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Dumbledore's Army
Authorid: 894
Name: Snooty Bob
Professors' Bookshelf: No


Hermione Granger and the Elephant of Surprise  ( Reviews: 4 )
If you are ten years old and it suddenly seems that you have magical powers it's reasonable to expect a bit of sceptical resistance from the world. Even if your parents are the kindest and most loving people, they might look for other less flattering explanations to why you seem to constantly break things and land yourself in all sorts of trouble. How can you convince people that only believe in
what they know, that you are doing what's impossible, when you don't even know how you do it? This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."
Last updated 01/28/06

Last Night I Dreamt I Went in Slytherin Again  ( Reviews: 16 )
It is the summer after the Chamber of Secrets was opened and Ginny
Weasley is plagued by frightening dreams. Her family is quite concerned by her trauma. However, the dreams are not about Tom Riddle. They are about being sorted into Slytherin and speaking Parseltongue and about several thousand years old Egyptian snake wizards powerful enough to make a Dementor dance a can-can if they want to, at least according to Luna Lovegood. What happened during the Weasleys' visit to Egypt? Who is the strange witch in the dream and what does she want Ginny
to do? Will her classmates always think of Ginny as the girl who opened the Chamber of Secrets and let the Basilisk loose? Being selected for special potions classes for gifted and ambitious students or getting into a fight with the most popular girl in her year doesnít seem to help things. With all the pressure building in the Gryffindor tower and Sirius Black trying to break in and murder the boy she is in
love with, a boy who hardly notices she exists, is it so strange Ginny Weasley sometimes dreams she was sorted in Slytherin? This story was written prior to the release of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."
Last updated 07/29/04


Youíre such a beautiful little dog, arenít you?  ( Reviews: 19 )
An illustration from Last Night I Dreamt I Went in Slytherin Again - Chapter Three. Luna Lovegood and Sirius Black.
(I Wonder If...)
Uploaded 06/29/04

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