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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Sirius Seagull
Review(s): 36

Reviewer: TinkebelliaDate: 2006-09-26
Reviewid: 145485Chapter: 0
WHAT? lol this is hilarious. I dont know if this is from some twisted fanfic or somthing but this isFUNEH

Reviewer: PlancksDate: 2005-08-03
Reviewid: 128703Chapter: 0
huahahahauahauahahhahahahaahahh!! this is great!! XD

Reviewer: PlancksDate: 2004-12-19
Reviewid: 108120Chapter: 0
Johnathan Livingston Seagull?! hahhahahahahha...!!

Reviewer: WhitneyDate: 2004-08-03
Reviewid: 95390Chapter: 0
Oh gosh. Wow. That was a pretty clever idea...

Reviewer: GInnyAuror00Date: 2004-04-15
Reviewid: 78832Chapter: 0
That is SOOOOOOO great! You have a wonderful sence of humor, and a great artistic ability. Way to go!

Reviewer: GyakutennoDate: 2004-03-24
Reviewid: 75775Chapter: 0
I had to read that seagull book once and do a project on it! Summer reading! But, it'd be far more annoying to EXPERIENCE it! I'm surprised he's not wondering what he's been drinking! The look on his face is PRICELESS! Oh, yeah, and if he can put up with eating rats (taste like chicken?), then seagulls'd be no problem!

Reviewer: TalenDate: 2003-11-30
Reviewid: 61249Chapter: 0
cooolness, I havent read Jonathan livingston seagul in ages! Nice surprise to see this here!

nice one!

Reviewer: S. O. Black IIDate: 2003-10-11
Reviewid: 56270Chapter: 0
This is such a good piece! I haven't read Jonathon Livingston Seagull yet, but this is how I imagined it. Oooh! You could do someone from HP in "The Ferret Chronicles" next (same author)! *giggles and jumps up and down*

Reviewer: caseyDate: 2003-09-07
Reviewid: 51239Chapter: 0
omg! Johnathan Livingston Seagull! i had to read that was! but this pictures pretty funny...i mean Sirius where Johnathan Livingston Seagull is? could happen...

Reviewer: GenkiDate: 2003-09-06
Reviewid: 50907Chapter: 0
Aww, cute ^-^

Reviewer: arochwen romenDate: 2003-09-03
Reviewid: 50471Chapter: 0
cool! I've read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, too.

Reviewer: mayaDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 50098Chapter: 0
Your picture was very awesume! I liked it.

Reviewer: JKEDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 50005Chapter: 0
1ce again.......
i m guna say..........
i llluuuuuuurrrrrrrvvvvvvvv this!!!!!!!
its a great pic!
*sigh* i wish JKR didn't make him go "bye~bye:"
anyway, this pic iz AWSOME!!!!!
keep up the great work!!!!!


Reviewer: Ryan MarieDate: 2003-09-01
Reviewid: 49981Chapter: 0
If there's no body, he's not dead.

Reviewer: JKEDate: 2003-08-19
Reviewid: 47888Chapter: 0
HA, HA ,HA !!!
THIS IS 2 COOL!!!!!!!!
pleeeeeezzzzzzz do more!!!!!!!!
i TOTALLY LUV this awsome pic.!!!!!!
u weeli ROCK!!!!!!!
i meen sirius luks reeli good!!!!!!
(i miss him already! *sniff*)
1ce again.........
U ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: tashebaDate: 2003-08-11
Reviewid: 46613Chapter: 0
This is definately one of the more interesting pieces I've seen. I didn't think I'd ever see a mixture of JK Rowling and Richard Bach:)

Reviewer: KessaDate: 2003-07-18
Reviewid: 42741Chapter: 0
This is great! I had a good grin seeing this. I'll check out some of your other work...

Reviewer: Chocolate MuseDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40527Chapter: 0
LMAO! My dad has been nagging me for months to read Johnathan Livingston Seagull, and I think that this is quite humorous.

Reviewer: AraedhelDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40489Chapter: 0
No matter how much I like this, your Thestrals eating the London garbage was much funnier!
Did you do this after OotP came out? I can't really remember. If it was after, very clever indeed. That's really cute and funny- and, if after 21st June, dare I say clever?

Reviewer: Teresina DragonwagonDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39510Chapter: 0
Haah hah! I like this! I love the expression on Sirius' face ^___^

Reviewer: ellieDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39492Chapter: 0
Hehehe... Fantastic drawing! Who knew the correlation between Richard Bach and JKR's veil?

Reviewer: BrittaDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39449Chapter: 0
ok just to tell you this is now the background of my computer

Reviewer: BrittaDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39448Chapter: 0
love it!!! i must say the entire time i read John......Seagull i was thinking of brooms

Reviewer: NightRainDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39426Chapter: 0
Well, so much for mourning Sirius...
At least we know he's gone to a better place--er, "higher level." LoL, I can't wait till he reaches Shakespeare level...

Reviewer: AraedhelDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39398Chapter: 0
That's really cute... funny! IT's a really cute little drawing!
Have you updated on your Stars in the River? Finished it?

Reviewer: ArnelDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39353Chapter: 0
I love the reference to Jonathan Livingston Seagul. You captured Sirius' confusion perfectly. Great job.

Reviewer: Newbia the ElfDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39328Chapter: 0
So this is where the Veil took him *lol*

Reviewer: eelamreHDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39314Chapter: 0
Oh wait....that was what was behind the veil, right? Sorry, I'm sorta out of it today.

Reviewer: eelamreHDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39312Chapter: 0
I don't get it.....

Reviewer: DurayanDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39302Chapter: 0
Oh My GOSH!!!! You ROX!! You completely ROX! Thanks for doing this picture!!!

Yay, Richard Bach!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39273Chapter: 0
I love this.. the baffled expression on poor Sirius's face and Jonathan's smile and outstretched wing... its perfect!

Reviewer: The Good Doctor MonacoDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39271Chapter: 0
LOL!! That explains the whispering from behind that veil!

~Dr. Monaco~

Reviewer: proxima serpentisDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39259Chapter: 0
Hilarious! Great idea, oh well I'm sure this will sothe the hearts of us Sirius fans. Keep up the gerat work!

Reviewer: A.L. de SauveterreDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39254Chapter: 0
Finally! An explanation for all the whispering behind the veil!! :P Nice work.


Reviewer: majiklmoonDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39238Chapter: 0
lol - OMG that was too funny. I love Richard Bach and JLS!

Reviewer: Sweeney AgonistesDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39222Chapter: 0
*absolutely DIES*

You have just made a rotten day fantabulous. I hope you will not mind if I print this out and stick it on the refrigerator. :D

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