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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 24

Reviewer: JK AshavahDate: 2006-05-07
Reviewid: 142636Chapter: 1
Oh, what a wonderful insight into Sirius' mind. So so sweet and sad. I can feel his yearning for companionship, even though he doesn't write about it. Gorgeous.



Reviewer: From Katinka to MercuryBlueDate: 2005-09-18
Reviewid: 132805Chapter: 1
Wow, thank you for reviewing this fic! No one's done so in about three years, and as it's a sentimental favorite, I appreciate it! Regarding Catherine's stories...she's taken all of them offline, but I believe she'll email them to anyone who requests. So, I'd recommend you send her a PM. :)

Reviewer: MercuryBlueDate: 2005-09-13
Reviewid: 132497Chapter: 1
Oh, excellent, excellent. What's up with the links to Catherine's stories, though? I was wanting to read those.

Reviewer: Scribe2Date: 2002-12-02
Reviewid: 10896Chapter: 1
Katinka, again you have done a wonderful job. I havn't seen any other author characterize dumbledore or sirius as in canon as you have, and I thoroughly enjoyed this view of Interwoven. You are an incredibly talented writer, and definitely my favorite fanfic author. I can't wait for you to write more. Are you planning to do a fic for Order of the Phoenix as well? ~Scribe

Reviewer: Thank you!!! :)Date: 2002-11-19
Reviewid: 9559Chapter: 1
Many thanks for reading and reviewing to The Smashed Pumpkin, Sreya, and Lee! I really appreciate the feedback. I'm glad that my take on Sirius works for you. I think this was probably the most challenging thing I've done so far -- I spent over a week just trying to think of one particular word ("discretion" -- how hard can that be?). :)

Thanks again!


Reviewer: LeeDate: 2002-11-18
Reviewid: 9498Chapter: 1
Oh, this was so romantic! You've created one of the best Sirius's around. I love how you describe him demanding an explanation of Abby with the "sensitivity of a Bludger." It's interesting to see "Interwoven" from Sirius's POV, particularly his exchange with Dumbledore and his utter cluelessness as to Abby's real profession. I also like how you describe Abby's hair and Sirius's feelings about it. your writing is this perfect blend of humor (Sirius in an apron hlding a wooden spoon! Red and gold ink in the Slytherin shower!) canon, plot, and character development. Sirius's obervations of Abby, especially how he describes her as weary of the world, and bumping into things is so romantic, and yet you write it out so well that it's as if Sirius himself is slowly realizing that he loves Abby. Love doesn't strike like a thunderbolt for those two, it's built on mutual trust, respect and understanding ans the two of them together are just magical! Your stories are such a joy to read, they really make my day!!!

Lee (Follower of The One True Exception!)

Reviewer: SreyaDate: 2002-11-16
Reviewid: 9217Chapter: 1
Awwwwwww.... how precious. And very Sirius. ;)

Reviewer: The Smashed PumpkinDate: 2002-11-13
Reviewid: 8918Chapter: 1
Ok, first of all, let me state one fact; Katinka, you are an ingenious writer! You have an extremely rare talent for writing, and it's too bad i waited so long to review for your stories (i wanted to so badly, but i never worked up the courage!).Another thing-- the way you portray Sirius is so... I dont know how to describe it except for the one word, accurate. And its so incredibly refreshing to see an original character who isnt a Mary-Sue. Once again, Katinka, you are amazing. Keep up the stupendous work!

Reviewer: Thanks from KatinkaDate: 2002-11-10
Reviewid: 8618Chapter: 1
Many thanks and Gladrags gift certificates to Linna, Gwen, Yolanda, Alkari, Riddle, Mud Fairy, and Darkangel! I really appreciate your comments. :) It challenging, albeit fun, to get inside Sirius' head and try to sort out his personality. To answer Darkangel's question, I don't have plans for a full sequel, but I will be writing future Abby/Sirius scenes that will take place in Catherine's "Gifts for the Master" universe. There's a lovely little scene in beta right now <wink, wink>.

