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Reviews for: Petunia
Review(s): 18

Reviewer: hpgirl42095Date: 2006-04-17
Reviewid: 142002Chapter: 0
Hey, great pic, but the chin makes her look kinda "old"

Reviewer: Grace has VictoryDate: 2006-04-13
Reviewid: 141881Chapter: 0
Okay, first instalment of payment for the peppermint tea ... Do you know, that's just how I picture the young Petunia! It really couldn't be anyone else.

Reviewer: TinkebelliaDate: 2006-03-16
Reviewid: 141002Chapter: 0
i can barely see it

Reviewer: Stacey SheridanDate: 2004-10-13
Reviewid: 101345Chapter: 0
She looks like the model Twiggy. You know the one who was really famous in the seventies, completely gorgeous and died of anorexia? Yeah, that's the one. She's more of how I pictured Lavender Brown, except with longer hair. She's just a bit too gorgeous for the Petunia in my head. You know what would be utterly fantastic? Is if you made a portrait for the lesser characters.(?) You know Parvati, Lavender, Padma, Dean, Seamus, Neville, the Fat Lady? That would be so awesome! You really do have alot of talent, I'd say good luck, but you really don't need good luck because you have talent, which is 100 times better!

Reviewer: fifi gurarriDate: 2004-10-03
Reviewid: 100299Chapter: 0
ahhh yes my child this picture looks like worn photograph of my great grandmother louisa in the civil war except for the fact that louisa had a large mole on top of her right nostril.

Reviewer: DerrahDate: 2004-08-17
Reviewid: 97635Chapter: 0
With the way it's scanned in, it looks like you modeled her after Twiggy.

Reviewer: BlandsaftDate: 2004-08-12
Reviewid: 96899Chapter: 0
young woman? i would hate to see her middle aged then...*shudders* scary thought

Reviewer: ShardWingDate: 2004-08-09
Reviewid: 96534Chapter: 0
OMGosh! She really does look like that actor! Cool!
It's a bit plain, but other than that, you captured her very well! Add some shading to it.


Reviewer: KatieDate: 2004-08-08
Reviewid: 96338Chapter: 0
she's too pretty to be Petunia. she's supposed to have a horse face (like John Kerry) lol

Reviewer: person/humanDate: 2004-08-07
Reviewid: 96244Chapter: 0
this is really good! just a suggestion, after you have the picter exactly the way you want it go over it darker so that the features jump out at you more i love it!

Reviewer: anonymowureohfdosDate: 2004-06-17
Reviewid: 87481Chapter: 0
mmmmmm good. kind of how i pictured her


Reviewer: PhoebeDate: 2004-06-15
Reviewid: 87229Chapter: 0
Wow! that is one amazin piece of work. i love the eyes (as usual) and the cheek bones r gr8!! i seriously love this stuff do more PLZ!!!!
cool work, keep it up (ps i am soz dat i sound like a teacher!)

Reviewer: Not AliceDate: 2004-06-14
Reviewid: 87082Chapter: 0
Maybe it's just my computer, but all I see is a faint mouth, maybe a nose, and eyeballs, thats it. I'm sure it was just your scanner, so next time make the lines darker. Just a tip.

Reviewer: Kate LynnDate: 2004-06-12
Reviewid: 86900Chapter: 0
Oh, I like this. Very nice. I can already see how her face would harden, and the stern look about her feels right. I also like the style of her hair. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Kate Lynn

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-06-11
Reviewid: 86722Chapter: 0
You emphasize her thinness/bonyness very well.
This is an excellent drawing - perhaps her eyes are slightly too large?
I hope you'll share more of your pictures with us!

Reviewer: mdelaurDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86661Chapter: 0
Wow! It looks like she was there to be your model! So real lokking... I love the flip of the hair and the arch of the neck. The eyes really seem to pop out, as well. And ears look as ears should, always an added bonus! Great work!

Reviewer: /lDate: 2004-06-10
Reviewid: 86642Chapter: 0
try outlining it in ink, then we can see it better! but from what i can see, this pic is really good

Reviewer: Godrics_HollowDate: 2004-06-09
Reviewid: 86534Chapter: 0
This is a bit small to see properly but I particularly like the grace of her neck and hairline (if that makes any sense!hehe. Keep it up!

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