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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 54

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-04-19
Reviewid: 142065Chapter: 6
Another Great read. This is truly a wonderful work of art. YOU ARE SOOO GOOD.

Reviewer: MongiDate: 2003-08-17
Reviewid: 47492Chapter: 4
I realize you've got reviews out the whazoo for this, but I figured one more couldn't hurt. I don't read Gen or Het, I'm strictly into slash, but I'd seen this series recced so many places that I HAD to check it out. Indescribably lovely. So many of the secondary characters don't get the kind of fleshing out that I feel they deserve in the books that its really *neat* when they can get it in other ways. Especially when its as well written as this. And when all the other characters are so recognizable from their canon selves. Bravo. And thank you. It helps with the Harry Potter withdrawal to have something as fun and interesting as this to read.

Reviewer: CatDate: 2003-03-07
Reviewid: 23131Chapter: 6
Yet another addictive fic....I love it! I never would have considered Filch as a sympathetic character, yet you have made him believably so. Wonderful!

Reviewer: JessanndiDate: 2003-01-16
Reviewid: 16435Chapter: 1
I lived the images in this one. The Kittens as Burrs on Sirius' coat, and a humming Snape. Poor Snape so misarable about being happy.

I knew as soon as there was a black kitten it would belong to Snape.

I am enjoying the incites that you are giving to how you portray your characters in your Authors notes.
Keep up the good work. (Writing, caretaking, mothering and daughtering)

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-01-10
Reviewid: 15757Chapter: 6
I loved this! Snape as one of Mrs. Norris' "Chosen Ones" and his revenge on Sirius was priceless! And I enjoyed Hermione, methodical as always. She'll probably need the ledger system to keep track of all her and Ron's kids someday...

I also loved Moody and Sirius ganging up on Filch over the Doors :) Sounds like just the thing Sirius would love to try. Hurray, I've almost plowed through all your fics!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-01-09
Reviewid: 15715Chapter: 4
LOL!!! CheeringCharmed!Snape was a laugh trip! I loved reading about how he was valiantly resisting the effects. I'm not happy that Sirius got a face full of quills, but am very curious about the lengths this prank war will reach.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-01-09
Reviewid: 15712Chapter: 3
Yay! Mrs. Norris has had her kittens and Callandra is going to Hogwarts! I'm glad she got the opportunity, and that Filch isn't bitter about it. I'm sure she had quite a rush on the hippogriff -- I'd love to be able to fly too.

Reviewer: JestanaDate: 2003-01-08
Reviewid: 15597Chapter: 6
*ROFLH* Oh, Cheerful!Snape is SOOOOO funny! And Pincushion!Snuffles! Those were some wonderful moments. I liked Filch's reaction to the suggestion of taking Minerva through a door. The McGonagall/Filch romance works quite well in the background. The reader knows it's there, but it doesn't distract the reader from the main plot. I wonder if Filch is going to get some other lessons like Callandra. It'd be nice if he learned some of the stuff, too. *shrug* Just a thought.

Reviewer: f4sucksDate: 2003-01-05
Reviewid: 15283Chapter: 1
i love all these shows cos i have no life. my life consists of watching these shows, doing homework, eating, going to school and reading i support draco/hermione. that is impossible, right? and i love red cross!

Reviewer: f4sucksDate: 2003-01-05
Reviewid: 15282Chapter: 1
i love all these shows cos i have no life. my life consists of watching these shows, doing homework, eating, going to school and reading i support draco/hermio.

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-01-02
Reviewid: 14830Chapter: 6
sounding like a typical Gryffindor who had not been getting his quota of foolish risks lately.
-I like Filch's take on different houses.

I enjoyed this story very much and I hope you are working on another one.

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-01-02
Reviewid: 14829Chapter: 5
Youíre hard working, loyal, patient. Rather slow on the uptake..."

The Song was well done, but sadly short given how good it was.

