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Reviews for: The Wizard King
Review(s): 23

Reviewer: ladym (head of the R.L.A.)Date: 2004-12-06
Reviewid: 107047Chapter: 0
Sorry that ended a little abruptly right there, I had to go. So I don't know why I'm making a whole new review just to say bye, but I am. So, well... that's about it. bye. DRAW. POST. NOW! I miss the randomness and procrastination of the good old days... those days when you actually POSTED!
<3 Lady May, head of R.L.A.

p.s. sorry if these past reviews sounded mean, but I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to... um... get you back on the right track! That's it!

Reviewer: Lady May Head of the R.L.A. (a rhyme by the WAY!)Date: 2004-12-05
Reviewid: 106956Chapter: 0
It's been like a YEAR. Sort of. Do you realize it's almost CHRISTMAS and the last time you posted was JULY???!!!
I miss you... *tear*.
You know that was a touching moment just now. But it's sort of hard to enjoy a touching moment with someone who has been eaten by a giant fluffy BUNNY and has disappeared for the last five months!!!!!!!!!
Please update. As a Christmas present! For meeeeeeeeeeeeee?
CMON CMON DRAW!!!!!! It doesn't matter if it's incredibly stupid or ugly (which it won't be because I mean, it's YOU) just post SOMETHING so I can review and not feel guilty about reviewing the same thing 1000 times and us being to random and forum-y and you will actually notice it and reply back!! Just like the good old days...
SO HURRY UP. Draw R/H under the mistletoe or something NOW.

Reviewer: ClaireDate: 2004-10-10
Reviewid: 100928Chapter: 0
This reminds me of a crystal ball. Pretty-nut. Ginny's hair flowing really helps lead the eye around the composition, and the sword is nicce because it breaks out of the encompassing circle. Cray-zay!
Hey, Sveltie, I heard you cray-zay too, neh? Eh.
You need to do more artwork. What is this slacking off? I commission you to do an artwork of Fred and George attending a joint-band concert with both the weird sisters AND Heather Ann and the Mermaids. That'd be one groovy picture. I wonder if you can handle it? Drawing the twins headbanging might be a bit tricky....

Reviewer: Claire MorganDate: 2004-08-16
Reviewid: 97483Chapter: 0
ps did u see my art online yet???????????!!!!!!!
pps I feel bad Annie I think the "Please Note" written underneath "Write a Review" is because of that awful Heather-Girl.

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-07-27
Reviewid: 94139Chapter: 0
Wow...very interesting, very dark, very good! Your use of shadowing is what I especially like about your work.
Can't wait for your next post!!

Reviewer: onlylonelyDate: 2004-07-26
Reviewid: 94030Chapter: 0
You mixed a very impressive medieval look with the Potterverse things well. The fact that it has such dark shades is really excellent too because it brings to mind the darkness. I can't really see the snake from the skull very well, but it might be the scanner's fault. I love the circle thing (gah, I feel so unintelligent).

You're such a good artist. I hope someday I'll see your work on display. Even if I don't, I'll bet it'll be worth loads one day.

Reviewer: AnnieDate: 2004-07-25
Reviewid: 93947Chapter: 0
Lady Maaaayyy!! You're back! Sorry about the lateness in posting- I had no time for drawing for a while w/ finals and other junk. I'm so happy, I was worried for a while that I'd lost you forever :(. What would the RLA do without its head? Heh, that sounded strange. Now if only GinnyAuror would come back.
Sorry, its really late and I'm tiiiired, but I had to reply to your review. Anyways, to answer your questions, yes, that's supposed to be some kind of variation on Harry's scar, although if I remember right, this fic might not treat the scar exactly the same as the books. Also, I too am an obsessor over beautiful medieval dresses, so I completely understand that. I kind of nicked the design of this one off some picture from google, so it turned out really looking like a medieval dress. Anyways, thanks SOOO much for the review, but don't censor the randomness- I kind of miss it. I need something to make me laugh during my boring days.

