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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 723
Name: Kate
Professors' Bookshelf: No


No stories by this author in database


Watching Hermione  ( Reviews: 59 )
This is the closest I have come to drawing the Ron I
see in my head when I read the books. Not that I don't adore Rupert
of course, but this Ron was in my head before the films. :~)
Uploaded 03/12/05

Trio Snowball fight  ( Reviews: 27 )
An illustration of Harry, Hermione and Ron in the midst
of a snowball fight.
Done for one of the challenges over at Live Journal.
Uploaded 02/10/05

Happy 4th Birthday SugarQuill  ( Reviews: 26 )
a Happy Birthday tribute to the Quill. :~)
Uploaded 01/10/05

Celtic Marauders  ( Reviews: 47 )
This picture was originally inspired by a Live Journal
challenge (the Old West), but veered off topic all by itself. ;~P I
started drawing them as Indians, but the minute I put the antlers on
Prongs he became the Celtic god Cernunnos to me. So I couldn't make
him anything other than a Celt! While I was finishing the pic it also
occurred to me that his glasses could be made to give the impression
of owl eyes. (any Dark is Rising readers while know what I'm referring
to there. :~D)
That said, my favourite here is definately Sirius! XD
(ps: make sure you take note of the shadows! ;~) )
Uploaded 01/07/05

Celtic Marauders CLOSEUP  ( Reviews: 36 )
A closeup version so you can see some of the detail in
their faces a little better. :~)
Uploaded 01/07/05

Malfoy Family Portrait  ( Reviews: 95 )
GiftArt for one of my first fannish friends. Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco. Narcissa was based on a mix of Juliet Landau (who will always be Bellatrix in my mind) and Jenny Agutter. Lucius is of course Jason Isaacs and Draco a slightly aged up Tom Felton.
Uploaded 12/25/04

Happy Birthday Bill!  ( Reviews: 58 )
This was inspired by JK's revelation that Bill's birthday is November
29. I'd love to know what year he was born...
Uploaded 11/30/04

Remus and Elizabeth  ( Reviews: 18 )
This is a scene from Fernwithy's brilliant story, Lines of Descent.
this scene is from Chapter 3, where Remus and Elizabeth discuss the facts of
lycanthropic life.
Uploaded 11/18/04

Godric Gryffindor  ( Reviews: 60 )
This was done for a fanart HP card set being put together by a group of artists on LiveJournal. I was concerned that he looked a bit 'Gandalfy' myself, but I had to put the Sorting Hat on his head, so there you go. ;~)
Uploaded 10/29/04

God Rest Ye Merry Hippogryffs!  ( Reviews: 49 )
A Christmas Wallpaper I made on the spur of the moment. Decided that I didn't have enough Sirius art in my HP collection!

I made what I thought was a concerted effort NOT to draw him looking like Jesus (which was the biggest complaint I got for my last Sirius), but now he looks very 'Aragorny' to me. ;~P

Ah well. Still sexy from a certain point of view. XD Hope you enjoy it.
Uploaded 10/15/04

Harry  ( Reviews: 37 )
Here's the closeup of Harry from the "Daddy's Girl" illo.
Uploaded 10/08/04

Hope  ( Reviews: 23 )
Here's a closeup of the wee baby (Hope) from the Daddy's Girl illo.

For those who have asked, the original picture was quite large - A3 (16"x12").
Uploaded 10/05/04

Daddy's Girl  ( Reviews: 107 )
This was commissioned for a fic in which Harry and Ginny (just out of
Hogwarts) have a baby. In the picture, Harry is trying to cheer up the grumpy baby
by singing and dancing with her.
Fully rendered in Photoshop.
The fic is by Drie and can be found at
Uploaded 10/02/04

Sunday Morning  ( Reviews: 44 )
An illo for my own story! :~) Which you can find here-
And you'll find a closeup of Ron's hairy chin here - if you're interested. ;~D
Uploaded 09/29/04

Ginny  ( Reviews: 84 )
This is a closeup from a larger pic which I'll be posting shortly. Ginny is about 18yo.
Uploaded 09/27/04

The Very Secret Diary  ( Reviews: 59 )
This pic was a sort of 'stream of consciousness' thing, sketched
while I listened to Stephen Fry read the last chapters of CoS. I was actually
surprised by the eager look in 'posessed' Ginny's eyes as I thought she'd look more
fearful. Tom's influence I guess. ;~)
The colour was added later in Photoshop.
Uploaded 05/01/04

Dumbledore's Army. Luna.  ( Reviews: 38 )
This is the last of the Dumbledore's Army close-ups. As I mentioned before, I won't be posting the entire picture here because it was done for the Wizard Cards at mugglenet. It is up at my website though - in the web album showing its progress from sketch to final.
Uploaded 04/23/04

Dumbledore's Army. Ron.  ( Reviews: 65 )
Ron from the Dumbledore's Army illo.
Uploaded 04/14/04

Dumbledore's Army Hermione  ( Reviews: 48 )
Hermione from the DA illo.

