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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: A Fearsome Business
Review(s): 109

Reviewer: Crumple-Horned SnorkackDate: 2006-07-30
Reviewid: 144553Chapter: 6
Pardon me for saying the obvious, but.. that was HOT. Err, I mean the last part. Oooh, so well written. I adore Carolina-- I can just imagine her at Hogwarts..

Cannon be damned, I'm officially AU at heart. I could never kill off Sirius. They deserve a happy ending together, and it feels like you gave them one. *loves with a vengeance*

Reviewer: ClytymnystraDate: 2006-05-14
Reviewid: 142794Chapter: 6
Well...that was satisfying! Very well written and tastefully as well. You've been setting this up all throughout, so it isn't a shock but rather a fulfillment of previous promise.

It interests me that you've characterized Remus as the Master in Kelpie's words...would have expected Sirius to be in that role in any such relationship between these two, but in life as in art, intimate roles can surprise us as well.

I'm impressed!

BTW as a MSWF I repeat that this was tastefully done and none the less satisfyingly romantic.

P.S.: Was also interested in the description of past relationship--how Sirius left thinking that Remus had been the one--consistent with canon, and yet...innovative in its interpretation.

Also note that Peter would indeed have been the odd-man out so to speak--James had Lily ....

Reviewer: ClytymnystraDate: 2006-05-14
Reviewid: 142793Chapter: 4
Oh, a Kelpie!! I was wondering...not up on mythology. What will they learn from talking with her???

What will happen when Remus tries to get a wand???

Good story questions drive the plot...

Reviewer: ClytymnystraDate: 2006-05-14
Reviewid: 142791Chapter: 3

This is SO lovely! I like the references to Samwise(mysteriously female??) and Frodo B., but HOW DID YOU THINK OF THE BIKE??!!!

So awesome! For bringing S. back to life in character you should get a prize....

Reviewer: ClytymnystraDate: 2006-05-14
Reviewid: 142790Chapter: 1
Hey there Li'l Red Riding Hood,
You sure are looking good,
You're everything a big wolf could want.....

Reviewing after only CHAPTER ONE why does this song come to mind? What a LOVELY chapter! Angst and SO well described as it might be felt. I love both Sirius and of course...Lupin. On to Chapter TWO


Reviewer: jadedmirandaDate: 2006-03-22
Reviewid: 141204Chapter: 6
This was a really wonderful read. You're a great writer and I enjoyed your renderings of both Remus and Sirius. Your original characters were really interesting and convincing as well, which is a rare thing in fan fiction.

Reviewer: LillianJanaDate: 2005-07-20
Reviewid: 127503Chapter: 6
Lovely, lovely. I've never really been a R/S fan, but this was very, ver well-written

Reviewer: KristinDate: 2005-07-19
Reviewid: 127428Chapter: 6
I don't know what to say... this (and your other fics) made me wonder how some people can be so gifted, that they're able to write such wonderful, breathtaking and great storys...
I can't help but notice that you haven't uppdated for quite a while, so I beg you; please write moore soon!

Reviewer: KesDate: 2005-06-26
Reviewid: 125274Chapter: 6
Stumbled across this website by accident and 'A Fearsome Business' was one of the first stories I read. It's incredible. I love the subtle mentions of another time and place and I love the way you've shown the way the loney years have changed Remus just as much as Azkaban changed Sirius. Keep it up, I want to hear more about Sirius and Remus's relationship!

Reviewer: AnnaDate: 2005-06-26
Reviewid: 125252Chapter: 6
I've read this more times than is probably healthy for me, and I'm supposed to be working on two papers due by midnight tomorrow but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't write to say how much I love this fic.

Wow. That first paragraph drew me in, pulled me into your story-spell. I love the imagery and the phrasing, the way you describe the fells “that rose like unsheathed claws toward the northern sky” – I could see them, I could almost touch them and cower at their menacing forms., I loved the way you described Little Hesket as “too insufficiently poetic” to attract many tourists, and I was awed at your description of the glacial waters “thick and dark as old blood.” And I shivered at your next line, simple yet ominous: “The creature who dwelled there was very pleased with it.” That gave me chills: what sort of creature would be happy with looming outcroppings and waters like old blood, cold as ice?

And I could see Padfoot greeting Remus when you described him limping into the room “slowly, as if every paw were tender… In the bluish flicker of the wandlight [Remus] could see how matted the dog's coat was, how speckled with nettles and burrs. It hung loosely over angled, harrowed limbs like an ill-fitted and temporary cover, scarcely hiding hollowed-out flanks. The shoulders that had once been so sturdy were now almost jagged.” I could picture Padfoot, thin and wraith-like, a hollow shell of fur and sunken bone and myriad snarls of nettles and burrs and briars.

