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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 111

Reviewer: ceriDate: 2006-05-25
Reviewid: 143022Chapter: 1
the end ? i just found this story --it was wonderful -- the end ? but then what happends?

Reviewer: LilldrakenDate: 2005-10-29
Reviewid: 135363Chapter: 13
The End... But...! What do you mean the end? I'm not gonna find out what'll happen?? Ilove this story - can't you write a sequel??

Reviewer: kaileyDate: 2005-10-29
Reviewid: 135338Chapter: 13
its awsome! have you made a seqeal(spelling)

Reviewer: Reader2Date: 2005-06-10
Reviewid: 123572Chapter: 13

Reviewer: LindaDate: 2005-04-23
Reviewid: 120397Chapter: 13
I'm the lucky one; I came across this in its completed form and didn't have to wait for updates! Great story, very logical if now made slightly AU by OotP. Personally, I think Charlotte and Sirius belong together, although I can see why reviewers want her with Remus. And I want to know what the two lost boys will be doing with Voldemort. I'm afraid they'll cross wands with their classmates someday, so maybe I don't really want to know! Anyway, great story, thanks for sharing.

Reviewer: QuietPurpleStrawberryDate: 2005-04-23
Reviewid: 120387Chapter: 13
An absolutley lovely story! It took me ages to finish, but I'm really glad I stuck with it. Have you considered writing a sequel?

Reviewer: SpringrainDate: 2005-04-21
Reviewid: 120228Chapter: 13
Yeah, I found this story again, and it is complete! That doesn't happen often enough. Great story--I love the concept, and would like more stories from the school.

Reviewer: nightcrawler1089Date: 2005-04-20
Reviewid: 120205Chapter: 13
Wow, it's over?! Great story...I enjoyed every minute of it.

Reviewer: FrancescaDate: 2005-04-19
Reviewid: 120034Chapter: 13
The End! Noooo! I'm sorry, but endings don't exist. What about the new werewolf department head, Sirius' innocence being proven, whats happening to Andrej and Nikolai. And I want Charlotte and Remeus to get together. Please, please, please do a sequel, even if it has to crawl along at a snails pace. We want MORE.

Reviewer: sharonDate: 2005-04-19
Reviewid: 119964Chapter: 13
I want a sequel. I don't care if you can only update slowly. I've followed this story for a LONG time, and I want to see Charlotte and Remus get together. As in GET TOGETHER. As a COUPLE. I love the character of Charlotte, her compassion and determination to do everything she can to be the best person she can be for the children. The way that you write Remus fits in very well with canon as well as with my own views of how I see him. I wasn't surprised about the boys turning to Voldemort's side; their trip made me uneasy; at first I thought they wouldn't make it back because it seemed too convenient, but after their return, I was still uneasy in the back of my mind. Overall this is a wonderful story with very strong original characters. And again I will say that I. WANT. A. SEQUEL. PLEEEAAASSEEE?

Reviewer: SreyaDate: 2005-04-19
Reviewid: 119934Chapter: 13
The END??? THE END??? That CAN'T be the end! What about the new head of the Werewolf Registry? What about the boys who ran off with the Death Eaters? What about... oh, so very MANY things that are still open?
PLEASE say there's a sequel being planned!

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2005-03-16
Reviewid: 116685Chapter: 1
[A Muggle saw me yesterday and alerted the fire department. And what lovely sirens they have!] Ha!

You do a really good job of getting inside Remus's head and capturing his inner voice. Interesting idea for a story. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Reviewer: LesaDate: 2005-02-21
Reviewid: 114559Chapter: 11
I'm so glad you updated your story. It's really fascinating.

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2005-02-18
Reviewid: 114250Chapter: 11
Thanks for updating! I had almost forgotten about his fic. Hope you update again soon.

Compared to your earlier chapters, this one feels a bit boring. More action please!

Reviewer: RoseDate: 2005-02-18
Reviewid: 114207Chapter: 11
I just adore Charlotte and her interactions with Remus--who, by the way, you keep so perfectly in character that it is truly refreshing. I can't wait to read the rest!

