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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 24
Name: Durayan
Professors' Bookshelf: Yes


Magical Hair Police  ( Reviews: 17 )
Thing1 gives Remus a haircut... This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."
Last updated 07/17/02

It's a Dog's Life  ( Reviews: 9 )
Padfoot goes to the vet. This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."
Last updated 07/14/02


Remus and Tonks  ( Reviews: 16 )
Tonks has been brewing about in my head, but I've never actually finished a picture with her until now. And, no, I really don't think the scars
across Remus' face are canon, but I did like them here, so left them in. Mostly, I just wanted to try and capture the relationship between these two characters.
Uploaded 08/18/06

Dumbledore's Portrait  ( Reviews: 100 )
Dumbledore was slumbering in a golden frame over the desk, his half-moon spectacles perched upon his crooked nose, looking peaceful and untroubled.
Uploaded 08/05/05

In the Cupboard Under the Stairs  ( Reviews: 29 )
Harry in his cupboard under the stairs.
Uploaded 06/09/05

Solitary Supper  ( Reviews: 32 )
A picture of Black as he was in OotP. Grimmauld Place was as much a prison as any could be, with it's own dark memories for Sirius. Done in ink and and in photoshop.
Uploaded 09/09/03

Thestral  ( Reviews: 42 )
Harry flying the Thestral in the race to get to Sirius Black while there is still time. Photoshop.
Uploaded 07/07/03

Sorrow  ( Reviews: 94 )
Harry, after the events in The Order of the Phoenix. Some things will never be the same again.
Uploaded 07/01/03

Young Argus Filch  ( Reviews: 27 )
A youthful Argus Filch. In his apprentice years. Have I mentioned what wonderful stories Ozma has written about the crusty old caretaker? That she's made him wonderfully real? This picture is done in Photoshop.
Uploaded 03/05/03

Diabolical  ( Reviews: 40 )
"Suddenly, the smoky halo around Snape’s head seemed neither humorous nor undignified. Instead he looked diabolical." (Another tip of the hat to Ozma and her wonderful Squib stories.)
Uploaded 02/07/03

Brother  ( Reviews: 62 )
Lupin....seized his hand, pulled him to his feet...and embraced Black
like a brother.
Uploaded 12/15/02

Filch and Snape  ( Reviews: 25 )
Snape and Filch in the staffroom after tangling with Fluffy
Uploaded 11/22/02

The Dark Mark  ( Reviews: 38 )
Snape contemplates the error of his ways
Uploaded 10/31/02

Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris  ( Reviews: 33 )
No summary
Uploaded 10/05/02

Magical Hair Police  ( Reviews: 8 )
Thing1 gives Remus a haircut...
Uploaded 07/17/02

Draco  ( Reviews: 10 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Dumbledore  ( Reviews: 16 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Dumbledore  ( Reviews: 48 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Harry  ( Reviews: 8 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Marauders  ( Reviews: 30 )
Sirius, James and Peter have just cornered Remus and told them they know he is a werewolf. Based more or less on the flashback scene in Alphie's "From the Eyes of the Werewolf".
Uploaded 07/16/02

Neville  ( Reviews: 16 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Remus Lupin  ( Reviews: 29 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Ron and Sirius  ( Reviews: 35 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Severus  ( Reviews: 23 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

Sirius Black  ( Reviews: 13 )
Here's Sirius, as he appears in book III. I figure this is Sirius looking up at the business end of Harry's wand.
Uploaded 07/16/02

Sirius Black  ( Reviews: 14 )
(another one)
Uploaded 07/16/02

Snape  ( Reviews: 10 )
From RJ Anderson's excellent "I Will Survive", as he is about to leap off the Astronomy tower to go face Voldemort and certain(?) death.
Uploaded 07/16/02

Young Snape  ( Reviews: 32 )
No summary
Uploaded 07/16/02

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