Reviewer: kazzaDate: 2003-01-01
Reviewid: 14674Chapter: 6
Wonderful! Oh I do like the end, it makes so much sense.
Will Argus ever be sorted or will that limit him?

Reviewer: kazzaDate: 2003-01-01
Reviewid: 14669Chapter: 4
Poor Snape, I can imagine that a mind full "of happy images of frolicking baby unicorns and pretty rainbows" would make him very nauseous
Another excellent chapter

Reviewer: kazzaDate: 2003-01-01
Reviewid: 14667Chapter: 2
Your stories are all delightful.
Argus is a neglected character and it's wonderful to see that he has a champion in you.
You've got a real talent for describing character through speech and action - keep it up.

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2002-12-28
Reviewid: 14200Chapter: 6
Well, Ozma, another job well done!

That was cute how all the kittens were snuggling up to Snuffles, and how Snape wanted a picture of it! Thanks for the little bit of H/G (What H/G? you ask). Hey, when they are in the same room, that's good enough for me!

I love how sensitive Harry is, at least through Filch's pov...cuddling with that kitten because it will probably be the last time it will get snuggled again!

The castle is Filch's sweet, yet how dangerous, in terms of the magic that can flood into him like before. Careful, Argus...

Heck, he's got the influence of a good woman to help him along. But I like that the "romance" is a background thing.

Can't wait for what happens in the next Squib story!

Reviewer: DurayanDate: 2002-12-27
Reviewid: 14056Chapter: 4
'"Do you know what I was doing during my class with the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw first years? I was whistling!"'

I must say that from the time I first read this chapter, I've considered Black's cheering charm to be the most brilliant hex ever thrown at Severus Snape. I could read the chapter over and over. It's simply brilliant the way you portray Snape, mildly and cheerfully imagining a dogskin rug before his fire. You do a wonderful job showing how magnificently torturous this was for Snape. Way to go, PADFOOT!

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-27
Reviewid: 14045Chapter: 6
Aha, here's Azoth at last! Hee-hee, nice black kitten! Severus is doomed, he just doesn't know it.

I want a copy of the picture, too! Sirius covered with kittens would be sooo cute! Colin should send in the photo to Witch Weekly's photo contest! :-D A very dainty and mild revenge for Severus, too.

"Gryffindors and Slytherins cause enough trouble when they are at each other's throats. They can create even bigger messes when they work as a team." Oh how very true! But, they only create the very BEST messes, right?

Ahh, Argus belongs to the whole castle and not just a House? How very excellent. And I like his new title, "Master Caretaker"! It fits him very well. And I love how the Castle is now 'home', that is so perfect!

Thank you for the story!

Reviewer: julieDate: 2002-12-26
Reviewid: 14026Chapter: 6
Oh, I didn't expect the story to end so soon. I hope you have another planned.
loved the kittens on snuffles

Reviewer: KellibusDate: 2002-12-26
Reviewid: 14023Chapter: 6
these stories are wonderful. It's nice to see Filch from this angle. I love the relationship with Snape. It just works. I have only one question. Does Snape get Azoth?

Reviewer: AnjerlaDate: 2002-12-26
Reviewid: 14021Chapter: 6
"Gryffindors and Slytherins cause enough trouble when they are at each otherís throats. They can create even bigger messes when they work as a team." *falls over laughing* oh, the bitter irony of it all...

What a cute chapter! The image of Padfoot covered with kittens was just adorable. And Azoth! How CUTE! The mental picture of that kitten all over Snape...awwwww...

And then the last bit with the Castle being Filch's home...oh, I think this is my favorite chapter yet. It must have been so much fun to write, too. Plot relevance and some of the cutest mental pictures ever. GREAT JOB!

*daily affirmation time* Filch ROX!

Reviewer: sunsethillDate: 2002-12-25
Reviewid: 13889Chapter: 4
I laughed till I cried over Sirius' revenge curse of Snape--a heavy duty cheering charm! It was perfect, and Snape's reaction was right on. Bad dog, indeed!