Reviewer: GwenDate: 2005-02-18
Reviewid: 114202Chapter: 10
I do enjoy this story, and was delighted to see that you had updated. Wish you could update more frequently, but I know that's not always possible. Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: DarkladyDate: 2005-01-27
Reviewid: 112227Chapter: 10
Thought-provoking. Very well written. Thank you.

Reviewer: MinuialDate: 2005-01-03
Reviewid: 109623Chapter: 10
I saw your post in the "Fanfic Writers'Countdown to July 16" and the title of your story, for some reason, made me think that it was about Remus. So I HAD to read it.
I'm so glad I did. Your idea of that school is very original and the way you handle it and write it and develop it is just wonderful. I especially enjoy the way you develop the relationship between Remus and Charlotte. Firstly, I didn't notice anything 'suspect', which is surprising coming from me because I'm always attentive to any interaction between Remus and any female OC in stories.
I'm still not entirely sure of the form you are going to make Charlotte and Remus' relationship taking but if it's one of the romantic kind, I have to say that you are very subtle about it and it's refreshing.
This bit in chapter 9 made me suddenly unsure that there wasn't anything more than friendship between them :
"Remus saw the other members of the Order studying Charlotte with some interest – and to his horror, he thought he saw a satisfied smile on Molly’s face after she had looked from Charlotte to Remus and back."
I hope you'll be able to finish this story before the HBP release but even if you don't, the new book won't really affect your story as it's set between at the beginning of OotP. But well, I'd like to have a new chapter to read. Soon *hint*

Reviewer: $~#Glowing * Toadstool#~$Date: 2004-12-10
Reviewid: 107411Chapter: 10
Wow! This story is very fantastic. I absolutely cannot wait for you to post more chapters. I think maybe you should add some more stuff about Charlotte joining the Order and what the others think of her. It seems like you just left it hanging out there. Anyways, so far this story is magnificently thought out and I would love to read further.

Reviewer: InFabulaDate: 2004-11-28
Reviewid: 106192Chapter: 1
OK, only about four months late...Alle, I absolutely love this!

The opening scene at the school was terrific - a brilliant portrayal of the narrow-minded officiousness and professional jealousy that Remus encounters here and everywhere else he applies for work. And yet it's worth it for the two hours spent teaching the children. Actually, true Remus torture - a glimpse of "normality" snatched away from him.

And of course the comment came from Miss Granger!

Sorry, it's early in the morning, I have a wriggly RR on my knee who has just burped his approval of the story and I'm probably not writing very coherently.

Alle, just fabulous!

Reviewer: jeffDate: 2004-10-15
Reviewid: 101475Chapter: 10
All ten chapters were a good read. I enjoyed reading your work and can't wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: DancesWithChopstickDate: 2004-09-26
Reviewid: 99423Chapter: 10
Very nice, Allemande! Please keep writing this story--I am enjoying it so much. This chapter (chapter 10) has a particularly warm and peaceful but very real feeling to it. So many Christmas stories seem to overdo either the sweetness or the angst or the humor--in contrast, this chapter has a delicate balance that is wonderful!

Do you want feedback about little things like typos? I noticed one place near the middle where it says "S settled" instead of "She settled".

Thanks again!

Reviewer: FableheartDate: 2004-09-22
Reviewid: 99052Chapter: 10
okay, i admit it, i cried. that was so *good*!!! i absolutely love this story, and honestly, I can't offer up anything you'd need to correct - it's all so sophistocated and well-written. congrats and keep writing (especially on this!!)

Reviewer: Black WolfDate: 2004-09-20
Reviewid: 98823Chapter: 10
This story is amazing! I'm so glad you updated it, it's one of my favorite stories!

Reviewer: eMMA :]Date: 2004-09-20
Reviewid: 98820Chapter: 10
i love your characters! theyre all so great! you do both the nice and the nasty so well. Bravo!

Reviewer: Pineapple QueenDate: 2004-09-20
Reviewid: 98772Chapter: 10
A great chapter! I loved it, especially the bit about the story that Mari-a sent in. One of the best scenes so far, I thought.


