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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 841
Name: sveltskye
Professors' Bookshelf: No


No stories by this author in database


The Wizard King  ( Reviews: 23 )
This is an illustration, or perhaps more like a header for Ara Kane's
amazing AU fic, The Wizard King. Your basic collage of medieval junk, but look
closer and you'll notice some Harry Potter touches- The Dark Mark, the Hogwarts emblem, a wand...
Uploaded 07/22/04

Scars  ( Reviews: 20 )
Hey all! I know its been forever since I posted any art, but hopefully I can be forgiven for my buziness. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed me so far (long live the RLA! ;)) This is an illustration of my Net Buddy and (well, kind of) neighbor, Night Zephyr's fic, Endangered Species (psst... go read it- 170 reviewers can't be wrong). I think
a quote could describe the scene better than me, so:

"She’d managed to pull the right cuff back to his elbow while he was considering her idea.

“Hermione--” he said tensely...

“It’s okay. I’m just looking.” Her attention focused on his forearm again, where she held it warmly by the back of his wrist and turned it gently from side to side to see the pattern of the scars." -Chapter 5, Surprises and Scars.
Uploaded 07/13/04

Young Molly Weasley  ( Reviews: 29 )
A pencil drawing based off of my adorable and wonderfully photogenic
friend, Missy.
Uploaded 05/17/04

Yule Ball Hermione  ( Reviews: 21 )
Another Yule Ball drawing, this time done in pencil. Based off of
myself again, although this one looks less like me.
Uploaded 05/17/04

Ginny at the Yule Ball (Colored Pencil)  ( Reviews: 54 )
I think she looks kind of bittersweet, because it's the moment at the ball when she realizes she has to move on from Harry.
Uploaded 05/15/04

Ginny at the Yule Ball (Watercolor)  ( Reviews: 23 )
Here is Ginny in watercolor!
A few off topic notes:
-Go see my friend WillLupinSiriuslyLoveMe?'s art. She just uploaded for the first
time and is siriusly good. :) Her pics should be up soon.
-Also sometimes I answer my reviews, so if you have reviewed me, you might want to
check back
Uploaded 05/15/04

Hermione  ( Reviews: 46 )
I thought my hair was having a particularily Hermione-ish day today,
so I decided to draw this portrait off the only model I can afford- me. This one, unlike Cho, actually looks quite a bit like me. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my mirror, who provided endless support throughout this process.
Uploaded 05/06/04

Colored pencil Mother and Child  ( Reviews: 30 )
Yay! It's in color, or as some might say "In Living Color" :P Lily and Harry look a little less like Mary and Jesus, I think. I tried to make it kind of 70's in the coloring 70's, with Lily's ugly brown-orange sweater & everything :).
Uploaded 04/25/04

Ludo Bagman  ( Reviews: 9 )
Another one from my HP Dictionary series. I think I matched his
description pretty well. That's supposed to be his gut at the bottom, I modeled it
after my dad's- no jk, but shh don't tell him I said that...^_^
Uploaded 04/25/04

Mother and Child  ( Reviews: 19 )
Lily and Harry in a private moment.
This was based off an astonishingly beautiful drawing of the madonna and child, so I can't take credit for the beauty of the composition (although Mary obviously wasn't in bell bottoms :)) I hope Harry doesn't look to funny- babies are hard to draw.
Uploaded 04/25/04

Chamber Ginny  ( Reviews: 16 )
This is an older one that I drew a year or so ago of Ginny during the
events of Chamber of Secrets. No, she doesn't look good- would you if you were
being possessed by a psychopathic murderer? Think Arabella's The Very Secret Diary; I was trying to capture that desperate, haunted feeling on her face.
Uploaded 04/15/04

Fleur Delacour  ( Reviews: 40 )
A quick pencil sketch of Fleur. I tried to give her a little more of
a "Frenchy" beauty (and no, I don't mean the Grease character!) because from what I
observed from my few years in high school French, they seem to have a slightly
different standard of beauty than the American or British. Oh, and before someone tells me her arms are fat- she just has very wide sleeves. :D That's my story, anyways, and I'm sticking to it.
Uploaded 04/15/04

Sporty Cho  ( Reviews: 26 )
This actually started out as attempt to draw a portrait of Hermione
from an old self portrait I had done, but she was looking decidedly asian so I let
it morph to Cho instead (my drawings have a mind of their own, I'll tell you).
Don't get confused, though- I don't look a bit like this.
Uploaded 04/15/04

Ron and Hermione on the Hogwarts Express  ( Reviews: 58 )
It's two o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep. What is there left to do? Draw fluffy R/H scenes!

