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Dumbledore's Army
Review(s): 25

Reviewer: story645Date: 2004-06-18
Reviewid: 87755Chapter: 1
"Mrs. Granger was considering using brute force to extract her daughter from the back seat"- sounds like Hermione's stubborness is really coming out.
I remember playing that game, and how it never worked. I loved that ypu picked levetation, it just fits so well with the books, and makes sense. I also loved the appeareance by Arthur, it was funny and cute. Hermione is very in character in the fic, and she is so cute. The backstory of being bullied by the girl also fits well, because it does seem like Hermione was an outsider before she got to Hogwarts.

Reviewer: FernWithyDate: 2004-06-18
Reviewid: 87753Chapter: 1
Oh, excellent! I'd thought about "Light as a Feather" for a Muggle-born experience, but never could make it come together. Good job!

Reviewer: *Date: 2003-09-29
Reviewid: 54690Chapter: 1
Funny! :)

Reviewer: Forgotten MarauderDate: 2003-08-30
Reviewid: 49380Chapter: 1
This was very funny, the afro! HAHA! Sad how they hanged Hermione off the stairwell like that...

Reviewer: MeghanDate: 2003-07-18
Reviewid: 42749Chapter: 1
Hehe! This is great! I loved the fact that Mr. Weasley was there, and talking about Ron...friends, indeed...This was funny, even exciting, and very imaginative. I love it! ROX on, and keep writing!


Reviewer: KristinaDate: 2003-07-12
Reviewid: 41628Chapter: 1

Reviewer: LiliDate: 2003-06-09
Reviewid: 35961Chapter: 1
This is very cute!I loved it!

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2003-05-16
Reviewid: 32317Chapter: 1
Very nice and fun.


Reviewer: JesabelleDate: 2003-04-29
Reviewid: 30106Chapter: 1
Oooh! That was the first time I've ever read a little!Hermione fic, and I must say, that was very good!
Things you did very convincingly... Mrs Granger was exactly how I would have imagined her, and I loved the 'don't eat too many sweets!' comment - just like in PoA, when she makes Hermione send Harry healthy snacks instead of junk food :) And I can just imagine the Little Princess being Hermione's favourite book when she was that age!
I thought it added a very good twist that Hermione was so adimant that magic didn't exist. Lovely touch having Arthur burst into the scene, too! Imagine, Hermione meeting her future father-in-law at aged just 10 years old! *winks* What happened to Harriet was very amusing... and I loved how Arthur's wand was referred to as a 'stick' - nice touch.
The only thing I would say is that you refer to Hermione's hair being in 'braids' a few times, but in the UK we call them 'plaits' :)
An excellant ficlet! Well done :)

Reviewer: Poppy PDate: 2003-04-26
Reviewid: 29661Chapter: 1
That was wonderful! What a clever idea. I'm so glad you sent this one in. I loved the idea of Hermione meeting Arthur pre-Hogwarts, even if she didn't remember it. :)

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-04-26
Reviewid: 29591Chapter: 1
Very cool take on Hermione's first signs of magic. Conjured up memories of my sleepovers whne I was a girl (we *loved* Ouija boards). I liked how you made Hermione both extremely shy and introverted and yet made her secretly like the feeling of power magic gave her. Great story!

Reviewer: PBS JonesDate: 2003-04-24
Reviewid: 29418Chapter: 1
Absolutely adorable! Could've done with some paragraph breaks, but it was such a simple story it was easy to adjust.

"You’re going to be very good with Levitating Charms, young lady. " HA!

Well thought out; good characterization. Really cute.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-04-22
Reviewid: 28982Chapter: 1
*jumps up and down happily* I am so glad I read this story!

Your Mrs. Granger was nice and pushy. I like the fics wherein the Grangers are bookish people and encourage Hermione in everything she does because they know she's brilliant, but I can relate to a mother concerned about her daughter being introverted and all that. The blackmail bit was funny!

I really enjoyed your parallel between Hermione and Sara, the little princess. I had never thought of them together like that before. The part wherein Ermengarde sets all the girls straight is my favorite, too; and I can definitely understand how Hermione -- who feels ostracized by her peers -- likes it as well!