Reviewer: JanisDate: 2004-09-20
Reviewid: 98768Chapter: 10
This is a very beautiful story. I've always wanted to read something like this, I'm sure JK Rowling would also appreciate this.
Cheers, Janis

Reviewer: Cheesy MonkeyDate: 2004-09-19
Reviewid: 98631Chapter: 10
Yee! I'm so happy that the sugarquill is up and running again because I got to read the next chapter in this wonderful story! You're doing such an excellent job, and I really liked this last one. Keep it up, eh? ^^

Reviewer: SiriusIssuesDate: 2004-08-18
Reviewid: 97823Chapter: 9
B-U-T-FUL!!! I hope we get to learn about some of the kids' backgrounds, experiences, etc.; and hopefully some kindly benefactor will arrange for the kids to get some Wolfsbane......
Hope you can update soon, I can hardly wait!!!

Reviewer: MeaganDate: 2004-08-18
Reviewid: 97782Chapter: 9
I'm enjoying the story very much. I can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: Cheesy MonkeyDate: 2004-08-15
Reviewid: 97412Chapter: 9
Gwah! When I first started reading this fic I was a bit skeptical, I must admit, but as I kept reading I found to be liking it more and more. Excellent job! I hope you'll be updating soon! ^^ -Cheesy

Reviewer: sharonDate: 2004-07-31
Reviewid: 94837Chapter: 9
update soon!!! sooner than soon, even. i really like charlotte, she seems like such a good match for our favorite werewolf. i'm waiting rather impatiently for them to get a move on, so to speak. i would like to have her reaction to sirius as well as sirius' reaction to his mate's new girl. great story and, again, UPDATE SOON:)

Reviewer: tipDate: 2004-07-23
Reviewid: 93786Chapter: 1
Congrats! I love it! :)

Reviewer: CristinaDate: 2004-07-02
Reviewid: 90168Chapter: 9
*faints* I've been trying to read this for days, but every time I sit down by the computer I seem to misplace my glasses and can't finish a chapter. But finally, FINALLY, I was able to read it all, and I am *very* happy that I did. Please tell me that you're going to keep updating? I mean, I saw that A/N about you being in France (that's really wonderful, a study abroad program?), but I'm not sure of when that was.

Well, whatever :) Continue at as slow (or fast, fast would be much appreciated) pace as you wish, you'll always have a loyal reader in me, waiting for updates!

Reviewer: Pineapple QueenDate: 2004-07-01
Reviewid: 90064Chapter: 9
I've been waiting for a new chapter of this! Marvelous job, and I loved Charlotte's replies to Snape. She's such a lovable character. =) Please, write more soon!


Reviewer: Steve CalabreseDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89643Chapter: 9
Sigh. I'm hooked. Waiting for the next chapter...


Reviewer: Steve CalabreseDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89640Chapter: 2
“Cheers, my lady! I honour your attempt of surpassing Albus Dumbledore’s idiosyncrasy, fruitless as it may be in the long run.”

--that line is wonderful.

Reviewer: Rana EresseaDate: 2004-06-30
Reviewid: 89614Chapter: 9
God, it's about *time* I've reviewed this. I started reading it only about a month or so ago, and was wondering when you'd reappear for chapter 8. First off, I hope you had a great time in France! I don't know if I'll ever go there myself, but maybe one day I will. Now, to the reason I'm typing this: you have a magnificient story here. It's definitely one of the finer ones I've ever come across reading. You have to be one of the only people who can create OC's and make them fit into the world and feel like they belong there. So many people botch up their OC's and ruin the story - yours only perfect it. And Charlotte! My God, I don't think I've ever seen a lead OC that I've absolutely *liked* this much - and one that I actually would love to see become romantically linked with Remus. You've fleshed out your characters amazingly well, and I'm having such a great time reading this! This story is also on my rec site ( if you want to see for yourself). I hope to see much more from this fic and yourself! It's wonderful!

Reviewer: InsanityDate: 2004-06-29
Reviewid: 89373Chapter: 9
Snape and Charlotte - brilliant.
I like the direction of this chapter, your fic merges nicely with what we know from OoTP.

Reviewer: RainydaieDate: 2004-05-26
Reviewid: 84546Chapter: 8
Oh. I could cry. The plight of werewolves is so sad... update ASAP this time - pleasepleasepleaseplease!!! I LOVE your fic. Remus's self control is so amazing...