I want to give a nice big shout out to everyone who's taken the time to review me so far. You're all wonderful- thank you so much!
Uploaded 04/11/04

Bartemius Crouch Jr.  ( Reviews: 11 )
And now, for our final convict of the day... Don't you just want to
smack that puppy dog expression off his face?
Uploaded 04/07/04

Cedric Diggory  ( Reviews: 18 )
The next few pictures are from a little project that me and my friend
decided to do; a "dictionary" of all the Harry Potter characters. The originals
were drawn in pen in a tiny book about 1x2 inches. I selected some of my favorites, printed them out and watercolored them, so here's the first: Cedric Diggory!
Uploaded 04/07/04

Cho Chang  ( Reviews: 20 )
No summary
Uploaded 04/07/04

Fleur Delacour  ( Reviews: 23 )
No summary
Uploaded 04/07/04

Ginny Weasley  ( Reviews: 14 )
No summary
Uploaded 04/07/04

Hermione Granger  ( Reviews: 11 )
Luna's antithesis, hehe ^_^. The colors in this one remind me of the Sanrio toys- am I crazy? Hope you enjoy her "bushy, bushy hair", as it's decribed in silverpheonix's parodies.
Uploaded 04/07/04

Luna Lovegood  ( Reviews: 8 )
I'm really pleased with how she turned out. And I couldn't resist
putting a certain object in the background :)
Uploaded 04/07/04

Mark Evans  ( Reviews: 9 )
I've never seen any interpretations of the elusive Mark before, but
my friend liked this one, so I decided to submit it. Is he *really* Harry's
relative? Or is he just some random strange looking kid with a pouchy mouth and really green eyes? You be the judge!
Uploaded 04/07/04

Michael Corner  ( Reviews: 10 )
What, did you expect him to be ugly? Ginny knows how to pick the cute
ones! (and Cho, but we won't mention *her* ^_^) Yes, he looks a lot like Ginny. I didn't plan it, but that's the way he turned out.
Uploaded 04/07/04

Sirius Black  ( Reviews: 14 )
I'm pleased with this one. He looks very worn and weary and
convict-like, as he should be.
Uploaded 04/07/04

Stubby Boardman  ( Reviews: 10 )
Of the Luna Lovegood Quibbler fame. Contrast this one to the real Sirius, it's quite interesting. And sad :(
Uploaded 04/07/04

Young Sirius Black  ( Reviews: 13 )
I've never really had the hots for Sirius, but I swear, I fell in
love with this picture when I was painting it. It's something about that hair falling into his eyes, and that smirk, and those eyes...*drools* Hope you like it as much as I do :)
Uploaded 04/07/04

Ginny  ( Reviews: 23 )
Medium: Watercolor. This is for GinnyAuror for being so KEWL.
Thanks for your support!
Uploaded 03/29/04

Ginny and Harry  ( Reviews: 19 )
Watercolor and ink. I sketched this while listening to the Cars's
song "Just What I Needed", which reminds me a little of H/G. Don't ask what's up
with Harry's expression- I really don't know ^_^
Uploaded 03/29/04

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  ( Reviews: 26 )
Someone said that my SS cover was creepy,and I liked that, so I tried
to make this one even creepier while keeping some of the motifs from before.
There's also a bit of an I Spy in this- can *you* find all four snakes? ;)
Uploaded 03/29/04

Lily and James on their wedding day  ( Reviews: 10 )
No summary
Uploaded 03/29/04

Ron and Hermione under the mistletoe  ( Reviews: 9 )
This is a sketch I did of the mistletoe scene from Ellyse's "In Winter they Burn" - everybody together now: Aww!
Uploaded 03/29/04

Rositza  ( Reviews: 8 )
My interpretation of Viktor Krum's love interest in Elanor Gamgee's Moody Slavic Man II: Bright in the Azure Sky.
Uploaded 03/29/04

Young Remus Lupin  ( Reviews: 15 )
Our favorite werewolf, fresh from transformation. Dedicated to Heather, who LUVS Lupin. Medium: Ink and pencil.
Uploaded 03/29/04

Alice Longbottom  ( Reviews: 13 )
A sketch of Neville's mother I did while I was supposed to be doing my Chem homework ^_^. That's why you'll notice she has a few equations running across her.
Uploaded 03/06/04

Lavender and Parvati  ( Reviews: 12 )
A drawing of Lavender and Parvati, who obviously know something you
don't. They're kind of funny looking, but I really like this one because I think it captures their personality well. Done in colored pencil
Uploaded 03/06/04

Neville Longbottom  ( Reviews: 13 )
Aww...Someone needs a hug! I just adore Neville. This was inspired by TyCelchu's fic "Neville Longbottom and the Boy Who Lived", one of the best Neville fics I've read.
Uploaded 03/06/04

Ron and Hermione dancing  ( Reviews: 111 )
This is a illustration of Chapter 8 (Dinner and Dancing) of Silver Pheonix's fabulous fic, Bury the Hatchet. Go read it now! Medium: Watercolor.
Uploaded 03/06/04

The Surprise Kiss  ( Reviews: 28 )
Inspired by an adorable L/J fic called "She's More" by Princess Kate.
Colored pencil.
Uploaded 02/29/04

Vice Versa  ( Reviews: 12 )
The second of my "kissy fics" ^_^. Ginny takes Harry by surprise.
Uploaded 02/29/04

Bill and Fleur  ( Reviews: 19 )
Heh. This one's kind of funny. It's a colored pencil drawing of
Bill and Fleur, but it turned out looking a lot like the cover of a romance novel. Which now that I think about it, is pretty appropriate...
Uploaded 02/26/04

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone  ( Reviews: 17 )
My original SS cover. Unfortunatly I ran out of room to put JKR's name. So just so you know, it's written by JK Rowling.
Uploaded 02/26/04

Ginny in her Best Dress  ( Reviews: 53 )
An color pencil illustration of Ginny Weasley. She's supposed to be about 5 or 6.
Uploaded 02/20/04

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