Peter blew up the street, all those Muggles, turned into a rat, and left Sirius there to take the blame, Sirius started laughing. And laughing. And laughing. And then he went away easily when the Ministry came to take him away. And my question is...


I mean, laughing at a time like that? Wouldn't he try to defend himself in some way/shape/form? To me, it seems very un-Sirius like.

Any ideas on this? I'd love to hear them.


Registered User
(4/10/02 9:17:14 pm )

I've been trying to write a fanfic (from Sirius's point of view) about the night that Lily and James died and the days that followed.

In the planning stages, I had to decide on a reason for Sirius's laugh.

The best explanation I can come up with (and I'm desperate for other suggestions, if anyone out there has a better idea) is that the complete absurdity of the situation hit him. Older (yet still pre-Azkaban) Sirius seems to me to be vaguely sarcastic, and would find that kind of irony amusing. At that moment, my guess is he realized the hopelessness of the situation, and there was nothing to do but laugh.

As my AP European History teacher tells us everytime we look horrified at him when he laughs about some terrible event from the past, "It's one of those situations in which you have to dispense of so much emotion that you must either laugh or cry -- and I choose to laugh."

Perhaps Sirius chose to laugh too.


Registered User
(4/10/02 9:27:57 pm )

You know, there is a thin line between laughing and crying. And in a twisted sense of fate way, it holds some sense for me.

Peter Pettigrew, poor ickle little Peter Pettigrew. The Peter who was constant. Sirius, Sirius, the wild one who no father in their right mind would let their children near. Remus, Remus, the werewolf, the creature of darkness, the outcast, the stigmatized. James, James, the golden boy. Peter was the one who they had always thought they understood, never thought there was more to him then the surface. Oh, how they teased him, called him shallow, never really thought he was capable of much. Always the lookout, never the prankster. Always the bait. Why did they never see that side of Peter? The devious side of Peter? The side that relished the harmless image, that let Peter operate in stealth, without being seen. And when he turned into an animagus rat- shouldn't it have been obvious, then Sirius? You knew you were a dog, how many times did the girls tell you that, but Peter, nothing so sneeky as a rat. Maybe a Rabbit, or a Mouse, or a Gerbil or... We thought it was a fluke, boy were we wrong. You really are a rat. But we missed it. We didn't trust Remus, damn we should have. You really had us there. You shifted the attention, which seemed natural because we rarely paid it to you. And so you got the better of Remus. Then, I trusted you. James, trusted you. But you finally beat James didn't you Peter. And me, you finally bested me. It was close. I haven't had any sleep since it happened you know. I was going to get you, you were right there, I was ready. And then... "James and Lily, Sirius. How could you?" The shock. I hesitated for a second, then you were gone. I must admit, it was a master stroke. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Chubby, clumbsy, average, my goodness what have we done.

And then Sirius Black, delirious with grief, shock and lack of sleep breaks down. All he can do is laugh.


Registered User
(4/10/02 9:39:50 pm )

I agree. Sirius had just seen 2 of his best friends murdered and had his godson taken away from him so he couldn't fulfill his duty. The only thing he had left was revenge. And then he had that taken from him as well. He belived that Peter was such a coward that he'd killed himself rather than face him. IT was all too much for him, and something in his brain just snapped. The sheer absurdidty of what Peter did must have been the only thing he could comprehend at the time.


Registered User
(4/11/02 7:56:52 am )

SPECTRE, I agree.

It kind of bothered me that in PS/SS, Dumbledore doesn't react at all when Hagrid mentions Sirius's name. But then I thought about it some more.

The way I see it, the idea that Sirius had betrayed James and Lily must have sounded absurd to Dumbledore. He probably assumed that something had gone wrong with the Fidelius Charm or that they had, in fact, switched Secret Keepers. I'm almost certain that he never honestly suspected Sirius until Peter shouted the words in the street.


blue wolfe
Registered User
(4/15/02 12:26:39 am )

The world comes crashing down around our ears, it stops spinning for an instant and when it starts again nothing is in it's proper place, everything has changed - for the better, for the worse, what does it matter? Everything is gone, everything we believed in, everything we hoped for, trusted in has been destroyed. Destroyed in a wanton tap of a finger, a flick of your eye... gone, gone, never to return.