Reviewer: $~#Glowing * Toadstool#~$Date: 2004-05-25
Reviewid: 84421Chapter: 8
Is that it? Is that the end?

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2004-05-07
Reviewid: 81597Chapter: 8
Glad to see this fic back in action!
I liked the annual Holloween Survivor Challenge, and your interactions amoung the students. Also, you did an excellent job with the Prophet article.

“This is where you are quite wrong, I think. I do not believe that ... werewolves ... have feelings.”
-I could just see the rage and disgust on his face.

Hope you update soon.

Reviewer: arochwen romenDate: 2004-05-07
Reviewid: 81543Chapter: 8
yah! i've been waiting- hope you keep working at it

Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-05-07
Reviewid: 81535Chapter: 4
Ah, where would we be without a Snape-like character? Professor Gomez has judged Remus to be an arrogant snob because of his dealings with a school of better means. He assumes that Remus will be arrogantly dismissive of a Muggle teacher (considering the wizarding world that surrounds Harry Potter's universe, that isn't surprising, but Remus never was given a chance to prove himself to be different from the folks Gomez assumes Remus is like).

It is interesting to note that Remus's students are as wary of him as he is trying to be cautious. Do the students know that their teacher is a werewolf like them? If they don't, that would explain why they are so wary and distrustful of him. Given time, they will sort this out, I hope.

Remus has also discovered that they need to start much like Harry did in the D.A., covering the simplest of spells first.

I like what you are doing, and I look forward to reading the next installment.


Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-05-07
Reviewid: 81533Chapter: 3
Remus meets some students and the staff. I don't have much to say now, but I'm enjoying your development of the characters you have created.

It is true: someone who has been exposed to the sophisticated grandeur of normal wizarding society and Hogwarts might be taken aback by the poorer feeling Centre. Still, Remus is just meeting people. Let's see how he adjusts to a room full of werewolves. It must be odd - he is used to being the only one. The adjustment is significant.

On to the next chapter!


Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-05-07
Reviewid: 81526Chapter: 2
Poor Remus! He is comparing and contrasting the new school to Hogwarts, which is only natural, but in assessing the size of the school, he has to assume how many students have been affected by lycanthropy. You have written his pain well.

I like Ms. Merlot. She seems to be very personable, which would make her a great headmistress. Simply being reachable is good, but her warmth is precisely what her particular students need - students who have been spurned by society need to be bolstered and loved by someone. Charlotte appears to be very reachable, and may prove to be reachable to more than her students.

It is very real for Remus to be suspicious of his surroundings, or at least not accepting the amazing good luck that he seems to have found. He will loosen up probably at the same rate as his students. That will be fun to see.

Poor Remus! With such pain, he regards one of his students-to-be, noticing her underfed body. He has a nose for searching for poorly treated students (a skill all teachers would be well-off having, but Remus has particularly good radar for it). I hope we have the opportunity to watch them grow.

I am very curious to see what conflict you introduce for this school, and for Remus.


Reviewer: MiriamDate: 2004-05-07
Reviewid: 81523Chapter: 1
I like the premise of this. I am very curious where you will take it. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Thank you for a job well done.


Reviewer: RachelDate: 2003-09-10
Reviewid: 51705Chapter: 7
Great story, I've really been enjoying it. Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Edd WoodwardDate: 2003-08-26
Reviewid: 48823Chapter: 7
I really enjoy reading anything about Remus Lupin. I hope you keep adding chapters to this wonderful story. Keep up the excellent work..

Reviewer: RoseDate: 2003-08-26
Reviewid: 48680Chapter: 7
Oh, I'm really enjoying this series, and I certainly hope to see more in the future!

Reviewer: JamieDate: 2003-08-26
Reviewid: 48648Chapter: 7
I just joined sugarquill yesterday. This is the first and only fanfic I have read so far but its great! You bring the characters to life. I love reading letters from Sirius. ...Maybe you can type some more of the story... *evil grin* they said you had to speak French but does that include typing because its not really speaking.

Reviewer: RosebethDate: 2003-08-25
Reviewid: 48633Chapter: 7
Lupin is one of my favorite characters, that being said I love this story. Please try to find some way to continue it.