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2002-12-24
Reviewid: 13857Chapter: 5
Yes, I agree with Hufflepuff, although he's shown himself to be very brave with the events he's had to endure. Just like Snape said that Hufflepuffs's aren't the only patient ones...

You really are doing a Filch/McGonagal ship, aren't you? I'm warming up to it as you're writing it...I think I'm more of a Dumbledore/McGonagal shipper, but I'm not set on that one.

Wonderful chapter! So Snape's going to have to save Draco and Narcissa, eh?

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-24
Reviewid: 13852Chapter: 5
Oh goodie!! Callandra's a Gryffindor (and near Neville!!) Heh, I'm not surprised.

Argus' reaction to the Sorting was very moving and sweet. I was sorry that Argus had missed being sorted as well... but it's never too late, y'know...

*Chuckles* Severus the Sorting Wizard! And you know, he's right... Argus is a proper Hufflepuff and he can be proud of it.

"Appearances can be deceiving, Filch. Believe me, I am continuing to fight the Charm's effects. My mind is still filled with persistent mindless good cheer!" I still laugh over Severus' awful predicament... poor man, visions of cutie-critters dancing in his head - the horror!! LOL. I had an idea last week for a cartoon of Severus staring with dread into his office, which is filled with happy Clefairies (from Pokemon). Kind'a like the situation he's in now, mentally.

So he's brewing an IRS Audit Potion? That might work to make him properly surly again! :-D

Ahh Severus and his mental tally sheet of scores to settle. Such a slow learner, that man! At least he has Argus around, rather like a patient conscience to nag at him when he needs it. Not too many people can (or will!) do that.

Good, good stuff, ma'm. Thank you for the story and Happy Holidays!!

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-24
Reviewid: 13849Chapter: 4
Ohboy! Merry Early Xmas to us! 2 new chapters!! Either that, or I missed one, but hey, I'm happy either way!

"I decided that I’d relax much more efficiently once I knew that Sirius Black was back in the hospital wing where he belonged" Uh yeah, me too!! LOL

I used to have a red roan pinto mare. She turned light pink in the summer. I'll bet the hippogriff is the same?

Oh my goodness. Cheerful!Severus has GOT to be the scariest (and funniest) thing I've read in a long time. I laughed so loud I scared the cats! ^_^ I LOVED Argus pointed out how he let go of his own pain... woohoo!! And this quote: "I couldn’t. At least not yet. Instead I put my hand on his shoulder." Wow, Argus is good!! He's grown so very well, now we'll see if ol'Severus can catch up to him in the personal growth department!

Oh kitten names, always a hard business for me. I like the names the kids are considering. It was good of Hermione to rewrite the notes Argus took.

And I was wondering where Buckbeak was... heh-heh, nice to know he's not far. :-D

Thank you for the new chapter!!

Reviewer: StephanieDate: 2002-12-24
Reviewid: 13846Chapter: 5
Bad luck about Snape I cant help wanting that potion not to work :). Can't wait for the next chapter with Moody :)

Reviewer: B. NonymousDate: 2002-12-24
Reviewid: 13817Chapter: 5
I couldn't have asked for a better sorting. (And to be fair, neither could Neville.) I'm glad Mad-Eye will be making an appearence in the next (and final) chapter... Alastor's a personal fave!

Reviewer: pogoniaDate: 2002-12-22
Reviewid: 13630Chapter: 4
Thank you, Ozma, for these stories. Every new chapter is a delight. It's been fascinating to watch the exposition (and evolution) of Filch's character - he is so, so much more than a plot device, environmental hazard or comedy walk-on. (Don't make him _too_ nice, though!)
Kudos also for the sensitive treatment of Callandra's introduction to Hogwarts - it reads like a dream come true for any parent of a special needs child. Please keep writing her - she is a great kid who could have struggles equal to Harry's own. Please give us more Moody/Filch scenes, too! Moody's hard-knocks lessons are gripping and it's sooo gratifying to see Filch give as good as he gets. Funny how the two of them express their mutual respect.

