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Reviews for: Ludo Bagman
Review(s): 9

Reviewer: Night ZephyrDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89885Chapter: 0
This one made me laugh! You did a great job of drawing him *exactly* as the book described (the smarmy guy!) Seems about right for the aging (and in denial) athlete in him as well. Guess he's thinking about all that money he's NOT going to let Fred and George have LoL!

Reviewer: onlylonelyDate: 2004-06-18
Reviewid: 87719Chapter: 0
He looks cheeky. Lol. The expression definitely fits Ludo Bagman though.

Reviewer: SimonDate: 2004-05-31
Reviewid: 85416Chapter: 0
Eew, eew, double eew, quadrouple eew. Just EEW!

Reviewer: lDate: 2004-05-08
Reviewid: 81637Chapter: 0
I really like your art work. I like it because your style varies between realistic and non-realisic

Reviewer: altheaDate: 2004-04-28
Reviewid: 80491Chapter: 0
Im not really into this 'series'. They look kind of rushed. I like that you have painted these (urgh, so messy! The paint that is) He looks like he has flies around his mouth, and too young for Ludo. More detail id say. Like your pencil drawings.

Reviewer: HIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Date: 2004-04-27
Reviewid: 80422Chapter: 0

Reviewer: TheaDate: 2004-04-26
Reviewid: 80177Chapter: 0
He looks like a happy escaped prisoner no offence A_A

Reviewer: GinnyAuror00Date: 2004-04-25
Reviewid: 80158Chapter: 0
Perfect! Just how I imagine the old cheating...awful guy!

Reviewer: ladym (head of the R.L.A.)Date: 2004-04-25
Reviewid: 80128Chapter: 0
I'm oh-so glad you've posted more! I was getting bored and running out of excuses to procrastinate (exactly what I'm doing now, you see). Hah, and I love the gut comment! I see it now! ^_^
The golden hair and blue eyes are great, giving him the right boy-ish look JKR described, but I think you may have gone a tad overboard with the rosy cheeks. They're just a little too perfectly circular and really contrasting with the rest of his face, a bit of blending might make it look a tad more natural... I dunno, just trying to be helpful. His cheeks I think are the only so-so part of this pic, they just stick out a lot and make him look a tad like a squirrel with too many nuts stuffed in his mouth! ^_^ I like the jacket/robe/whatever that black part over coat thing is and your style, how you just do random scribbles and instead of looking messy or careless it looks good. THAT is skill.
Well, tata, I only have a bit more time left before my stage of procrastinating goes into my stage of panic and obsessing over how I'm never going to get anything done...

-Lady M

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