Reviewer: InsanityDate: 2003-08-25
Reviewid: 48632Chapter: 7
"I hope that won't discourage you from reading it"

Hey, of course we will keep reading it - Remus is wonderefully in character and the plot is great. (And I hope Remus keeps haunting you so that you keep writing!)

Oh, and someone mentioned that Latin origin words may not be a large part of Russian vocabulary - well, Allemande, you and Teri did not get it wrong - actually, there IS a good deal of Latin-root words used in Russian.

Reviewer: KizmetDate: 2003-08-25
Reviewid: 48520Chapter: 7
Ok, I'll wait.

I'll almost be patient about it, too.

Kizmet, who loves this fic.

Reviewer: bmiller669Date: 2003-08-24
Reviewid: 48483Chapter: 7
I am always so thrilled to see new chapters of this story! They are always worth the wait. Again, this chapter is beautifully written and very real - anyone who has had univited dealings with the press recognizes the truth in what you have written.

Does the fact that Remus has finally acknowledged that Charlotte is, at least, a "strong woman" mean that he may now start to look at her as a woman? I would like to see him have a meaningful relationship with someone other than his students.

Sincerely, Barbara

Reviewer: MarissaDate: 2003-08-24
Reviewid: 48482Chapter: 1
I've only read chapter one, but I'm liking this story a lot already!

Reviewer: Jill W.Date: 2003-08-23
Reviewid: 48402Chapter: 7
Bravo! Excellent work. It's rather scary to find this story because I had an idea for a werewolf school, too. (Only my version had Harry teaching there.)

I do like your characters. The students, the teachers, and particularly Charlotte, come across as sympathetic and real. You also have an excellent ear for dialog.

I loved the scene with the students making up rhymes to help them remember the incantations. That's a nice blend of real life mnemonics with Rowlings' spells.

One minor detail that I think is wrong the "this 'stupid Latin rubbish', as you call it, is the basis for almost all incantations, and might I mention, for a great part of Russian vocabulary as well." Russian is not a Romance language and I don't think it has a lot of Latin based words.

The whole business with the inspection and the newspaper article really felt like Rowling's writing. Wizarding papers don't seem to care much for accuracy, much less fairness. I love how Remus managed to keep his temper in the face of that sort of provocation.

I hope, this being AU, that we will see more of Sirius. I'd also love to see Harry meet the werewolf children.

Keep up the good work. Have a good time in France. You may have to speak French, but I hope you are permitted to write home in English!

Jill W. / Jelsemium

Reviewer: LinDate: 2003-08-23
Reviewid: 48316Chapter: 7
Bravo, Allemande! What *do* werewolf children who don't have Dumbledore's support do... well, now we know. It's great to see Lupin teaching again; he was such a good professor in PoA. I think you've done his character quite well, and I like your OCs. Particularly Teri- I know people like that! The Prophet article was, alas, all too accurate as to how the wizarding community sees werewolves. They really need a rival newspaper, y'know.

[QUOTE]Bad news: I won't be able to write anything for a while, as I'm moving to France for half a year. I will be connected to the Internet there, but am actually supposed to speak French, so we'll see - if Remus haunts me at nights, I suppose there's no helping it... [/QUOTE]

::gasp:: We have to wait for half a year? Merde! Wait, you only said you're supposed to *speak* French... do the rules say anything about writing? ::grin:: And my inner Slytherin comes out to play. Well, bon voyage, and here's hoping Remus haunts you into writing more! ;)

Reviewer: LouveDate: 2003-08-23
Reviewid: 48300Chapter: 7
Brilliant! Loved it. The reporters were very nasty. Wonderful chapter!

Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2003-08-23
Reviewid: 48297Chapter: 7
Excellent, Allemande. The power of the press - of wizarding prejudice fed by distortions and sensationalism. It is all too familiar, alas ...

I like Gomez and his anger, and Charlotte's quiet determiantion to keep going no matter what. Remus was very "Remus" too, with his calm handling of a difficult situation. And perhaps we can realise just why Canon Remus is so desperate to be liked, and so unwilling to do anything that might prejudice his few genuine friendships.