Reviewer: B. NonymousDate: 2002-12-22
Reviewid: 13613Chapter: 4
A cheering charm on Snape - that is just SO like a Marauder. :)

And I asked before about the knowledge of what Squibs could do because if some Aurors knew about that, why wouldn't they have shared that information? Sounds like an oversight a _competent_ Minister of Magic would have had investigated. I guess I'd chalk it up to Fudge and his bumbling predecessor(s).

Hmm, if it's anti-Squib bias that kept this in the closet, I'd expect those with more open minds to go ballistic upon finding out such knowledge was covered up. (Sounds like a potential side-story... ;)

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2002-12-22
Reviewid: 13608Chapter: 4
<<<"Not harmed, Filch? Why, I ought to be raging right now," he told me, gently. "I want to be raging. Instead my mind is full of happy images of frolicking baby unicorns and pretty rainbows."

I shuddered in sympathy.>>>

Oh, that is a classic line! Yes, Snape could use a great cheering charm, but then he wouldn't be Snape, would he?

Thanks for letting Ginny go to the hospital wing with Harry et al. I don't know if you did that for me, but thanks all the same.

One of the things that sold the series to me was when Argus emptied his files, releasing all his grudges. That really got to me, and I'm glad that the reference was brought up for Snape. He could take a leaf or two out of Filch's book, IMO.

Great Job, Wizard (of) Ozma!

Reviewer: AnjerlaDate: 2002-12-22
Reviewid: 13604Chapter: 4
oh, what an evil cliffhanger. EVIL! gahhhh!! I wanna know what happens with Snape and Sirius, though. I love the idea that Filch can maybe convince them to make up their differences. That's a really, really, cool idea. And I like the naming of the kittens bit too! I want one of her kittens! I've wanted a kitten for the longest time, and my parents won't get me one. *sigh* if only...

I LOVE that idea of Squibs. It makes perfect sense to me. It also helps clear up a lot of things I've been wondering lately. It fits in very well with the Harry Potter universe.

And because I have to say it at least once a review...FILCH ROX! I think I may be the first Filch teenie ever. Except I'm not in love with him. I just think he's cool. WHEE! Okay, I'm done.

Reviewer: SreyaDate: 2002-12-20
Reviewid: 13411Chapter: 3
Callandra's going to be a STUDENT! *applauds* Oh, how wonderful! That's going to be a joy to see. And it's amusing to see both Ron and Neville teaming up against Slytherins that dare utter a word against their ladies. *beaming* Oh, this is wonderful! Looking forward to the next chapter!

Reviewer: RabDate: 2002-12-19
Reviewid: 13356Chapter: 3
ive been reading fan fiction for quite a while but ive never really got round to leavin a wee coment so ur the first.
I love the Squib stories an im glad to see things are heating up between Minerva an Argus.
One side of me is wanting Callendra to have a nice safe pleasent stay at Hogwarts , but then again that wouldnt make a good story so im hopin , ach i dunno.
Please write more!

Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2002-12-19
Reviewid: 13304Chapter: 1
You're posting chapters so quickly I can't keep up! I've promised myself some time over Christmas to read all your fics, because I'm really enjoying this one.

I enjoy Filch's great tenderness towards Mrs Norris, his pride in her kittens and her attention to them - loved how he notices that Minerva knows exactly how to get on Mrs Norris' good side! But then of course, her Animagus form is a cat.

I thought the way you had all the Professors test Callandra was excellent, and the method each used was exactly in keeping for their characters. Hagrid and the Hippogriff - LOL! especially after his experience in PoA.

