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Reviews for: Tonks
Review(s): 18

Reviewer: GalenwenDate: 2006-06-30
Reviewid: 143853Chapter: 0
This is one my favorite picture! I think Tonks have nice smile and I just like this very very much. I can't say anything else, sorry!

Reviewer: GalenwenDate: 2006-01-07
Reviewid: 138126Chapter: 0
I think this is priliant! And I don't usually likes fan art but I like this very much. I'm speechless!

Reviewer: JenniferDate: 2004-11-14
Reviewid: 104809Chapter: 0
very much how i imagine tonks to be like. simple, but still tough. very nice. :)

Reviewer: AdaraDate: 2004-10-12
Reviewid: 101132Chapter: 0
This doesn't really look like my mental image of Tonks but I really like it. It's a beutiful picture. Actually it looks just like my aunt when she was a litle younger.

Reviewer: wee meeDate: 2004-09-22
Reviewid: 99015Chapter: 0
isn't her arm pretty skinny?

Reviewer: MeggsDate: 2004-09-18
Reviewid: 98619Chapter: 0
she is very real. a little older then i personally view Tonks, but i like your representation of her. her arms is a bit thin though. Again, love the eyes! i think it's one of the best things you draw!

Reviewer: irishlass/ukDate: 2004-09-18
Reviewid: 98519Chapter: 0
well i like the face but i doesn't remind me of tonks.. the tonks in your drawing has sort of a motherley haircut.. i would expect tonks to having something new and original..the arm is a bit to small in proportion to the face and neck...

Reviewer: amor de rojos y marronesDate: 2004-08-22
Reviewid: 98213Chapter: 0
this is one of the best pics, i have look before!!!, my congratulation for "Nundi"

Reviewer: meiDate: 2004-08-21
Reviewid: 98175Chapter: 0
wow! all ur pics are so realistic and great. keep drawing!

Reviewer: KarriDate: 2004-08-20
Reviewid: 98088Chapter: 0
Great picture. I love it. I imagined her hair to be spiky though.
keep it up
P.S- I keep forgetting to tell you, but I love our name. Nundu's are really interesting.

Reviewer: alecatqDate: 2004-08-20
Reviewid: 98031Chapter: 0
Beautiful! Her facial expression is esquisite.
I really like the neck and the laugh lines.
To be nit picky her arm is a little thin and her shirt is a bit ragged, but maybe she made it herself with a pair of charmed scissors from an old shirt.
This is exactly what I pictured Tonks to look like.

Reviewer: Frankie BeeblebroxDate: 2004-08-19
Reviewid: 97976Chapter: 0
You continually impress the heck out of me. This is simply gorgeous! You know I can gush for hours about your detaling and shading, so I'll just highlight what I like most about this.

1. The area around her ear. The shape you have given her inner ear is fabulous, and something many people would overlook. I also realyl like the crease of her neck there and the whisps of hair in front.

2. Her eyes. They are so expressive it's almost like looking into a photo than a drawing. I love the slight arch to her eyebrows, giving an almost (but not quite) taunting air. The crows feet seem a touch dark here, but I figure she's just had a rough night. Her pupils, irises and lashes are amazing, though.

3. Her lips. Curled up in what I think of as a wonderfully Tonks-y fashion and parted to show a hint of teeth. Beautiful.

Really, wonderful work, as always. It makes me so happy every time I see your name on the updates list!

Reviewer: FernWithyDate: 2004-08-19
Reviewid: 97958Chapter: 0
I really like that you haven't changed her all that much from her pink-hair morph--she's still got a sharp smile, sparkly eyes, etc. Her hair, of course, can change length with her mood; I doubt she always wants it short. But it looks nice here.

Reviewer: TheaDate: 2004-08-19
Reviewid: 97939Chapter: 0
Hmmm this is a very good pic, but (and this is just me) I imagined her with sorta spiky hair. How ever I do like this pic of her, you did a wonderful job!!

Reviewer: GufaDate: 2004-08-19
Reviewid: 97925Chapter: 0
Pretty! She's got a lovely smile, and her eyes are very sparkly.
Also, I think the drawing itself is very good.

Reviewer: Lady EilonwyDate: 2004-08-19
Reviewid: 97901Chapter: 0
i like it. i really like her eyes, they seem to sparkle, with a 'i've done something, and you can't catch me.' look, almost fred and george style. i like her face in general, though i imagined her hair a bit more spiky and stuck up. because of the desciptions in the book of when harry first meets her. though being a metamorphmargis i suppose she could have just changed her hair, in the drawiing. :)

i think i like this one best

-Lady Eilonwy

Reviewer: EricaDate: 2004-08-19
Reviewid: 97895Chapter: 0
Actually, I just realized that it does look very much like Tonks. I think the "au naturel" part of the summary went right over my head, lol...It's 12:12 in the morning after all.

Reviewer: EricaDate: 2004-08-19
Reviewid: 97894Chapter: 0
It's quite pretty even if it doesn't look like Tonks to me. I like the sketchiness of it, and her expression is very Tonks-like.

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