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Dumbledore's Army
Reviews for: Managing Mischief
Review(s): 40

Reviewer: katie BiliusDate: 2005-08-10
Reviewid: 129542Chapter: 1

Reviewer: Reader2Date: 2005-03-06
Reviewid: 115675Chapter: 1
Amusing tale managed.

Reviewer: ronluverDate: 2004-07-16
Reviewid: 92720Chapter: 1
OMG. I LOVED IT! it was good, the twins were very in character, and i liked how they came to the conclusion of the password to the Marauders Map. It was really the ending that did it for me, i read it 4 times.

Reviewer: Livia LianaDate: 2004-02-13
Reviewid: 70504Chapter: 1
Very nice story. The quips are funny, the writing is tight, and the ending is a beautiful sort of lovely and sad.

Reviewer: emmelineDate: 2004-02-13
Reviewid: 70462Chapter: 1
I love this fic!
Brilliant storyline...I love the 'conversation' with the Marauders.

The ending is also very good indeed...very differet mood to the rest of the piece, it is much darker, and much more thoughtful...very moving. Both parts of this fic display your diversity of writing talent extremely well.

I can't wait until you write something darker!

Reviewer: MaryannDate: 2004-02-13
Reviewid: 70460Chapter: 1
Wonderful story, I loved the conversation with the map, and the ending was very good. I really enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Magical MuggleDate: 2004-02-13
Reviewid: 70402Chapter: 1
Wow...This was too great for words. I absolutely loved that last part, but it made me sad. =(...Its funny how everything turned out for the marauders, but they succeeded in creating a whole new generation of mischief makers! They should be proud.

Mischeif Managed!

Reviewer: MicheleDate: 2004-01-26
Reviewid: 68473Chapter: 1
Great story. I really enjoyed it, especially the last paragraph.

Reviewer: wilaniaDate: 2003-12-17
Reviewid: 63785Chapter: 1
Very creative! Thank you for a great fic. Keep writing.

Reviewer: kitzamaeveDate: 2003-12-14
Reviewid: 63278Chapter: 1
Awww! *wipes away a tear* geeze I even almost liked Peter the Rat in that story. It was wonderful! I loved it.

Reviewer: EmilyDate: 2003-10-22
Reviewid: 57482Chapter: 1
Oooh, very nice. Love the Moaning Myrtle reference at the end. Could you write a sequel, please? (include Filch's reaction!!!)

Reviewer: hydraspitDate: 2003-10-08
Reviewid: 55834Chapter: 1
I loved the end of this story, the way that you brought it back to MWPP and what happened to them. A perfectly melencholy ending note for an otherwise hilarious story.

Reviewer: ShaeDate: 2003-08-30
Reviewid: 49435Chapter: 1
Hey, I just want to say that I absolutely loved that! I was cracking up! Positively brilliant!

Reviewer: RobinDate: 2003-08-03
Reviewid: 45160Chapter: 1
Wow. I would say that this story is simply hilarious, but it's much, much, more. It was good and wonderful fun until the end, which is...perfect. I like the way you showed where the Marauders are "now", and how the world has changed. I adore, though, the lines you gave to MWPP. Absolutely perfect. Great story!

Reviewer: CallieDate: 2003-06-18
Reviewid: 37470Chapter: 1
All I can say is wow. I got chille reading that last paragraph. you are a gifted writer.

Reviewer: CayDate: 2003-06-11
Reviewid: 36279Chapter: 1
Hee Hee. This is such a cool story. I think it would have happened somewhat like this too. I like the insluts that Moont, Padfoot, and Prongs, oh and wormtail had to say to Fred and George. Cute. ^_^

Reviewer: L. MorningstarDate: 2003-06-07
Reviewid: 35746Chapter: 1
Finally! A story about how the twins got to figure out the Marauder's Map!

>>Fred and George exchanged looks. Mrs. Norris was anything but sweet and innocent. LoL!

Oh, the dialogue between Lee and the twins is perfect. They all complement each otehr perfectly, and it's all in-character.

>>"Well it's there, why not use it?"
I love how you're subtly showing that George can be more practical than Fred.

>>Percy looked suspicious, "You're mocking me, aren't you?"
George raised his eyebrows, "Now, would we do that?"
*giggles* There's something about how you write the twins' interaction with people -- Percy, Lee, each other, whoever -- that makes them so amusing and fantastic.

LoL! The comments of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are -priceless-! It's great.

And the ending is just . . . wow. Sirius no longer noticing the moon is overwhelming, in a way. I love it!

Fantastic work, although . . . two little suggestions: In you last line, "where they are now." is a little inconsistent with tenses. It might sound better in the past tense. And is "weirdo" often used by British FOLX? Sorry, I'm not really sure, but I haven't read it anywhere else.

But still. Great work!

