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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 28

Reviewer: PamelaDate: 2005-10-29
Reviewid: 135393Chapter: 0
A little too oriental for me.

Reviewer: The NeverworldDate: 2005-10-07
Reviewid: 133885Chapter: 0
Yes. Yes. YES...

Reviewer: PlutoDate: 2005-04-25
Reviewid: 120572Chapter: 0
Nice, but James has hazel eyes, not blue!

Reviewer: PlutoDate: 2005-04-25
Reviewid: 120571Chapter: 0
Nice, but James has hazel eyes, not blue!

Reviewer: nonameDate: 2004-12-10
Reviewid: 107409Chapter: 0
know he's a hottie!

and harry looks just like him, ay?

Reviewer: JenniferDate: 2004-08-24
Reviewid: 98439Chapter: 0
Wow... he loks like how I imagine an older Roger from 'Lord of The Flies' to look... I'm not saying James is evil or anything (*sniffle*... poor James he never got to grow old <:'-( )
I have seen you drawings and I cannnot think of any bad things to say about any of them, you ROCK!

~ LemonPixieDust

Reviewer: kimDate: 2003-12-22
Reviewid: 64462Chapter: 0
mmmmmmm! i like his jaw!

Reviewer: Can't tellDate: 2003-11-01
Reviewid: 58469Chapter: 0
Usually,the people in your pictures look like Ralph Lauren models (in other words: way too perfect to be realistic) but this one looks like an average person, and I like that. And the one of Cho Chang is really pretty, I was impressed.

Reviewer: loubyDate: 2003-10-21
Reviewid: 57331Chapter: 0
haha his head's a bit sideways isnt it?

Reviewer: SinbinDate: 2003-10-06
Reviewid: 55688Chapter: 0
Was he supposed to look like Rob Lowe?

Reviewer: dinkaDate: 2003-09-02
Reviewid: 50188Chapter: 0
this is a great interpretation of James Potter. You can see that Harry looks like him, but not EXACTLY like him, you know what I mean?
of course you do, you drew the picture! :)
great work, I love it.
thank you for sharing your beautiful art with others. :)

Reviewer: Sirius BlackDate: 2003-08-24
Reviewid: 48409Chapter: 0
Good Lord! That's NOT him! Maybe with glasses he'd look a bit better, but reall! this isn't your best!
-Sirius Black

Reviewer: MaltaMuggleDate: 2003-08-15
Reviewid: 47316Chapter: 0
No offence really, but this isn't up to the usual standard :(( His face on the left side looks rather inflated...

Reviewer: HaylieDate: 2003-07-22
Reviewid: 43445Chapter: 0
um, i like it, but... not 2 b critical but his eyes are BROWN... and I agree w/sum others, he looks like tom cruise! great drawing tho.

Reviewer: PyroDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40699Chapter: 0
He looks like your Sirius with messier, shorter hair and a less sultry look...

Reviewer: etDate: 2003-06-25
Reviewid: 38544Chapter: 0
no meant criticism, but his eyes are brown

Reviewer: Fire*ChildDate: 2003-06-22
Reviewid: 38264Chapter: 0
he looks like some Abercrombie or American Eagle model!

Reviewer: Newbia the ElfDate: 2003-05-31
Reviewid: 34745Chapter: 0
You appear to like drawing hot guys alot.

Reviewer: ShinraiDate: 2002-12-30
Reviewid: 14500Chapter: 0
Is it just me or do all of the guys seem to resemble Tom Cruise? They are really good though!

Reviewer: htkDate: 2002-12-30
Reviewid: 14484Chapter: 0
Beautiful, but not how I pictured him. Wonderful all the same.

Reviewer: ClairDate: 2002-12-03
Reviewid: 11016Chapter: 0
pretty ok.. but, i imagined him different.

Reviewer: TEkkiDate: 2002-11-19
Reviewid: 9527Chapter: 0
Hmmm... good face but his shoulder is well...quite infalmmed or somthing

Reviewer: OpheliaDate: 2002-10-12
Reviewid: 6052Chapter: 0
Another beautiful one...

Reviewer: LilyenyaDate: 2002-10-03
Reviewid: 5251Chapter: 0
looks like tom cruise! lol!

Reviewer: ToriDate: 2002-09-28
Reviewid: 4892Chapter: 0
This is cute! He looks so real, and heck, I wish he was! LoL... ;)! But, I like the hair the most. It just...fits.

Reviewer: LisaDate: 2002-09-27
Reviewid: 4861Chapter: 0
Wow, you've drawn a lot lately! REally cute picture of James! I like the tilt of his head and his fly-away James! ^_^ Sweet, blue eyes too!

Reviewer: BelphegorDate: 2002-09-14
Reviewid: 3934Chapter: 0
Maybe it's the hair. Maybe it's the eyes. Maybe it's the face features, the look in his eyes, the expression of his mouth... But he reminds me of Stuart Sutcliffe. If the name isn't familiar, then I haven't said anything. If not - then what do you think?
My opinion is that I'm facing a gorgeous, true-to-life, enchanting piece of art. Thank you very much for sharing, A. L. The shading, the thing of putting colour only in his eyes only adds to the charm :o]

Reviewer: Emma DalrympleDate: 2002-09-14
Reviewid: 3928Chapter: 0
Hee. So he's James, now, is he? ;-)

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