I love your comparisons: “groping for speech as though he'd misplaced it,” “The rough voice scraped like teeth on bone,” “slipper-shod and sleep-blind,” “Shadow and line mapped his face in a confusion of wearisome trails,” “grey eyes gone sharp as iron filings,” “Sirius was leading the floating bags down the hallway to the kitchen. Like obedient ducklings they trundled after him,” “The word prickled with questions like spines,” “the flesh whittled down to nothing but vengeance and bones,” “The Black Shadow gleamed like something coiled and alive. Not even the shed's dimness could diminish its charisma, or subdue the seamless interplay of chrome and jet. There were times when Remus could have sworn that the motorbike knew its own radiance; it seemed to pose and flex as light rippled off its stainless steel mudguards, off the glossy petrol tank blazoned with the Vincent badge,” “He had just enough time to lurch to one side as a cannonball of naughty dog crashed into the water,” “a staccato volley of barks,” and, oh, so many, many, many more.

I loved every bit of it. I love the language and the imagery, the style, the word choice, the pacing, the subtlety, the drawing-out of situations, the perfectly timed comedic interludes (I still have a stitch from the "Chicken Soup for the Wizard's Soul" line and the "Padfoot Gets a Bath and Plays Fetch" scene). I love the pacing and the style and the feeling of the "/or/" thoughts. I love the way you get into character's heads and bring them to life. I love the way your story is the kind of story about which one can say, "This is better than a movie," because I already have my own movie playing inside my head. I loved the scene where Carolina meets the kelpie-horse and you just *know* it's thinking of eating her, but she's so sweet and "Hello Mr. Horse" And I love that "oh holy crap" scene where Remus and Sirius realize where the kelpie isn't just another friendly horse but really a sheep-killing, possible-child-eating evil fiendish nasty. And the scene at the end where Remus and Sirius get together...I am in total awe. I love how it's romantic and sweet without being horribly graphic. I love all the "Remember this? Remember?" lines and how you hint and suggest and know just when to stop, and just how far to go, and how...oh hell, I love the whole thing. THIS is one of BEST Remus/Sirius fics I've EVER read. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for posting this!

Reviewer: Xio A.K.Date: 2005-04-24
Reviewid: 120512Chapter: 6
I hate you! I didn't get any homework done thanks to this.
Anyhow, your writing is amazing and I really love what you've done with Sirius and Remus. Never thought of THEM being cute but the way you've put it together I just LOVE it. Your writing is fun and easy to be sucked into. Please write more:-D

Reviewer: AlesiaDate: 2005-04-10
Reviewid: 119123Chapter: 6
MORE. O_O I see that they have finally come around... took em long enough. pish. Lovely story really.

Reviewer: MonikaDate: 2004-08-06
Reviewid: 96056Chapter: 6
(waits for shock to pass)

ok well! I liked that story. I hope that isn't the end. There was more I wanted to read about, some loose ends, like if Carolina is a witch. Is she going to go back and visit Mr. Paddy?
:O the ending suprised me. i did not see it coming.
but it was done so very nicely and tastefully. Very romantic feel ^_^ I haven't read any romance shtuff that good in a loooong time.
I have to say that I love your writing style. I don't know what it is exactly...but your writing has a very individual taste to it and most fanfiction authors lack that. I'm very impressed ^_^

Reviewer: Akumu BlackDate: 2004-08-03
Reviewid: 95486Chapter: 6
simply... wonderful!!! a friend of mine recommended to read it, saying it was really beautiful... unbelievable how she was right!!
seen that it`s been a lot of time you don`t post, i hope that you didn`t dismiss this fic!
please, continue...

Reviewer: KellBelleDate: 2004-08-03
Reviewid: 95455Chapter: 6
Hello Canis M.,

I stayed up late (early?) to read "A Fearsome Business" so I think I may be too tired to give you a proper review, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't at least let you know how much I enjoy your writing. This fic was recommended to me by one of my favorite fanfic authors, Dark Twin, and I'm eternally grateful that he did. Your shifts in POV are amazing and your characterizations are spot-on. I love how you achieved a perfect balance between plot, dialogue, characerization, and angst, yet still managed to pepper it with lots of humor (I especially loved the scene where Remus gives Padfoot a bath!)

I know the only "payment" fanfic writers receive for all the hard work they put into their writing are the reviews, so please take this short note as a sincere "THANKS!" for sharing your talent with the fandom. You are an amazing author and your ability to truly capture the spirit of HP characters makes your story all the more real. In fact, if the characters were any more real to the readers, they'd fall out the computer screen! I know you must receive tons of praise from other adoring reviewers, but your talent is so great that I felt compelled to let you know how much this particular fan loves you. To quote my favorite redhead, it's bloody brilliant.


Reviewer: CorinnethewiseDate: 2004-07-13
Reviewid: 92055Chapter: 6
This story (and all your other R/S works that I've read) is just wonderful. I really enjoy your writing. You really capture their relationship, it fits very well with what we see in OotP, and it's all just so sweet. I hope that there will be more to this story and I'll be checking for updates.

Reviewer: MircallaDate: 2004-07-08
Reviewid: 91355Chapter: 1
That was absolutely beautiful. I'm a big fan of R/S and you've captured their relationship perfectly. Your stories are without a doubt the best R/S stuff out there. Please write more.

Reviewer: padfootDate: 2004-07-08
Reviewid: 91323Chapter: 6
omg that was so cute, please write more if there is more and if not, it was brill

Reviewer: Purple Eyed WeasleyDate: 2004-07-06
Reviewid: 90882Chapter: 6
Absolutely wonderful story. It was totally awesome, and I loved how u ended.

