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Reviews for: Bellatrix Black
Review(s): 43

Reviewer: Threstral RiderDate: 2007-09-04
Reviewid: 149163Chapter: 0
You did super! She looks so good. I wish I could draw like you!

Reviewer: Solarius ScorchDate: 2005-04-10
Reviewid: 119184Chapter: 0
A fascinating picture, very touching... She's apparently very young here, which makes the effect particularly troubling. I expected some regular goth girl, but what I found... This is someone totally different. A person of power, definitely. Great work.

Reviewer: Tabitha H.Date: 2005-03-19
Reviewid: 117131Chapter: 0
This is good. Looks like a girl that I used to babysit... which is rather frightening now that I think of it...

Reviewer: Sana JonDate: 2005-02-10
Reviewid: 113444Chapter: 0
Hmmm... so what is she, 15? ;)

Reviewer: aylaDate: 2005-02-07
Reviewid: 113158Chapter: 0
hey, that kinda looks like janet jackson. i like this pic, alot!

Reviewer: NishaDate: 2005-02-01
Reviewid: 112626Chapter: 0
Hey, that looks kind of like Bonnie Wright in the CoS movie!!

Great pic!

Reviewer: PlancksDate: 2004-12-03
Reviewid: 106779Chapter: 0
very nice, but she still looks crazy enough to be a killer.

Reviewer: ellieDate: 2004-11-10
Reviewid: 104163Chapter: 0
Woah, that's good, i love her, that's a good picture! The expression on her face is great!!!!

Reviewer: ShardWingDate: 2004-08-17
Reviewid: 97583Chapter: 0
Absolutley stunning. Your shading is so unique, I don't quie know how to describe it. Very, very nicely done;)


Reviewer: MonikaDate: 2004-05-30
Reviewid: 85270Chapter: 0
AH HA! So You CAN draw!And pretty good too.

Reviewer: SeasprayDate: 2004-05-29
Reviewid: 85173Chapter: 0
Nice.. grumpy. Hair not how I imagined it though. I would think it would be more thick and luxurious. Anyhow an interesting take on Bella, and a wonderful drawing.

Reviewer: LizDate: 2004-05-29
Reviewid: 85136Chapter: 0
This is simply fabulous! I love how you portrayed her NOT as a cold blooded killer, and the look in her eyes just captures hurt and betrayal. Great drawing, I love your shading!

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2004-05-27
Reviewid: 84786Chapter: 0
Wow. I think you really hit her character. I can see how she could be beautiful; and I can see how she might mature, and how she would look, eventually, after escaping Azkaban. This is a wonderful picture. You have talent.

Reviewer: AmandaDate: 2004-05-27
Reviewid: 84766Chapter: 0
wow. it's amazing. it almost looks like a real person that you had pose for the picture.

Reviewer: AerinDate: 2004-05-27
Reviewid: 84757Chapter: 0
Wow! I just love the expression in her eyes and just the whole gesture on her face. It's as if she's in the midst of moving and has just been captured on paper (which is very nice, by the way.) The eyes are just lovely and expresses everything wonderfully. You can write and draw exceptionally.


Reviewer: Susan LynnDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83720Chapter: 0
This is an amazing illustration. You've captured both her physical beauty and her troubled soul. Please continue to share your artistic and literary talents with us at the Quill!

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83709Chapter: 0
Very interesting expression in those eyes...good work!

Reviewer: Lady CrowDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83695Chapter: 0
I like this very much! She looks sad...or confused...

Reviewer: JulietDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83651Chapter: 0
this is an awesome illustration. the shadows are not overdone and the expression is perfect. kudos.

Reviewer: Lil' MoonyDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83636Chapter: 0
Wow. I really like it. I never really thought about Bellatrix as a teen, but I think you captured the way she might have looked as a teenager perfectly! Hope to see more from you!

Reviewer: TeeDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83621Chapter: 0
Just wanted to drop a note to say I love this pic. She looks pretty actually but there is the aura of being evil behind those eyes. Good job!

Reviewer: CRAZ1Date: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83611Chapter: 0
It's really good, but looks a little like Sandra Bullock to me

Reviewer: h-kitty/sueDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83610Chapter: 0
Wow, thanks! It's interesting to hear all the different people this picture reminds you of--everyone from Victoria Beckham to Cho! (Although I'm not sure that she looks Asianish enough for Cho :) Angel Street, I remember you, even though I haven't been on fanfiction for the longest time! And Cassandra, Bellatrix's last name was Black before she married Rodolphus Lestrange, as Sirius says in OotP. Her sisters were Narcissa and Andromeda Black. And I titled this picture "Bellatrix Black" because I specifically wanted to show teenage Bellatrix, before she married Lestrange and became a murderer.

