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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Fantasy Island
Review(s): 35

Reviewer: Reader 2Date: 2006-01-04
Reviewid: 137995Chapter: 5
Your writing was, unfortunately, a bit twitchy. Overall though, the tale was quite enjoyable. See the review for The Ka for similar problems.

Reviewer: Lord JamesDate: 2005-08-04
Reviewid: 128778Chapter: 5
that was like something out of a science-fiction novel..... but i did really love it (even if I dont quite get it.)

Reviewer: RobinDate: 2004-10-26
Reviewid: 102433Chapter: 5
Very good and imaginative! I loved it!

Reviewer: MeDate: 2004-04-27
Reviewid: 80375Chapter: 5
This reminds me of Pandora's Box... although you can close the Fantasy Island Box but you can't close Pandora's Box... very thought-provoking. I like it...

Reviewer: AliaDate: 2004-03-08
Reviewid: 73650Chapter: 5
That was cool. I remember a movie with that pocketwatch thing in it and how it made him skip ahead through his life, making him realize how important life was. I agreed with all of your ideas of what they wished was true. I wonder what Hermione's would be? Maybe to be popular.

Reviewer: StarlightDate: 2004-02-16
Reviewid: 71037Chapter: 5
Very cool story.
Wonderfully written and very imaginative.
Rock on!

Reviewer: interestedDate: 2004-01-26
Reviewid: 68492Chapter: 5
prety kool. pretty interesting, keep writng. :0)

Reviewer: walrusDate: 2003-11-11
Reviewid: 59750Chapter: 5
I liked this. A lot. Especially the resolution to Ron's fantasy. A little more explanation about fantasy island would have been nice, but then again one of the things that apealed to me in this story was the element of mystery there. I was wondering however
A) How Petunia treats Harry from this point on
B) what Hermione's fantasy is
C) How anyone could read these books and fics without absolutely wanting to hug Neville Longbottom for his quiet strength, ability to make the best out of his life, and just because he really deserves lots of hugs. and cookies.
anyway, good fic.


Reviewer: MaryDate: 2003-08-24
Reviewid: 48421Chapter: 1
A crossover between Fantasy Island (new version) and Harry Potter! How lovely! I would like (if you ever go back to expand on this)some more explination on the relationship between Roarke and Dumbledore (perhaps a sequel?). I did get a little lost in the sequences with Harry and Petunia but the sequence with Ron (especially at the end) was great. Finally the kid gets to see how he does matter to the world around him. Lovely - so about that sequel...<g>.

Reviewer: Deedee SmithDate: 2003-07-08
Reviewid: 40734Chapter: 5
that was a wondderful story!!! i loved how u incorperated much of Harry, Ron and Petunia's charecters into their fantasies. WELL DONE!!

Reviewer: amitDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40639Chapter: 3
sailormoon manga??????????????????????????????????????
that PORN

Reviewer: MeghanDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40467Chapter: 5
Hehehe. What a wonderful way to end a story. Hehehehehe!!!

Reviewer: MeghanDate: 2003-07-07
Reviewid: 40455Chapter: 2
Heh, heh. It's Lily! Yay! I'm going to read the next chapter, just for fun. Is this post OotP? Oh, well! Who cares! It's great! I'm off to read it!


Reviewer: SamDate: 2003-06-04
Reviewid: 35332Chapter: 5
Excellent! i love it! It reminds more of A Midsummer Night's Dream combined with the Tempest, than just a certain take of teh Tempast, esspecially because of teh last paragraph and the quote. Well, keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Margaret B.Date: 2003-06-03
Reviewid: 35219Chapter: 5
GREAT! This was a good combonation of a lot of things! IT was funny and made me laugh but at the same time it was great insight into HArry, Ron, and Petunia. What their fantasies were told us a lot about the characters! I especially loved Ron's, his peronality really shone through and Mr. Rourke was awesome! I love how Dumbledore was connected with it too. Well done!

Reviewer: GiesbrechtDate: 2003-06-03
Reviewid: 35143Chapter: 5
Very cool. Very spooky. Very well done.

Reviewer: catakitDate: 2003-06-03
Reviewid: 35119Chapter: 5
Applause, Applause, especially for your handling of Ron, sometimes we don't quite understand our desires.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-06-03
Reviewid: 35117Chapter: 5
The scene with Ron in the movie theater was my absolute favorite. I swear you really have to sit that boy down and show him just how much he's accomplished for him to get the point. *hugs Ron*

I liked the Harry and Petunia parts, but Ron was my favorite. I would have loved to see more, like about Hermione talking nonstop to Viktor Krum about him :D but this isn't just about him so that's perfectly OK. Your choice of Bill boasting about his brother to a total stranger was great.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-05-12
Reviewid: 31704Chapter: 4
Poor Ron! His tasks seemed very exhausting indeed! I'm glad he's out of there, and curious about what he's going to walk into next!