Thanks again, everyone!


Reviewer: DarkangelDate: 2002-11-09
Reviewid: 8528Chapter: 1
I love it! It's so sweet, and I like the whole idea of having it at Sirius' point of view! Are you going to make a sequel to Interwoven?

Reviewer: AnnaDate: 2002-11-06
Reviewid: 8280Chapter: 1
You did it again, Katinka! This was lovely. The entire story had such a melodic and pensive feel to it, and you managed to get the reflective tone just right. And, as always, your characterisation of Sirius and Dumbledore is perfect. This line cracked me up:

"What a trust dog I could be, fetching newspapers *and* post."

LOL. I also loved Dumbledore's insight, and Sirius' reaction to it:

"You’ll want to be careful, Sirius. You wouldn’t want to stain your robes."

I actually felt myself stop cold at Dumbledore's words. And the ginger biscuits sequence was wonderful.

I was re-reading a book by Elizabeth Peters the other day, and one line stuck in my head, and for some reason I was immediately reminded of Interwoven. I thought it was strangely appropriate to Abby:

"A lady cannot be blamed if a Master Criminal takes a fancy to her."

I had a very odd image of Abby using this line as a disclaimer, of sorts, while Sirius is still thought to be a criminal. Strange, I know. ;-D

I'm looking foward to reading more of your work!


Reviewer: RiddleDate: 2002-11-06
Reviewid: 8271Chapter: 1

More! =) I've gotta run or else I'd leave a better review than this lame one.

SQUEE. That is all.

Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2002-10-31
Reviewid: 7727Chapter: 1
HOW did I miss seeing that this was up!

I really love your Sirius - he is such a complex character, so full of endearing contrasts, and - as Yolanda says - he is so terribly hard on himself.

Little things I particularly liked (or wanted to cry over):-
* His memory of the Potters' home - the smell of smoke and his fear
* Sirius in an apron armed with a wooden spoon - LOL!! (But he can visit MY kitchen any time ...)
* The scene with Dumbledore. D. himself and his littel joke, but also the way you capture Sirius' desperate physical hunger, and his need ot survive by eating whatever and whenever he can.
* The red and gold ink in Slytherin shower taps - I have visions of piebald bodies and very strange marks on clothing - reminds me of my 3 y.o. niece's latest efforts at face-painting as a pink and silver cat!!
* The last scene in the cellar,and the way you describe his feelings when Abby falls asleep against his shoulder - beautiful.

And when to we get the 'next' outtake!!


Reviewer: YolandaDate: 2002-10-31
Reviewid: 7715Chapter: 1
You know the first thing that struck me on re-reading this is how hard Sirius is on himself. It was one thing to take risks as a boy and frown on himself for that, but to put his attachment for Abby in that category made me so sad. He so clearly needs her. I guess he's so concerned about hurting her that he can actually see his attachment as a bad thing, when in reality, it's the best thing for both of them.

That exchange between Sirius and Dumbledore was so well-crafted. Dumbledore is absolutely priceless and perfect. You certainly know him well.

I enjoyed Sirius' jealousy and concern about Lucius Malfoy. I also loved the ginger biscuits and his little hints to get her to make them.

I can also excuse him for not recognizing that he was falling in love. After all, he had so little experience with those feelings, I'd wager. Time really stood still for him while he was in prison. It's not like he was free to lift weights, go to college, or start a correspondence with a woman on the outside while he was in the joint. He was fighting to survive. So, I imagine he doesn't know what to make of his feelings. I love the way you portray both his strengths and his vulnerability. He's a wonderful character as you write him and so is Abby.

Reviewer: GwenDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7581Chapter: 1
Yay, Katinka! You've added YET another ship to my fanfic world! First Thing1, now you! Congrats, and good job, an absolutely smashing addition to your Interwoven world.