Reviewer: GwynDate: 2004-07-05
Reviewid: 90687Chapter: 6
Fantastic work, dearest! I'm not much for HP fiction--I'm a LotR nut, myself--but Remus/Sirius is a most adorable couple. From what I have read in this fandom, yours is some of the best. The emotions were restrained, well handled, and realistic, and you captured my Lupin most magnificently! I hope you update this soon--I will be checking back!

Reviewer: amandaDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89601Chapter: 1
Hey i thought this was really sweet and so cool. I like all the stories that you have up on the web, please keep writing them, they rock the most

Reviewer: LizerDate: 2004-05-23
Reviewid: 84132Chapter: 1
Wonderful story - can't wait for more. Thank you!!

Reviewer: DCDate: 2004-05-18
Reviewid: 83230Chapter: 6
SQUEEEEEEEE! ^_^ **Huggles you. ** So sweet!

Reviewer: CarmenDate: 2004-03-26
Reviewid: 75893Chapter: 6
More... story... please!

Reviewer: ArleneDate: 2004-03-18
Reviewid: 75081Chapter: 6
Such attention to character and details. Postively brillant. Thank you for a wonderful read.

Reviewer: ~LunardDate: 2004-02-07
Reviewid: 69797Chapter: 6
I really like this story, but I get the feeling that it's not finished because we don't see what happens with C's parents. Do you intend to finish it? (and if I'm wrong SO sorry!) Because it's been a little while since it has been updated.

I really liked Siriud singing Werewolf of London in the garden! ^-^

Reviewer: HollyroseDate: 2004-01-26
Reviewid: 68434Chapter: 6
Wow. That was You're an excellent author, do you know that? For the love of the pups, write more!


Reviewer: Cora Bella BlackDate: 2004-01-25
Reviewid: 68429Chapter: 1
This fic was recommended to me by one of my friends, and I must say that I'm very glad I've finally read it!! You characterized Sirius and Remus so well, they were totally believable. You're an amazing author. Write more!


Reviewer: RaenenDate: 2004-01-24
Reviewid: 68185Chapter: 6
This is a great fic. I love the way you've not ignored the suspicions that each admitted to having of betraying the Potters and yet it still works brilliantly. :¬D Is there more to come? I hope so

Reviewer: AliceDate: 2004-01-11
Reviewid: 66552Chapter: 6
This fic has converted me to an S/R fan. What does that say? It says this fic is awesome. Please write more soon!

Reviewer: ThevinaDate: 2003-11-19
Reviewid: 60564Chapter: 1
This story was recommended to me by another reader and I adore it. Your writing style is extraordinary, and the attention to tiny details makes this a stunning story. I especially loved the idea of Sirius smelling like Old Peculiar, a favorite beer of mine. I have actually written a paper on your story, and will email it to you. I'll definitely be reading all that you have written if they are at all of the caliber of this narrative. Exquisitely done.

Reviewer: aisonDate: 2003-11-14
Reviewid: 59957Chapter: 6
this is one of the best fics that i've read in a while. it made me made me cry *as retarted as that sounded- its true* keep up the awesome fic writting work!

Reviewer: AlphieDate: 2003-11-03
Reviewid: 58623Chapter: 6
Don't know how I missed this one before OotP. It's so beautiful! Do you plan on ever adding to it - or was this meant as the end? Just curious because I would LOVE to read more!

Reviewer: AbbieDate: 2003-10-26
Reviewid: 57919Chapter: 1
Exellent! I must continue

Reviewer: Adria JaneDate: 2003-10-20
Reviewid: 57130Chapter: 6
That was a good story but.. well, the gay scene was indeed a bit unexpected! Nice going!!

Reviewer: SilverDate: 2003-10-15
Reviewid: 56549Chapter: 1

Reviewer: CatDate: 2003-09-15
Reviewid: 52827Chapter: 6
Please write more or post a note saying the story's over

Reviewer: CalypsoDate: 2003-08-28
Reviewid: 48990Chapter: 6
I'm new to many things - the Internet, the Sugar Quill, fanfiction, slash and Remus/Sirius! Where have you been?, I hear you cry! Well, this is my first comment here, and I'm stunned. I've never read anything quite like this in my life, and I thought it was beautiful. Simply beautiful. I've been thinking that I might try and write something myself, and I feel inspired to crawl to the start line - but whether I'll ever get to the finish, I've no idea! I love the idea of writing about physical contact and characters expressing deep emotion, and I've always felt that I'm being too sentimental, but you and others are teaching me that it's OK if it's done well. Thank you so much for that, and for a truly amazing couple of hours - but not for the bad mood I'll be in tomorrow after going to bed at 3 am! But ... what is poor Remus going to do in a year's time? I can hardly bear to think about it. Perhaps he and Harry can comfort each other? I look forward, with great sadness, to further chapters. Once again, thank you.