Foolish boy, to trust so much, foolish child, to believe it could last, that you could change what is meant to be.

You're are right, of course. Who am I to think I could do such a thing? Silly mortal, to try such a thing. Silly me. Let me laugh at my foolishness, at the hubris we had in our youth. Let me laugh with you. Let me laugh at you.

Did Sirius go crazy? Most likely, most people would in such a situation. But was he laughing at us? Was he laughing at himself? Or was he laughing at this great cosmic joke we call reality?

Like several folks have noted, when the choice is laugh or cry, I would much rather laugh....laugh and remember.

Sirius Black: His Name

'I'm sorry, sir, how do you spell that?'

Veritaserum: Sigh-russ or serious (concering Sirius' name)

missy hallan
Registered User
(2/27/02 3:33:22 am )

I always pronounced Sirius Sigh-russ. But, then I heard a few Sirius-ly puns, and it got me wondering. I also found out that the proper spelling of the name (pronounced sigh-russ) is Cyrus. I really have no clue. Does anyone know for sure? Or will me have to wait for PoA the movie?

ps: I'm fairly sure this hasn't been brought up before. And I hope I put it at the right place. I don't want to cause all our wonderful mods any grief :)


Maven Cree
Registered User
(2/27/02 4:32:48 am )

I pronounce it Sigh-ree-us. Just cause I think it sounds better as a name. I don't know if it's correct and it doesn't really matter to me cause in my head it will always bs Sigh-ree-us Black, not Serious Black. I just looked it up in the dictionary. There is a slight difference in the "official" way of pronouncing the words, but generally they are pronounced the same. Technically, "serious" is prounounced si-a-rious. (according to Websters and Random House) and Sirius is prounouced as it's spelt. But we pronounce them both - si-ri-us. But in my head, it will always be Sigh-ri-us, so there!


(2/27/02 7:10:37 am )

Sirius and Cyrus are two totally different names. "Sirius" is pronounced "Serious" and is taken from the name of a star.

"Cyrus" is a different name and pronounced "Sigh-rus"

:) Zsenya/sugarquill


Registered User
(2/27/02 1:27:49 pm )

Well, I've always said it 'Si-ree-us'. I'm a Brit (and a Mancunian at that) so it sounds much less like Serious than it does in an American accent. It's kind of 'serious' but with much shorter vowel sounds.


Loremaster K
Registered User
(3/4/02 12:26:04 am )

One can be certain, even without the movie. In fact, the pronunciations in the first movie were not flawless. For those who have not read's official Harry Potter information, direct from JK Rowling, our hot tempered godfather is indeed named for the dog star, and is indeed pronounced "serious".

Sirius Black: Secret-Keeper Questions

We all know Sirius was the Potter family's original Secret-Keeper, until he mistakenly handed off that responsibility to Peter Pettigrew. However, this leads to speculation on how Sirius, Dumbledore and therefore Hagrid knew where to look for the now-orphaned Harry. How did the Fidelis Charm work, or stop working, on Sirius?

Veritaserum: Sirius as Secret-Keeper

Maven Cree
Registered User
(1/13/02 8:05:06 pm )

There's something that I never really understood. As I understand it, a secret keeper is *one* person. The secret location of another person or persons is locked away within the secret keeper and no one else can know where these people are unless the keeper tells.

If that's true...

How did Sirius know where to go the night Lily and James died? How did he find them in Godric's Hollow?

How did Hagrid know where to go?

How did Dumbledore know where they were?

This doesn't seem like it was much of a secret.

If Sirius really knew where they were, then he wasn't a decoy. He was a secret keeper too. So would Dumbledore have had to have been.

If the point of Peter being the keeper was that no one would suspect him, then Sirius shouldn't have known... or there was no point in telling Peter in the first place.

The only possible loophole might be that as soon a the subjects die, the secret is open. Or once the secret is told (to Voldemort), the secret is open. But then, I Sirius sudenly knew where James and Lily were, wouldn't that mean he would have to know they would have to already be dead. All he said was that he knew what must have happened. Did he mean he knew they were dead? Was he in denial?

