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The Sugar Quill Literacy Project

Undertaken in honor of Harry, who gave his books to Ginny, and still shares his books with Ron.

December 2007: This project is now closed.

September 13, 2005: So far, we have made one $300 donation and one $600 donation to First Book! In addition, we have donated $100 to Leaky, Inc. in support of the drive to purchase the "Order of the Phoenix" card. That money will eventually find its way to Book Aid International, which is also a literacy charity.




What are we doing?

We, the Headmistresses and Professors of The Sugar Quill, have decided to organize a charity drive. We are selling T-shirts with our site's name printed on them, in order to raise money for First Book. First Book is an organization that gives children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books.

Why are we doing it?

JK Rowling is an inspiration to us as writers and as people. Her generous authorship of Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has raised a great deal of money for Comic Relief, UK (an excellent organization that primarily funds famine relief projects). We wish to follow in her footsteps. Her Harry Potter universe has given us The Sugar Quill, which in turn has given us (and many of our members) a lot of joy. It's time to give back.

Why First Book?

First Book is a national nonprofit organization, whose "primary goal is to work with existing literacy programs to distribute new books to children who, for economic reasons, have little or no access to books. In this way, First Book effectively leverages the heroic efforts of local tutoring, mentoring, and family literacy organizations, as they work to reach children who need help the most." First Book has also developed national partnerships with companies that help them to achieve their goals, by providing them with discounted books. Among these companies is Scholastic, Inc. (which, many of you know, is the company which publishes the Harry Potter books in the US). To read more about this wonderful charity, visit

We choose to support literacy because we feel that this is in step with the spirit of our website. We're here at because of some powerfully magical books. Books are magical - they kindle fires within us, they take us on adventures, they teach us and challenge us. Many of us learned to love reading as children; for us, a childhood without books is unthinkable. To give a child a book is to encourage the development of comprehension and imagination. We think that's essential.

Why an American charity?

Some of our members have expressed that since our site is multi-national, it would be more fitting to donate all monies raised to an international charity. But our main concern was to find a charity whose aims we agree with, for whom we can actually effect results with a small donation. By choosing First Book, we know that for every $300 donation we make, that charity will distribute 100 books to children. We were unable to find a comparable international charity. First Book it is.

What is our goal, and where will the money go?

Our goal is to raise money in batches of $300 and to provide 100 books to underprivileged children. ALL proceeds, with the exception of bank fees and postage, will go to charity.

How will I pay?

We will accept checks or money orders. No credit cards will be used at this time, as many of our members are under 18 and don't possess them. Also, if we employ the use credit cards through PayPal (or a similar web-based program), we will be charged a percentage of the total sale. We have decided to avoid this; the money we take in is going to charity and it would be foolish to waste any of it on credit card fees.

What if I don't live in the U.S.?

Don't worry! We'll still ship you a shirt. We know (thanks to Lynds) that in England, you can go to the bank and obtain a money order. There is a way to do everything. If you want a shirt, and you want to donate to the cause, then we'll find the least expensive way to make that happen.

How can I order my T-shirt?

Click here for an order form, which will be processed by one of the Headmistresses or Professors.

Not For Profit Disclaimer

The Sugar Quill is a non-profit adventure controlled by Zsenya and Arabella, who are running at a loss. We do not own Harry Potter, or anything connected with it. We intend no copyright infringement; our actions are meant in the spirit of the books and the author who created them. In short: this charity drive is just that. We won't be making a dime. Every cent that doesn't go to recapture costs and provide postage will go to First Book. You have our word on that. And why should you trust our cyber-word? Well, has been running happily for over two years now. The Headmistresses and Professors have, all that time, provided a free beta-reading service because we think it's important to promote the tools of creative, written expression. We're trustworthy folk.

And a word from the First Mate…

"These T-Shirts are going to ROX and they are a MUST HAVE for anyone that frequents the Sugar Quill. They are also less painful than a tattoo."

- Moey

The Sugar Quill was created by Zsenya and Arabella. For questions, please send us an Owl!

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