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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 719
Name: Shooting Star
Professors' Bookshelf: No


The Song of Sir Cadogan  ( Reviews: 26 )
A short *modest* poem by Sir Cadogan This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."
Last updated 02/21/04


Harry plunging the basilisk tooth into Riddle's diary  ( Reviews: 18 )
After rereading CoS, I thought I'd draw an inky picture... Riddle was very hard to draw "writhing and flailing" so I had to kind of adapt him... and make him collapse etc. Any suggestions as to what I should have done with him welcome!!!
Uploaded 08/08/04

Mad Eye Moody's glass eye  ( Reviews: 18 )
Set during Order of the Phoenix during the battle at the Ministry of Magic, Moody's glass eye goes spinning across the floor.
Uploaded 07/27/04

The doodlings of James Potter  ( Reviews: 25 )
"James, who was now doodling on a bit of scrap parchment. He had drawn and Snitch and was now tracing the letters 'L.E.'."
(It's on the back of some revision notes....!)
Uploaded 06/08/04

Luna Lovegood  ( Reviews: 25 )
A sketch of Luna on the Hogwarts Express, reading the Quibbler.
Uploaded 06/07/04

Professor Boggart Snape  ( Reviews: 9 )
"If all goes well, Professor Boggart Snape will be forced into that vulture-topped hat, that green dress, that big red handbag." ( I know Snape looks young, and very girly, but ah well, he is wearing a dress....)
Uploaded 05/30/04

Rough Sketch of Moony  ( Reviews: 10 )
A quick sketch of Lupin! Though unfortunately he doesn't have a mouth....!
Uploaded 05/30/04

Hourglasses  ( Reviews: 7 )
No summary
Uploaded 02/20/04

The Thestrals  ( Reviews: 24 )
An ink drawing of a thestral soaring through the air!!!
Uploaded 09/13/03

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