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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 1066
Name: Anya
Professors' Bookshelf: Yes


Speak with the Dead  ( Reviews: 131 )
While Harry Potter struggles with his fifth year of school, Severus Snape finds himself plunged back into the Dark Lordís world with the opportunity to gain his favor. However, Severusí life shifts abruptly when Dumbledore throws an Evocator into the spying game. The two of them are left to plot a course through the hazy world of Death Eater plots, politics and personal ambition. This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
Last updated 03/02/07


Lavender and Parvati  ( Reviews: 11 )
avender (AKA Lav-lav) and Parvati sketched rather fast and loose in charcoal with well, my interpretation of the Hogwarts school uniform (tidy white oxford, house tie, yoked black robe for all the rest) Just because they like makeup, Divination, and cute boys doesn't mean they aren't Gryffindors.
Uploaded 02/19/06

Roger and Lisa (contains spoilers for St Margaret's story)  ( Reviews: 10 )
What? Haven't you read Roger and Lisa; A Love Story by St Margarets? It's on the Sugarquill, go read it! I love creative 'minor' charachter stories, thusly I *had* to paint something from it. But again, the picture *does* contain spoilers. I regret that it hasn't scanned in as perfectly as I'd like, but I'm an old fashioned girl, I only paint in watercolor and acrylic ink.
Uploaded 02/15/06

Mssr. Moony Proudly Presents: Snapes REAL worst memory  ( Reviews: 47 )
Mssr Moony offers you his compliments and is happy to present the
following photo and comments as sweet sweet revenge for a certain incident that took
place at the end of his teaching career at Hogwarts. Moony also hopes that this ugly
truth will prevent the spread of "Goth!Snape" (Mischief Managed!)
Uploaded 10/27/05

Tea with the Dark Lord  ( Reviews: 25 )
A disturbing lack of background and proper shading! Lucius Malfoy in bunny ears! A poorly rendered Dark Lord in a bow tie! Snape in a silly hat! An OC in an dress not appropriate for a woman of her age! And the magical worlds most eeeevilll tea set. Obviously this is a blatant attempt to parody the too-serious world of Death Eating by injecting it with Carrol. Or an excuse to draw Snape in a silly hat, you make the call.
Uploaded 10/19/05

By Hand: Abigail Loomis  ( Reviews: 16 )
Interwoven was the first fanfiction I actualy read all
the way through and enjoyed, and watching Abigail interact with Sirius
made me (gasp!) actualy start to see him as a sympathetic charachter!
So I've wanted to paint her for awhile, but could never nail down a
good image. After reading "By Hand" I had an idea right away! This
is done in that Klimt-y style with gouache, gold leaf pen, and
watercolors. (I'm particularly proud of her face because profiles are
hard for me to draw!)
Uploaded 08/25/05

Hermione Jane Granger: Paper Doll  ( Reviews: 20 )
I painted the original version of this picture as a
gift for a friends young neice (Shes only been allowed to listen up to
book three so far!) on the occasion of her Harry Potter themed
birthday party to go with the Hermione costume we sewed up for her.
If you would like the REALLY really big printable version you can get
it here (
Uploaded 08/13/05

Lourdes and Karkaroff  ( Reviews: 19 )
In my spare time, I wish that I was Gustav Klimt. My
own nepotism has overwhelmed me and caused me to post this picture in
which I want to be Klimt by painting my own OC. The Klimt that
inspired this was Judith II, and it's sprung out of SwtD's chapter
three. Gouache, coldpress watercolor paper, watercolor, colored
pencil, crayon, and Krylon 24k gold paint pen. I promise to make
amends for this by posting a picture of a charachter people actualy
Uploaded 05/17/05

Mme. Rosemerta  ( Reviews: 21 )
Rosemerta, a la Violet Azure's "High Spirits" Because
Violet's stories are awesome, and there is not nearly enough Rosemerta
Uploaded 04/30/05

Pulp (fan)Fiction  ( Reviews: 41 )
Inspired by my (regrettably) massive collection of
tawdry pulp novels, even wizards need trashy books to hide under their
matresses. (done in gouache and tech pen on mat board, text poorly
added in Photoshop)
Uploaded 04/30/05

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