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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Shadows
Review(s): 9

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-03-23
Reviewid: 141221Chapter: 1

Reviewer: Susan LynnDate: 2003-12-12
Reviewid: 63044Chapter: 1
This is a gem. Each voice is so clear and in character.

Reviewer: JellyDingyStarDate: 2003-11-03
Reviewid: 58641Chapter: 2

Reviewer: CorinaDate: 2003-09-15
Reviewid: 52851Chapter: 1
"I'm glad I brought my cloak. that a patch of Deadly Nightshade?" lol, that sounds just like Hermione! Good work!

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2003-01-07
Reviewid: 15433Chapter: 1
This was amazing!

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2002-11-23
Reviewid: 9934Chapter: 1
That's a lot of fun. I particularly like Hagrids!


Reviewer: A.L. de SauveterreDate: 2002-11-23
Reviewid: 9918Chapter: 1
This is very nicely done! You have the kids and Hagrid's personalities so well carved out in such a short space! And their voices sound so genuine. I especially enjoyed their observations about one another... and themselves, from Neville's self-deprecation to Ron's concern for his friends and contempt of "Stupid git Malfoy." :D

This is *classic* Hermione:

<<It's freezing out here. I'm glad I brought my cloak. that a patch of Deadly Nightshade? How interesting! >> LOLOL!!

And I love Ron -- too shy to admit to his own feelings, but not to shy to wish Draco grievous bodily harm (I know I shouldn't laugh... but it's funny!):

<<...Always insulting my family, and H-...well, other people too. They had better tell me about it when they get back. I hate being left out...Hah...maybe Filch made Malfoy go outside and feed the giant squid! I hope so.>>

Stellar job, Rebecca!


Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-11-23
Reviewid: 9874Chapter: 1
This is wonderful! You've done everyone's inner voices so perfectly! Draco, Neville, Hermione, Harry, Hagrid and Ron, each one captured with exquisite detail. Especially nice were their thoughts about each other; Ron's worrying about what the others had been asked to do (and his hope that Malfoy has been asked to feed the squid), Hagrid's worrying that taking the kids into the forest hadn't been such a good idea, Neville's worrying about Hermione making too much noise, Harry's observation about Draco's carelessness. Beautiful job with all of them.

Reviewer: pubDate: 2002-11-23
Reviewid: 9858Chapter: 1
This is an awesome story... amazing, well-written,original, clever, excellent... etc :) I really hope it continues!

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