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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 21

Reviewer: kerosinkanisterDate: 2007-05-11
Reviewid: 147990Chapter: 1
This was a nice fic. I liked how aware Hermione was that she didn't have the best handle on her emotions. Her thoughts on Harry were good and her thoughts on Ron were sweet.

Reviewer: slytherinatheartDate: 2006-12-06
Reviewid: 146376Chapter: 1
Oh, just beautiful.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffinDate: 2005-02-19
Reviewid: 114331Chapter: 1
Short and sweet. A nice little comparison between the Hogwarts trio and the Arthurian trio, and you're right, it does fit, especially Ron as the loyal knight like Lancelot.

Reviewer: Kiyoshi PhoenixDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 89753Chapter: 1
Aww! I love it. So cute.

Reviewer: narcissaDate: 2003-05-23
Reviewid: 33326Chapter: 1
awww how very sweet! luvd it

Reviewer: noonefromnowhereDate: 2003-01-26
Reviewid: 17973Chapter: 1
A very grown-up Hermione
way of thinking. Good job of
sketching the characters out
and the comparing of the Authorian legends.
Hope to see more. Good job.

Reviewer: FarieDate: 2002-12-20
Reviewid: 13418Chapter: 1
wow, I really like this! you need to write some more. :-D I enjoyed the last sentence a lot. yet again, very nice>

Reviewer: CedarDate: 2002-12-19
Reviewid: 13344Chapter: 1
Hooray! Finally, an author who sees the Trio the way I do: Harry is the straight man, Ron the one whose intelligence lies in knowing people rather than books, and Hermione, who is everything she deosn't seem to be. Having studied a lot of folk and fairy tales, I liked the parallels you draw to them. There's an overtone of humor to this story as well, but that's to be expected since as humans we laugh at that which is incongruous. This story is simple, yet elegant, and I like how Hermione doesn't make any excuses for who she is or loves.

Reviewer: Lady NorbertDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13193Chapter: 1
Aww. Me LIKE! How about a second and third chapter -- one each from the boys' POVs? I'd like to know Harry's thoughts on not being madly in love with the Plucky Heroine, and Ron's on BEing in love with her (because we all know he is, even if he doesn't!)

Reviewer: Hermione @ HeartDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13183Chapter: 1
Wow! That was incredible! I loved it! You really have a way with words, especially a way with sounding Hermione-ish.

I particularly loved this line: But no matter how much we argue, no matter how stubborn we both are, no matter how many times he calls me a bossy know-it-all and I call him an insensitive git, the truth is that I love him so much it hurts.

Reviewer: WolfbaneDate: 2002-12-18
Reviewid: 13165Chapter: 1
I read this on, and I LOVED it. It is written in a very good style, and you did Hermione's personality perfectly. The story has a sort of conviction to it.

Reviewer: GinnyWPotterDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13137Chapter: 1
Ohhh...that's so sweet...would you mind if I put it up on the site my friend and I run? We're in desperate need of stories...the URL is, or you can just email us at ^_____^ Thanks! And again---sooooooooo cute...aaw.

Reviewer: DidiDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13130Chapter: 1
That is to true! the hero and heroine always end up togethor but NOT THIS TIME HAHAHAHA! Thanks for a good and very true story!

Reviewer: Nico686Date: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13125Chapter: 1
Very cool. It's a really neat story and it's beautifuly written! I love it, and I think I'm going to go read it again!


Reviewer: MicaelaDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13121Chapter: 1
That was a really great fic. It reflected exactally how I imagine Hermione would say it, and it has good "flow", for lack of a better word. Nice job.


Reviewer: BeckyDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13020Chapter: 1
I remember seeing this at

I loved it then.

I love it now.

It's just so very Hermione. And Ron's got to her... "just too bloody bad for them." HA! Yes, it is! (Sorry, someone took issue with R/Hr today, and said Ron wasn't character they liked... erm... it's RON! Well, I love the boy, at least.)

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 13017Chapter: 1
Hi, Elektra!! I loved reading and enjoying this story again. Welcome to Sugarquill!!

Reviewer: LeeDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 12990Chapter: 1
Dear Elektra,

I've been a huge fan of yours for a while. I've read all your stories over at fictionalley and you continually write intelligent, thoughtful, insightful pieces that smack of originality. You've put such a human face on some of the least likable canon charactes (Fleur and Petunia). Your writing has this intrinsic sense of timeing, you know just when to pause, just when to shift the rhythms of your stories. For example, in this piece, I like when Hermione breaks and asks, "Does that make me Guinevere, then?" In that one sentence, you sum up Hermione's contempt at being pigeonholed into a role and make the readers see how silly it is to constantly write Hermione as merely "the girl" part of the trio.

Have you read Margaret Atwood's "Happy Endings"? Your story reminded me of it and it's one of my favorite short pieces. It a short, short story that is also a meditation on typical stories and our expectations of them. There's a line in it that's just great. I'm paraphrasing, but she writes, "It's all the same ending really, beginnings are much more fun. You have your who and your what and your where.

Now try why."

You're a brilliant author and I hope to see more of your work on the Quill!

Reviewer: Michelle RavelDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 12982Chapter: 1
So true. It isn't like the fairy tale--except that Lancelot and Guinevere really DID fall in love. Telling, isn't it?

I like your authorname! You probably didn't choose it because of this (or heck, maybe you did!) but it's an awfully cool opera.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 12981Chapter: 1
Woohoo! Good on Hermione for not falling for the social convention of the Hero Gets the Girl. Although Harry is a dear, I would pick Ron over him any day.

Reviewer: TikalDate: 2002-12-17
Reviewid: 12978Chapter: 1
Oh, I just love this piece. You write Hermione so well. Great job!

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