Reviewer: LinnaDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7579Chapter: 1
Aw how cute. I really loved the ginger biscuits parts. Sirius in an apron what I'd give to see that :D

Reviewer: Replies from KatinkaDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7545Chapter: 1
Many thanks for the reviews, everyone!

Arianrhod -- Thank you for making "Interwoven" the "One True Exception". ;)

Catherine -- I want to post the other stuff, too! But I can wait. :D Thank you for all your help and guidance on this.

Dr. Aicha -- Yup, there will be more Abby/Sirius that will take place in Catherine's universe ("Gifts for the Master", specifically). I even have some outtake scenes (one particularly nice one) written, although they won't be posted for a while longer. Sorry!

Zsenya -- I liked that line too. You've gotta think that Dumbledore has fun playing around with his "barmy old codger" reputation.

Sweeney -- Heh heh -- I had a lot of fun writing that little part. I imagined it said in this lovely, intense British accent.

Ozma -- Thank you! :) You know, I really didn't have a crush on Sirius when I started writing this, but now all that sweet protectiveness is getting to me...

Rugi -- I'm glad you like my take on Sirius. Catherine gave me some good advice about him. If you'll just be quiet and listen for a while, he'll start to talk, and then he won't shut up. ;)

Thanks, thanks, thanks again!


Reviewer: RugiDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7535Chapter: 1
I am so happy to see this! I have been checking every day! I have to say that what impresses me the most about this story, though I love Abby to death, is your Sirius.

He is so amazingly human. His reaction to Azkaban and post-Azkaban is the most believable one I have ever read. He grows as a character and his feelings towards Abby are so true to form. Uncertain where any real man with his life would be and desperate where he needs to be. AND you still managed to allow a little of his Marauder persona shine through. I can't say enough about how impressed I am.

Best Sirius ever!

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7520Chapter: 1
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I completely LOVED seeing Abby from Sirius' POV! He notices so much about her, and he's so cute when he's smitten and protective!!! I especially liked his reaction to the thought of Lucius being anywhere near her. Another fine moment was Dumbledore's protectiveness for Abby!

And Sirius's prank on the Slytherins, with the crimson and gold ink in the shower taps was priceless. Poor Slytherins. ;)

Reviewer: Sweeney AgonistesDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7515Chapter: 1
*dreamy sigh*

Oh, glorious, glorious back story.

"I was Sirius Black, I told myself, a man of action. A man who had mastered the Animagus transformation as a schoolboy. The first man to escape from the festering hole that is Azkaban. Surely, I could overcome this. With that in mind, I went to the kitchen one afternoon and seized an apron. " -- I had to take a break so I could stop laughing long enough to continue reading. BRILLIANT.

I always knew I could love a man who wasn't afraid to do his own cooking. *snerk*

Just all-around beautiful. I've missed reading you -- thank you for writing this.

Reviewer: zsenyaDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7488Chapter: 1
This is my favorite line:
“Now, why is it that people always feel they must read additional meaning into my words?” he replied, sounding rather affronted.

Such a perfect characterization of Dumbledore. And I really liked hearing Sirius' side of things. :)

Reviewer: Doctor AichaDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7478Chapter: 1
Hooray! More interwoven universe.

I really liked this - I dunno, it rang true for sirius, and explained how he was feeling in some of the best bits of interwoven.

Will there be more of this universe?

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-10-29
Reviewid: 7473Chapter: 1
Well, it's lovely. You have some moments that really, clearly, solidify and define this relationship and what it will be.

And you write Sirius very well, thank you. I think he's started channeling through you after all. His voice is very well done. I love how his thoughts always seem to contrast with his speech.

He's such a romantic.

Oh, how I WISH we could put that other piece up now. You did so well on it too!

Keep writing. :)


Reviewer: ArianrhodDate: 2002-10-28
Reviewid: 7465Chapter: 1

(ok, i am off to really read now...hehe...)

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