Reviewer: TapestryDate: 2003-06-07
Reviewid: 35740Chapter: 1
I've always wondered how those two discovered the password to the map; your fic is a very believable explanation of that. I thought the dialogue between the twins was very strong and in character. My favorite part has to be that last paragraph though. It is so poignant, especially the line about Sirius no longer noticing the moon. Ahh MWPP all that is wonderfull in Harry Potter, those guys are the best even when it's just their memory recorded on a bit of parchment. Thanks for a wonderful story.

Reviewer: CatherineDate: 2003-05-23
Reviewid: 33327Chapter: 1
Charming! The dialogue is wonderful and fast paced. I'd love to see more adventures with Fred, George, and the Marauders Map.


Reviewer: The Good Doctor MonacoDate: 2003-05-22
Reviewid: 33156Chapter: 1
That was GREAT, Menya!

Sorry it took so long for me to finally come over here and read it.

The Map's comments were wonderful. I thought it was great that it practically told Fred and George the password when it realized they were pranksters, too.

The part at the end was kind of sad....

Great job!

~Dr. Monaco~

Reviewer: KatinkaDate: 2003-05-17
Reviewid: 32408Chapter: 1
I really enjoyed this! It was humourous, well-paced, and mostly importantly, BELIEVABLE. :)

Filch's appearance reminded me of how Ozma has characterized him, which is a compliment. This cracked me up:

<<He continued ranting, but Fred and George had long since tuned him out. Truthfully, they were starting to get a little bored. And antsy. That's when Fred spotted something.>>

Oh, dear -- Filch will be singing the Hallelujah Chorus when these two finally leave Hogwarts!

The communications from the Marauders were perfect, perfect, perfect, especially with regards to the twins' request to "Reveal yourself":

<<"Mr. Prongs would like to know, just what sort of request is that, you weirdo?"

Fred and George exchanged confused looks.

"Mr. Padfoot would like to know, just what sort of pervert would request such a thing?"

More writing followed.

"Mr. Moony would like to add that whoever you are, you have some cheek."

And finally:

"Mr. Wormtail would like to suggest that you should refrain from such a request - at least until we know each other better.">>

asdlfkj;asdflkasdjflaksjdf; all I can say to that! :D

I'm impressed, too, with how you end this. The final paragraph is haunting and wistful. Tied inextricably to the map's humour are the four not-so-humourous fates of the Marauders. :( Excellent work!


Reviewer: JesabelleDate: 2003-05-11
Reviewid: 31536Chapter: 1
Wow! That was really, very good! Okay, here goes my review.

I liked the way you began the story, I think it's really effective when people begin a story with speech, it sort of brings the reader in straight away to something that's already going on, a good effect.

"Mrs. Norris ran ahead, leaving a great reek in her wake as Filch stormed along the corridor, the twins trailing behind with their noses pinched" I cracked up when I read that bit, just the mental image of the boys marching along with their noses pinched, and the expressions on their faces... XD

I really liked your characterisation of Filch, particularly the way he doted on Mrs Norris, the lovey-dovey names he used for her and the such. The twins, too, weren't OOC at all, they were just how I imagine they would be in their first year - just as much trouble as their third! The way they talked to Lee as well was really good, the way you alternated their utterances to reinforce their twin-status was good :) Little details you added in, like the one about the wrinkle charm, were also really good.

Oh, and Percy's 'I don't know why you two just can't behave' was fantastic! Totally Percy! In fact, that whole conversation between the twins and Percy about them 'changing' was really well written, especially the 'i said it's the way we should behave, not the way we're going to'!

I think the highlight of the story was MWPP's comments! They were fantastically characterised, I LOVED Prongs' 'he only puts things he doesn't understand in there, pretty soon the whole of Hogwarts will be in there' - fantastic!

And the ending, too, was really very good - it had been a really amusing fic the entire way through, but the ending makes the reader really stop and reflect, and the big about the graves.... so sad.
All in all, fantastico :)

Reviewer: OzmaDate: 2003-05-06
Reviewid: 31027Chapter: 1
This is brilliant!! You've handled everyone exquisitely, including Filch! He was cranky but not a caricature. Having the twins clean up the mess was a perfect detention idea.

The conversation between Fred, George and Padfoot, Prongs, Wormtail and Moony was hiliarious. I loved how the Marauders gave George and Fred hints, and how the twins proved their cleverness by figuring out what the hints meant.

Poor Filch. I'm glad that you left his reaction to the twins' redecorating to the readers' imaginations.

That last paragraph about the Marauders in their present circumstances was really heart-breaking.

Reviewer: Ara KaneDate: 2003-05-05
Reviewid: 30795Chapter: 1
What a great fic! You did the twins and Lee very well :D I liked how the twins didn't get along with MWPP at first and the process through which they figured out the Map was very believable. I also liked the ending with the moon tying together the new and old owners of the Map :) Good job!

