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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 1150
Name: Sannali aka Morwen
Professors' Bookshelf: No


Viktor Says Goodbye  ( Reviews: 10 )
*"Could I have a vord?" Viktor asked me.

Oh, dear. He was going to ask me about visiting him in Bulgaria over the summer again, wasn't he? My smile faded. "Oh... yes... all right," I said, and allowed him to lead me away through the crowd of Hogwarts students waiting for the horseless carriages.*

How Hermione and Viktor parted as friends and penpals. Missing moment from the end of GOF. This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
Last updated 02/14/06


Weasley Birthdays  ( Reviews: 4 )
Family portrait of the Weasleys annotated with birthday information from the HP Lexicon
Uploaded 05/18/06

Something Large and Scaly  ( Reviews: 6 )
Harry and Ron met with a rather disturbing sight when they attempted to take their usual shortcut behind the tapestry....

(illustration for HBP chapter 14)
Uploaded 05/16/06

My Little Porlock  ( Reviews: 13 )
Illustration for St Margarets's excellent story "Roger and Lisa: A Romance"
Uploaded 05/11/06

Viktor Says Goodbye  ( Reviews: 2 )
An illustration to accompany my story of the same title.
Uploaded 03/29/06

Dumbledore's Army  ( Reviews: 11 )
Watercolor/mixed media illustration of the first meeting of the DA
Uploaded 03/23/06

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