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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 574
Name: Ashley
Professors' Bookshelf: No


The Serpent and the Sorceress - Book 2: Puppets and Pawns  ( Reviews: 18 )
A name and a destiny from the distant past are about to be fulfilled.
The Serpent Holder will walk the earth again, but not in a form any of the Order of the Phoenix are prepared for. It is a fight for life and freedom amongst the pawns and puppets as the Order and the Death Eaters enter into a race to find an ancient Selenai artifact – the one Voldemort has hungered after for decades. In the midst of this, an unlikely alliance is formed when Arienne Jacobs learns that Severus Snape shares more of her secret heritage than she imagined. Together the two Professors return to Egypt, Arienne’s childhood home, in an attempt to seek out the Serpent, unaware that they are being propelled by malevolent forces more ancient and powerful than Voldemort could ever wish to be. This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
Last updated 08/28/07

The Serpent and the Sorceress - Book 1: Shadows Rising  ( Reviews: 51 )
Voldemort has returned, of this there is no question. The wizarding world is in chaos, and the Ministry in shambles. Unknown to all except for select few is the operation of a secret group in the depths of Hogwarts, a group who recognizes that the fate of the world cannot rest on the shoulders of a 15-year-old boy alone. In an effort to redeem himself and cleanse his past, Severus Snape enters
into a plot that may save the light or end his life - a risk he’s willing to take. At the same time, Arienne Jacobs, a haunted young woman with a brutal past, joins
the faculty of Hogwarts as the DADA Teacher. A dangerous game is being laid out before the world – who will win and who will submit to the rising shadows has yet to be determined. This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
Last updated 07/26/05


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