Or maybe there's something about the whole Secret Keeper thing that I missed. If so, someone, pleas enlighten me.


Mae Creevy
Registered User
(1/13/02 8:09:05 pm )

Anyone could know where they were staying, they just wouldnt be able to find them... or get at them. Sirius knew where the house was, but when the charm was still in effect he wouldnt be able to find them, even if "his nose was up against their front window"


(1/14/02 1:55:19 pm )

I always saw it this way...

I figure that Godric's Hollow is probably well known either as the town, or estate where James and Lily lived. I have a feeling that when one is protected under the Fidelius, one's HOME is not protected, but one's visibility. I always saw it as a sort of invisibility charm. There's something in the book that says something about Voldemort being able to walk right past their door, and if he looked inside he wouldn't be able to see them (isn't there? Don't have the books with me right now).

I always assumed that Sirius knew that perhaps James and Lily were staying at Godric's Hollow, but even if he'd walked through all the rooms and called out their names, he wouldn't have been able to actually see them. Only Peter would have been able to see them.

And I assume that once the Secret-Keeper reveals the secret to anyone, then the spell is broken.

As to how Dumbledore knew (so quickly) and was able to deploy Hagrid... I also always assumed that perhaps there was some sort of ward/alert system that perhaps Lily was able to trigger before she died? That, to me, is the thing I am most curious about - how was Dumbledore able to find out what was going on, get Hagrid there, and instruct him to bring Harry to the Dursleys? Sirius just happened to find out what had happened because he went there...

Unless... unless there was a Dark mark or something, or other people living nearby were able to see the house destroyed. But I always assumed that Lily and James's house was isolated, or else more people would have been on the scene of the destruction ,and the house was supposedly in rubble.

:) Zsenya/sugarquill


Registered User
(1/16/02 9:59:13 am )

Wouldn't you know it, I was thinking about exactly this just the other night!!

My thinking went thus: The Fidelius charm totally conceals a secret inside a person. In this case, the secret is the location of the Potter family. Once the Secret Keeper is chosen, and the spell cast, only the Secret Keeper knows it. Sirius may have known where James and Lilly lived, he may even have guessed that they were there, but if he had gone to Godric's Hollow whilst the spell was in effect, he would not have been able to see, converse or interact with any of the Potters. I imagine that it is then possible for the Potters themselves to reveal their location to him if they so choose, however the knowledge may not be permanent, and would fade when Sirius left the house.

Now, perhaps when the secret is revealed, or when the person or persons the Fidelius charm is cast upon are killed, the spell breaks down slowly, not all at once. Possibly the secret becomes revealed to those who already knew it before the spell was cast. This would explain the absence of rescuers from the wreckage of the Potters' house when Sirius and Hagrid were there. Because it seems unlikely to me that the residents of a village would fail to notice a house exploding in the middle of the night for no reason. So to me, the best possible explanation is that they didn't know about it because, to them, the spell was still in effect, and the battle was concealed from them. Perhaps Muggles feel the effects of the spell for a longer time than Wizards (not that we know how large the Muggle population was in Godric's Hollow, other than the fact that there must be some, as Hogsmeade is the only completely magical settlement in the country.)