I am really looking forward to the next chapter (though not in French, please!)


Reviewer: MaryKateDate: 2003-07-25
Reviewid: 43801Chapter: 6
I just found this story the other day, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading what has been posted so far. I love the original plotline that you have come up, while still managing to make it fit completely with Harry Potter canon. I love your characterization of Remus, and the multi-faced original characters that you have created. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it, and I hope that you continue this story, as I am looking forward to seeing where the plot goes. Good job!!

Reviewer: TerraDate: 2003-07-17
Reviewid: 42422Chapter: 6
Oh, wow. This is a really fascinating story! I want to know more about the children! Keep going!

Reviewer: ishihanaDate: 2003-07-10
Reviewid: 41276Chapter: 6
Wow, I love *everything* about this series. It's wonderful.
It made me wonder if Hagrid can help Lupin about the Care of Magical Beasts subject.
I love Hagrid, and he would happily help the center. I wish he could help the school from getting hold of magical animals and about other stuff, too!

Reviewer: PerlaDate: 2003-05-30
Reviewid: 34613Chapter: 6
You're doing great... I love the way you write Remus, Ilove the idea of a pack, "an embarrassing situation with Nora" I didn't see that coming! I wonder if he could be more embarrased.

Keep writing and update soon!
Please? *puppy eyes*

Reviewer: barbDate: 2003-05-30
Reviewid: 34610Chapter: 1
Great work! Lupin's humanity shines through brilliantly. JK didn't (hasn't-as-of-yet?) given Lupin his due (*opinion only*) and you've done an amazing job of capturing his emotions. Can't wait for ch 7. and to find out about The Center's funding...

Reviewer: kazzaDate: 2003-05-28
Reviewid: 34163Chapter: 6
Wonderful fic! So original and bittersweet.

I like your original characters, they're so full of life

Reviewer: TheLoneWolfDate: 2003-05-27
Reviewid: 34000Chapter: 6
That is really good! I love this story! It's so original! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: LouveLuneDate: 2003-05-26
Reviewid: 33873Chapter: 6
What a way to start the day! Coming down to my computer and finding a new chapter. :)And thanks for the mention! *flattered* I loved it! You worded Remus's emotions _perfectly_. I absolutely adore Nora, and how the werewolves had a pack like normal wolves. Very good idea. All your OC's are well written, with real personalities. I honestly can't think of anything that's wrong. It's an amazing story!

Reviewer: FernWithyDate: 2003-05-26
Reviewid: 33820Chapter: 1
What a wonderful idea! You have an excellent handle on Remus' "voice" and his fear of transformation, and how much his friendships have meant to him. I'm glad to see him teaching again (I know, irrational, he's not a real person, but hey, I hate to see people who love their jobs be denied the chance to do them), and he connects with this new class as well as he connected to Harry's. It's easy to miss that Lupin doesn't just dislike being a werewolf, he actively fears his transformations, and that's well-depicted here. I'm looking forward to keeping up with this story!

Although I would hope everyone has "more books than socks!" (Right?)

Reviewer: The Good Doctor MonacoDate: 2003-05-26
Reviewid: 33817Chapter: 6
Woohoo! It's posted it's posted it's posted! :-)

A pack? Interesting.

I liked all the descriptions of the time before and after the full moon. It shos that the transformation is more than juat a few hours of pain-- it's like being sick for a couple of days.

Until the next chapter,

~Dr. Monaco~

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2003-05-26
Reviewid: 33813Chapter: 6
The whole thing with all the lycanthropes forming a pack... that's awesome. You've obviously put some thought into this. Excellent writing, too.

Reviewer: Insanity70Date: 2003-05-26
Reviewid: 33793Chapter: 6
Wow, this chapter was well worth waiting for (hey, do not take it as OK on taking long with the next one :). Anyway, so many neat ideas, I love how you delicately expressed concerns Remus had about the night, his vagues memories about MWPP times, and his feelings of a new connection with the kids. And of course letters were incredible. You managed to show emotions of people who typically do not show too much emotion and not to slip into OOC sappiness while doing it! Oh, And I really like Angela!