Reviewer: LazaraspasteDate: 2003-05-05
Reviewid: 30776Chapter: 1
I absolutely adored the ending. It was beautiful and evocative. Your characterization of Fred and George Weasley as innocent young first years was fun, and I think spot on. I really enjoyed this fic, a lot.

Reviewer: Violet AzureDate: 2003-05-04
Reviewid: 30700Chapter: 1
I'm really grad you wrote this ficlet. I've been very curious to know how F&G discover how to reveal the secrets of the Marauder's map.

The dialogue between F&G is great. It flows and is snappy without htere being a one-liner every other sentense. Also liked the interactions with the map, very funny especially the "revealing" bit!

The ending is devestating and I'm glad you included a sort of postscript that reminds us just how far gone those mapmakers are. The images and language are simple and effective; the plain statements made all the more heartbreaking for their honest assessment: [That same moon drifted in and out of the clouds over a run-down country home, where a wolf howled mournfully at it from inside, it's cry silenced by a charm around the house. It shone clear at the Burrow where a rat, the pet of the youngest boy, looked wistfully at it out the window, remembering better times. It slanted through a high up, tiny barred window far away, striping silver a big black dog curled upon the dirt floor, who no longer noticed the moon. It shone bright over a quiet cemetery, where the bare branches of the tree created an intricate design on two over-grown graves.

Reviewer: KimDate: 2003-05-03
Reviewid: 30472Chapter: 1
I loved it. The last paragraph made me cry. But the rest was excellent.

Reviewer: juanaDate: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30388Chapter: 1
wow! that was good! i liked the way the map smart-talked! Its nice how it ends wit what the Marauders were like now... though its so sad... it looks like they all came to a bad end! :'( Anyway... nice writing!

Reviewer: Cats PawDate: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30376Chapter: 1
I think that this was beautifully written. I did love the map's comments and felt that they were worthy of the only scene we've seen the map in.

I really loved the way you ended the story. I do not think that there could have been a better end to the story than that. There were tears in my eyes as I finished the story.

Wonderful job!

Reviewer: ReynaDate: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30375Chapter: 1
I loved this whole story. It made me laugh and was very in character. But your ending gave me chills. It was like a "that was then, this is now" type deal was sad.

Reviewer: lexiDate: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30368Chapter: 1
the marauder's quotes are so.....maraudery!
great idea from the start
was thinking about that this DID they find out the password?
thanx for answering by thoughts

well written

write more


Reviewer: alphabetDate: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30360Chapter: 1
Oh! This was *excellent*! Wonderful plot, wonderfully IC, and just fun to read. I was laughing out loud when MWPP were teasing F&G. Well done!

Reviewer: Fawkes101Date: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30359Chapter: 1
Percy looked suspicious, "You're mocking me, aren't you?"

George raised his eyebrows, "Now, would we do that?"

I love this story! It was an interesting take on how the twins could have found the password. Brilliantly done!

Reviewer: TeresaDate: 2003-05-02
Reviewid: 30357Chapter: 1
That was an excellent bit of writing, there! The Fred and George dialogue was quite good.. you've got their chemistry down pat, and Filch is just as nasty as ever.
Those lines the map delievers are as close to JKR's as I've ever seen- truly hilarious!

Reviewer: Reedy 70002Date: 2003-05-01
Reviewid: 30309Chapter: 1
I like the end of the story it reminded me of a song from the movie "American Tale" about not being close but sharing the same night sky
**Reedy channels Flival** Somewhere out there

Reviewer: Insanity70Date: 2003-05-01
Reviewid: 30304Chapter: 1
Heee!! This is very good, a nice elaboration on a bit of canon! Somehow however I would expect MWPP to make this a bit more difficult... but anyway, very cool and funny, great job with Filch and the boys.
And the change of mood at the end is very striking, too.

Reviewer: SreyaDate: 2003-05-01
Reviewid: 30303Chapter: 1
Oh, that was excellent. I love how the Marauders teased the twins into figuring out the password. Messrs want to come out and play, hmmm?

Personally, I think I'd have hours of enjoyment just talking to the four of them on the parchment!

Reviewer: GinnyDragon54Date: 2003-05-01
Reviewid: 30300Chapter: 1
I love it! That was a briliant story. I especialy love the ending and the conversation between the marauders and the twins. keep up the good work. you ROX!

Reviewer: MrRobertsIIIDate: 2003-05-01
Reviewid: 30286Chapter: 1
"Besides, Mr. Prongs would like to note, Filch puts anything he cannot understand in that drawer. It should only be a matter of time before he puts all of Hogwarts in there."

You did a good job on the Map's wisecracks.

Reviewer: VJADate: 2003-05-01
Reviewid: 30282Chapter: 1
Oh, that was wonderful! The map's comments were priceless and you had a very clever way of allowing the twins to work out the password, rather than it just "occurring" to them. The boys' dialogue was also convincing and true to canon. My favourite part was the ending - a clever touch, to put in that bit about MWPP as they are now, and so sad. Great story!

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