For those of you looking for my website-
but there's more art here-
Uploaded 04/09/04

Dumbledore's Army Neville  ( Reviews: 63 )
another closeup from the DA pic.
Uploaded 04/06/04

Dumbledore's Army Ginny  ( Reviews: 84 )
Closeup of Ginny from the Dumbledore's Army illustration.
Uploaded 04/01/04

Dumbledore's Army Harry  ( Reviews: 87 )
This is a closeup of Harry from an illustration of Dumbledore's Army.

It was done in Photoshop using a wacom tablet.
Uploaded 03/28/04

Keeper and Seeker  ( Reviews: 47 )
This was an image that popped into my head a little while ago and has
been hassling for me to draw it ever since. Sixth or Seventh Year Ron and Harry
after a successful game of Quidditch. (and maybe looking so happy cos they just
whupped Malfoy's arse?!) muahahaahahah!
*grins wickedly* There's a nice little challenge for all you writers out there
maybe? Write a fic to fit the pic....
Uploaded 02/04/04

Umbridge and the Centaurs  ( Reviews: 71 )
"Over the plunging, many-coloured backs and heads of the centaurs,
Harry saw Umbridge being borne away through the trees by Bane. Screaming non-stop,
her voice grew fainter and fainter until they could no longer hear it...."
OotP pg 666 UK edition.
Uploaded 01/16/04

Harry & Cho under the mistletoe  ( Reviews: 73 )
Another digital illo :~)

Chapter 21
'I really like you, Harry.'...She was much too close. He could see evey tear
clinging to her eyelashes... OotP. pg403 UK edition.
Uploaded 01/10/04

The Snape who (almost) Stole Christmas wallpaper  ( Reviews: 47 )
This is my very first wallpaper!!
It was inspired by Suburban House Elf's delicious verse - "The Snape who (almost)
Stole Xmas", and was done for a comp. over at With SHE's blessing, I might add! (Hope you like it, Pauline! :~D)
This is the smaller version. Feel free to contact me at if you want the larger version.
Merry Christmas all! :~D
Uploaded 12/17/03

Molly and Sirius  ( Reviews: 74 )
Chapter Header for ch5- Order of the Phoenix.
Uploaded 11/10/03

Kreacher's Christmas Present  ( Reviews: 53 )
Here's a pic I did for the OotP art challenge at Phoenixtears. It's
the scene (at Grimmauld Plc) where Hermione delivers Kreacher's Xmas present and Harry notices the 'rescued' photo of Bellatrix Black. Once again, this was rendered with Copic markers and gouache.
Uploaded 11/04/03

The Quibbler  ( Reviews: 32 )
Chapter Header for OotP ch26 Seen and Unforseen. March edition of
the Quibbler.
Uploaded 10/20/03

The Quibbler  ( Reviews: 17 )
Chapter Header for OotP ch26 Seen and Unforseen. March edition of
the Quibbler.
Uploaded 10/20/03

Harry Potter  ( Reviews: 61 )
Self-explanatory I hope. :~) Actually this is the primary pic behind what will become the front cover of 'The Quibbler'. Hence the funny little
smile. The book described him as 'grinning sheepishly', but I'm afraid that expression just did NOT go with the headline so...

Stay tuned for the front cover style version. :~)
Uploaded 10/17/03

The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black  ( Reviews: 79 )
Header for Chapter 6.
Uploaded 10/17/03

It's a Girl  ( Reviews: 203 )
This pic was inspired by the monthly fanart challenge - "Weasleys in the Burrow".
(for those not sure, the pic runs-Charlie, Fred, George, Ginny, Molly, Ron, Arthur, Percy, & Bill)
Hope you like! :~)
PS: It was rendered with Copic Markers and gouache.
Uploaded 09/22/03

Number 12 Grimmauld Place  ( Reviews: 52 )
or more appropriately, "Harry rants!" while Ron and Hermione look... hurt? Miffed?

Hope you all like my take on Ron and Hermione. They are largely based on the actors. With a little licence on my part to make them look 15.
Uploaded 09/18/03

"Enough 'effing' owls!"  ( Reviews: 65 )
Chapter Header for Chapter 2 Order of the Phoenix - A Peck of Owls.
Uploaded 09/15/03

The Advance Guard  ( Reviews: 44 )
No summary
Uploaded 09/15/03

Dudley Demented  ( Reviews: 55 )
No summary
Uploaded 09/14/03

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