Filch's 'truce' with Sirius is also highly amusing, such as when he almost finds himself scratching Snuffles behind the ear. I'm also immpressed that you had Sirius apologise to him. And Snape of course is perfectly in character, towards Sirius and all the others.


Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13256Chapter: 3
"My head was beginning to throb. Rubbing my temples, I wondered if there was a special term that one could use for a group of noisy children. There was Ďbratsí of course, but these children werenít actually misbehaving, they were only being loud."
-I liked this - very much in character - very Filchy

They were exploring the girlís abilities and showing them off to other children too.
-Nicely done. Took me a minute to catch on. I liked how you had her tested in front of a group of students that included Slytherins.

"Iíve had the benefit of Hermione Grangerís considerable research," Minerva explained
-Somehow, I thought that she would have done her own research, but I could see her trusting Ms. Granger's work. Hmm..I gues Hermonie did have a bit of a head start.

There is something you might want to consider. News that Dumbledore had enrolled a Squib would be huge news in the Wizarding world, no doubt making the Daily Prophet. Other young squibs would then be encouraged by some families or even on their own to contact Hogwarts. While squibs are rare, I won't think it unthinkable that there were say, ten, in the whole country. One other might be of proper age and of a supportive family to try to get in.

Filch/Minerva seems off to a gentle start, but sheesh..this pairing is going to take some careful work on your part to pull off anything beyond a good friendship.

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13237Chapter: 3
<<<Most of Godricís chosen seem to thrive on risks. If they donít take foolish chances at least once a day then they think the entire dayís been wasted.>>>


This got me thinking...if Argus gets to put on the hat, which house would he be sorted into? I'm not quite sure myself...

Argus has a crush on Minerva! How cute! I'm not sure if she reciprocates the feelings, but she is very gentle and sweet to him. Did I just use "gentle", "sweet" and "Minerva" in the same sentence? :) We get to see a side of Minerva in your stories that we don't get to in the books.

Thanks for the explanation on the Glamour; I've seen it around and thought it was only a fandom creation, but it sounds like it's common in Fantasy.

Also thanks for the background on the sketch book...I had forgotten what the object actually was. See, you gave me a little H/G vignette without knowing it! I wondered if you chose a sketchbook for a reason, because in fandom, Ginny sketches a lot. That's why I thought there was more coming with that. And before, when I said more H/G in the story, I just meant something as simple as Argus noticing Harry noticing Ginny in passing, not a whole H/G chapter. Just so's ya know. :) But your stories are absolutely wonderful without any of that. We have to concentrate on the Argus/Minerva ship now, don't we?

Waiting for the next update!

Reviewer: SabreDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13236Chapter: 3
You seem to be following your pattern of lulling us all into a sense of security with some lovely gentle chapters, so I just know something bad's going to happen soon...I just hope Filch gets to keep all his skin and teeth this time! Are you writing these chapters as qucik as they're being posted? Because I'm astounded with the quality.

Reviewer: B. NonymousDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13211Chapter: 3
You softie! AF/MM... is this a new Sugarquill-approved pairing? (Naaah, I know the there are no offically approved ones save R/Hr and maybe H/G.)

I have to say, however, I'm very surprised Filch's Squib abilities weren't used more effectively the FIRST time Voldemort was around. For one thing, I wonder if he could see the residue of, oh, say the Imperius Curse. It would've made the Ministry's job a lot simpler. :)

Reviewer: AnjerlaDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13208Chapter: 3 cute. I think I already raved about this story enough in my last review, but...awwwwww...*feels proud* I knew that would happen eventually.

Oh, one more thing. I think the biggest risk you run in this story is getting Filch so out of character that he's not canon anymore, and it's great how nicely you've avoided that. Underneath all that soft stuff, you can still see that he's the same old, hard, nasty Filch you see in the just get to see the other side of him, too.

And I'm going to shut up, before I write two pages again. Great chapter!

