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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 158
Name: BeckiebooTwo
Professors' Bookshelf: No


Adorus Lovicus  ( Reviews: 39 )
It's Valentines Day and Ron's got a crush on Hermione, but does she feel the same way? This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."
Last updated 07/16/02


Bill in Tones  ( Reviews: 7 )
This was a request...I could send it to them so I redid it. This is the original. ^^
Uploaded 07/24/03

Bill Redone  ( Reviews: 6 )
This was a request...I couldn't send it to them so I redid it. This is the 2nd one. ^^ I'm not too happy with it; something doesn't look right, to me.
The hardest part was trying to do the's ok.
Uploaded 07/24/03

Harry  ( Reviews: 16 )
I'm not too fond of this pic, but I'll show it to you all anyway....
This is a pic I entered in a contest. I got 3rd place, I believe. It's sloppy-looking because I had little time and therefore I rushed it. -_-0
Uploaded 07/10/03

Chibi Ron  ( Reviews: 15 )
I did this at an oekaki board. When I started, I hadn't intended on
it being a pic of Ron, but it just reminded me of him. That was when I added his
robe and wand...I like how gave it that Painter cool on my part. ^^
Uploaded 05/22/03

Twins  ( Reviews: 16 )
These are my two favorite people, Fred and George! Aren't they just lovely? I thought this pic would look best in black and white, so it is! I hope to do better next time. ^_~
Uploaded 03/22/03

Sirius  ( Reviews: 21 )
I drew this picture a long, long time ago and fortunately, I have improved my drawing skills since then. I did this in Photoshop6 and I do like the way I colored his jacket. GO SIRIUS!
Uploaded 03/12/03

Chibi Draco  ( Reviews: 7 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Ginny  ( Reviews: 5 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Harry, Ron, and Hermione  ( Reviews: 16 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Ickle Ronniekins  ( Reviews: 12 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

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