And poor Harry! What's wrong with his watch? I'm glad he got out of Stonewall High, but I'm sure he felt awful seeing Hermione ostracized and the Weasleys forced to steal food! *sniffle*

And what's up with Petunia? I want to know where she goes, too! More soon, please!

Reviewer: roxyreadhead08Date: 2003-05-11
Reviewid: 31659Chapter: 1
Great beginning...I especiall love "Mr. Morrison"...MY last name is morrison ^_^!

Reviewer: LDate: 2003-05-11
Reviewid: 31609Chapter: 4
aw, poor Ron!! This is so cute though...I like it!

Reviewer: THe little mermaidDate: 2003-05-01
Reviewid: 30264Chapter: 3
interesting............i like. write more please!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-04-29
Reviewid: 30026Chapter: 3
Wow! I'm glad Ron's fantasy is showing him that it ain't easy being famous! (I hope to read in the next chapter that he's coping well with all the challenges he has to face, tho!)

Harry's fantasy, on the other hand, was kind of strange. I understood that he wanted a normal life, but it was really Twilight Zone-y for me...just a bit of a nitpick: unless he read the name on the posters, I doubt that he knew who Lisa Frank was :)

I enjoyed the glimpse into Petunia's past. Who would have known that she was once anti-establishment? This is a great story -- more soon, please!

Reviewer: remembercedricDate: 2003-04-28
Reviewid: 29881Chapter: 1
It's funny because there is an amusement park near my house called "Fantasy Island." So, I wasn't going to read this otherwise, but the title caught my eye--and I'm glad it did because I'm really enjoying this story! Keep up the good writing, you're good at it.


PS I like that you wrote about Petunia, you've joined me (or I've joined you, rather :) ) in being one of the few who do. Very cool. :)

Reviewer: Eleanor RigbyDate: 2003-04-28
Reviewid: 29871Chapter: 3
I wonder whta would happen if Petunia's wish was that she was a witch?

Great job!

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-04-21
Reviewid: 28807Chapter: 2
Ooh, they're on the island! I am sooo excited. For some reason I can really visualize the place -- I feel like recreating your island on my Sims game! :D

I love the way you write. I think the chapters are much too short (I want to read more!!!) but the way you narrate allows me to imagine things clearly and leaves me with a sense of foreboding -- I want to find out what happens next!

Reviewer: Mysterious MuggleDate: 2003-04-17
Reviewid: 28305Chapter: 2
Well, you already know how interested *I* am in this project. :) I'm not usually interested in crossovers, but I always liked this show, and as I said to you, I think the idea has real promise. This is a good start, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it from here.

Reviewer: ChristinaDate: 2003-04-17
Reviewid: 28277Chapter: 2
it looks something interesting is going to happen...please continue....i really love it so far

Reviewer: TalynDate: 2003-04-12
Reviewid: 27666Chapter: 2
Ooh, fantasy island! I loved that show when it came back to the Sci Fi channel briefly - and I love how people always get what they need, which is almost never exactly what they wanted. What a clever idea for a Harry Potter fic!

I can't wait to see where this is going.

Reviewer: RobertDate: 2003-04-12
Reviewid: 27627Chapter: 1
Oooooh... what in INTERESTING plot bunny you have found...
I can't wait for the freaky stuff to start! :-)

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-03-31
Reviewid: 25805Chapter: 1
Very, very intriguing! (I didn't expect Petunia would be one of those going in vacation!) Please continue!

Reviewer: ingridDate: 2003-03-31
Reviewid: 25792Chapter: 1
OMG!!! i used to love that show! this is SUCH a good idea... i'm definatly gonna keep reading this story XD *waves a threatening finger about* now you make sure you keep writing this, understand? :D

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2003-03-30
Reviewid: 25741Chapter: 1
Please continue this... it is very interesting. :)

Reviewer: Eleanor RigbyDate: 2003-03-30
Reviewid: 25719Chapter: 1
This is supercool! I've never read a Petunia Only story!

Reviewer: MallaryDate: 2003-03-30
Reviewid: 25669Chapter: 1
OOOO. Intriguing! Please write more.

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