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Reviews for: Cedric Diggory
Review(s): 14

Reviewer: Tabitha H.Date: 2005-03-19
Reviewid: 117021Chapter: 0
Nice drawing. Personally, I've always picture Cedric as looking like Drew Fuller (Chris on 'Charmed'... oh, yeah!).

Reviewer: ArimalkaDate: 2005-02-24
Reviewid: 114846Chapter: 0
One word: YUM.

Reviewer: DarkEyedBeauty (aka ElfChick)Date: 2005-02-23
Reviewid: 114782Chapter: 0
My name changes according to my mood. Well, my first thought was "WHOA!!!!!" He looks just like a kid in one of my classes at school!! That is so wierd! I really like this!

Reviewer: MicheDate: 2004-10-02
Reviewid: 100139Chapter: 0
Your works have good line quality and great expressions! I loved the one of Hermione in Binn's class.

Reviewer: EmeraldDate: 2004-06-16
Reviewid: 87322Chapter: 0
This looks more like Percy Weasley without the glasses or Bill

Reviewer: jesseeDate: 2003-11-30
Reviewid: 61186Chapter: 0
his nose is way too big dude!!!!

Reviewer: jesseeDate: 2003-11-30
Reviewid: 61185Chapter: 0
he is okay not how l pictured him but i like it

Reviewer: camiDate: 2003-11-29
Reviewid: 61122Chapter: 0
I think I imagined cedric like this . . . It is so beautiful . . . His personality matches your drawing

Reviewer: phoenixwingsDate: 2003-10-11
Reviewid: 56262Chapter: 0
You know, he actually looks a lot like this guy I knew at an arts camp I went to ages ago...I wish I could draw clothing the way you did! The only thing is that his nose is a teeny bit too big.

Reviewer: Sirius blackDate: 2003-10-10
Reviewid: 56034Chapter: 0
Way 2 tall! But he IS cute!

~Sirius Black

Reviewer: AlexisDate: 2002-12-07
Reviewid: 11582Chapter: 0
I love you cedric! he is sooooooo hot. But I must say my friend Mandy doesnt like him to much.

Reviewer: AshbyDate: 2002-10-09
Reviewid: 5778Chapter: 0
This is really good. It kind of looks like a Disney animation. I could just see Harry Potter as an animated movie . . . but that would take away from everything, wouldn't it? He kind of looks like this guy I know, actually . . .

Reviewer: RaleighDate: 2002-10-07
Reviewid: 5637Chapter: 0
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your pictures. They are all drawn with such an air of young innocence, which fits the books wonderfully. Many are so simple, yet convey emotions and such very effectively. I love this one of Cedric because, again, he has a certain ammount of freeness (or purity even) to him. Perfect Cedric!

Reviewer: FaunaDate: 2002-09-08
Reviewid: 3501Chapter: 0
Can definitely imagine him as the popular, good looking kid he is (or was)

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