Reviewer: KizmetDate: 2003-05-26
Reviewid: 33789Chapter: 6
Once again, an excellent chapter.

I appreciated the dicretion - I'm letting my kids read this.

I wondered if any of the other professors were werewolves - I was surprised that they weren't.

I hope that we'll have some more story soon!


Reviewer: TRoseDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33685Chapter: 6
Great chapter, update soon please!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33657Chapter: 6
Nicely done. I like the one-big-happy-pack method used.

into an embarrassing situation with Nora?"
-good point and you handled it well

I hope at some point you do reveal the details on how the school is funded. Like Remus, I too am curious.

I missed this fic. I'm glad to see that your working on it again.

Reviewer: KatriDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33641Chapter: 6
Look, I'm reviewing! Anyway, you know I like your fic in general, and this was a great chapter, too. I loved the way you described Remus' thoughts and feelings throughout the fic, they're very realistic. You write Remus really well. I absolutely loved the Sirius and Remus letters, and Remus' thought that he could "say exactly what he thought for once" when he was writing to Sirius struck me particularly. The werewolf pack dynamics coming in were quite an interesting thing... Good work!

Reviewer: SacBeagleDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33635Chapter: 6
Excellent story. I really like the way you write Remus with the voice of a teacher (you wouldn't happen to be one yourself?). And I'm very interested to see how the "alpha-struggle" develops with Nora. She's quite interesting in her own right. And I've also enjoyed your characterization of Charlotte - just wonderful! Looking forward to reading more!

Reviewer: GryffinjackDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33634Chapter: 6
Simply lovely. I am so glad that Remus is feeling more accepted for who he is and understands that these students share and understand what he goes through. What a wonderful feeling that must give him! You have done a beautiful job of writing about the events leading up to and after the transformation, even covering issues inherent in this type of school that many would not have thought of. I especially liked the letters between Sirius and Remus. It was so good to see Remus be so honest with his emotions to someone else. You are such an excellent writer!

Reviewer: SreyaDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33616Chapter: 6
Right. A proper review.

I've been really impressed with this story. The concept is one that I haven't seen anywhere else, though now that I think about it, I'm rather shocked it took so long for someone to come up with it. You see? Geniuses really are the ones that just voice the ideas everyone should have anyway. ;)

The children and the staff are all very well thought out, and I've been really interested watching Remus adjust to the circumstances. Though I do wish we could see a little more of the daily life to develop the children outside of their werewolf characteristics. Perhaps now that Remus is more comfortable, we'll see more?

Reviewer: SreyaDate: 2003-05-25
Reviewid: 33609Chapter: 5
Oops, I think I somehow submitted an empty comment. Sorry about that.

At any rate, I still have Chapter 6 to read, but wanted to comment on the Plymouth portion of the field trip particularly.

That woman in the joke shop... I'm so furious. Absolutely furious with that woman. Chasing a child, who's just been WOUNDED, out of the shop... a CHILD! I don't know how the teachers do it... I would have started yelling my head off at that woman. To treat a CHILD in such a way, for ANY reason... oh, I just can't believe how furious that made me! And
I was expecting something like that to happen, I really was. But I'm still upset by it.

All right. I'll write a proper review after Chapter 6. But I really wanted to write that for you while it was still fresh.

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2003-03-18
Reviewid: 24430Chapter: 5
This is a wonderfully-written fic. The characters are clearly drawn and interesting, and I like the way you've done the students. Do go on!

Reviewer: Insanity70Date: 2003-03-17
Reviewid: 24387Chapter: 5
Children's questions scene is absolutely brilliant!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-03-17
Reviewid: 24359Chapter: 5
Nice job with the students questioning Remus.

Remus is nicely in character and while there are more children than I can keep straight, you are doing a great job with them.

I liked how you had them found out - the wand/silver spoon item.

Thank you for such long chapters and I look forward to the next.

Reviewer: xxxMoonYxxxDate: 2003-03-17
Reviewid: 24350Chapter: 5
Wow! I am in awe! You have got to write more!

Reviewer: jameyzDate: 2003-03-10
Reviewid: 23473Chapter: 4
I love the plot! Hurry up and keep writting!