Heehee, and what fitting karma for Harriet! It pains me to think about Hermione being held dangling over a stairwell. I'm glad that bully now knows how it feels!

Just a little nit-pick, tho...Arthur works for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. Shouldn't the Harriet incident be a job for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad? Oh, I don't know, maybe he only got transferred recently and I do appreciate how the first wizard Hermione ever met was *coughherfuturefatherinlawcough* a Weasley ;)

Anyway, a wonderful story! Congrats on the great job!

Reviewer: WeasleyaholicDate: 2003-04-21
Reviewid: 28848Chapter: 1
That was great! Absolutley hilarious! J'aime! Oui! Artuhur! Oh my, i had never expected that, but ah that's the joy of humor! :)

Reviewer: Jade SabreDate: 2003-04-21
Reviewid: 28808Chapter: 1
Hahahaha! LOL! Cute little ficlit! Poor Hermione--although I loved Arthur-he was very well written. Very in character. And Harriet's hair--hee-hee. I liked this very much. :-)

Reviewer: LourdesDate: 2003-04-20
Reviewid: 28712Chapter: 1
Very very amusing.... I just wished Hermione remembered all these for the 2 months prior to her letter from Hogwarts.... at least it will have sweet revenge.... children can really hurt sometimes... especially bullies.

Reviewer: usakoesmDate: 2003-04-20
Reviewid: 28690Chapter: 1
aww, a very cute little ficlet! i'm glad you finished it after all that, it was definitely worth it ^^ great job!

Reviewer: MallaryDate: 2003-04-20
Reviewid: 28667Chapter: 1
I loved it! It's so wonderful combining what Muggles think is magic with real magic. Hermione and I must have similar tastes; The Little Princess is one of my favorite's, too.

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2003-04-20
Reviewid: 28660Chapter: 1
Amazing story! It is perfect and I love the fact that it's Arthur who comes to talk to her. Awesome job!

Reviewer: CatDate: 2003-04-19
Reviewid: 28654Chapter: 1
That was cool! I liked that. ^<>^ Good Luck with future fics!

Reviewer: LarzdinnDate: 2003-04-19
Reviewid: 28636Chapter: 1
ooh, what a *brilliant* idea! :)

Reviewer: QueenRileyDate: 2003-04-19
Reviewid: 28582Chapter: 1
This was great! Just in line with all your other work. :) I especially liked that you had Arthur be the one to fix everything, and that you left Harriet with the bushy hair. I've had bullies almost exactly like that little gang and I would give anything to have been able to do something like that to them. And really amazing that you used A Little Princess as it was my favourite book when I was a little girl.

Great story.

Reviewer: MissHermione1989Date: 2003-04-19
Reviewid: 28571Chapter: 1
Hay g8 fic! 1 problem Hermione's bithday she would be 12 if she started hogworts in september!

Reviewer: warlockDate: 2003-04-19
Reviewid: 28565Chapter: 1
Boy, it's a good thing they weren't playing "Bloody Mary..."

Reviewer: BecDate: 2003-04-19
Reviewid: 28562Chapter: 1
Oh, I *love* pre-Hogwarts stories, and there's just not enough about Hermione.

This was very enjoyable, and I can just see Hermione as the sort of little girl who would have buried herself in 'magical' books and dreamt about them, only to tell herself that they never existed.

I really liked the description of the magic surging through her body; that really gave me the feeling for it.

Those girls were *so* typical young girls! And that Harriet. piffles. The only thing was that they did sound a fair bit older than 10 for me (not in Hermione's case, of course - there's no way that she wouldn't use big words) but then, I can hardly remember being ten, so I could be wrong. And are ten yr olds already into boys? Gah, tweenies. -.-

And I *loved* that Arthur showed up! I gave a little squeal when he did, hee. I love how he was suitably flustered and excited. And he mentioned Ron! Oh Hermione you have *no* idea. :D

Thanks for the enjoyable read. :)

Oh, and I almost forgot - I loved this line:

>>>and she was already planning to head to the nearest library to look up information on this ‘Ministry of Magic’<<<

LOL. Of course. :D

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