Reviewer: DeeDeeDate: 2003-08-07
Reviewid: 45998Chapter: 2
Had to stop and leave a review for this chapter because of this passage: "To sit in a cottage and twiddle his thumbs while the enemy gathered forces and strength? Remus nearly sickened at the thought. But if the idea rankled on him, he knew it would be even more hateful to Sirius, who was likely to go rabid without a task to occupy him. Dumbledore must have known it, too..." What a chilling piece of foreshadowing. :-/ This story is amazing so far, as all of your writing is, and now I'm off to read the rest.

Reviewer: CharmDate: 2003-08-04
Reviewid: 45361Chapter: 1
hi! i love your story but im a bit sad that you havent gotten another chapter out lately...i hope to see one soon!

Reviewer: AjaxDate: 2003-08-01
Reviewid: 44993Chapter: 1
Wow! This story was awesome... I think you captured both characters extremely well, their thoughts and behavior sounded very plausible and in accordance with the canon. There are places where the prose is gorgeous, and you really made me feel what Remus was feeling. All in all, well done, and this is coming from someone who is not an R/S shipper!

Reviewer: TeresaDate: 2003-07-29
Reviewid: 44422Chapter: 6
Oh, how I love this fic. This is the first R/S fic I've read and I just love you caracterisation of them! So realistic. Actually, so realistic that it's 03:50 in the morning. I couldn't stop reading and I will pay for it tomorrow, but it was worth it...

I hope to read more of your fics (maybe a Harry/Draco...?)


Reviewer: KaliDate: 2003-07-22
Reviewid: 43415Chapter: 6
Nothing short of amazing. I couldn't stop reading it until I finished the last chapter; then I actually managed to breathe. You have the characters down so well that you must have both Remus and Sirius locked up in a closet somewhere, or something (and if so, can I come visit?), and your writing style is concise, delicate, and altogether superb.

I love it.


Reviewer: GiaDate: 2003-07-02
Reviewid: 39535Chapter: 6
Great! I hope you're going to write more! It's very good.

Reviewer: AshleyDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39365Chapter: 6
This is the first R/S fic that I've read and I must say that it made for a wonderful introduction. I can only hope to find others as good as this. Great story.

Reviewer: DianaDate: 2003-07-01
Reviewid: 39345Chapter: 6
What a beautiful, beautiful fic. This definitely rates as one of my favorites from any fandom. So rarely are slash pairings given the proper care or emotional build-up. Stories (like this one) that are full of great characterization and that wonderful touch of longing really sends my blood rushing and makes me impatient when I'm interrupted from my reading. It also balms my poor wound after finishing Book 5.

So, yes. I hope I came off as very appreciative of this fic and not a crazystalkerfan. I love this story and the isolation/companionship of the two. I can't wait for it to be updated. (I know I will have to wait, but I do it grudgingly.)

Reviewer: SukaDate: 2003-06-04
Reviewid: 35307Chapter: 6
--cries out!-- Six chapters! Six long chapters! it's two-thirty in the morning, I shouldn't have started at almost -midnight-, ESPECIALLY as this is my first fic in so long it hurts to think how I ever did without it, but it was SO nice! And it EVEN came to a close on the note of the two main characters snogging the daylights out of each other. I think I could cry.

Thank you, for this heart-warming bit of nostalgia. n_n

Reviewer: JessiDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33543Chapter: 6
ohhhhhhhhhh v.good- loved it! however, would like to know what happened to the little girl- maybe a follow up story on her? would love to see her years in hogwarts, please please write something on her!

Reviewer: Miss IndependentDate: 2003-05-21
Reviewid: 32990Chapter: 1

Damn, that was a good fanfic! This is totally how it should be - Remus and Sirius! I loved the way you presented them.

*wiggles eyebrows* I'd have liked a little more action... o_O

Rock on!

Reviewer: AraedhelDate: 2003-05-11
Reviewid: 31590Chapter: 5
It clearly states in Harry Potter that Fawkes only shed one other feather- unless... it isn't Fawkes.

Reviewer: A Lovable StrayDate: 2003-05-11
Reviewid: 31589Chapter: 3
Frodo and Samwise- ha ha ha! lol. lol. lol!

Reviewer: OdaDate: 2003-05-06
Reviewid: 31003Chapter: 1
Wondrous darling!


Reviewer: ChelseaDate: 2003-04-23
Reviewid: 29267Chapter: 6
Wow. I just read chapters one to six straight through, and I don't know if I can say much else. I am so impressed by this story's power behind it. I felt every emotion. I am steamrollered. But that's a good thing. Fantastic characterizations. I could never really see R/S before, but now, i think they might be one of my favorite ships. Thanks for writing such a great story!

Reviewer: ...Date: 2003-04-12
Reviewid: 27711Chapter: 6 was an amazing story. i, well, i am at a loss for words. simply amazing.

Reviewer: StormDate: 2003-04-11
Reviewid: 27460Chapter: 1
Fantastic story so far. I cannot wait to read the rest of this. You make them both seem so tired and ... dead inside at some points. Very, very well written.

Reviewer: She's a StarDate: 2003-04-11
Reviewid: 27457Chapter: 6
I'm thoroughly addicted to this - it's so wonderful: my favorite Remus/Sirius I've read.

I also fear that I shall die if you don't update soon.

Yes, you heard me correctly.


Which is never, ever good.

So pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease write more? *looks hopeful*

Reviewer: Canis MDate: 2003-03-18
Reviewid: 24425Chapter: 6
Just a note to say: thanks so much to all of you for the reviews. They're a pleasure to read, always, and I'm so glad to hear that folks have been enjoying the story. No, Chapter 6 is not the end. To say more would be telling. I don't dare promise to be done with the whole thing by the release date in June, but I mean to give it a go.

Thanks again!

Reviewer: Penny G.Date: 2003-03-17
Reviewid: 24340Chapter: 6
If you don't write more of this I'm going to hit something. And I have no kelpies for that purpose in my immediate area, so it will be very frustrating. You don't want to torture me thus, do you?

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-03-13
Reviewid: 23831Chapter: 6
[Carolina believed in keeping promises--especially to dogs, whose standards of fidelity were by nature unsurpassed.] Oh, I just love Carolina! You get inside her head so well and she just comes across as so endearing. And her idea of how to let off steam instead of having a row...she's just so innoscnet and honest. I absolutely adore her!

Like the idea of Sirius singing "Werewolves of London" in his garden. Sort of a macabre humor. [did try to grow a sort of Muggle weed in my cupboard once.] HA!

I am consistantly blown away by the quality of your writing. The reunion between Remus and Sirius (remember this...remember) had me in tears while I was still cheering them on. Such beauty. To go on would be a disservice to your writing...just Wow.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-03-13
Reviewid: 23830Chapter: 5
[This was an arsenal.] Wow, what a unique take on Ollivanders. I never would have thought to think of it in terms of a weapons shop, comparing it to guns but it makes perfect sense.
[Or did he simply have an infinite catalogue in place of a brain?] Ha! Very snarky, a good comment not only on Mr. Ollivander's abilities, but also to what he has been reduced to in fan fiction. I also like the materials of Sirius's wand...evergreen and transfiguring.

Wow! That was so cool to have the kelpie visit Remus...especially the way she greats him with "Peace, wolf." It just sounds so otherwordly. Your description of her is just so hypnotic and lovely and vivid, especially the way you work in both elements of horses and the sea and predators. And I love Remus's "please don't eat the children" request.

Reviewer: CoryDate: 2003-03-12
Reviewid: 23737Chapter: 6
Canis, this is absolutely fantastic. I /love/ this story, and your writing. As a matter of fact I believe it was you who got me hooked on R/S smut in the first place.
This final scene is so beautiful- what a lovely kiss. I especially like the "Remember this? Remember that?... Remember this. Remember." Great stuff.
The entire story is great, good plot, and the kelpie rocks (sorry; ROX) too. I'm looking forward to reading more of this sometime soon!!

Reviewer: DeboraDate: 2003-03-11
Reviewid: 23623Chapter: 6
"Carolina felt positive that any person well-acquainted with one must know the other: obviously, they came as a set."
*snort* LOL, you are SO right, Carolina!!!

Canis, I don't remember if I ever reviewed one of your fics, but I'm almost sure I did, because I absolutely LOVE "Out of the woods" and I've probably read it more than it's healthy, but it was THE fic that finally converted me to a R/S shipper.

Anyway, I'm loving this fic too. I was afraid you wouldn't finish it when you stopped updating it, and I'm glad to see you started it over again.

And can I ask one thing? Why did you stop ch.6 when then went through the door? ;)


Reviewer: HollyDate: 2003-03-11
Reviewid: 23587Chapter: 6
I can't really say anything but that this is a truly beautiful story you are writing. Your characters are sad and longing, and this last chapter made my heart hurt. Keep writing.

Reviewer: CalantheDate: 2003-03-11
Reviewid: 23548Chapter: 6
Two new chapters, and such lovely ones're spoiling us...

Again, these are very well written. I especially liked the kelpie--a very sinister little conversation, with a typically Remus solution to the problem in that it relies on brains rather than force. The use of horselike mannerisms even in her human form was extremely effective in conveying a sense of otherness about her.

Carolina and her parents continue to be very interesting. I'm getting worried--trouble seems ot be looming from that direction! She's a very well-conceived character, and not precocious enough to be annoying.

I liked the brief meeting with Mr Ollivander--he's just as disconcerting here as in canon--and with Hermione. So nice to see someone writing her free of the boys! Both were very in-character.

And of course the final argument and reconciliation. You write the physical attraction between Remus and Sirius very well. There's a nice balance of physical and emotional pull, but I think the most attractive element of it for me is the sense of *comfort* in that final scene. That's rare to see, and hard to do. Well done!

<goes away to wait eagerly for Chapter 7>


Reviewer: rosyDate: 2003-03-10
Reviewid: 23530Chapter: 6
Oh, this is SO good. And I do not like R/S so much normally but the way you write it is just lovely. I agree with the comment, that it seems like you have your own backstory for them too.

Reviewer: Laurus NobilisDate: 2003-03-10
Reviewid: 23520Chapter: 6
Oh, what a sweet story this is!
I love your Remus and Sirius, and I love even more the relationship between them. The way Remus misses him and longs for him is so moving... Especially when he remembers Sirius leaving him, that was very sad. I'm glad they finally talked about it and they're willing to try again.
Carolina is such a sweetie! She tends to get in danger, though, I hope nothing happens to her. The kelpie is worrying me a lot.
I wonder if her father knows that Remus is a werewolf...