Reviewer: intrepidcatDate: 2003-02-28
Reviewid: 22246Chapter: 4
I like your idea for a school for lycanthropic children. It is brilliant, I cant wait to see what happens in the story!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-02-24
Reviewid: 21801Chapter: 4
Nice job with Muggle studies - makes excellent sense.

I like how you created a school of a credible size by rounding up every bitten child world-wide. I also like how they are low on money and personnel. Again, makes excellent sense. You have thought this out very well.

Your writing of Remus is good, I have not noticed anything out of character. I've read of bunch of Remus the Teacher fics but yours is original and very enjoyable!

-My only niggle is that Charlotte is a little too-good-too-be-true. Please don't make her a romantic interest for Remus.

Reviewer: Harry4meDate: 2003-02-24
Reviewid: 21758Chapter: 4
Wow, this is a very good story. It is different to what I am used to reading, but I like it very much all the same. Poor kids... 21 of them! Please keep going, I would really like to know what happens on full moons, and how poor Lupin survives!

Reviewer: ...Date: 2003-02-24
Reviewid: 21743Chapter: 4
Fantastic! What a brilliant idea. You're doing such a great job with it!! :)
It might be nice if Harry popped into the plot at some point, although I know in GoF he doesn't really appear to be keeping in touch with Remus. Hm
Anyway, keep up the good work!

Reviewer: The Good Doctor MonacoDate: 2003-02-24
Reviewid: 21706Chapter: 4
Just read Chapters 1-4, and they are all excellent.

It makes sense that they would all be curious about Remus. And all those poor kids-- it's a good thing that they can come to this school. How else would they learn to survive?

Argh! Cliffhanger! ;-)

Until next update,

~Dr. Monaco~

Reviewer: xxxMoonYxxxDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21683Chapter: 4
MORE!!! That's all I can say!

Reviewer: WerepupDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21653Chapter: 4
Go Remus..more please

Reviewer: KarieDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21630Chapter: 4
Finally getting into the thick of things (:

Reviewer: KarieDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21628Chapter: 3
The tension at the table was unexpected...why do they all consider him
a spoiled city brat?

Reviewer: KarieDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21625Chapter: 2
So I thought I reviewed the first chapter earlier, but turns out I
haven't. I really liked the first one, and found it every intriguing.
Chapter two is good, too (: At first I was uncomfortable with the
way Charlotte was behaving, but as I read further on I decided it was
because she was nervous, something I should have picked up on before
you had to spell it out for me <g> but I'm rather that way. I liked
the whimsy of a room for every mood (or caprice (; ), who wouldn't want
one of those. Did you mean to make the entire last part of the chapter
in italics? I wasn't sure about that either.

Reviewer: LourdesDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21588Chapter: 2
Allemande: I am so very pleased that you have 1-4 written up. Please do not give up with 5 because your storyline is very good and Remus is well loved. The fact that there are more children like him pulls at the heartstrings. I know you can do it. I look forward to reading your entire fanfic.

Reviewer: DarkhorseDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21561Chapter: 4
I LOVE REMUS STORIES!!! Please please write more!! I like the
school and him teaching again and the students but what happens the night of a full moon?

Reviewer: AlkariDate: 2003-02-23
Reviewid: 21548Chapter: 4
Excellent as usual. You have brought out the various personalities of the teachers extremely well, and the students are also beginning to come alive. Remus' nervousness and uncertainty are very real, and the note from Sirius was a lovely touch.

And trust you to leave us on a cliffhanger like that!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-02-20
Reviewid: 21249Chapter: 1
Mr Thorge
-good name, made me think "made my gorge rise"

Cute letter from Padfoot.

Dorothy Granger
-but, as far as I know the Grangers had no real contact with the magical world until Hermione got the letter from Hogwarts. I could see Hermione learning of the Center and owling the headmistress about Remus, but Dorothy?

Good start. Look forward to the next chapter

Reviewer: Insanity70Date: 2003-02-20
Reviewid: 21235Chapter: 1
Wow! I remember seeing this before, but is was wonderful to read it again. I love the beginning of this, the sad humor of the mental commentary...Well , the whole story is just so well written ... please update soon!

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