Reviewer: AnjerlaDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13136Chapter: 2
oh, I LOVE your idea of Squib magic. It makes so much sense, I just...I love it so much. It's a very creative idea, a nice change after a lot of stories that are all the same in one way or another. I love it when someone does something original like this, and I've been reading this story all this time and I still can't get over that. I also like how you brought Callandra into the's the perfect way to explain a little more of the details about how Squibs are magical. You're a brilliant writer, and I look forward to seeing more. And I LOVE FILCH!! *ahem* I'm calm, I swear...

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13066Chapter: 2
I work in a school cooking for and cleaning up after the students & staff
-Hah! I knew it! You're a Squib! That explains why you do Filch so very well. By the way, I really do enjoy your writing - have you looked into trying to make a bit of money at it?

I liked the talk between Callandra and Filch.
-She nodded vigorously. "Yes! Oh, Mr. Filch, I was afraid to tell anyone! The first time you ever came here, did you see the Castle like that, too?"

"Yes," I said, quietly, remembering my own first look at the Castle so many years ago. Iíd been sick with fright, thinking that it must mean that I was practically a Muggle.

Another excellent chapter. Thanks for the quick updates. Also, you write Sirius very well.

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13030Chapter: 2
The Great Wizard of Ozma! I'm sure you get that all the time... not at all I'll stop trying to be funny...

Thanks for your comments to me. I'm okay with the little bits of H/G you've put in there...I'll take what I can get, because I'm not going to stop reading your stories because of it. I'm too hooked now to ever stop!

Did you answer the question I had about the object that Argus had Ginny give to Harry that once belonged to Lily? I might have missed it.

Let me actually talk about this chapter now, shall I? I too love Callendra and having her as a love interest for Neville. He does need someone to look up to him, and your wonderful OC is perfect because she is getting to know Neville now, as opposed to the bumbling and accident-prone Neville of ages 11-14 that has tainted everyone else's opinion of him. I have a soft spot in my heart for Neville.

Is Glamour a fandom term? I don't remember it in canon, so I am assuming it is. Just curious. Well used, and I like the rules you have set up for Squib magic, like being able to smell the Glamour, etc. Very interesting!

I love that Argus has found someone he can relate to, and I am really interested to see what happens if Argus takes Callandra through the Doors, or she starts training with Moody as well. And she thought Severus was scary...

Look what you've done to me! I'm calling him Argus now! Severus! But my favorite term for you-know-who is Voldy, but that's just my pet name for him.:)

Reviewer: julieDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13029Chapter: 2
I just finished reading your stories over the past few days. I ignored them at first. I was wrong. They are some of the best HP fiction I've read. You definately have a bit of JK in your writing. A lot of humor -- Harry and Colin on the brooms. The way you write Sirius as Padfoot. It's nice to see secondary characters get a little attention. Keep writing.

Reviewer: B. NonymousDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13028Chapter: 2
You _are_ going to write the Callandra-meets-the-sorting-hat scene that this story just SCREAMS for, right? (As he waits anxiously for future chapters.)

BTW, it's a nice touch that Sirius just says Voldemort without a care. (Forgot to mention that last time.)

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13011Chapter: 2
Oh, has this been fun to read. I do enjoy seeing your new stuff posted. Eight kittens! And Callandra is so cool. And Sirius! You're doing a great job.

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 12987Chapter: 2
Oooo, kittens, kittens!! Konekotachi!! Totemo kawaii yo! (And by that you can assume I'm totally meemed at the thought of all those cute little fuzzies.)

Glad to see Sirius at least ambulatory, if not totally obedient. Hee... Argus could offer to take him to Muggle obedience class! LOL, the mental image that gives me!!

Oh man, can you imagine the reaction if somehow Severus were to find out "To Squibs you smell like a strawberry sundae."?? Woo-hoo! Maybe if someone sent him the news via an owl while they hid out in Borneo? ^_^

Yay for Callandra and Argus getting to talk shop! The more they learn, the better for everyone, I'm sure. Can she use the Squib Doors?