Reviewer: abced99Date: 2003-03-10
Reviewid: 23497Chapter: 6
These new additions are both so intensely wonderful, I don't know where to begin...
One thing that came to my mind when re-reading chapter 6 was a JKR quote where she said that she had Sirius' entire backstory written, but that those details wouldn't be in the books, she just needed it for her writing process (or something along those lines). When I read this story, or any of your stories, it feels to me as if you've done the same thing--there are so many layers, levels, and unspoken backstory to your characters. Your stories are truly the only fanfictions that have altered my perception canon, probably for good, and I mean that to be a compliment. What an excellent story!

Reviewer: Melissa<><Date: 2003-03-10
Reviewid: 23490Chapter: 6
Canis, That was beautiful. You are an incredible R/S author (I can't tell you enough). Thank you so much! The end of Chapter Six, is incredible! *wow* Is this the end of A Fearsome Business, or can we expect another chapter or two before the release? Thanks again fro putting me in a good mood for the rest of the week! Ü


Reviewer: Incurable RomanticDate: 2003-03-09
Reviewid: 23458Chapter: 6
Incredible. Beautiful, you're writing is precise and clear. The characters are flawlessly written.

Reviewer: JulianaDate: 2003-03-09
Reviewid: 23431Chapter: 6
Yay!! You updated!! TWICE!

The entire second half of chapter six... oh my god. That was SO good. I read it last night, and I came back and read it again this morning... it's just PERFECT. The whole thing! Every time I read your scenes with Sirius and Remus, I feel like your writing just lets me crawl inside them, because you describe their feelings SO well, and so beautifully! I really can't even praise this chapter enough... I would have to go through it line by line to tell you about all the things that I like! :o) This is the chapter that I've been waiting for you to write for AGES... because you write one of the best Remus/Sirius's ever... maybe THE best... and I was just dying to see your take on their reconciliation. You didn't dissapoint. :o)

Let's see, what else? The kelpie in human form was cool. I liked how she still had horse mannerisms. Carolina is such a sweetie, and you write her very well. Poor little thing... I could just feel her total confusion during that whole awkward scene with Sirius. And I liked her moral code pertaining to dogs. :o)

Thank you for the great writing!! :o)


Reviewer: ZoeSmithDate: 2003-03-09
Reviewid: 23422Chapter: 6
I love your stories , but this one is simply amazing! The way you write Remus and Sirius !!! This chapter is so ( ican't find the right word!!) ,just so good.I can't wait for the rest!!!

Reviewer: LanoireDate: 2003-03-09
Reviewid: 23420Chapter: 6
I /loved/ the new chapters. You write Sirius and Remus and their relationship believably, and I like the way it's been progressing. The little Carolina is well-written, too, and I liked the bit with Hermione. And the sixth chapter - oh, the poignant discussion and what followed - that melted me. Thank you very much for writing this, it's one of the best fanfics around.

Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2003-03-09
Reviewid: 23394Chapter: 6
Beautifully and sensitively written, as I would expect from you. That "Moony, I've missed you" line says it all.

Your perspective on Sirius suspecting Remus is very realistic - I have often wondered whether that sort of thing happened. And your scenario explains how Remus was so ready to forgive Sirius in the Shack, becuase he would have realised that Sirius could/would have seen him in the company of DEs.

I liked the little glimpse of Hermione, and also the scene with the kelpie.


Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-03-01
Reviewid: 22267Chapter: 4
Love the Padfoot bath and the Sirius cannonball!

Oooh, the kelpie invading Carlolina's mind was very creepy. I hope to see more of the kelpie; she's quite fascinating. And Carolina is just such a great kid--very realistic and the scene when the men realize what the horse is was really thrilling.

Padfootwith ribbons in his hair-LOL!!!

[Not to eat him?" she asked, wide-eyed, and Mr. Lupin burst into laughter. "We'll see,"] hehehehe, love the double meaning.

Please update soon!

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-03-01
Reviewid: 22266Chapter: 3
The embrace between the two men was very moving, fierce and powerful.

Your description of the motorbike is amazing. [the motorbike knew its own radience, seamless jet and chrome]. Very vivid, unique descriptions.

He shook his head. "It's yours." There was weight in the words, sure as stone; he knew Sirius could hear it by the way the blue eyes widened. He wondered if Sirius would understand that he meant more than just the bike. "I wanted to give it back to you."

Oh, just beautiful. What a subtly moving way of Remus expressing his feelings for Sirius. The words so carry weight, not just between the charactes but between the page and the reader.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-02-28
Reviewid: 22265Chapter: 2
It was good to see someone besides Harry or Cho remember Cedric.[ the destruction of unspoiled lives.] Very moving prose, nice twist on "innoscent."