Thanks also to everyone else who reviewed!
Jules, you are the sweetest. Your review made me feel so happy and flattered.
mdeladaur, thanks for another great review.
Weasel King, read the fic- then you'll understand the drawing better. Glad you like it though.
Incognito, this actually started out as a pencil fic, but I scanned it in and messed with it in a picture program to get the brownish effect, which I thought looked a lot better. Glad you like it.
Agi Vega- thanks for reviewing me! I didn't think was bizarre when I was drawing it, but I think I like that it gives that impression.
Frankie Beeblebrox- I'm glad that you like The Wizard King as much as I do. I was kind of hoping that maybe she'd be inspired enough to update after this, too. ^_^ Thanks for the review and the other reviews you've given me, too.

Reviewer: ladym (head of the R.L.A.)Date: 2004-07-25
Reviewid: 93922Chapter: 0
Oooooh, pretttty... Now I have to go read this fic. Is that supposed to be Harry's scar on the right, or a lightning bolt, or some other random thing I'm stupid enough to not be able to recognize? I like how it's all swirly and the girl's skirt sort of blends into the swirl. Very cool effect. And by the way, awesome dress! I want it. I have a sort of obsession with midieval and fantasy gowns and dresses and stuff. They're so pretty! But anyways, this is really good. It sort of reminds me of the cover of GoF, just the way there are a bunch of faces and things all bunched together. Except I think yours is better because of the swirly bit. Nice job!

Lady May, head of the R.L.A. (A RHYME!)

p.s. Guess what?? This one wasn't random!!!!! Wasn't it?! I'm so proud of myself!!!!

Reviewer: Ashley MargaretDate: 2004-07-24
Reviewid: 93872Chapter: 0
i love this picture. its very detailed and well created. i wish i could draw that good. please i ask you to keep up the good work.

Reviewer: IncognitoDate: 2004-07-23
Reviewid: 93796Chapter: 0
I just went back and looked at all your other drawings and I can't say i like them very much. This one is way better!!! You've really come a long way. This one is very cool. Can't wait to see what's next!

Reviewer: IncognitoDate: 2004-07-23
Reviewid: 93789Chapter: 0
Whoah, those faces are really good.(Except for the one at the far right) I like the way you just used the brown. What medium is it? What was the purpose of the knights. Was this a school project on the Middle Ages that has HP stuff in it to relieve boredum(how do you spell that?) or what?

Reviewer: AgiVegaDate: 2004-07-23
Reviewid: 93773Chapter: 0
Though I never read that fic, I like the pic. It has a unique feeling... slightly bizarre, but I think that's exactly what makes it look good :)

Reviewer: LauraDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93675Chapter: 0
That is good. I love the way you make things fit into each other. The girl's hair making the slash in the "H", the lighting bolt look like the top of the hat (don't know if that was intentional) but looks fantastic nonetheless.

Reviewer: Weasel KingDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93666Chapter: 0
i really like's just....I don't really understand it. Sorry, but it's really nice!


Reviewer: Frankie BeeblebroxDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93654Chapter: 0
Oooooh. . . how wonderful! WK is one of my fave stories on the site, and I think this picture is absolutely perfect for it. I love your pencil drawings, and this is no exception. . . especially like the flow of the piece, it conveys the idea that things are continually moving, much like in the story. Fabulous, fabulous job. Maybe it will compell her to update the story?? ;-)

Reviewer: KarriDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93640Chapter: 0
That's really really good. I like the way you snuck the hp stuff in.
good job

Reviewer: EricaDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93619Chapter: 0
VERY kewl! The misty/blurry quality is very effective and the composition of it is lovely.

Reviewer: SarahDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93616Chapter: 0
WOW! You are good! I've been following this AU, you are right, it is awesome... and the picture matches the book well! Thank you! I'd love to see more from this AU!

Reviewer: mdelaurDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93561Chapter: 0
OhhOh! Cool yet creepy! Each illustration is amazing by itself and absolutely stunning when complete. Great piece of artwork!

Reviewer: EttareDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93531Chapter: 0
I find this piece simply brilliant. Hope you keep up the great work!

Reviewer: JulesDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93518Chapter: 0
Sveltskye, I'm in awe! Quite literally, my mouth fell open when I pulled this image up. What a beautiful drawing!


Reviewer: Dulcis CaelumDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93512Chapter: 0
That is so cool. I wish i could draw like you, you truly are amazing.

Reviewer: Godrics_HollowDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93501Chapter: 0
wow annie, this is amazing. you can really feel the 3D aspect with its softness and it's well composed and thought out.

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