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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 438
Name: RikaHP
Professors' Bookshelf: No


Ice  ( Reviews: 13 )
When a certain character is faced with a momentous event, he has no idea how it will effect him. This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."
Last updated 05/09/03


Abby & Sirius  ( Reviews: 7 )
A picture of Abby and Sirius from Katinka's "Interwoven" universe.
Uploaded 07/31/04

Penelope In Color  ( Reviews: 7 )
My portrait of Penelope in color. Oil Pastel.
Uploaded 04/07/03

Hex Holmstrom  ( Reviews: 7 )
A portait of Hex from Ara Kane's "Sounds Like A Breakfast Cereal."
Uploaded 04/02/03

A Moment In Time  ( Reviews: 11 )
A standstill during a much needed discussion.
Uploaded 03/30/03

Together  ( Reviews: 10 )
A sixteen year old couple relaxing together.
Uploaded 02/17/03

Buckbeak  ( Reviews: 13 )
A sketch I did a while back of one of Sirius'saviors.
Uploaded 01/22/03

Hermione  ( Reviews: 9 )
No summary
Uploaded 01/22/03

A Happy Christmas  ( Reviews: 9 )
This is my Christmas present to everyone. Happy Christmas Sugar Quill!
Uploaded 12/22/02

Comforting Hermione  ( Reviews: 6 )
A close moment for our favorite couple. Inspired in part by Squin's
"Complete," and by the frequent romantic wanderings of my brain.
Uploaded 12/05/02

Gin  ( Reviews: 7 )
One interpretation of Ginny. I still haven't reached the picture in
my head, but I still like this picture.
Uploaded 12/01/02

Penelope  ( Reviews: 7 )
A young Ravenclaw. I really love this picture, despite that it's a
very rough sketch.
Uploaded 12/01/02

The Fat Lady  ( Reviews: 7 )
A crooked portrait.
Uploaded 11/22/02

Which witch is this?  ( Reviews: 16 )
A witch but, I'm not quite sure who (hence the name). She kind of
forced her way out of my head when I wasn't paying attention.
Uploaded 11/22/02

Goblet of Fire Harry  ( Reviews: 4 )
A quick attempt at a portion of the American cover of Goblet of Fire.
Oil Pastel.
Uploaded 11/14/02

Surprise!  ( Reviews: 11 )
Ron shuts her up quite nicely. Hermione's stunned.
Uploaded 11/11/02

The Burrow  ( Reviews: 13 )
The Weasley family home.
Uploaded 11/11/02

Ron and Hermione  ( Reviews: 10 )
Ron and Hermione holding hands. Not a good scan, I might try it
again later, but I wanted to get this up.
Uploaded 11/10/02

Gryffindor Halloween  ( Reviews: 12 )
A moment of enjoyment for the Gryffindors.
Uploaded 10/27/02

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