The charm bracelets are an absolutely darling invention! Very clever and your Carolina is just a doll!
[Mr. Conniston grinned at Remus with the conspiratorial amusement of a fellow grown-up.] Again, just fantastic writing!!! And I love Padfoot being a hit with the ladies!
[The pose struck some chord of remembrance in Remus; for an instant he was recalled to another kitchen, a flat in London, this man, another time.] Oh, the mood of memory and Remus's longings are just so painfully vivid and sad.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-02-28
Reviewid: 22242Chapter: 1
The opening quote is fantastic. Telling part of the story from a kelpie's POV is a stroke of brilliance. Good blend of sinister and powerful.
[Of course, she'd later eaten the man who had done it. That part of the affair had been entirely satisfactory.] Great dry humor.

The interplay between Remus and Sirius is just the right mix of uncertainty and familiarity. Love the soup slogans. Lovely pause with the "or." Very subtle and the mood of hesitation and leaving certain things in the past comes across in a gentle, quivering manner. Very well done.

The entire tone of memory, of picking up the pieces of the past and seeing where they belong now comes across with great skill and mastery of prose. Excellent work.

Reviewer: Harry4meDate: 2003-02-26
Reviewid: 22009Chapter: 4
I really like this story, even if it is slash, which i don't usually like. Very nicely written.

hehehe, Padfoot having a bath, playing fetch... too cute! hehe

Reviewer: ScribeDate: 2003-02-18
Reviewid: 20903Chapter: 4
I'm so glad you updated! I've been checking your site and back here for a while and you'd seemed to have dissappeared! Wonderful story, now the clues and details about the kelpie and Caroline make sense. I wondered what the kelpie was in there for...but I hope there's more! Can't wait to read what you add, wand shopping should be fun! (I like how Remus knew exactly what kind of wand Sirius had;) )
Anyway, the flow and precision of your stories are beautiful. I'm very glad that we have someone as talented as you writing on the quill, and writing r/s none the less! ~Scribe

Reviewer: JulianaDate: 2003-02-18
Reviewid: 20813Chapter: 4
OMG! You updated!! Yaaay!! :) I can't remember whether I've left reviews for the previous chapters, but I have to say that I LOVE this story... I've read through it quite a few times. :)

Your Sirius and Remus are, as always, perfect. The bath was well done and awfully cute, and I definitely giggled quite a bit at the image of Padfoot with his fur all poofy after Remus dried it! And I really liked the interactions between Remus and Padfoot... it was really cool how they sort of had a whole dialogue going even though Sirius was transformed.

But I have to say, the part that REALLY freaked me out was the scene with Carolina and kelpie. Oh my god... that was just one of the creepiest scenes I ever read! Very cinematic... I could totally hear the quiet ominous music in my head. :) The way it was showing it's teeth and sniffing her, and just getting ready to EAT her, and the way she percieved this as just a sweet, cute horsie... wow. CHILLS!!! The huge "oh shit!!" moment when Remus and Sirius realized that the "horse" was a kelpie was very satisfying after that... thank god that they're going to take care of it!! Should be interesting... I'll look forward to it!!


Reviewer: CynDate: 2003-02-18
Reviewid: 20790Chapter: 4
I'm so delighted to see this story continue! It's such beautiful writing, full of fresh descriptions and wonderful turns of phrase.

The complex and muted emotions between Remus and Sirus are wonderfully portrayed. Carolina is a terrific OC -- fully-drawn and completely goop-free -- and that's a rare thing. The kelpie is genuinely spooky, and Carolina's parents are marvelously ominous.

I'm mad about this fic. :)

Reviewer: abced99Date: 2003-02-17
Reviewid: 20706Chapter: 1
Yeah! you're back!
I am so happy to read another chapter of this! I am impressed with your evocation of Cumbria in so few words, and of your spot-on portrayal of an eight year old girl's thought process--great OC. The Kelpie is becoming one of my favorite parts of this story, though--enuinely sinister and creepy. I always had a hard time figuring out how they would be "effective" monsters, but you've got a good one going.
I really hope you keep on with this story-- it's one of my top 10 favorite fanfics.

Oh, yeah. The R/S. *drools.*


Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2003-02-17
Reviewid: 20643Chapter: 4
You're BACK!! You haven't forgotten the poor folk at SQ after all! (Barks and howls happily, much tail wagging)

Oh yes - you wrote another chapter, didn't you. And about time too.

Well, it was worth waiting for. The bath is a delight, and the interplay between Remus and Padfoot is expertly done - Padfoot's leap into the tub is priceless.

The appearance of the kelpie and the way it insinuates itself into Caroline's mind is gently sinister, as is Padfoot's timely rescue.

Caroline's use of "Mr Horse" and "Mr Paddy" is so sweetly formal for a little girl. I enjoyed her conversation - and the fattening him up but 'not to eat him?' comment was glorious. You are a master of subtle undercurrents of meaning.

I always appreciate your Remus and Sirius, particularly their mutual sense of humour. This fic is excellent in the way you portray them trying to re-establish their relationship, with all the awkwardness, memories and 'don't go there' nuances. They understand each other so well, yet there is still so much to communicate and re-learn.

Please post the next chapter before too long.


Reviewer: CalantheDate: 2003-02-17
Reviewid: 20632Chapter: 4
Nice to see you've come back to this story again...

