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Reviews for: Maybe This Time
Review(s): 17

Reviewer: roseDate: 2005-09-19
Reviewid: 132866Chapter: 1
its really good can'twait to see more

Reviewer: MarcellaDate: 2005-04-17
Reviewid: 119832Chapter: 1
I LOVED IT!!!!!Although it is a little confusing,like the whole Draco being nice thing!!Don't get me wrong I really like when Draco is good, its just a little out of the blue.But most importent WHERE IS THE REST, you have'nt updated FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: !!!Date: 2004-12-14
Reviewid: 107695Chapter: 1
Draco?......ya....... anyway..........UPDATE

Reviewer: what the?Date: 2004-09-25
Reviewid: 99339Chapter: 1
Good try, although I don't understand at all why Draco is nice and I felt that the characters of Ginny, and Harry were not studied enough prior to this story. Better luck next time!

Reviewer: unfinished?Date: 2004-08-08
Reviewid: 96287Chapter: 1
well hows it end?

Reviewer: ReiDate: 2004-07-20
Reviewid: 93211Chapter: 1
write more plez send me the name of the next sequil
loved it but Ginny & Draco?!?!?!?

Reviewer: Angel09Date: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89324Chapter: 1
What? Im confused. It was pretty good, but Harry probably wouldnt buy Ginny a dress and What is up with that thing with Draco? WEIRD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Reviewer: ceciliaDate: 2004-06-20
Reviewid: 87965Chapter: 1
this story was really great and very funny i hope you update soon...

Reviewer: meDate: 2004-05-08
Reviewid: 81746Chapter: 1

Reviewer: firewhiskeyDate: 2003-09-22
Reviewid: 53927Chapter: 1
are you going to write more? email me if you are...i'd like to see where this is going.

Reviewer: lineDate: 2003-08-30
Reviewid: 49511Chapter: 1
Write more NOW..............

Reviewer: jessiDate: 2003-04-28
Reviewid: 29886Chapter: 1
what the... Draco?? huh? okkk.. please explain!
update like now! bb!

Reviewer: Professor TDate: 2003-01-22
Reviewid: 17341Chapter: 1
Just one little note about the Brits: they say "trousers" not "pants." Pants means underpants to them.

I'm curious to see where this story is going.

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2003-01-02
Reviewid: 14792Chapter: 1
Now I'm intrigued...why doesn't Ginny want to wear dresses anymore? I look forward to your next chapter!

Reviewer: AmberDate: 2003-01-02
Reviewid: 14779Chapter: 1
Really really good!! I love this, please keep writing. I'm curious as to the end when you add Draco into the story! This is really awesome, please continue!

Reviewer: MatthewDate: 2003-01-01
Reviewid: 14732Chapter: 1
Very good!!! But why is Draco hanging out with the Weasley's? He hates them! But it's very good!

Reviewer: InvisibilityDate: 2003-01-01
Reviewid: 14730Chapter: 1
Very nice. Please please write more. Put us out of our misery.

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