So how did Hagrid find the house? Well, I have an alternative theory about that as well. I think that perhaps Dumbledore made the decision to send Harry to the Dursley's before the Potters died. He had reason to belive that LV was after the child, rather than the parents, and feared that perhaps even the Fidelius charm would not be sufficient to protect him. So he indirectly sent word to the Potters (by leaving a note somewhere for them, or something to that effect) that he would be sending someone to take their child to a better protected site (defended by the 'ancient magic' LV spoke of.) He told Hagrid to go to the Potters' house in Godric's Hollow, and to go inside and wait. Lilly and James would then reveal themselves to him, and he would take Harry to Privet Drive to meet Dumbledore. But when he arrived (by Portkey? Remember, Hagrid is forbidden to do magic such as apparating), he instead found a crater and the flaming remains of the house with Harry at the epicenter, unharmed except for a scar on his forehead. At this point, Sirius lands on his bike, having found Peter's house empty, and headed straight for where he suspects Lilly and James to be hiding out. As he got closer, he probably realized that the knowledge in his mind was getting clearer, and knew that the secret had somehow been broken. Upon his arrival, he tries to get Hagrid to give him Harry. Hagrid refuses, knowing that his orders still stand, and are even more important now. Sirius gives him the bike and leaves. Hagrid takes the bike, sends word to Dumbledore of what has happened, and journeys to Privet Drive via a roundabout route in order to shake off any pursuit (this would account for the "Missing 24 hours" detailed in the timelines of the night at the Harry Potter Lexicon). By the time he arrives, news of the deaths of both the Potters and LV has gotten out, and Professor McGonnagal goes to Privet drive to wait for Dumbledore to get a straight answer about what has happened. By this time, the charm has probably worn off completely, and the Ministry has convinced the people of Godric's Hollow that a gas explosion or some such incident is to blame for the destruction of the Potters' house.

There, I think that monstrously huge post covers everything. If I've left anything out, please, do tell me, because I will be working these details into a story eventually. It might be some time coming though, so don't hold your breaths.

Sirius Black: His Gringotts Vault

American readers were... 'distressed' to find out an interesting detail had been left out of their editions of the canon -- Sirius's Gringott's vault number. What significance might it have in the greater story? (And how does he still have access to his money?)

Veritaserum: Vault 711

Registered User
(2/18/02 2:58:18 pm )

while rereading PoA i realised that in sirius's letter to harry, he says that to buy the firebolt, he used harry's name but took the money from his own account ... vault number 711. the way it is written, there was no need to put the NUMBER...just "from my vault" would have been enough.

my conjecture is that the fact that sirius's vault is 711 is some how significant. the only thing i can think of is that since it is close to 713 (the high security vault in PS/SS which played host to the philosopher's stone for a while), it is also a high security vault but HOW that is relevant, i have no idea.

any thoughts?

another totally unrelated thing i realised is that apart from dumbledore and harry, sirius and remus are the only wizards who can say voldemort's name...

Edited by: muniloopin at: 2/19/02 10:23:51 am



Registered User
(2/19/02 8:00:26 am )

They really did cut out a lot huh? Good thing I read the UK version. [:)]

Anyway, about the vault, Sirius probably doesn't have the vault under his name. He's probably anonymous, or not how can he make a transaction without alerting the ministry? It's not everyday a convicted criminal classified as highly dangerous draws money from his bank account when he's supposed to be in a high security jail. Besides, if it was in his name, the ministry would probably have already confiscated it's contents. His term in Azkaban's supposed to be a life term right?

Yeah.. That's just my two knuts worth. [:)]


Master of Spellotape
(2/19/02 10:18:06 am )

For some reason I don't believe the MOM has that much influence on who the Goblins' conduct business with. If Sirius paid for his vault in advance, then it's his vault.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Voldemort has a vault there.


Registered User
(2/19/02 1:28:40 pm )

My assumption (because I wondered too-- wouldn't the MoM be watching Sirius's vault for any transactions once he escaped?) about Gringotts is they operate on the Swiss system--those acounts are numbered, and that is IT. It takes MASSIVE court action to get the Swiss to reveal what's in the numbered accounts, and that's why they're popular. In the musical "Evita" there's a line: "Oh what bliss/to sign your cheques/As 30127/Never been accounts in the name of Eva Peron!" If you want to hide something, a Swiss account is a good place to start. And isn't Gringotts headquartered in Geneva? So I don't think that the MoM could have frozen Sirius's account or seized it, or demanded the goblins inform them of any transactions. They might have tried, but Intelligence doesn't seem to be the MoM's strong suit.


Registered User
(2/26/02 3:11:55 am )

I agree that the Ministry can't really push the goblins around. As we know from Professor Binn's lessons, goblins have a nasty habit of starting a bloody rebellion when they aren't happy. And FBAWTFT makes it clear that the wizarding community has limited power over goblins. When the Ministry comes around with unwanted questions, they probably just make a rude noise followed by a rude gesture.

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