Your characterisation of Remus is spot-on, and I like your version of Sirius, too--it's a more adult characterisation than I usually see--they interact well. The bath was beautifully handled, a good balance between tension and playfulness in their relationship, and Sirius' slowly recuperation is well shown. Particularly enjoyed Carolina, you've created a very realistic little girl character there, and the effect of the Kelpie clouding her mind was effectively done. Looking forward to the next chapter--it's a most intriguing plot.

Reviewer: KarieDate: 2003-02-17
Reviewid: 20606Chapter: 4
That was great--I wonder if the kelpie will be amenable, s/he didn't seem
to be (; Lots of conflict ahead (:

Reviewer: AriettyDate: 2003-02-16
Reviewid: 20577Chapter: 4
Carolina's so sweet! And I was surprised Sirius let Remus give Padfoot a bath... but hey, I guess he has to be sensible once in a while.

Reviewer: AriettyDate: 2003-02-09
Reviewid: 19688Chapter: 3
Sorry, me again. Was wondering if the next chapter is coming up soon? And just to say, I cried more the second time I read it. it's so simple that it works because you can instantly believe it.
And... i know its rude to ask, but how old are you? Do you have an info page on here?
Arietty xx

Reviewer: AdelineDate: 2003-01-25
Reviewid: 17769Chapter: 1
I think your fic is the best and most realistic take on what happens when Sirius meets Remus again (that I have seen so far). Your story follows canon perfectly, and the warm and fuzzy bits punctuate the fic nicely. :D Also, you've resolved some issues between the two without causing an overload of angst. I really hope to see more of it. :D

Reviewer: UnityDate: 2003-01-20
Reviewid: 17076Chapter: 3
Your story is definitely the best or one of the best Sirius/Remus stories I've ever read-- you capture the two characters perfectly, and you seem to have done a lot of thinking about the day-to-day issues in a wizard's life (the dishes and the shed where REmus changes, to name two) I'm looking forward to the next chapter, assuming you're doing one, of course.

Reviewer: AriettyDate: 2003-01-09
Reviewid: 15739Chapter: 3
It has been a long time since a story of this nature has been so beautiful as to make me cry without the need for drama or paticularly shocking happenings. I love it. The portrayal of your characters is so perfect I feel I know them. And he got his bike back! Please do carry this on, it is a true work of art and I am waiting for the next chapter. It would do good for Sirius to know that God gives the greatest challenges to the strongest people. I love them both!
Thankyou for such a beautiful, moving story.
Arietty xx

Reviewer: Cynthia MartinDate: 2003-01-09
Reviewid: 15735Chapter: 3
Dead solid perfect. I'm over the moon about this -- it's the best thing I've found in two weeks of lurking and searching -- and I work at home so that's a lot of fic. *g* What a talent you have. Grace, skill, economy, muted emotions... this just blew my socks off. I gave the url to a friend after four paragraphs and we've been praising you to the skies today.

And such owrd choices. There were ophrases that made me laugh out loud while asking myself: why did't I think of that? "Afroth with vexation," for example.

I'm really not a gusher -- honest, I don't usually babble like this. What sort of encouragement do you need to post another chapter, like, now?

Can't be more enthusiastic. Just can't. Standing o.


Reviewer: Laura KayeDate: 2002-11-25
Reviewid: 10148Chapter: 3
This story, just far, is utterly enchanting. I look forward to watching it develop.

Reviewer: rowennaDate: 2002-11-11
Reviewid: 8702Chapter: 3
This is sooooooooo cute!! I absolutely love it. It's one of the first R/S fics i've read, and i think it's starting to grow on me... :) i hope you write more... i'd love to see what happens next, especially with Carolina, i love her! Keep up the good writing!

Reviewer: semiellipticalDate: 2002-11-08
Reviewid: 8452Chapter: 3
I'm hoping against hope that this is continued someday! I don't usually whine about incomplete fics, but this is one of my few favorite Remus/Sirius reunion stories and I would dearly love to read more.

Remus is so patient, and controlled, and just about as close to the Remus I imagine as possible. Anyone who loves Remus & Sirius and can stand the wait for more chapters should read this.

Reviewer: ArianrhodDate: 2002-10-15
Reviewid: 6359Chapter: 3

Sorry. I just hope to see more of this soon. Preferably before the movie. Why? Because it's a date. And it's soon.

This - just like everything else you write - is amazing. Amazing. Please, come back to us. We'll welcome you with open arms.

Reviewer: sasha b.Date: 2002-10-15
Reviewid: 6309Chapter: 3
I love it! need...chapter...4... *drool*

Reviewer: StormyfireDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6189Chapter: 3
Great story so far. I love it!

Reviewer: Ebony KainDate: 2002-10-13
Reviewid: 6177Chapter: 3
please please please, will the next chapter be out soon?

Reviewer: CasDate: 2002-09-21
Reviewid: 4483Chapter: 3
I'm really enjoying this story. The characterisation is superb and it's well plotted.The set up is great and the story never drags. Excellent stuff.

Reviewer: wslDate: 2002-09-09
Reviewid: 3585Chapter: 3
i liked tihs story very much, and i can't wait for the next chapter..

sorry about the gamgee part (it was a joke ignore it)

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