Thanks again for the support, it makes me feel warm and happy inside!

Reviewer: CassandraDate: 2004-05-20
Reviewid: 83595Chapter: 0
Her last name is lestrange, not black. Nice pic though.

Reviewer: TheaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83586Chapter: 0
Tis is really good! All the detail and shading, the hair and eyes look awsome.

Reviewer: Erica VeeDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83577Chapter: 0
Oh wow, you captured her perfectly. Very close to my mental image of her, and the shading is absoulutely wonderful.

Reviewer: Angel StreetDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83575Chapter: 0
I very much like your drawings. Do more please. More more more! (yup, same me who goes on Fanfiction - ;) )

Reviewer: Antonia EastDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83560Chapter: 0
It is a beautiful picture, although to me she looks sad. I wonder if Bellatrix feels sad ever?? She does seem a bit vulnerable. And please don't take this badly, as I love the picture and can't stop looking at it- but she reminds me slightly of Victoria Beckham. If she ever looked vulnerable!

Reviewer: AgiVegaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83550Chapter: 0
That's cool. Reminds me of Wednesday Addams for some reason ;)

Reviewer: BethDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83540Chapter: 0
Nice! She looks really evil and kind of insane (which I bet she is! I hate Bellatrix!) The shading's fantastic. The eyes are perfect. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: JohannaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83515Chapter: 0
Oh, pretty! I love the eyes. She looks a bit like that red-headed singer in that Russian duo (Tatu, I think?). Very nice work on the lips.

Reviewer: Joey PotterDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83513Chapter: 0
She looks like a girl from myold school, who was actually called Isabella - it must be something with those "Bella"-names that make people bi - I mean, not-so-pleasant people.
Great drawing, especially the nose and the lips - and I also like how the eyes are looking away, not directly at the "camera".

Reviewer: SharonDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83506Chapter: 0
This is really, really nice. It doesn't matter that it is not entirely "literal"--it is very evocative and bold, just like the character herself and it is more powerful for the fact that it isn't overly smoothed out. It is a little "fantastical," just like Bellatrix, and her expression is complex--just like Bellatrix would probably have been at that age.

The only thing I might suggest by way of "review" is to look at it for a while and consider a little (only a little!) more modeling of the space under the jawline on her right/our left, to suggest the space between hair and neck and the shape of the side of her neck and throad. What I'm suggesting is a really small, subtle adjustment, only a few loose strokes--nothing major!--and it should carry only part way down (up to 1/3, I'd say) from the jawline. You wouldn't want to take it all the way to the bottom of the throat because that would result in too much definition/distract attention and your composition at the bottom of the drawing is lovely as it is/shouldn't be disrupted. The scumbly edge of the hair on the left also is fine just as it is now--it's perfect; so if you deepen the shading "under" the hair, start just to the right of that area. Again, this recommendation is for a really *small* adjustment. If you don't want to change it, just ignore my suggestion because the picture is already terrific as it is.

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83464Chapter: 0
She looks bored. I know she's supposed to be Bellatrix, but I almost see intermittent wave stage Cho Chang accepting Cedric's death. A link? probably not :-p

Reviewer: BrytniDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83442Chapter: 0
I love this. Sue me, but I kind of think it looks like a younger Umbridge. Maybe it's the "I-have-dung-under-my-nose" look, I dunno. But excellent job!

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83430Chapter: 0
She's beautiful, but you can tell she's a little unhinged inside. ;) Beautiful shading on the face. Good job!

Reviewer: TheQuiltedWunderbeastDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83423Chapter: 0
ooh I love this version of Bellatrix! You can tell she's pretty but you sort of get the impression that she would be absolutely gorgeous if she would just smile. Love it.

Reviewer: ?Date: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83419Chapter: 0
She reminds me slightly of an insect, but I like your style... kinda.

Reviewer: shiowhueyDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83415Chapter: 0
hehe she looks cute!

Reviewer: AdeleDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83414Chapter: 0
It's quite lovely! Her lips are extraordinary. And that ... almost scornful look on her face ... no, more like an indifferent, uncaring expression ... it's wonderfully captured. Excellent job!

Reviewer: MallaryDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83408Chapter: 0
I love this. Very impressive! You definitely have the "teenager" thing down, while still keeping her in character. And she's pretty, as she might have once been in canon.

Reviewer: Emerald WDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83404Chapter: 0
Great job, it looks a lot like Kelly Ripa.

Reviewer: mandyDate: 2004-05-19
Reviewid: 83393Chapter: 0
I love it! You catured the mood perfectly.

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