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Reviews for: The Contract
Review(s): 23

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2005-08-02
Reviewid: 128511Chapter: 1

Reviewer: ~Pheonix~I know I spelled that wrongDate: 2004-07-22
Reviewid: 93588Chapter: 1
very official. i like it. i also liked that story. it took me over a week to read! lol, thats cool though.

~Pheonix~I know I spelled that wrong

Reviewer: TrulyDate: 2004-07-17
Reviewid: 92749Chapter: 1
yay! i loved ATE and this was a little chunk of funness in my day - thanks sickles!

i loved section II B 3 (woah, trippy...) - the bit about the LGA and it being published - hahah, that'd serve him right! :P ner ner malfoy, you slithering ferret-boy!

one bit that made me sad was "Mordor may not receive Treatment". :( poooor lil mordor! that's not fair!

loving your stuff as always
(and thanks for posting the next chapter of the 5th yr fic - FINALLY!!!) :)
luv truly

Reviewer: RonsluvshermioneDate: 2004-07-16
Reviewid: 92656Chapter: 1
Good job! I can't easily imagine such a contract written in those terms (in the magical world, of course). Could we see the contact between Draco and Ginny when he wanted her to Heal him? Cheers!

Reviewer: wilaniaDate: 2003-11-25
Reviewid: 60695Chapter: 1
I LOVED your LGA! (Letter of Grovelling Apology). This is simply hysterical. Thanks for this little glimpse into the (sometimes) very silly wizarding world.

Reviewer: cel blackDate: 2003-08-27
Reviewid: 48957Chapter: 1
hee hee i woudl have rather seen teh contract between gin and malfoy abotu her healing HIM, not his DRAGON...
that may have been interesting......

Reviewer: suzzybDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21595Chapter: 1
if only arabella and zseyna(sorry if i spelt it wrong)had read this first, things would be alot different.although im not saying that would be a good thing.

Reviewer: IcedAlekzDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21585Chapter: 1
Lol- thats a perfect supplement to After the End.

I'm a great fan of the story, and this is really good- thanks for the enjoyable reading!

Reviewer: LourdesDate: 2003-02-01
Reviewid: 18579Chapter: 1
I am glad there is a contract. Draco will definitely try to get between Harry and Ginny... but then again, Ginny is a healer and contact with Draco could be the same as what she has with Harry.... here is hoping Ginny and Harry will finally get together... in your future chapters.

Reviewer: MelissaDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18312Chapter: 1
That was great! I love all the stipulations that they had to ensure that the two of them would cooperate. Letter of Groveling Apology is also wonderful, I hope Ginny doesn't have to write one but I do think it would be great if Draco did (ok I'm biased.)

Reviewer: HalcyonDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18305Chapter: 1
ROFL! This is too funny! I love it!

Reviewer: BBennettDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18298Chapter: 1
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This is even funnier as I'm now on a litigation team at work.



Reviewer: AthenaDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18294Chapter: 1
OH! So funny1 I'm LMAOROTF! people are giving me looks (I really shouldn't go on the Quill at School, it's to funny not to laugh, and then I get yelled at, and then...)

Athena, (hereafter "the laughing GEEX")

Reviewer: SparrowChildDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18293Chapter: 1
hehe thats brilliant! Someone should show that to the Ministry!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18290Chapter: 1
Letter of Grovelling Apology
"Take your slimy hands off me" are discouraged

They may, for instance, submit the LGA to be printed in publications

This was very funny! I love the sense of humor you instilled into such a dry document as a contract.

Reviewer: ChrissyDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18288Chapter: 1
I love the "preferred versions" of requests... heehee; this is so NECESSARY between Ginny and Malfoy! :) Great job! And I adore that the comedy has been worked into a document that, as far as my untrained eye can tell, actually looks like a real contract! :)

Reviewer: @tjeDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18287Chapter: 1
absolutely flawless!!!!!! *hihi* fun!!!

Reviewer: LilacDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18285Chapter: 1
Let me guess...Harry, Charlie and Arthur INSISTED this be written up, and Rose did the actual writing, correct? Great job! Very funny!

Reviewer: oybolshoiDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18283Chapter: 1
HA HA!! Very funny and very clever!

Reviewer: Teresina DragonwagonDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18282Chapter: 1
::giggles:: This was great! Very funny ^___^ Hehehe, I keep getting a mental image of Malfoy "grovelling"...::giggles some more::

Reviewer: harrypottergymnastDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18281Chapter: 1

Reviewer: AllyDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18279Chapter: 1
Just to say a quick THANK YOU for writing this. I can practically see the characters arguing over the terms :D A great supplement to a great fic!

Reviewer: ArabellaDate: 2003-01-29
Reviewid: 18272Chapter: 1
This crax me up. I'm so glad you decided to write it. :)

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