Great work, thank you!!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2002-12-16
Reviewid: 12902Chapter: 1
"If Potter was right, then Callandra would be an experiment, the first Squib witch that Hogwarts had ever trained"
-Very interesting - a Squib student. Makes sense and I liked the way you had different Gryfs listing her ability to do different classes. It was nice to see dialog involving so many students and it was done very well - no one out of character.

"Just donít let your great uncle Algie dangle Callandra out of any attic windows," Ron said.

I enjoyed this chapter very much and was quite pleased that it was so long.

"The Dark Lord wants his followers to know they had a choice and that they gave themselves to him freely.""
- I liked that line. You get one vote, once.

Reviewer: SabreDate: 2002-12-16
Reviewid: 12886Chapter: 1
*wild clapping* I was so excited to see a new story up! Is Mrs Norris going to have her kittens in the next chapter? Wonderful writing as always, and a thoroughly intriguing idea about Callandra staying at Hogwarts. I love the way you've developed Filch, and then the idea of squibs in general - in a totally believable but hugely interesting direction.

Reviewer: MeganDate: 2002-12-16
Reviewid: 12870Chapter: 1
This series is so wonderful. I love the premise, the characters and the details. everything fits seamlessly. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Reviewer: DurayanDate: 2002-12-15
Reviewid: 12668Chapter: 1
I adore Neville in love---he's so sweet!!

Filch's horror at the thought that Callandra might be expected to serve as his apprentice is so well-done. He seems thoroughly absorbed in the idea that his fate is quite appropriate and fair for him, and at the same time he's enraged at the thought of Callandra following his fate.

Interesting comparison--Snape and Draco with Filch and Callandra.

I must admit I am not much of a Draco fan, and only really consider him worthwhile when I'm considering him through Snape's eyes. Snape fights a mean fight for his kids, in his dark, subtle, tightrope of a way.

Reviewer: Murasaki99Date: 2002-12-14
Reviewid: 12637Chapter: 1
Oh goodie! A new chapter to help distract me from this nasty cold! Thank you!

Sirius and Severus, Madam Pomfrey's Tag Team of Joy! LOL

And it's about time Hogwarts let all wizard children go to school there - I hope Callandra has a great time (and that she and Argus stay safe, too!)

I really enjoyed Argus' chat with all the Gryffindors while on detention. Very well done indeed. And Hermione's studies are always useful.

Does Snape feel he can't give Draco anything but the most subtle encouragement for fear of things getting back to Lucius? That's such a tight spot to be in!

Ahh, Severus, oblivious as ever to the people who could help him... telling Argus "you couldn't possibly understand" Argh!! I'd have the urge to give him a poke, but given all the bruises he's collected that would be too mean. :-D

Thanks again for the chapter! More comments when I get my brain back.

Reviewer: B. NonymousDate: 2002-12-14
Reviewid: 12624Chapter: 1
Oh joy!

I'm really liking this Callandra, even though we don't see her at all in this chapter. If she _is_ going to be the first Squib, hopefully the hat will have a clue.

I'm a bit surprised that Voldie would care whether or not his followers willingly helped him or not, but maybe that's just Snape's perception. Will this story cover Draco that much? Unlike me, you seem to give him some hope...

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2002-12-14
Reviewid: 12622Chapter: 1
Severus cares! He really, truly cares and I am loving that he wants to save as many Slytherins as possible. I like seeing Draco's facade taken down once in a while. I would still like to see some more H/G interaction, but that's just a request.

Can't wait for chapter 2...

Reviewer: RebeccaDate: 2002-12-14
Reviewid: 12617Chapter: 1
I've been enjoying the 'Squib' stories tremendously. They're quite different from any of the other fics out there, and it was brilliant to make Filch into a sympathetic and likable character. Bravo!

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